Cinemagram Brings Its Vine-Like Short Video Sharing App To Android [Review]

Creating and sharing GIF files has been a long time internet tradition, dating back to the 90s when broadband wasn't widely available and most people didn't have much of a choice but to use GIF animations due to their small size compared to traditional video formats. The concept has seen a recent surge, thanks to apps like Vine from Twitter. Almost a year back, we had Cinemagram that allowed users to do the same, but both Vine and Cinemagram were released for the iOS platform. While Vine still remains iOS-exclusive for now, Cinemagram has finally made its way to Android. In case you haven't heard about it yet, it lets you record, edit and share 'Cine', which are basically small 4-second animated clips or cinemagraphs. The app still has its troubles on certain devices when it comes to editing and the final file output. Let's dig deeper into it and take Cinemagram for Android for a spin right after the break. Read More

Buzz Launcher For Android Boasts Crowdsourced Themes, Multi-Themed Layouts & More [Review]

Ever looked at a friends Android device and envied the home screen layout and theme on it, wishing you could just swap the home screen or replicate the same deal on your device? Android enthusiasts end up spending quite some time tweaking their home screen themes and layout to personalize it to their needs and aesthetic sense, and why not? This is the freedom we get with Android! But what if you were able to replicate home screens from around the world, without the need to have to follow up on complicated setup instructions as presently practiced. Enter Buzz Launcher – the home screen replacement app that brings crowdsourced themes to the home launcher arena. However, unlike themes seen before for launcher apps that more or less focus on just icons and wallpaper, Buzz Launcher themes can completely change the layout and behavior of your home screen whilst including widgets, and work in a smarter and more intuitive manner. In what follows, we take a closer look at the truly unique features of what could become one of the best home screen replacements apps out there for Android. Read More

Overlays Turns Any Android Widget Into A Persistent, Floating Panel

Just when you thought apps that could be run as overlays – such as Tiny AppsFloating Browser Flux! and Super Video – were all the rage, Overlays for Android comes along with an offering that further builds on the concept. Overlays works with widgets, not apps, allowing you to use the widget of any app anywhere in the OS, all neatly managed through a robust profile system. Widgets can be resized and repoistioned freely, that is, they do not snap to a grid while you do so. Even better, you can do all this after the floating widget has been set and you are running your priority app. For a more closer look at what could be a step in the evolution of Android widgets, read on after the break. Read More

Get iOS Status Bar, Notification Center & Banners On Android With Espier Notifications

Just a while back, we covered Espier Screen Locker, which replicates the iOS 6 lock screen on Android. The developers at Espier Studio are known for their efforts to bring the iOS look to Android devices and after Espier Launcher & Espier Screen Locker, they have released Espier Notifications. As you might have already guessed, the app brings you iOS-like notifications - both banners and prompts. There's more too - the app also adds an iOS 6-like status bar to your device, complete with an iOS 6-style Notification Center! There are plenty of options to configure such as changing status bar colors for specific apps, choosing the app for which notifications will be displayed in the Notification Center, and much more. Read on after the break to learn more about the app, as we take a closer look at it. Read More

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 On Android 4.2.2

Galaxy S4 rooted! No, this one actually works! Earlier, news hit the internet that the Samsung Galaxy S4 had been rooted, and I was almost tempted to break the news too when I saw the forum thread at XDA-Developers. However, news as it was, it was always going to be a risk asking our readers to hop onto the root bandwagon, owing to the fact that the developer had no device to test the method on. That's when recognized Android developer and XDA forum member ‘Chainfire’ stepped in to save the day and confirm root access! Read More

Tiny Apps For Android Combines Five Handy Floating Tools In One Package

There are quite a few computer users out there who have sticky notes stuck across their monitor’s border - and why not, since that information is always available at a glance. These notes made their way to computer users in form of note widgets for their desktops as well as apps for their smartphones and tablets. However, why stop at merely taking notes? Enter Tiny Apps – a package that contains five floating apps that act like omnipresent widgets. This reminds me of Small Apps for the newer Sony Xperia devices, but Tiny Apps has quite a few extra tricks up its sleeve. You get quick access to a sound recorder, music player, painting canvas, calculator, and of course, notes from anywhere across the OS, floating atop all other apps. Read More

Espier Screen Locker Is An Accurate iOS Lock Screen Clone For Android

From the creators of Espier Launcher – the iOS SpringBoard replica for Android, comes Espier Screen Locker, an excellent iOS lockscreen clone for Android that doesn't just replicate basic UI elements. It shows you all incoming notifications, be they incoming messages, missed calls or notifications from third-party apps, has a camera grabber that can be swiped upward to unlock into the camera app, just like in iOS 6. Read on after the break as we take a closer look at how close Espier Screen Locker is to the real deal. Read More

Add Stylized Weather Info To Photos With CamWeather For Android

We have seen countless weather apps with several different approaches, but CamWeather delivers on what has crossed my mind quite a few times, and I’m sure there would be others out there too who have wanted something like this. The app works on a simple yet novel idea - it fuses local weather and social elements together, enabling users to share not just the weather for their location with others, but also add a picture to it for their friends to see. In short, let's say you're out on a vacation and want to share with others how it is there; you run CamWeather, take a photo, overlay your location and weather information on it, and share away via Instagram, Facebook and more. With several weather layout presets and an interface that even a child can easily understand and use, the app gives a whole new dimension to weather info sharing. Read More

Get Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Style Toggles On Any Device With AntTek Quick Settings

There are plenty of Android devices out there running Android 2.3 Gingerbread or Android 4.0 ICS, and ever since Android 4.2 Jelly Bean was released, users have been trying hard to get those sweet looking Quick Toggles on their devices. Needless to mention, even Jelly Bean 4.1 users had to ask around for some developer support to get the feature working on their devices as it did in 4.2. Though in a short while, quite a few apps surfaced mimicking the Jelly Bean 4.2 Quick Toggles. All was well till AntTek Quick Settings arrived on the scene. Forget all you know about Jelly Bean style quick toggles; this app takes the concept to an entirely new level with customizations that will definitely make any other Quick Toggles app feel primitive. Read on after the break to learn more about the various features of this app. Read More

Advanced Mobile Care For Android Gets Anti-Theft, Call Blocking & More

Some time back, we covered an Android optimization app named Advanced Mobile Care that houses a plethora of mobile maintenance features wrapped in a fancy and intuitive UI. Originally sporting features such as 1-tap performance boost, virus protection, privacy protector and more, the app later received an update bringing in support for cloud backup, a very slick privacy adviser, and a revamped App manager. The app's development team seems to be a serious believer in there always being room for improvement, as  Advanced Mobile Care has just received another major update, bringing in newer features and some improvements to existing ones. The app now houses a new Anti-theft system, call blocker, and improved battery saver, and adds supports for Android tablets including the Nexus 7. Let's take a look at all that's new in Advanced Mobile Care after the break! Read More

Easily Manage Or Delete WhatsApp Data On Android With WCleaner

WhatsApp has become ubiquitous as the free mobile texting solution of choice for millions of users around the world. The service enables you to not only send and receive text messages but also images as well as audio and video clips. The messages are stored on your SD card in an encrypted format that isn't directly readable in general purpose file viewers or text editors. Over time, all this content can keep on accumulating over your device, consuming significant amount of space and not serving a purpose for those who don't care about keeping all their old conversations. Therefore, it may be desirable for many to periodically delete it. Also, if you are selling or giving your device away to someone else (lets say a family member) without performing a full factory reset, you'll likely want to manually remove your personal content from it, including all those Whatsapp conversations. WPCleaner Beta is a free app that lets you view all the content sent and received over Whatsapp categorically, and allows you to quickly delete any or all of it. Let's find out how after the jump. Read More

Play Starcraft: Brood War & Caesar III On Android With Winulator

The concept of emulation, particularly for game consoles is not exactly a new one on Android. We've seen emulators for Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Play Station, Game Boy Advance and many more gaming systems since the advent of smartphones running this open-source OS. Now, the PC has been added to the list as well, and while it may not be a console, PC games have their own charm at times. Smartphones have become powerful enough to emulate many old classics, and Winulator proves just that point. To show things off, the Windows 95/98 app emulator supports the famous classic Starcraft: Brood War from Blizzard Entertainment. Not only that; Impression Games’ Caesar III has also made the cut. So if you're a fan of the classic RTS genre, we're sure you must be excited, so read on after the break for more on Winulator and how you can use it to start playing these games on your Android device. Read More

System Monitor Offers A Graphical Summary For All Resource Usage Stats On Android

Easily one of the most beautiful apps I have come across in a while, System Monitor is a simple, effective, holo-themed tool for users who want to monitor their Android device's critical statistics such as CPU, RAM, I/O, Network and Apps (according to RAM or CPU usage). Sporting a choice of two themes and employing an elegant graph system, the app has just the right amount of settings and tweaks to help you quickly set it up according to your needs. For more on the app and a quick look at its aesthetics as well as features, read on after the jump. Read More

Root AT&T Galaxy S III I747 In One Click On Windows, Linux & Mac With CASUAL

Yes, the Galaxy S III from AT&T has been rooted for quite some time now, but for anyone who has just purchased the device and is looking for a simple and foolproof way of rooting it, XDA Elite Recognized Developer AdamOutler has just released his famous CASUAL root tool for AT&T’s S III. Short for Cross-platform ADB Scripting, Universal Android Loader, CASUAL works as a one-click root method and it’s massive appeal lies in its ability to run on Windows, Mac and Linux. To take it one step further, there's support for even Raspberry Pi. The tool uses the famous CFAutoRoot by Chainfire to achieve root access on the device. Read More

Run Android Apps In Full-Screen Mode With Access To Notifications & Navigation

Accessing notifications, options and navigation controls can be a daunting task on an Android device when you’re using an app in full screen mode like watching a movie or playing game. This is most problematic in case of tablets and large phones. Also, there are occasions when you wish the status bar could just disappear so that an app can gain some more screen estate. full!screen is an app that takes all of these scenarios into consideration and delivers functions that will be hard to let go of, once you get used to them. The app will not simply hide the status bar, but will also provide you with two translucent, configurable on-screen buttons that remain available whether you’re watching a video, surfing the web, or just using the phone normally with the status bar hidden. The buttons can also be configured to your liking. Let's take a closer look at how the app functions and what else it has to offer. Read More

Intelligent Ringer Dynamically Tweaks Android Ring Volume Based On Ambient Noise

So you’re driving, listening to your favorite tracks and have just reached your destination. You pick up the phone and realize you have a bunch of unattended calls, consequently realizing the phone was on silent and the vibrator buzz was just not loud enough in all that music. This has happened to me a lot, and there are plenty of other moments it skips one's mind to turn of the silent mode, or even turn it on – which can be embarrassing at times. Enter Intelligent Ringer - the app that adjusts your phone’s ring volume based on the ambient noise level, and uses the proximity sensor to detect a pocketed phone to enable the maximum ring volume. The app is a breeze to set up as well, and you wont get lost in a heap of complicated settings. Read on after the jump to see how well the app fares and what more it has to offer. Read More

Robird Is A Balanced, Holo-Themed Twitter Client For Android

Holo themed Twitter clients for Android have been around for some time now. Robird is another such app aspiring to make its mark in that area with the developer giving the app a very minimal and clean look. The simple and clutter-free nature of the app's design is well complimented by the intuitive and simple interface for navigation and using the various functions it has to offer. While it falls short of extensive customizations and settings that the competition may offer, you have to keep in mind that not all users are comfortable with such fancy settings, and many just want to keep things simple and effective. However, Robird does sport the basic must-have settings any casual twitter user would like to make use of. We take a look at how the app fairs, after the jump. Read More

How To Install HTC Sense 5 ROM On DROID DNA [Guide]

Running Sense 5 UI on the HTC Droid DNA is something not many users would've been expecting, or at least not this quickly. Having been ported from HTC One, this Sense 5 ROM is proof that third-party development for the DROID DNA has started to pick up pace. Sense 5 made its debut with the HTC ONE and offers a fresh redesigned interface to the UI that most HTC users are familiar with. A fancy but slightly complicated app drawer, HTC BlinkFeed and HTC Zoe are some of the key new features of Sense 5, with a focus on minimalism and content this time rather than on heavy graphics - a design philosophy pioneered by Metro design language of Windows Phone OS. The port comes in from XDA Recognized Developer newtoroot in the form of a functional ROM. Installing it on your DROID DNA is a breeze, especially if the bootloader of your device is already unlocked. If not, don't fret as I will walk you through the procedure step-by-step to get this Sense 5 based ROM up and running on your DROID DNA! Read More

Thread For Android Shows Recent SMS, Mail & Social Updates With Caller ID

Countless phone dialer and contacts replacement apps have come and gone since Android first came to light. Though there haven’t been many apps to break away from the fairly standard features in this regard to produce something innovative – something that is more than just eye candy. Enter Thread - the app that gives you more control and information about your contact during an incoming call. It consolidates all your communication with your contacts in Messages, Gmail, Facebook and Twitter, and neatly brings up the latest feed from each medium when receiving a call. Read on after the break for more on this one-of-a-kind app. Read More

How To Set Your WhatsApp Status To Invisible On Android

Let’s face it, I love how WhatsApp shows me who’s actually seen the message I left them and the fact I can tell when they were last online on the world's most popular free instant messaging service. However, I dread the fact that people can tell the same about me when I have to open the app to read a particular message left for me, and in turn register my ‘Last Seen’ time. This is manageable by turning off the WiFi or mobile data connection before you open WhatsApp, but is annoying if you have to practice this frequently. Moving on, we come to the ‘typing’ status, – an ingenious implementation on all messaging services these days to keep you updated on the other person's activity during a conversation – that can be really embarrassing when you’re speechless and your contact can see you’re taking ages for typing what ultimately turn out to be one or two lines. You can turn the internet off, again, or you can install WhatsApp Shadow Beta. Be offline while you read your WhatsApp conversations or send messages without your contacts knowing that you’re typing. We're sure you're going all “OMG what?! How? Show me!", so read on for all the details. Read More