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Set Any Custom SMS Ringtone On WP7 Using MyRingtone2SMS [Homebrew]

WP7 Mango brought some much-needed changes to Windows Phone 7, and also paved the way for many third-party custom ringtone apps in the Marketplace (a feature hitherto inaccessible for WP7 users having non-jailbroken devices). One small thing that most people failed to mention was the fact that the term “custom ringtones” didn’t seem to apply to SMS and notification sounds. There has never been any possible way of customizing the notification and SMS tones on a Mango phone, even if you had full unlocked access. Fortunately, things have finally changed for the better and you can now choose any sound as your custom SMS ringtone if you have an interop unlocked device! Sounds exciting? Head past the break to find out more about MyRingtone2SMS – the Homebrew that has made this feat possible!

MyRingtone2SMS WP7 MyRingtone2SMS List WP7 Custom SMS Tone

To use the app, you will need to have a few custom ringtones downloaded to your device beforehand. This can be done via a number of third-party apps available in the Marketplace (Free Ringtones is what we have found to be the best, and you can read its review here). After you have installed the ringtones of your choice, flash the MyRingtone2SMS XAP file to your device. Launch the newly installed app, and you will see that all the custom ringtones are listed in it. If an empty page shows up, you either have no custom ringtone in your Windows Phone, or your device isn’t interop unlocked. However, if you do see the list, just choose the tones you want to use for SMS or other notification sounds. A simple tap on the ringtone’s name will make a checkmark appear next to it. Once you have selected all the desired tones in this fashion, exit the app. Now, go to the Settings menu of your phone and in the ringtones + sounds section, you will see that the chosen custom ringtones are now visible in all the menus rather than just the Ringtone one.

The lack of custom SMS ringtones in WP7 is something that has annoyed me for quite a while, and I am sure a lot of people are going to love MyRingtone2SMS. Using the app is easy, and like most Homebrew apps, MyRingtone2SMS is available for free, so there is no reason for not giving MyRingtone2SMS a try.You can head to the source link for further details regarding the app and the latest version of the XAP file download.

[via XDA Forum Thread]


  1. hi can you send me the link this is my id erlani.paul@gmail.com, i need this myringtone2sms please. thanks

    • Just go to the link provided at the end of the post. You will find the XAP file in the download section of the linked page.

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