Analyze Email Header To Find Sender IP, Hostname & Geographical Info

You may know that emails contain not only the subject, CC and BCC recipients, sender’s email address etc., but also include information which is not shown in the email body text. Most online and offline email clients show only the email message body, subject & sender name, and provide users with option to enable HTML format in order to view images and other HTML elements like tables, formatted rich text etc. Although there are special tools available to reveal all the information hidden in emails without having to manually find the message source details, such tools often don’t organize the email header details, like Orignating IP address, hostname, organization, Message ID, and Geographical information (Continent, Country, City, Time zone etc). Today, we stumbled across an online app from that organizes the email header details in different categories, letting users easily find and read the email source details.Read More

Search Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter & Other Websites From Chrome Omnibar

Smarter Search, a Chrome extension, adds extra functionality to the Chrome omnibar and lets you search multiple search engines right through the omnibar. It works for a lot of popular websites, such as Twitter, Wikipedia, IMDB, YouTube and StackOverflow. Instead of opening new tabs, entering a website URL and then a search term, simply type s in the URL bar, hit the space bar and enter your search query. Smarter Search comes with an autocomplete feature that displays a list of websites in a drop-down menu. Select an option from the list and hit Enter to instantly open results for your query in a new tab. In addition to the auto-complete choices, there are a few other domains that can be searched, such as Amazon, Flickr, eBay and Delicious, using special key combinations along with the default s key.Read More

VHX: Online Video Sharing/ Watching With Social Network Integration [Web]

Finding and watching videos online can be quite a complex and fragmented experience, as we either have to search different services separately, or we can watch videos shared by our friends on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking websites. VHX is a new web application that brings online videos together and gives you a streamlined watching experience. With it, you can discover new videos by following friends and other VHX members who have a similar taste. Moreover, the service comes with a beautiful interface that displays high quality videos. VHX also lets you download a bookmarklet that lets you share or queue up videos from around the web. Currently, VHX only supports Vimeo and YouTube, but according to the developer, other services will be added soon.Read More

Bliss Control: Centralized Dashboard For Multiple Social Networks Settings [Web]

Want total control over your social media settings? Bliss Control is a nifty little web app that provides a single directory of links to manage all your social media settings. The service comes with a fairly basic interface that helps you easily access links to any settings page on popular social networking sites. For instance, if you want to change your profile picture, username, password, bio, email or any other setting on social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn or more, then all you need to do is pick a setting, network and click GO. The web app will then instantly take you to the specific settings page. To be clear, the service doesn’t require your login information to work, it only points you to the right settings page on the appropriate website.Read More

FullSearch: Search Any Text String Across All Open Tabs In Chrome

Going from link to link while researching a topic is nothing extraordinary, and you may soon find yourself with more open tabs than you can count at the end of your search spree. Then, it's also not uncommon to forget where we read a particular piece of information, and checking through over 50 open tabs one by one is plain frustrating (true story). This is where FullSearch, a Chrome extension, comes in handy. The extension allows you to search for text in all open tabs at once, and shows a list of search results right in the pop-up. Moreover, clicking any of the results takes you to the particular tab with the highlighted text. The extension's search options are very responsive and unobtrusive at the same time.Read More

Stash: Instantly Close & Save Opened Tabs To Reduce Clutter [Chrome]

Stash is a Chrome extension that makes it easier to save or stow away (close and save) all your open tabs or windows, and restore them all at once from within its pop-up menu. This can prove to be particularly useful when you have a large number of tabs or windows open and want to instantly reduce the load/clutter without losing articles or important webpages that you might want to go through later.  While most other similar extensions delete saved tabs after they are opened, Stash can be set to  keep them saved. The extension is fairly customizable too; it allows you to set hotkeys for stashing the all or only the current tab from within its Options menu.Read More

Select/Highlight Words To View Definitions & Perform Search In Chrome

Wouldn’t it be great if we could search and lookup definitions of difficult words without navigating away from a page we are currently on? Inline Search & Lookup, a Chrome extension, works perfectly and allows you to perform searches or lookups without leaving the page. Once you’ve installed the extension, all you have to do is simply hold Alt (configurable) and double click a word. As you do this, a small inline box will pop up with the results of your search or lookup. Moreover, the search engine from where the definitions are retrieved can be changed. The extension works on almost any website, and allows you to easily specify your own sources. You can also specify default scrolling actions for each source, so when you perform a search, the pop-up will automatically scroll to the appropriate section of the page.Read More

Get Instant Google/ Bing Search Results For Highlighted Text [Chrome]

The Search Google For option in the right-click context menu for selected text is useful but limited to only your default search engine. Should you ever want to search on Bing or Yahoo, you will have to first open it by manually entering the URL or by Googling it. Search Highlighter is a Chrome extension that unifies this search for Google and Bing. At any given time, you can select text and it will automatically be added to the search bar added by the extension. You can then choose whether to search it on Google or on Bing. Related search words are also shown on the search bar. You can change the location of the search box and place it either at the top or bottom of the page. Search Highlighter provides you with Google or Bing search results. You can access the previously used search keywords by clicking the arrow located at the end of the toolbar.Read More

Search On YouTube: Watch Videos Related To Specific Websites [Chrome]

Web browsing isn’t limited to a single form or type of content; the content you ‘Browse’ may be text (articles, reviews, opinionated editorials) Pictures (image galleries, artwork, photos, paintings) audio and video (songs, movies, short clips) and more. The trouble is, the content is so engaging that it gets difficult to watch all the videos, read every single article or look at all the new kitten pictures in the limited amount of time that you have. If your web browsing is just fun and play, missing a few things might not be that big a deal but when you’re browsing is related to work, it’s imperative that you learn to go through several different types of online media available. Take for example, a topic you need to learn the background of and you know a few videos on YouTube can help you cover it faster. At the same time you don’t really want to navigate away from the page you’re reading because it’s important as well. For such situations, Search On YouTube, a Chrome extension, can be of great help. The extension instantly searches YouTube for related videos that match search terms on the current webpage, and displays them in a compact window. It then allows you to watch them within the same pop-up, eliminating the need to open YouTube for each and every little search.Read More

Cinetonic: Watch YouTube Videos With Theater Effects [Firefox/ Chrome]

If you're bored of watching YouTube videos in the same old interface and want to experience the infamous video service in a different way, then Cinetonic is a Chrome and Firefox extension that you need. This handy tool lets you search YouTube videos right from your toolbar and displays them in a slick, cinema-like interface. Moreover, you can apply different color schemes to the interface and auto-replay videos. Additionally, you can increase or decrease the player's volume by rolling the mouse wheel over the video. Video search results can also be sorted by Relevance, Upload date, View Count, Rating, HD and 3D.Read More

Ultimate New Tab: Access Bookmarks, History, Apps, Tabs & More [Chrome]

Ultimate New Tab is an extension for Chrome that customizes the new tab page and adds multiple themes, tab organization, bookmarks, history and a speed dial to it. All these can be accessed from within the same tab, allowing fast navigation. Ultimate New Tab lets you search the web extensively without having to separately open your bookmarks, apps and history. The extension comes with smooth gestures, and you can easily use the keyboard or mouse to navigate to your bookmarked or recently visited websites.Read More

URL Pinner: Permanently Pin Frequently Used Tabs Using RegEx [Chrome]

URL Pinner is a Chrome extension that lets you auto pin your favorite or most frequently used websites and arranges them in order. While Chrome comes with this feature by default, the extension auto pins tabs by URL or regular expression as soon as the website is loaded, and keeps them sorted according to the list you create. Moreover, the settings for your pinned websites can be synced across Chrome browsers. You can also add a custom shortcut to toggle the pinning of websites and for opening all your preferred pinned tabs. URL Pinner decreases clutter and lets you manage constantly used websites in a better way. With it, you can save time and access important tabs with only a click or two. This is great for people who have a whole lot of tabs open in Chrome, and want to save up space.Read More

Print/ Convert Multiple Websites As Single PDF Document In Firefox

There are many add-ons available for Firefox that let you convert single webpages to PDF documents, but if you want to create a PDF document from multiple webpages, tabs or bookmarks, then Print pages to Pdf is just what you need. This Firefox add-on can be fully customized, including the layout of the PDF that is created, such as its paper size, margins and more. The add-on allows automatic creation of outlines, as well as doing so manually, and headers or footers for every page can be provided. Websites can be edited prior to conversion, so that they contain only text, or both text and images.Read More

Find & Highlight Multiple Words, Print With Markings [Chrome]

MultiHighlighter is a light-weight, yet powerful Chrome extension that allows multi-word searching/highlighting on a website which makes it easier to search for specific words in a lengthy article. The extension comes with a search bar that can be displayed by using the Ctrl+Shift+A hotkey combination and can be closed by pressing the Esc key. All search terms are highlighted with unique background colors, and multiple words can be highlighted at the same time. A real time count of the matched term also appears in the search bar’s status area. Moreover, the extension does not interfere with the default Chrome browser search functionality, and another great feature of the extension is that highlighting is preserved when the webpage is printed. You will also find a text redaction option in the search bar, that allows you to redact currently highlighted terms, but this feature is currently not functional, and will be added soon.Read More

Set Chrome’s New Tabs To Automatically Open At The End Of Tab Strip

When you have a bunch of tabs open in Chrome and open a new tab, it opens right next to the parent tab that the new one originated from. So, lets say you’ve got three or four different websites open, each time you open links in new tabs, they will open right next to the tab of the related website. Chrome basically groups tabs according to a domain, but this can be really confusing particularly when you’ve got twenty or more tabs open at a time. New Tabs At End is a nifty little tool that opens tabs at the end of the tab strip, making it easier to access them.Read More

Format Text Into Multiple Columns, Change Size, Brightness & More [Firefox]

Column Reader is a unique and interesting Firefox add-on that acts as a multi-column reader with configurable layout and domain-specific settings. This handy tool aims to optimize your web reading experience by offering you with multiple features, such as formatting a webpage with up to seven columns, horizontal or vertical page-wise scroll modes, full screen and more. Once you’ve installed the add-on, you will be able to view a toolbar on one side and a document miniature view on the other side. Moreover, the page can be darkened and the lighting or contrast can easily be changed. Also, when you click an image, you can view it in full screen. You may also save different settings as default or for different domains.Read More

Save Tabs In User Defined Groups For Later Access [Chrome]

Ending up with a lot of open tabs when working online is not a rare occurrence. Not only can this be irritating, but sifting through all these tabs can be a pain. This is where Tab Bundler, a Chrome extension, comes in handy. With it, you can organize and manage open tabs by saving them in user defined groups. For instance, you might have a group of tabs related to music, another group related to work and so on. This extension will let you create bundles by going to a window with all your open tabs and click on the Tab Bundler button in the toolbar. Input a a title for your bundle, and hit Enter to create a new bundle.Read More

View Larger Facebook Photo Thumbnails & Download Entire Albums [Chrome]

Better Facebook Gallery is a Chrome extension that provides you with larger thumbnails of Facebook photos and lets you save entire albums to your system with only a click or two. You will find a mode option that lets you switch between small and large thumbnails. Moreover, you can easily view them in a lightbox without any comments or likes. Photos can be saved one by one, or entire albums can be saved using the Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut. So, if you want to view photos without all the clutter created by the comments and likes, then Better Facebook Gallery can be quite useful for you.Read More

Get Firefox’s “Most Visited Pages” URL Dropdown In Chrome’s Omnibar

Firefox allows users to view their most visited pages in a drop-down right from the URL bar, but Chrome lacks this useful functionality. Dropdown List Of Most Visited Links, an extension for Chrome, as the name implies, displays a list of sites that you visit the most. The list is displayed in a dropdown menu and can be accessed from the address bar. The pages are retrieved from the history, and clicking a link opens the page in the current tab, whereas a middle click on the link opens it in a new tab (as normal browser behavior would dictate). Moreover, the extension is highly customizable, and you can change the List Style, Appearance, List width, Number of links and more.Read More