How To Bring Back Windows Phone Marketplace In Zune [Hack]

A few days back, Microsoft announced two major changes regarding WP7 - app support for pre-Mango versions of Windows Phone 7 was finally dropped (which shouldn’t be much of an issue, given the fact that no existing WP7 device is incompatible with Mango), and rather surprisingly, the guys over in Redmond killed the Windows Phone Marketplace in Zune. This may be to counter cracking of apps, or maybe the Zune Marketplace was just thought to be extraneous after the web Marketplace became active. Whatever the reason behind this move may be, apparently, it isn’t too difficult to get the Zune Marketplace back. Anyone can do this, even those who don’t have a developer unlocked device. In fact, to follow the method to hack the WP7 Marketplace back to Zune, you won’t even need to touch your phone, as everything will be done on PC. Read More

IDswitch: Use Multiple IDs For WP7 Marketplace Downloads [Homebrew]

Unlike iOS, the Windows Phone Marketplace does not have any option to let users switch between Live IDs for particular downloads. The ID you use for setting up your Mango phone remains your primary account, and all Marketplace downloads take place directly through it. The only way to change your primary Live ID is by wiping your phone completely (via a factory reset). This is definitely an extreme measure, but luckily, now you can avoid it (that is, if you have an interop unlocked device). Over at the XDA forum, a new homebrew has been released by the name of IDswitch, which allows users to switch between as many Live IDs as they want! Got an unlocked Windows Phone? Read on to know more. Read More

SplashCam For iPhone: Create Selective Color Photos In A Few Taps

There are some iOS apps that strive to do too much all at once, and this leaves them in a rather complicated mess. You are sure to find many photo editors for iPhone that come with a plethora of options, but an average user is likely to give up on the app after trying to apply the “customizable” filters to photos. Simplicity is the key ingredient behind the success of many apps (like Instagram). SplashCam is an iOS app that takes takes simplicity to a whole new level, as it is focused on just one genre of camera filters. Using the app, you can select any color, and the app will suppress all other colors in the photo, giving it a really artistic feel overall. Not only that, SplashCam applies this color filter in real-time, and this means you can see the effect applied to the scene in front of you even before the image is shot. Read More

Remote4Play: Remotely Control Google Music Playback From Android & iPhone

Remote4Play is a fairly lightweight yet effective Android and iOS app that connects you to your Google Play Music account via its Chrome Extension, so that you can remotely control music playback from your mobile device. Both the extension, as well as the mobile clients of Remote4Play, require minimal configuration. A remote connection is established between your web browser and mobile device as soon as you scan the QR code displayed by the extension. Once connected to your Google Play Music account, the mobile app presents you with its own Play Music interface, using which you can view the currently played track, along with album art. Using various controls on the player, you can control music playback and enable/disable the shuffle and repeat options. All the changes made through the mobile client are instantly implemented and replicated on the web interface. Read More

Folder Downloader For Android Lets You Download Entire Dropbox Folders At Once

Popular cloud storage service, Dropbox, has been consistently improving on its service, the web interface, as well as the official desktop and mobile clients. However, one feature that is currently missing in the official mobile client of Dropbox, is the option to download entire folders at once. There are a few third-party apps that let you establish a partial or complete two-way sync between your Anroid device's storage and Dropbox cloud (like Dropsync & Dropspace), but these won't be all that appealing to users who only find the need to download data in bulk from Dropbox. Folder Downloader for Android is a simple but handy solution for such users. This extremely lightweight tool works perfectly in combination with the official Android client of Dropbox, allowing you to download an entire Dropbox folder, along with all its subdirectories and underlying files to a directory on your Android device's local storage. The app supports running in the background, and keeps you informed of download progress within the notification area. Read More

iAngle Meter: Measure The Angle Or Slope Of Any Surface With Your iPhone

Being able to use your iPhone in real life situations is what makes it a "smart" phone in every sense of the word. You can use it as a camera; you can use it as a means to organize yourself, and it is even possible to use it as a replacement for many measurement tools. There are a lot of iOS apps that let you perform measurements using the sensors in iDevices. iAngle Meter is one such app, and it has two main purposes. Users can measure angles with the app, both from within images and by comparing the device’s orientation against an object. The second function of the app is to see if a surface is completely level or not. iAngle Meter has options to check the level of both single and dual axes. Read More

Quicky For iPhone Makes Creating & Sharing Shopping Lists A Snap

Shopping for household items is never easy, and no matter how hard you try, there is always that one elusive item that you are almost certain to forget. To avoid second trips to the market, it is better if you use a shopping list. Most people would prefer an electronic medium to our old friend, the paper, so why not employ your iPhone, and the impressive array of apps it has to offer? Quicky for iPhone can help you in this regard. Using this handy app, you can create shopping lists without having to type even a single word. The app makes use of predefined shopping item icons, so you just have to tap an item to add it to your list. Once you have done that, you can share the shopping list with a friend via SMS or email as well. More details after the break. Read More

Hands-On With Cubby For Web, Windows, Android & iOS [Review]

Cloud storage services provide a convenient way to back up important data from not just computers, but also smartphones and tablets. First came Box, then Microsoft’s Skydrive, then Dropbox and now, after the recent release of Google Drive, it looks like everyone is jumping onto the cloud computing bandwagon. Developed by LogMeIn, Cubby is yet another new cloud service, with support for multiple platforms, allowing you to sync data across your computers, tablets and smartphones. It provides real-time collaboration, through which you can share files with your friends, family and colleagues, and work collectively on special tasks. The service brings a somewhat unique concept of folders sharing, wherein you drag a folder over the desktop client and it is converted into a 'cubby', which is essentially a folder that is accessible from all configured computers and devices, and can be shared with other users as well. Read More

Search iOS Native Dictionary From Spotlight Using SpotDict [Cydia]

For some, Spotlight search, is one of the most useful and frequently used features in iOS. It lets you search almost every facet of your iPhone, providing real-time results; almost every facet. There are many tweaks in the Cydia store that focus on making additions to Spotlight search or changing its functionality altogether. While SpotDict does not do something as drastic as the latter, it does make an extremely hand addition to the things you can search from the Spotlight area. It allows you to search the iOS native dictionary from within the Spotlight area. It adds a button beside the search field that, when tapped, looks through the native dictionary for whatever text has been entered in the field. What makes this tweak handy is the fact that Spotlight is among the most easily accessible areas of iOS, and the native dictionary can only be accessed by selecting text from within apps. Read More

PowerSketch For iPhone: Convert Photos Into Sketches, Apply Filters & Create Collages

There are two types of photo editors available for iOS devices; those that focus on convenience of use, and those that go for comprehensiveness. It is up to the users to decide if they want more, customizable filters, or an easy way of applying those filters to their photos. However, there are a few apps that provide a perfect combination of efficiency and thoroughness. PowerSketch is one such photo editor. Despite the app’s name, which implies that it does nothing more than converting photos into sketches, there are some really good filters and effects available in the app. Not just that, you can also use the app to create collages out of existing photos, as well as the ones shot using it. Read More

Official Cloudfogger Android App Released For On-The-Go Access To Encrypted Cloud Data

Cloud data encryption tools, such as BoxCryptor and Cloudfogger help you secure your computer, mobile and cloud content by providing with you an additional layer of security. By encrypting data through such tools, users are assured that their precious local and cloud content remains safe from any sort of unauthorized access, whatsoever. The aforementioned application, Cloudfogger for Windows, was reviewed in March 2012. At the time of review, the application supported integration with cloud storage giants, such as Dropbox, Box and SkyDrive etc., and provided you with a separate virtual drive on your PC in which you can simply drag and drop your cloud/computer data to get it automatically encrypted and shared with the associated cloud storage account. Now here’s some good news for all you Google Drive account owners and Android users. Cloudfogger has expanded its pool of supported cloud services by including the recently launched Google Drive to the club. In addition, the service has also launched a beta of its official Android client that lets you easily decrypt your Cloudfogger-encrypted data right on your mobile device. Read More

Characount Displays Character Count In The iOS Notes App [Cydia]

An idea doesn’t have to be overly complicated in order to be brilliant and useful for the masses. This principle holds true for app development as well, and a clear testament to that is the Cydia store. Most of the tweaks available in the jailbreak store are single-purpose, and users still love them. Characount is the latest of such tweaks, and the functionality it offers is so simple, that you have to wonder why no one thought of it before. If you have ever used the stock Notes app in iPhone or iPad, chances are that the lack of any method of keeping track of character count might have annoyed you. A good word editor is never complete unless it can count characters and words, preferably in real-time. While Characount does not let you see the word count of your notes, it does the next best thing - it counts the characters your note is comprised of. There are many word editors with similar functionality, but having a counter in the stock Notes app is really cool. Read More

Download & Install ICS Based MIUI ROM For HTC One X

The HTC One X, get’s MIUI! The best, deserves the best and with the splendid screen size the One X comes with, MIUI – an already aesthetically perfect ROM – is bound to make some noise. For those of you wondering if this is the real deal, well no. The ROM is a Beta version that was put up on XDA-Developers earlier on but was taken down. This, is that exact beta. Of course a few things in it have been changed, thanks to the efforts of Leventc over at MIUI Android. Installation isn’t exactly the typical procedure you come across for flashing custom ROMs, but it’s not the hardest either. Read on for more on the ROM, and how to install it on your One X. Read More

MIUI 4 Launcher Now Available For All Android ICS Devices

To those Android ICS users who’ve been missing the MIUI look and functionality, but don't want to flash the whole ROM and stray to far away from stock ICS, here’s some good news. XDA member, ZACQ8, has managed to successfully port the fully-functional MIUI v4 launcher and lockscreen to any Android device rocking Ice Cream Sandwich. Apart from the usual MIUI goodness, which includes an iOS Springboard-inspired homescreen (with multiple transition effects), the conventional homescreen widgets, countless downloadable themes, ringtones and lockscreens, the port also includes a customizable app drawer that can be set to house user-specified apps and is launched by swiping in and down from either edge of the status bar. The best part about the entire deal is that you won’t have to flash any ZIP files or go through extensive configurations to get your hands on the ported launcher, since side-loading a couple of APKs will suffice. Read More

AlwaysArrange: Reorder iOS Icons Without Entering Jiggle Mode [Cydia]

iOS users must know that to rearrange the icons on their iPhone or iPad’s Springboard, they have to first enter jiggle mode by long-pressing any of the icons. This jiggle mode is active when all the Springboard and dock icons start vibrating, and the red uninstall cross appears over all third-party apps. The combination of the delete button and rearrangement of icons can prove to be a bit dangerous for some users, as you might end up removing an app when you were simply trying to move it. Won’t it be nice if it was somehow possible to move Springboard icons without having to enter jiggle mode? Well, as always, the Cydia store has the perfect solution to this problem. Meet AlwaysArrange, a new Cydia tweak that allows its users to reorganize their Springboard without having to enter wiggle mode. This means that the icons are always ready to be moved to any place you want. This does not mean that you will lose all control over your iPhone's Springboard, it is just that the tweak gives its users the option to select a custom time period that will be considered a long-press. Read More

ICS Based CM9 ROM Out For The HTC One X

The HTC One X gets CyanogenMod 9 ROM! One of the best Android phones out there right now, the device just got one of the best ROMs a Android phone could ask for. The Quad Core powered One X, is ready to take on the AOSP world of ICS ROMs thanks to the efforts of the TripNDroid Mobile Engineering Team over at Modaco. As in the case of almost every other CM9 ROM available for various Android handsets out there, this release for the One X is an experimental build as well. However, the ROM is pretty much good to go as a daily driver given the stuff that is already working fine. For further details about what’s working and what is not, and for instructions on how to install this ROM on your One X, read on after the break! Read More

PhotoCircle Allows Real-Time Photo Sharing Within Private Groups [Android]

PhotoCircle is an innovative, cross-platform, real-time photo-sharing app for Android and iOS-powered devices. Initially available only in the iTunes App Store, the app has just made its way onto the Android platform. The purpose of PhotoCircle is simple yet fascinating; it lets you create a circle (virtual network) in which you can add as many friends (other PhotoCircle users) as you like, with whom you wish to privately share your photos in real-time (over WiFi/3G/4G). In the same manner, you may join an existing circle to view all photos therein and share your own. The best thing about PhotoCircle is that there is no restriction on the number of different circles that can be created, or the number of friends that can be added to an individual circle. Content sharing across the devices of all the participants is ultra-quick, and you don’t even need to manually refresh the photo albums to look for updated content, as it all happens automatically and instantaneously. Privacy is a non issue, since each circle is accessible by authorized members only. Read More

SBUtility: All-in-one Cydia Tweak For Customizing iOS Home Screen, Icons, Folders & Lock Screen

In the past, we have covered a lot of Cydia tweaks (and apps) that allow users to make a number of cosmetic changes to their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. When it comes to tweaks, most of them focus on altering one or two aspects of iOS at a time. You will be hard-pressed to find a Cydia tweak that can be used for the customization of various iOS aspects, unless you are talking about something like WinterBoard. That’s what makes SBUtility stand out among the rest of the Cydia crowd. This tweak allows its users to change almost everything regarding the looks of their iOS device, all in one place. The tweak offers options to customize app icons, folders, Springboard, dock and lockscreen. We are not talking about one option for each of these categories, either; SBUtility offers detailed customization possibilities for all these areas of iOS. Head past the break to know more about this awesome tweak. Read More

Interview Questions Pro For iPhone Helps You Prepare For Job Interviews

People who have a job always like telling students how tough it currently is to find employment, quoting climbing unemployment rates and various other reasons. To an extent, all that might be true, but as the saying goes, there is always room at the top. If you are good enough, you get to choose the organization you want to work for, and not the other way around. Gone are the days when everything depended on having diplomas and degrees; these days, all that really matters is your actual knowledge, ability, and other qualities of character. This endows great importance to a job interview in the whole hiring cycle. You never know what an interviewer might ask you, as this depends largely on the type of position you are being interviewed for, and the person’s own temperament. Fortunately, a few things are almost universal about job interviews, and that’s why you can prepare for your interview beforehand. Now, the question arises of how to achieve that? Well, for iOS users, there’s an app for that. Interview Questions Pro for iPhone & iPad has a lot of flashcards that will let you stay prepared, no matter what questions are thrown at you in an interview. Read More

Screenshot Journal Helps You Manage Your iPhone & iPad Screenshots

Until recently, iOS was the only smartphone platform that came with built-in screenshot capabilities (now, of course, the feature is available in the newest version of Android, ICS, as well). Due to the availability of this feature in iOS, the stock Photos app tends to accumulate a lot of screenshots over time. Unfortunately, an iOS device cannot differentiate between an ordinary photo and a screenshot natively, and treats them just the same. This can prove to be a bit of a nuisance on a lot of occasions, and it can take hours of your precious time if you go about separating screenshots and photos manually. This is where Screenshot Journal comes to the rescue. This paid iOS app automatically imports all the screenshots found in your iPhone or iPad and allows you to sort them out from within its interface. This little tool can be particularly handy for UI designers, who have countless interface mockups and screenshots cluttering their camera rolls. Read More