How To Remove Cydia, App Store & Settings Badges From Your iPhone

If you are the kind of person who is easily annoyed, then surely you must have noticed how the badges on your iOS device’s Springboard look, just sitting there, staring at you all day with their red eyes (or maybe it’s just me and my overactive imagination) and doing nothing particularly useful. To be honest, the notification badges are a useful feature of iOS, but if you are not interested in a specific update, then that means the badge will stay there for good, unless you delete the app altogether. These badges are not only there on the App Store’s icon, but are also to be found for the Cydia store, and if your iPhone is due for an update, on the Settings app. The badge on the Settings app can be removed by any tweak like noOTA (reviewed here), and I am pretty sure that tweaks to remove other badges can be found as well, but there are three new options for doing so now available in the jailbreak store, namely No AppStore Badges, No Cydia Badges and OTA Begone. Head past the break for details of all three.Read More

Install Official ClockworkMod Touch Recovery On HTC One X And One S

The HTC One X (GSM) and One S get ClockworkMod Touch recovery! This touch based recovery from Koush has been released for quite a while, for a handful of Android devices, but has just made it’s way onto the newly released HTC One X and the One S just after the device was released over a week back. The touch recovery is a serious improvement over the older ClockworkMod recovery and gives the user a very intuitive way of using the recovery. You can always install it via ROM Manager by paying a meager $1.99, but if for some reason you don’t want to do that, there’s always the manual, and cheaper method. We take a look at how you can manually install the recovery on your HTC One X and One S, after the break.Read More

Disable iOS Reset & Erase Content Buttons With ResetAllKiller [Cydia]

If you have ever watched cartoons or read comics, then you are sure to have mused at one point or another why there is always a “self-destruct” button in all sophisticated machines. Seems like the phenomenon is not just limited to cartoons, but has managed to seep into real life as well. If you own an iPhone (or any other smartphone for that matter), then you must have noticed the “Reset All” button in the stock Settings app. Admittedly, there are occasions when this button really comes in handy, letting you wipe out everything in one go, but it is also true that many iOS users have lost their precious data and apps by unintentionally hitting the reset option. Now, it is possible to avoid that situation if your iDevice is jailbroken. ResetAllKiller is a Cydia tweak which disables the self-destruct button in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.Read More

Map Measure: Find Out Area & Distance Between Any Two Places [iOS]

Many people use maps pretty regularly on their iPhone, but it is always nice to have something out of the ordinary in your daily routine. While commuting to work or travelling to any new place, have you ever wondered how long will it take to get there? You can do that by plotting the route in the stock Maps app in iOS, but that’s where its ability to measure ends. In fact, there are many other things that maps can tell us, just if you have the right kind of app. Map Measure is one such app. This stock maps alternative will let you find out the exact distance between two points on the map, as well as the area of any polygon you define on the map, all of that in units of your choice.Read More

How To Root HTC One S On Android 4.0 ICS

HTC One S has now been rooted thanks to XDA-Developers forum member paulobrien. The One S can be said to be the younger brother to the HTC One X, with still specs impressive enough to challenge most modern day Android devices. The best part, you get to run Ice Cream Sandwich on a handsomely large 4.3” Super AMOLED screen. Like the rooting guide we covered earlier for the HTC One X, the rooting procedure is more or less the same, using the superboot image which is basically a modified boot.img.Read More

Create Reminders, To-Do & Informative Lists With Listomatic For iPhone

Siri has made it easy for users to create reminders on the go. Other than Apple’s talking personal assistant, there are many good apps available for iOS devices that let users make to-do lists to help them remember important stuff. Listomatic, however, is an app which is not merely for creating reminders. Using the app, iPhone users can create any kind of list. Listomatic has the potential to be used as a reminders app, a to-do keeper, and also a means of sharing informative lists with other people. Sharing anything in a form of a list is always convenient, and others can understand the things discussed more comprehensively, and in lesser time. Read on to learn more about Listomatic.Read More

[Giveaway] Decipher TextMessage: Save iPhone SMS & iMessage Threads To PC

Back in the days of using Symbian ‘smartphones’, before threaded messaging perhaps even existed, I was a huge fan of text messaging. The biggest bummer than dumb phones posed at that time, at least from my point of view, was their limited message memory. When I got my hands on my first iPhone, the biggest relief was the fact that it was able to store virtually unlimited number of messages. Then, over time, the SMS craze diminished, until text messages remained only a form of communication that my phone was capable of doing – until recently. For some reason, I needed to save some messages off my iPhone, and that’s when I realized there was no way to do it (well, no easy way, at least). The hard way involved manipulating the sqlite database that stores iPhone’s messaging threads manually, while the easy way required shedding off some bucks for outstanding results. Decipher TextMessage is one such cross-platform paid application that will allow you to view and export all your iPhone’s messaging threads (SMS, MMS and iMessage) as text or HTML files and save locally, along with a few other, highly useful options, such as recovering deleted messages. Read More

Infinite Painter Is Perhaps The Most Comprehensive Drawing Tool For Android Yet

If you’re into serious graphics designing, or are a casual artist with a special fervor for painting, and think that your Android smartphone or tablet can't present you with a comprehensive drawing platform (other than the usual doodling and scribbling apps made for kids), then Infinite Painter might surprise you. The app's features truly do justice to its name. These include plenty of realistic and customizable brush styles, support for pressure sensitivity, multiple symmetry modes (X-Axis, Y-Axis, Arbitrary Angle, Radial, and Kaleidoscopic), a canvas that supports multi-touch, option to import images from device’s gallery, camera and/or Google’s Image Search to place them on the canvas, option to work with as many as six different drawing layers, color blending and image correction tools, auto-save progress at frequent intervals, and atop all that, an extremely user-friendly interface.Read More

Ultimate Special FX: Make Your Videos Look Like Explosive Clips From An Action Movie [Android]

TechCat Mobile debuted in the Google Play Store last year with their powerful video editing and sharing Android app, AndroMedia Video Editor. The team is back in action with a fun app called Ultimate Special FX that lets you add high quality special effects - like a fake air strike, missile strike or car crash - to your videos to make them look as if they were clips from a action movie. The app’s concept – and for the most part, the UI – seems to have been inspired from previously reviewed iOS app, Action Movie FX. The explosive movie clips created with the app can be stored to your device’s local storage, viewed within the app’s native video player, and shared with friends on the go.Read More

Find & Buy Deals On Meals With BiteHunter For iPhone

Often when you are out with friends, or even alone, the question which almost invariably arises is “Where to eat?” There are so many good restaurants and cafes in all the major cities, offering a wide variety of cuisines, causing you to spend a pretty long amount of time deciding the best restaurant for the day. Many iPhone apps and services help their users in that regard, like Foursquare and Yelp, but the newly released BiteHunter goes a step further, and not only can you find good places to eat using the app, it will also display the best food deals around you. If that is not enough for you, BiteHunter will even let you purchase the shown deals right from within the app!Read More

View/Post Ads, Jobs & Deals In Your Area With Craigslist Plus [iOS]

There are many online shopping stores that are popular among users, but there's nothing like negotiating with fellow human  beings rather than purchasing items from an automated website. It's even better if the buyer is located in your area, so that you can talk to them face-to-face in case there is a problem. Craigslist is one of the most popular destinations for people looking to find items being sold in their area. Not only can ads be posted to Craigslist, it goes way beyond that, and you can come across attractive job offers, interesting people and just about anything you can possibly think of. Despite the usefulness and popularity of Craigslist, the service does not have a decent app for iOS. There are a few options, but all of them have their shortcomings. That is why Craigslist Plus just might be the best iPhone client for Craigslist so far. Using the app you can explore Craigslist at length, and it allows you manage your account as well as posting ads for free. Read on to learn more about Craigslist Plus.Read More

Create A Personal Online Profile Page With For iPhone

The need to have a web presence is usually fulfilled these days by having one or more accounts on any of the social networking services which are around. However, no matter how active you are on social media, having a webpage of your own is at another level of “cool”. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or skill to create their website (although it isn’t as tough as a layman might imagine). One service which will let you create your personal webpage with complete ease, is It has been around for quite a while, and many people use it to generate a single link containing their basic information, and data from all their social network accounts. The big news? now has an iOS app available in the App Store as well!Read More

Google Currents Now Available Worldwide, Allows Translation & Syncs Faster [Android, iOS]

Google Currents, a Flipboard-like customizable RSS and news feed reader, hit the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store last year where it managed to amass quite a userbase. The app, at the time of its release, was available in the US only, and faced some serious criticism for its rather slow content syncing. Well things have changed, and quite drastically too, with the latest update that the app has received. Google Currents (v1.1) now comes support for all countries, and as many as 44 different global languages, can translate complete feeds in 38 languages upon request, and supports displaying local trending stories for various countries. The biggest improvement, however, comes in the form of the faster content syncing; news sources now sync at a blazing speed that is claimed to be seven times the original sync speed.Read More

SliderWidth: Change The iOS Lock Screen Slider Size & Text [Cydia]

Customization is usually the main objective behind jailbreaking an iOS device. The Cydia store is full of themes, tweaks and apps which let users change even the most insignificant areas of an iPhone. This is a good thing because there are millions of iPhone users all over the world, and only through customization it is possible to make your iDevice stand out amongst the crowd. In customization, no area has been left behind, and there's a huge variety of lockscreen mods for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad on the Cydia store. Furthermore, now it is possible to thoroughly customize the slider on the lockscreen, using the Cydia tweak named SliderWidth. The tweak will let you change the width and text of the slider, and you can also tinker with the camera button on the lockscreen. Read on to find out what more can be done if you have SliderWidth on your iPhone.Read More

360MobileSafe: App Locking, SMS/Call Blocking & Anti-Theft App [Cydia]

If you are an iPhone user and value your privacy, then chances are that a simple passcode is usually not enough for you. The lockscreen passcode in iOS devices does protect users from a casual trespasser, but for those who want security at a more comprehensive level, there are a few third-party apps, both in Cydia and the App Store. The apps found in the Cydia store generally provide a deeper level of security owing to the fact that they can access more areas of iOS compared to ordinary apps. This fact is personified by the Cydia app 360MobileSafe, which deals with just about all areas of privacy and security that you can possibly imagine. You can use the app to block undesirable calls and SMS, put any app (system or third-party) under password-protection and prevent misuse of your device remotely via the Anti-theft menu. 360MobileSafe has more features than just that, so let’s discuss them past the break.Read More

Bump: Now Transfer Photos To Your Computer By Bumping Your Phone With The Space Bar! [Android, iOS]

Getting photos off your iPhone (or into it, for that matter) has never been exceptionally easy (especially when compared with Android). Taking photos with the iPhone’s camera is no issue, granted, but when it comes to importing photos from your PC to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, iTunes is generally your only bet. When we connect these devices to a PC using the USB cable, the camera roll is accessible, but imagine being at a friend’s place and wanting to transfer your recent snaps to their PC, and finding yourself wanting a USB cable? Such situations are not uncommon, and they’re proportionately frustrating. The infamous iOS and Android app, Bump, brought with its rather-peculiarly-silent update an awesome transfer method for all your photos from your phone to any computer, particularly for iOS devices (doesn’t mean it isn’t supported on Android). Details past the break.Read More

AfterFocus Makes Photos Look As If Taken With A DSLR Camera [Android, iOS]

AfterFocus For Android, iPhone (App For DSLR-Like Photography)
One of the most amazing aspects of modern-day mobile devices are their powerful cameras, which allow users to capture images good enough in quality to be made to look, with the help of an app, as if they were captured using a DSLR camera. Developed by MotionOne, AfterFocus is one such app that has recently been running hot among iOS users for its DSLR-like lens and motion blur effects that can be applied to user defined areas of a photo, the ease with which this is achieved and the amazing results that it produces coupled with a unique set of filters. Well, the app is now available in the Google Play Store as well, and it doesn't come as a surprise that it is, unlike its iOS counterpart, available for free (AfterFocus for iOS has a price tag of $0.99).Read More

BlingBoard For Android: Widget For Call, Messaging, Facebook & Twitter Alerts/Updates

The option to check your latest email, messaging and social media notifications/feeds on your phone via homescreen widgets is one of the things the Android platform is revered for. Fresh to the Google Play Store, BlingBoard is a slick and beautifully designed Android homescreen widget that adds a bit of style to the aforementioned concept, and lets you view your latest missed calls, unread text messages, emails, Facebook and Twitter feeds under one roof. The widget is a collection of five main tabs that provide you easy and instant access to notifications pertaining to each of the aforementioned categories without requiring you to launch apps for each. You can view the 20 latest updates within each category, call your contacts back, send a quick reply to received text messages, and post directly to your Facebook Wall and Twitter timeline.Read More

Morning Routine Makes You Scan QR Codes To Silence Its Alarm [Android]

Getting out of bed early in the morning is not always easy, and the fact that we can easily extend our sleep with a mere push of the snooze button on our alarm clocks/apps only worsens the situation. If you own an Android device, you can easily put the sleep demon to rest with Morning Routine – an Android alarm app that ensures it isn't too easy for you to turn the alarm off every morning. In this regard, the app prompts you to scan a barcode/QR code or a sequence of different barcodes via your device's camera in order to silence the alarm for good. Unless the same code specified by the user is scanned, the alarm will continue ringing. The app also lets you specify a particular URL that will be opened automatically upon silencing the alarm, to help you catch up with overnight social media news, updates from your favorite website or radio channel. That’s not all; the app also maintains a detailed statistical record of your sleep cycles, and displays all the recorded data on a graph.Read More

Adobe Reader For Android & iOS Updated With Digital Signing & Support For EchoSign

Adobe Reader for Android, iPhone, iPad & iPod touch has just been updated (to v10.2.0) with quite a few significant additions and improved features; two of the most noticeable of which are the new Ink Signature tool, which lets you sign your PDF documents, and the option to fill out PDF forms right from within the app. Not just that, the app now also supports Adobe EchoSign, which can be used to send documents to other users for e-signing purposes. You no longer need to rely on other electronic document signature tools to get your digital documents signed on the fly. Other than that, the update also brings several other useful features, such as the option to supplement PDF files with sticky notes, link URLs and/or any part of a document to another PDF file for easier navigation, improved annotation, in-app search, text highlighting, underlining and strikethrough options, and plenty more.Read More