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Disable iOS Reset & Erase Content Buttons With ResetAllKiller [Cydia]

If you have ever watched cartoons or read comics, then you are sure to have mused at one point or another why there is always a “self-destruct” button in all sophisticated machines. Seems like the phenomenon is not just limited to cartoons, but has managed to seep into real life as well. If you own an iPhone (or any other smartphone for that matter), then you must have noticed the “Reset All” button in the stock Settings app. Admittedly, there are occasions when this button really comes in handy, letting you wipe out everything in one go, but it is also true that many iOS users have lost their precious data and apps by unintentionally hitting the reset option. Now, it is possible to avoid that situation if your iDevice is jailbroken. ResetAllKiller is a Cydia tweak which disables the self-destruct button in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

iOS Reset Option ResetAllKiller Cydia ResetAllKiller iOS

The whole working of ResetAllKiller can be inferred from the screenshots above, but here is a short description. Before you install the tweak to your iDevice, go to the General menu in Settings and navigate to Reset, which is the last option in the list. The top two buttons in the Reset menu are Reset All Settings, and Erase All Content and Settings. These are the buttons which will be affected by ResetAllKiller. Now, go to the Cydia store, and in the BigBoss repo you will find the tweak. After you have installed it to your iPhone, there will be no visible change in the Settings app or the Springboard, as the tweak acts in complete silence. To ensure that ResetAllKiller is working fine go to the same Reset menu and you will notice that the two buttons mentioned earlier have greyed out.

If you really want to use the disabled buttons in the future, you will have to uninstall ResetAllKiller from the Cydia store. The whole thing isn’t much of an inconvenience, specially given the fact that the tweak is available for free, and won’t clutter any area of your device. In addition to that, the tweak is a must-have for almost all jailbreak users, because if you reset a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, it goes into boot loop, and makes your device unusable until you go through a lot of trouble in order to fix it. We hope that similar tweak will be released for other Settings options in the future as well.

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