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iPhone & iPad Photography App ‘Fotopedia National Parks’ Free For Earth Day

Fotopedia is a trusted and extensive source of photos shot (mostly in natural settings) by professional photographers. A few months ago, we reviewed Wild Friends, a Fotopedia iOS app that aggregates photos of wildlife taken by the pros. Now, with Earth Day just around the corner, Fotopedia has updated 9 of its apps for the retina display of the new iPad, including Fotopedia National Parks, which is available for free until Earth Day. If you haven’t already used the app, you are in for a (free) treat. The app contains masterpieces shot by famous photographer QT Luongin in 59 national parks all over the United States. These aren’t just pleasing to the eyes, they serve as excellent wallpapers as well. Not only that, you can use the app to get information relevant to any national park in the country, and read interesting stories about them.

Fotopedia National ParksHome Fotopedia National Parks Maps Fotopedia National Parks Settings

You can link your Facebook account with Fotopedia National Parks, but even if you don’t, the app allows you to enjoy most of its features. There are three main sections of the app. If you are looking to browse through photos, hit the Start Here menu, and you will be able to view a slideshow of photos, complete with a detailed description for each image. Shaking your device will set the slideshow to shuffle (display photos at random). Alternatively, you may launch the app’s map view, which displays placemarkers for all the locations where the photos have been taken. The photos included in the app feature both animals and landscapes. Each photo you come across while using the app can be shared with others over social media or through email.

Fotopedia National Parks Stories Fotopedia National Parks Info

The Stories menu is the section of the app where you will be able to get information regarding the various national parks in the US. The descriptions of places provided in this section are also accompanied by photographs. If you are planning a trip to any of the locations described in the stories, or illustrated elsewhere, this feature of the app can definitely help you plan your trip down to its minor details. The tags cover almost every kind of photo that one would want to look for, from photos related to a park to those that depict a species from a particular park.

As mentioned earlier, Fotopedia National Parks is free for a limited time, so make sure you grab it before Earth day, as the app can be used for wallpaper collection, if nothing else.

Download Fotopedia National Parks

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