iPhone & iPad Photography App ‘Fotopedia National Parks’ Free For Earth Day

Fotopedia is a trusted and extensive source of photos shot (mostly in natural settings) by professional photographers. A few months ago, we reviewed Wild Friends, a Fotopedia iOS app that aggregates photos of wildlife taken by the pros. Now, with Earth Day just around the corner, Fotopedia has updated 9 of its apps for the retina display of the new iPad, including Fotopedia National Parks, which is available for free until Earth Day. If you haven’t already used the app, you are in for a (free) treat. The app contains masterpieces shot by famous photographer QT Luongin in 59 national parks all over the United States. These aren't just pleasing to the eyes, they serve as excellent wallpapers as well. Not only that, you can use the app to get information relevant to any national park in the country, and read interesting stories about them. Read More

Flash ClockworkMod Touch Or Stock Recovery With One Click On Optimus 3D

Custom recovery for a rooted Android device should not be an option, but at times, the procedure involved puts off most users who try and do without a recovery installed. The Optimus 3D is not exactly a new phone on the market, but certainly one of the most popular Android devices out there. For that said device, recovery installation never really came easy, or if it did, you never got the option of 3 recoveries in one package. Yup, thanks to the efforts of XDA-Developers forum member Paki0402 the device gets a recovery toolkit containing the option to flash ClockworkMod recovery, ClockworkdMod Touch recovery and if things get really out of control, the stock LG recovery. Read on for more on how you can use this app for your Optimus 3D. Read More

RandomRingtone Automatically Changes Default Ringtone After Every 30 Minutes [WP7 Homebrew]

I am one of those people who just loathe monotony, and a small testament to that is my habit of changing my WP7’s wallpaper every day. Since I have used an Omnia 7 for a long time, and that too with a custom ROM on it, I was pleased when Dynamic Background was released (you can read that Homebrew’s complete review here). Now, if you are interested in getting an app that does something similar for ringtones, one clever developer over at the XDA forum has got the perfect solution for you. RandomRingtone is a Homebrew that automatically changes your device's default ringtone after every 30 minutes. The app works on WP7 devices having root access, and should prove to be really handy if you have custom ringtones stored in your unlocked device. Read More

my facecard: Create Self-Updating Business Cards & Bump Your iPhone With Another To Share

Facebook has become much more than a mere social network, as there are many other services that make use of Facebook to bring ease and efficiency to our daily lives. my facecard is one such iOS app, based on the social networking giant, that allows its users to create and share their personal visiting card with complete ease. Much like the recently covered Bump, the cards created via my facecard can be transferred to other app users by bumping your device against theirs. my facecard is focused on making your card look as good as possible, and for that reason, it incorporates a healthy number of photo effects and filters, and lets its users create double-sided cards with different photos on each side. The biggest advantage of having a facecard is that your contacts will always have your up-to-date information automatically. Read More

Moborobo: The Most Comprehensive Android & iOS Management Tool Yet [Review]

When it comes to official desktop management tools for smartphone platforms, iOS and Windows Phone 7 appear to have a clear edge over Android – they have official applications for that purpose. Irrespective of the fact that both these platforms have a rather crippling dependency on iTunes and Zune, respectively, you get a utility where you can manage pretty much all the aspects of your smartphone with ease, all from a unified interface. This, however, doesn’t imply that Android is lacking, as Google’s brainchild has several great and capable third-party smartphone management tools that efficiently let you manage almost all aspects of your device, across almost all major desktop platforms. We have even reviewed some of those over time, like Android Manager WiFi, AirDroid and Droid Explorer, all of which come with their own unique feature offerings. That said, we still have to come across something as comprehensive as Moborobo, arguably the best all-in-one Android manager that packs quite a punch when it comes to diversity of features. Read More

Streamd.in Displays Tweets Being Posted From A Specified Location [Android, iOS]

Third-party Twitter clients are available in abundance across the app stores of all renowned mobile platforms, but not all support displaying the latest tweets from a specific location. In fact, this is a facility that, as of this writing, can neither be enjoyed via the official Twitter mobile client, nor the Twitter website itself. So, how does one learn about all the tweets flying around from, say, your neighborhood, from a particular street in Melbourne, or from any location of one’s interest for that matter? Through Streamd.in, that's how. The app utilizes Google Maps to display tweets posted from any user-specified location on map. Not only does the app let you manually search for required locations (with real-time search suggestion support), but also allows you to filter the content being displayed. In this regard, you have the choice of searching for tweets that contain specific keywords, or list only those tweets contain images. There more that this awesome little app has on offer. Read More

SomNote For Android & iPhone Is A Simple, Elegant Note-Taking App With Cloud Sync

Tired of trying and testing all sorts of inconvenient, unstable and overly cluttered note-taking tools? Try SomNote – an extremely user-friendly note-taking web app that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also supports a suite of features that make your task of notes management a breeze. You can create multiple notes, supplemented with important multimedia/document attachments, under various custom folders. For each account, the service offers a maximum of 100MB of free cloud storage space, which is more than enough to handle your vital attachments till you manage to safely transfer them to your computer. SomNote supports saving your notes automatically at frequent intervals, and lets you resort to a previously saved state of choice in case you mess up a note big time. If you’re a smartphone user, you can avail all these features on the go with the newly released Android and iOS SomNote clients. Read More

Anfish: Get Detailed Info & Worldwide Statistics For Your Android Device

Often, after you upgrade your Android device to its latest firmware or flash a custom ROM to it, you feel like testing pitting it against other similar devices or the same device with different firmware. How would you tell what proportion of overall Android users from all across the globe are already rocking the same firmware on their devices, or what particular version of the OS is currently running hot on a specific device? How do you tell which Android devices sport 8 Megapixel cameras, or a multiple-core processors? What is the crowd-favorite Android device in a country? No need to take out your device’s user manual, or resort to Google or Wikipedia, because Anfish can answer those questions for you. Sporting an ICS-like (Holo) interface, Anfish is a free Android app that provides you with comprehensive technical information pertaining to your own Android device, and its very own, up-to-date statistical and graphical comparisons of various aspects of Android devices being used all across the globe. Read More

Official Android Client Of P2P Media Streaming Service SopCast Now Available

SopCast is an online P2P audio and video streaming service that is renowned for hosting thousands of high quality TV and radio channels broadcasted by users from all across the globe. The service has had its official iOS client available in the iTunes App Store for quite some time whereas the Android variant has just recently been released. Using the mobile client of the service, you can gain free and instant access to various television channels that are being broadcasted over the SopCast servers from anywhere in the world. Besides online media streaming, you can also use the app to play local media content (supports almost every file type), and stream content from preferred URLs. Since the app is currently in beta, it is currently missing a few options that we get with the desktop client. For instance, there is no option to open SopCast URLs, manually add favorite TV channels, or edit the server list. However, the amount of options currently available should satisfy the TV streaming needs of most users. Most of the content is played in full-screen, buffering is fairly smooth, and you have the option to set the video’s aspect ratio. Read More

InFrame Cut: Create Collages, Edit Individual Photos & Apply Filters [iOS]

We have covered many iOS apps that let users create collages out of their photos, but the genre is so popular among users that more and more good apps keep popping up in the App Store. This is what has compelled us to review InFrame Cut today (coupled with the fact that it recently went free for a limited time). The app’s best feature is its ease of use, and that it comes with an impressive array of photo effects which can be applied to each photo in the collage individually. There are some more nice features in the app as well, and you can find out everything about them by reading on. Read More

AnonySend: Prank Your Friends With Emails From Any Fake ID [Cydia]

A prank is only funny as long as the person getting pranked can laugh with you after a while. Like most things, the art of pranking has moved into the digital age as well. Instead of hiding behind doors, now there are fake emails and the like. You might be able to find many apps which can let you prank your friends via email, but the new Cydia app named AnonySend just might be the best of them all. Using AnonySend, people can email anyone using a faked name, complete with an assumed sender ID. This might sound like a dangerous thing, but the app is intended to be used just for fun, and the receiver can see through the prank upon closer inspection. Read on to know more about AnonySend. Read More

Trapster Brings Its Crowd-Sourced Navigation Assistance To WP7

Trapster is a well-known name when it comes to navigation apps for smartphones. Unfortunately, the app didn’t have a Windows Phone 7 client till now. Happily, that changes this morning, and the official Trapster app for WP7 is now in the Marketplace. If you don’t know what Trapster is, the service is designed to help drivers in finding out all about the roads they are travelling on. Many maps apps can plan routes for users, but Trapster uses feedback from users to generate a more practical and realistic map, which highlights all the obstacles you might come across when driving through any area. Like all good navigation apps, Trapster supports audio instructions, and will alert you vocally whenever you are near an trap or obstacle. Read on for details. Read More

Whoovie: Post & Read Movie Reviews From Your Facebook Friends [iPhone]

We are all movie critics to some extent, and most of us have got an opinion about every movie we watch. You might share your views about a particular title with your friends while hanging out, or even over Facebook, as social media is used pretty extensively to share ideas and thoughts about movies. Whoovie is an iOS app that lets you do that in a more streamlined manner. Using this beautiful app, it is possible to write short reviews of any movie, and then publish your review to the app’s own network or to your Facebook and Twitter timelines. Not only that, Whoovie will let you know what your friends think about a movie, and apart from that, the app can be used to check the availability of a title at Netflix or Amazon. Read More

Message Transformer: Convert Text To Mirrored, Pig Latin Or Hackerized Form [iOS]

If you use an iPhone, or any other iOS device for that matter, you are probably familiar with text editing apps other than the stock Notes one. People use their iDevices for a lot of purposes, not the least of which is communicating with others via written text. Moreover, users like to employ their iPhones for keeping records of lots of things, as paper has gone out of fashion. All this makes text editing an important task in iOS. You can find many good text editors in the App Store, but the new Cydia app named Message Transformer is rather different from those. Message Transformer won’t let you create colorful words, or change the font and text styles; it is focused on a more practical area of text editing. All the text effects created by using this app can be pasted in SMS, or just about any other area of iOS supporting text. This app, exclusive to jailbroken devices, will let you create capitalized and mirrored text, text which has been transformed to Pig Latin or even Hackerized. Read More

AppGenius: Security & Preference-Aware App Discovery Tool That Covers All Major Android Stores

When it comes to exploring and downloading Android apps, we all know that the Google Play Store is a primary source for a majority of users. However, it is not the only means to get your hands on the best and latest Android apps. Amazon Appstore, GetJar, 1Mobile and Brothersoft are among renowned app stores that provide you instant and easy access to the best and trending Android apps. How does one sift through the entire repository of all aforementioned app stores while making sure that the content they want to download is free of any unwanted security risks? Enter AppGenius – a comprehensive Android app discovery solution developed by TrustGo Labs. With AppGenius, not only can you easily explore the best free and paid Android apps across various worldwide app stores, but also get personalized app recommendations. It lets you search for and download apps from desired sources (including the Google Play Store), and displays relevant security risks/permissions associated with each individual app so that you know what facets of your device and personal information a specific app can access. Read More

Let’s Create! Pottery: Design Beautiful 3D Ceramic Models [Android & iOS]

Want to fulfill your crave for pottery without spoiling your hands? Then it’s time to test your creative skills with Let’s Create! Pottery – a comprehensive Android and iOS app that provides you with a virtual pottery stool, supplemented by a virtual kiln, multiple color shades and paint brushes/patterns that you can use to design elegant 3D ceramic models of your liking. You can either try your hand at creating freehand pottery designs to kill some spare time, or accept the app’s various challenges that are based around creating and embellishing the pot designs that match photos provided by the app itself. Products/designs made via the app can then be sold to earn virtual cash that you can use to unlock additional brush patterns, clay material, and color shades. That’s not all; you can also snap images of your favorite models to fill the app’s native image gallery with photos of your masterpieces. Read More

Verde For iPad Suggests Cuts In Electrical Usage To Save You Money

It might sound a bit too fantastical, but an app really can help make the world a better place. Environmentalists make extensive use of social media, and there are apps in the iOS App Store that go a step further, and aim to affect the environment in a more direct manner. The Earth’s atmosphere has never been as affected by its own residents as it is now. Human beings need to change, and fast. Every little effort we make counts for much. Why, merely turning off a single light bulb could very well save a tree's life. Verde is an iPad app that helps its users appreciate the impact they are having on their environment by tracking their usage of energy resources of the planet. Not only that, the app presents you with tips that can be used to make your lifestyle more environment-friendly. In short, Verde aims to help you save both the world, and your own money in the simplest ways possible. Read More

Kidfolio For iPhone: A Social Network For Parents & Scrapbook For Baby Photos

If you use Facebook, or any other social network for that matter, you must have noticed that people, in general, are fond of sharing and looking at photos of babies. Mostly, the people interested in such shares are themselves parents, so it seems like a reasonable idea to provide parents with a social network of their own, which is exactly the thing Kidfolio has done. This newly released iOS app acts both as a scrapbook for baby photos, and a social network where you can share said scrapbook with anyone you want. The app also provides its users with useful parenting tips, and a place where you can meet other parents to discuss your problems. An impressive Aviary-powered photo editor within the app provides all the essential editing and styling features that one may require. Read More

Photo Wall For iPhone: Collage Creator With Loads Of Backgrounds & Graffiti

Photo Wall is a simple app that specializes in just one thing, and that is creating collages out of your photos. This might not sound too remarkable, as the App Store is full to the brim with photo editors, many of which have built-in collage creators. The uniqueness of Photo Wall lies in the fact that it has a vast collection of collage backgrounds and graffiti, where the latter includes stickers, clip arts and stylized text fonts. The app has a few handy editing options as well that let users thoroughly tweak their images manually. More about these, and other features of the app, after the break. Read More

Bing Translator Now Allows Offline Translation Via Text, Speech & Camera [WP7]

The quality of translation apps in the Window Phone 7 Marketplace is pretty good in general. In addition to a host of third-party apps from the genre, there is one developed by Microsoft itself. We are talking about the Bing Translator app, of course. This Mango app has been around for about as long as WP7 itself, but now Translator just became a whole lot better, to compete with apps like previously reviewed Babylon. Translator now has the ability to work offline for some languages, and lets you provide input in the form of text, through speech or by scanning an image of text using the camera using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Imagine the usefulness of that feature, as now you can take your WP7 along on trips as your personal translator without having to worry about internet connectivity. After the break - an overview of the app's new and old features. Read More