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Free Ringtones: Load Up Your Windows Phone 7 With Custom Ring Sounds

A lot of developers have been quick to make use of the custom ringtones capability recently bestowed upon Windows Phone 7 users by the Mango update. But, unfortunately, almost all of those apps have either been paid or limited (with respect to the number of downloadable ringtones). So the Marketplace needed a free and comprehensive portal for ringtones. Free Ringtones isn’t quite comprehensive but it is absolutely free and allows you to download as many ringtones to your WP7 device as you want!

Free Ringtones For WP7Free Ringtones For WP7 Search ResultsFree Ringtones For WP7 Downloaded

Using the app is pretty simple. When you open it, the homepage displays all the featured and most downloaded ringtones available in Free Ringtones. You can either search for a particular ringtone, or browse the categories present in the app. The categories range from cartoons to comedy to movie themes and much more. Once you have found the tone you were looking for, you can preview it before downloading by tapping the headphones icon in front of it. If you like what you hear, just hit the download button and the ringtone will be downloaded to the app.

But this will just add it to the app’s offline collection, so don’t try going straight to the Settings menu in your phone to try and find the ringtone, it won’t be there (we tried). To save the downloaded ringtone to your phone you need to go to the downloads section of Free Ringtones and from there, tap the save button next to each tone. When you do that, there will also be an option to set that sound as your current ringtone.

Free Ringtones, as mentioned above and obvious from the name, is a free download (although ad-supported) and all the ringtones inside are free too. The app is almost perfect for you if you want to add lots of ringtones to your WP7, but not quite perfect! Due to the limitations imposed by Microsoft, the Free Ringtones app cannot be used to apply new tones to the SMS menu. For now, there is no way of having a custom ringtone for texts on WP7, and you will be stuck with the ones that come in the stock Settings app. But still, for an app with such an impressive collection of tones, Free Ringtones does merit a download. You can search for it in the Marketplace, or grab the app from the web Marketplace via the link below.

Download Free Ringtones for Windows Phone


  1. EXELENT APP, but only one question, is there any way to add a ringtone I have createed to their database for future downloads, if there is i cant figure it ou

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