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Front Flash For Android Allows For Brighter In-The-Dark Selfies

Front-facing cameras on mobile phones have usually been quite neglected by most manufacturers, especially in light of the major improvements in their rear-facing counterparts. Improved lenses, sensors, flash etc. have all been targeted at the rear cameras in smartphones, leaving a lot to be desired in the front-facing cameras’ quality – which is at best suited for casual video chats or some occasionally impulsive self-shots. Sensors and quality aside, the user is also set aback when taking a self-shot in low light conditions due to the absence of a flash. While smartphones manufacturers really need to address this issue in the future, and not just for self-shots but for video-chats in low light conditions as well, if you have an Android device and find yourself taking self-shots more often than you would have us believing, Front Flash may just be what you need.

We saw such a feature earlier in Camera+ – a very popular iOS app. While that app is paid and sports other extensive features as well, the front flash concept remains the same, utilizing a bright white screen.

You won’t find any magically appearing LED lights here, rest assured; the app simply generates a white screen with an overlay of a shrunken camera frame to help you pose a bit. For this purpose, it is essential that you keep the brightness levels of your phone at maximum so that the white can emulate a flash as best as it can.

Front Flash 01 Front Flash 02

There are fancy settings to play around with in this app, and while it could definitely use some tweaks, it still manages to do the job well enough. Taking a picture is easy, requiring just the touch of a button at the bottom of the screen. Once a picture has been snapped, you can share it via Facebook or Twitter, email it, and of course, save it locally. Don’t like a picture? Simply hit the cross icon to discard it when previewing.

Maybe in the future, Front Flash could add support for video recording as well, which would certainly make it a hit amongst a lot of users.

The app is available as Free and Pro versions on the Play Store. The Pro variant sports a brighter flash, faster loading times, and no ads.

Download Front Flash for Android

Download Front Flash Pro for Android

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