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Digital Bullet Journal: What It Is And Why You Should Keep One

Keeping a digital bullet journal can make all the difference if you want to do more than just have a to-do list. Additionally, digital bullet journals record your positive affirmations, creative designs, doodles, occasional rants, etc., in one place.


We live in a fast-paced world where social media distractions, entertainment, and games prevent us from achieving set goals. 

When you’re ready to take control of your time, a conscious effort to organize your activities and align your aspirations is required. Bullet journaling can be your primary productivity tip.  

Whether you’re new to the bullet journal idea, don’t know where to start, or are looking to transform your journal notebook with the right digital bullet journal apps, this article is for you. You will learn.

  • What is a digital bullet journal?
  • Should I keep a digital journal? 
  • Tips for keeping a digital bullet journal
  • 8 free and paid digital bullet journal
  • The advantages of using a digital bullet journal

What is a digital bullet journal?

A digital bullet journal is the electronic version of the analog bullet journal. Ryder Caroll, a digital designer, created the bullet journal technique. Like the bullet journal, a digital bullet journal has an index page and custom pages where you can schedule tasks, track habits, and accomplish tasks. 

According to Ryder Caroll, bullet journaling is a mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system. It does not just help you accomplish tasks; it also ensures you are mindful of why you’re completing those tasks. That makes it different from a to-do list or a typical project management software

Should I keep a digital journal?

According to Ryder Caroll, a bullet journal aligns system and practice. System increase your productivity and guides your actions, so you make the most effective use of your time and energy.

Practice improves your ability to be mindful, dwell in the present, and become aware of your essence. It outlines, what matters to you, and what is meaningful to you so that you can discover and clarify your beliefs.

When combined, keeping a bullet journal, whether analog or digital, helps you assign meaning to your activities so that you’re not just working for work’s sake.


Tips for keeping a digital bullet journal

Go with the flow

Starting a digital bullet journal can seem overwhelming if you’re a first-timer. But don’t beat yourself too hard. Long-term Bujo fans moving from paper to digital journaling feel this way too.

And after seeing hundreds of beautiful (almost magical) digital bujo inspirations online, you might give up the idea altogether if you consider yourself a non-creative person.

Luckily, you don’t need to be a Picasso of color, a doodle-queen, or a master of monochromatic gradients to use a digital bullet journal. Just go with the flow.

Know that you probably won’t be happy with the initial format, and attempting to recreate your offline bujo style digitally can be challenging.

The primary goal of a bullet journal is to align your productivity and a sense of purpose. Rather than wasting time choosing font style and color, start with the basics and make changes as you go on.

A typical electronic bullet journal would have

  • An index page
  • Task page
  • Monthly Plan
  • Future log/calendar

Start with these items and add your habit tracker, TV show list, grade tracking, and daily affirmative without blocking too much time.

Keep a short daily task list

You’re probably considering journaling due to the frustration of an unproductive life. But don’t be so enthusiastic as to set a month-long task for two weeks.

Practically, stick to the 1-3-5 formula

  • One big task: E.g., Write a blog article
  • Three medium tasks: E.g., Create outlines for the next articles
  • Five small jobs: E.g., Check your email inbox

Setting reasonable expectations is the only way to avoid disappointing yourself. Otherwise, even the smartest digital bujo will yield no significant impact.

Be consistent but flexible

Any task that yields productivity requires consistency. Every time you write in your journal, you’re not just filling a blank page; you’re also investing in growth. But you don’t have to do it every day to be consistent.

Bujo-ing can get boring quickly and feel like a chore if you go out of your way to keep it active. Ignore the urge to doodle, track changes, draw shapes, etc.

Know that there are days when you have nothing to record. Keep it simple and write “nothing happened today”- it still counts as showing up. As you go on, you will find a comfortable rhythm you can follow consistently without stressing your bujo-mojo.

Keep it private

The first rule of keeping a digital bullet journal is: Keep it private.

People go digital because they fear a second eye might see the reflection of their personal life in the notebook. Keeping your bujo private ensures you’re not subjecting yourself to people’s opinions.

To avoid prying, set a password for your digital bullet journal app. And if you have to share, share your design as a blank digital bullet journal template.

Build the layout on paper

The design part of starting an online bullet journal is where most people throw in the towel. While finding the right digital bullet journal requires some thought, the learning curve for many digital journal apps can also be challenging.

Start your built journal idea in a notebook if you want a smooth ride. Include all the items you’d love to have online and use the tools to make them.

Choose the right software

Digital bullet journal apps are different in many ways. You’d find that some apps work only on Apple operating systems while others offer more robust features. Some have free tiers, while others are premium only.

So no matter your needs, there is a digital journaling app for you. Consider the following options when you’re it’s time to dig-bujo.

8 digital bullet journal apps (free/paid)

  1. Goodnotes

Goodnotes is a note-taking app for iOS. It is often billed as the best digital bullet journal app for its range of free and exclusive features.


  • Free tier: Yes- users get a 3 notebooks
  • Premium: GoodNote premium unlocks for a one-time $7.99 payment
  • Best features:
    • Search your handwriting.
    • Annotate PDFs and PPTs. 
    • Organize your notes your way. 
    • Personalize your notebooks.

       2. Trello

Trello is one of the biggest team management programs with a digital bullet journal module.


  • Pricing: 
    • Free tier: Yes. 
    • Enterprise: Costs $17.50. 
  • Best features:
    • Loads of Bujo templates
    • Automation features to set reminders, alerts, etc.
    • Trello boards
    • Add-ons and integration

       3. Penly for android

Penly is an android-based digital bullet journal application.


  • Pricing: 
    • Free tier: 7 days trial
    • Premium: $4.99 to $6.98
  • Best features:
    • Import and edit PDF files 
    • Takes notes and annotates ideas
    • Create hyperlinks in any document 

       4. Zinnia for iOS (Pixite)

Zinnia takes digital journaling and planning to the next level. It’s a quick, fun, and creative method to track your behavior, change negative habits, and reward yourself for positive ones!


  • Pricing: 
    • Free tier: 7 days free trial
    • Premium: Zinnia Premium is $9.99 per month or $39.99 per year
  • Best features:
    • Storyboarding 
    • Create digital art
    • Import and edit PDF files

       5. Notion


Notion is a free project management and note-taking software platform. While it is not traditionally designed for bullet journaling, Notion users create several free and paid software to get you started. 

  • Pricing
    • Free forever
    • Premium templates from the community 
  • Best Features
    • Automate tasks
    • Integration with other software
    • Table database block
    • Web and desktop access on all platform

       6. Noteplan

Note plan is a fast and responsive note-taking and bullet journal application. It’s popularized by its markdown feature that optimizes texts for readability and loading speed.


  • Pricing: 
    • 14 days free trial
    • $11/month or $119.99/year premium.
  • Best feature:
    • Smart Markdown tasks
    • Flexible scheduling options
    • Customize syntax

If you cannot afford these premium applications, consider journaling on these free platforms

       7. Google docs

       8. OneNote

Advantages of using a digital bullet journal

If you know any die-hard analog bullet journal fan, they’d tell you how digital journaling can be so stressful because you must 

  • update the app all the time
  • consume long hours of screen time
  • Buy a monthly subscription, and they might not even be the right fit. 

While these factors are sometimes true, a digital bullet journal has the following benefits over the analog version. 

Digital stickers are cheaper

For $2 or less, you can get a great collection of digital planner stickers. Conversely, paper sticker books cost around $10-20, saving you more money with digital bullet journals. 

Digital bullet journals are convenient and cleaner

Imagine traveling back and forth between cities; carrying a huge chunk of your favorite bujo notebooks, pencil supplies, and colors can be a pain.  

In a digital journal, you easily carry your journal in your pocket without worrying about breaking some colored pencils. Unlike in an analog journal, you can also erase texts without leaving a stain trail. 

Additionally, you can easily import pictures and memes into your digital journal—no need to cut images out of magazines or print old photos.

Turning your frequently used layout into reusable templates is another reason digital bullet journaling is more fun. You don’t have to draw the same design every day. 

Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about losing your bujo to a stolen bag since everything is stored in the cloud. 

Cross-referencing is better on digital bujos

Most electronic journals use hyperlinking. That way, you can find or take a specific page without flipping through several others. 

Electronic bujoing is excellent for the environment.

Paperless solutions like the digital bujo contribute to the global effort to clean the environment. So you can feel a part of the advocacy if you’re that type of person. 


Is there an app like a bullet journal? 

Many apps like Maxjournal for Ipad, Trello, Goodnotes, and Notion- that function like the analog bullet journal. Provided you have designed your bujo layout on paper, you can recreate the layout and content in creative platforms like Goodnotes. 

Does bullet journal work for ADHD?

While the exact cause of ADHD is unknown, you can attempt bullet journaling to stay focused, avoid distraction and take your organization skills to the next level. 

Can you bullet journal on a computer?

Sure. Many digital bullet journal apps work on both computer and mobile devices. Trello, for example, syncs across devices so you can use your computer when you wish to organize on a larger screen. 

Where can I choose bullet journal ideas?

Pinterest is a great place to find bullet journal ideas. When you search the platform, create a folder and pin bullet journal inspirations you like for later. 

Where to get a free digital bullet journal

You can download a free digital bullet journal template on Notion’s bujo community forum. Feel free to customize the template to your needs. If you’re looking for inspiration, you will find some of the best 2022 bullet journal cover pages on Pinterest.

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