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Map FTP Server As Local Disk Drive With FtpUse

Although Windows 7 allows users to map a remote location as network drive over FTP, it often fails to register the FTP account upon Windows logon, which compels users to manually map the network location after logging into Windows. FtpUse is a simple CLI based application for Windows operating system that lets you map FTP servers as local disk drive from Windows CMD. All it needs is a connection string including FTP host address, username and password to connect & map a FTP location. Moreover, if you want to connect with the remote server upon Windows logon, you can create a batch script, and then put it in Startup folder to establish FTP server connection as soon as you log into Windows.

It also enables you to map a specific location of host server; you can choose a map a specific directory as local drive to easily transfer data between local and remote storage.

The command line syntax for FtpUse is as follows;

FTPUSE devicename/drivename [ftphostname[/remotepath] [password]]

You can specify the connection port number, read/write access, debug connectivity issues, and delete the mapped drive. The batch script allows you to map multiple FTP servers as a local drive without having to specify the connection parameters.

mapped ftpuse 1

Once the connection is established, open Windows Explorer to access the mapped drive. If you want to modify the FTP server path, run the FTPUSE command with required parameters, as it doesn’t allow modifying existing connection settings.

mapped drive

FtpUse works without any problems whatsoever. You can check out details and usage of each parameter from product page. It supports both client and server versions of Windows.

Download FtpUse


  1. THe only problem is that You only get 512Mb of 1Gb listed and if the program looks for more than 1Gb of space free it will not upload the file…

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