Choose The Light Or Dark Side To Get A Star Wars Theme For Google Apps

The new Star Wars movie is soon to be released and it's likely going to be one of the biggest movies of the year. The franchise has a huge following and the official promotions aside, people are showing their support and excitement for the movie in different ways. Google has launched dark and light Star Wars themes for its apps. Users can choose which side of the force they're on and the apps will reflect it accordingly with updated icons and UI colors, and backgrounds. There are a few limitations to it though; you can't use a company or school Google account to choose a side. You can only use a Gmail account. Read More

Print Only Select Cells In A Sheet By Defining A Print Area In Excel

An MS Excel spreadsheet can have a thousand rows and a thousand columns. The horizontal and vertical scroll bars, the cell address bar, not to mention the zoom control, make it easy to navigate a large sheet. The problem is, the more rows and columns you have in a sheet, the harder it is going to be for you to print it. It's almost impossible to manage printing a large Excel spreadsheet. The print preview doesn't offer too many tools to make it easy and it's often hard to tell which cells will appear on one page, and which will be carried over to the next. Couple this with a large number of rows and columns and you've got a mess on your hand. If you have a large Excel spreadsheet that you'd like to print only a small portion of, but without too much hassle, here's how you can tell the program to print only pre-defined cells. Read More

Reload Broken Images In Firefox Without Refreshing The Page

Internet Explorer gets slack for a lot of things; being too slow, being a security risk, not supporting CSS well, causing your system to slow down, causing WW 2, etc. I stopped using Internet Explorer years ago but I do remember one particular 'feature' that it had, that neither Chrome nor Firefox support. It was a feature that allowed  you to reload a broken image and it was beyond helpful. Consider yourself going through a large photo album on Imgur of a really great DIY project and finding out that a few images didn't load. The only thing you can do is refresh the page and wait for the images to download fresh. Image Context Menu is a Firefox add-on that adds a 'reload' option, among others, to the right-click context menu. With the add-on installed, you can individually reload broken images, or images that failed to download without reloading the whole page. Read More

Stop The ‘Sign In’ Tab From Opening Every Time You Launch Chrome

Chrome - sign-in
Syncing is a very popular, and exceptionally useful feature in Chrome that lets you sync your browsing history, bookmarks, autofill data, and even apps and extensions to any Chrome browser that you sign in to. The Sync feature is available on both desktops and mobile apps. All you need to sync your settings and information is a Google account. On the desktop Chrome insists, very forcefully, that you sign in and sync your information. For private systems, the sync feature is absolutely great but if you're ever using a computer that isn't exclusively used by you signing in might lead to your information being seen by someone else. You might want to avoid signing in under the circumstances. There's also a chance that you don't find the feature useful at all in which case Chrome persistently asking you to sign in every time you open the browser may be more than annoying. Here's how to get it to stop. Read More

Get Only Recent News & Articles In Google Search By Defining A Date Range

Google Search - date
Keeping up with news, whether it's a global event, a new device being released, the first trailer to a much anticipated movie, or just reading up on the latest bug plaguing your phone is pretty easy. You can Google just about anything though Google doesn't always rank news items or even tutorials by how recently they were published. When it comes to anything that isn't explicitly news related, Google will use other parameters when showing you relevant search results. This can be a problem when you need to find information that is recent and more relevant to your search. To confine the search results to be from a particular time period, you can use the search tools to define how recent they should be and even set a custom date range for them. Here's how. Read More

Get A Bar That Shows Active & Completed Downloads In Firefox

Download Bar
Firefox has gone through a lot of design changes in the past year. It's grown more and more minimal allowing for maximum space to be taken up by a web page. It did away with a lot of bars and buttons that were part of the interface a few years back giving users a much neater browser to work with. One of the major UI changes that Firefox made was to kill the downloads bar and replace it with a single Downloads button. The button, when clicked, reveals a pop-up menu that will show the progress of active downloads and recently completed downloads. Download Bar is a Firefox add-on that brings back the downloads bar. It not only shows you all completed downloads but also those in progress. The downloads are color coded so that completed and active ones are easier to distinguish. Read More

Free eBook: Introduction To Windows 10 Security

Microsoft had users on edge when reports of  it collecting data in Windows 10 surfaced. That initial impression has stuck around shadowing the many great new security features that the new operating system introduced. Security threats, whether you're talking about a personal computer or a network of systems in an office, are a huge concern. Those alarmed by the idea that Microsoft is spying on its users will be reluctant to upgrade to Windows 10 based on security concerns alone. If you're wondering whether or not Windows 10 is secure, or you work as a network administrator and need to convince the office to go for an upgrade, Introduction To Windows 10 Security is an ebook you should consider checking out. The book, normally priced at $24.95 is available for free to our readers. It not only compares the new security features available in Windows 10 to those in Windows 7 & 8, but also touches on how to mitigate risks of compromised accounts, improve account and app security, and manage your active directory in the cloud. Read More

The Complete Guide To How Torrents Work

µTorrent 3.1
Torrent is a word fast becoming synonymous with piracy. Any time you read about music or TV show piracy being on the rise, you read about several sites that host torrents with the words 'illegal' and lawsuit often being mentioned. So what are torrent files? What is this evil that lurks in corners of the internet but promises free TV shows and music? We're taking a brief look at what a torrent file is, how torrents work, common terms used when talking about torrents, and whether or not they are legal. Read More

Open A Time Limited Tab And Restrict Your Procrastination Browsing

Take a five-time
One more link, one more video, and one more image; that's how hours go by and nothing gets done. It's hard to not procrastinate and people go to great lengths to enforce barriers between them and their mode of procrastination. Employers will often block certain time wasting websites from being accessible in an attempt to boost productivity and that (sometimes) works. If however, you prefer to regulate yourself instead of being forced to be productive, there are a lot of tools out there that help you balance a quick break between work that needs to be done. Take a five is a little web app that lets you open a 'timed' tab. The tab lets you access any website you want but once the timer runs out, the tab will be closed without warning. Read More

Create A Profile Specfic Desktop Shortcut To Launch Chrome

Chrome's support for multiple profiles allows a single user to run different browsing sessions side-by-side. It's also great if you're sharing a computer but would like to keep your search history (among other things) from mixing with the someone else's. You can create as many profiles as you want with Chrome since there are no restrictions there. The browser goes so far as to allow a master account to create and control other accounts though the feature is limited. Despite being able to create multiple profiles in Chrome, if you launch the browser it will always open with the 'default' profile. Here's how you can create a desktop or Taskbar shortcut to always launch a specific profile. Read More

Copy/Paste Spreadsheet Data And Convert It To HTML Tables

HTML editors make it exceptionally easy to create a web page. The tools available ensure you never forget to close a tag, and that you don't accidentally apply an attribute where you don't mean to. The WYSIWYG editors make it all the easier to 'design' a web page. That said, even the best HTML editors can give you problems and that's where it helps to know how basic HTML works. One of the more complicated things you will do when writing HTML code is creating tables. Even with an HTML editor, you might find pasting data from a spreadsheet into an auto-generated table doesn't go smoothly. Meet TABELIZER, a simple utility that lets you copy and paste data from a spreadsheet (Excel, Google Sheets, Calc, etc) and converts it to HTML code. Read More

Crop, Resize, Optimize, And Add Text & Filters To A GIF

GIFs, the animated ones, have more appeal than you would think. They can be used instructionally; a quick little GIF showing you how to hide the icons on your desktop is so much easier to watch than a video. They also make for a great witty comeback when you can't get the words right yourself. That said, many of us have to settle with using the GIFs that are available online because making one requires going through a few tutorials to learn how. EzGif is a little web app that helps make it easier for the average, unskilled, GIF user to resize, crop, optimize, split, add texts, and even filters. It's simple to use and that's basically the hook. Read More

Sync Text Across Devices Over Your WiFi Network

Syncing clipboard content across devices is something we often need to do and there are plenty of apps out there for just this purpose. These apps aren't just satisfied with syncing clipboard content; they'll back it up, sync it, keep your history, do your laundry, and much more. That said, I've never found an app or service that I liked enough to keep using. Running an app in the background or using a clunky app to sync text between my phone has never seemed 'easy', possibly because of the hundred or so other features that these apps come with. Savr is a little web app that exclusively syncs text across any and all devices over your WiFi network. You need to install absolutely nothing. The app will work in your browser, both on your mobile and your computer. All you need to do is copy and paste the text. Read More

Search And Compare Up To Five Wearable Fitness Tracking Devices By Features

inKin's Wearables Comparison Tool
Fitness trackers have established themselves as exceptionally useful devices. Even with smart watches gaining in popularity, fitness trackers are still popular with new devices and new manufacturers entering the market. With each new device that enters the market, there are technological improvements made and new features introduced. InKin is a social fitness platform that has an incredibly amazing web app that lets you search for fitness trackers by features. The tool allows you to refine your search down to which mobile OS the device should work with, what health parameters it should track, and what price range it should lie in. The tool also lets you select and compare up to five different devices, making it easier to pick the right device. Read More

Search For And Download Any Font With Just Its Name

Get the Font
Typography is an important part of design and font choice is one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to a design project. Regardless if you're image is meant to be printed as a poster, or used on a website, the font used will impact how an image is received. Fonts can make and break an image and it makes sense to invest some solid time looking for the perfect one. That said, sometimes you just find the perfect font used on a web page. You can easily look up what font is used using the web inspector but finding the font, more specifically, finding where you can download it, can be a problem. Get the Font is a simple web app that lets you search for a font and download it in your selected format. Read More

New Features In Firefox 42 For Desktop And Android

Firefox 42 is out for both desktop and Android. There is a long list of amazing features aimed at a better user experience as well as security improvements. Desktop users will now be able to view which tabs are playing sound and mute them from a UI indicator on the tab. It's easier to insert saved login credentials on a web page via the right-click context menu, and to view passwords from it. There is a new control center for security information regarding websites, and a tracking protection feature now available for private browsing sessions. Android users can now look up and edit passwords from the about:login page, speak search queries directly, and also turn on tracking protection for private browsing. Read More

Find A Horror Movie To Match Your Mood

KillerFlix 2
Yesterday we reviewed a little service called ReelScary that let you look up how scary a movie was before you sat down to watch it. The rating provided by the site is unrelated to its IMDb rating and is based on how gory, disturbing, and full of suspense it is. KillerFlix is a somewhat similar web app that finds  movies (good or bad) based on the kind of movie you want to watch. KillFlix deals exclusively with sub-genres of horror; thriller, gory, violent, and my personal favorite slasher, among others. It features movie ratings and movie synopsis from Bloody Good Horror. Read More

How To Create A Basic Two Option Poll On Twitter

twitter poll
Twitter has introduced a new polling feature that lets users ask followers a question and choose from one of two answers. The poll remains active for 24 hours and updates live for both the person who tweets it, and the users who are responding to it. A tweeted poll can be pinned to your profile much like any other tweet and users can respond to the poll from the web or from mobile apps. Media cannot be added to a tweet that is a poll question which means you will have to tweet out the question and cannot, for example, use an image and ask for an opinion on it. Read More

Check How Scary A Movie Is & Add Your Own Rating

Halloween is just a few days away and if you're too old to go trick or treating, watching a good scary movie is a great alternative. The thing with a good scary movie is that, like comedy, it needs to be done very well. Where comedies rely on the worst of cliches to come across as funny, too many horror movies use little more than jump scares to terrify the audience. A good scary movie, one that will truly disturb you and have you checking under your bed for monsters, is hard to find. Meet ReelScary; a community powered website that lets users rate movies on how scary they are. Read More