The Play Button Under GIF & Video Posts On Reddit Actually Plays Them

Reddit is possibly one of the best, most informative ways of wasting time. You learn a lot of things by browsing it daily even though you might not get much work done. There's a whole host of add-ons, extensions, skins, and mobile apps available to make your Redditing experience better but Reddit itself also aims to help you procrastinate more easily. You might have noticed that some Reddit posts have a play button under them. It's usually posts that are videos or GIFs. The button looks more like it's just indicating the type of content shared in the post but it's an actual button that does something. Clicking it will open the media right there on the page. Read More

Add A YouTube Channel Subscription To Feedly From The Awesome Bar [Firefox]

Feedly is now the go-to RSS feed manager after Google Reader was discontinued. It's one of the best RSS readers out there and the free version has enough features that you won't miss Google Reader. What makes RSS readers popular is that they can be used to follow just about any source of content that updates regularly. They're a single-stop solution for following multiple sources all in a uniform format. One of the many things you can add to an RSS reader is a YouTube channel and if you use Feedly, FeedlyTube  is a Firefox add-on that lets you add a YouTube channel subscription to Feedly from the Awesome bar. Read More

How To Turn Off Alerts For Group Messages On LinkedIn

LinkedIn's messaging system doesn't do the network justice. Given that the network is aimed at professionals, the messaging feature is just a disappointment. The group messages are the worst; you can be added to a massive group and there is no administrative level control on who can send a message to the entire group. People you aren't connected to will send messages to the group about just about anything and you will get an alert for it. While there is an option to 'delete' the conversation, you remain a part of the group and any new messages that are sent to this group reappear in your inbox.  The only way to stay sane and not be bothered by the spam is to turn off alerts for these group messages. Here's how. Read More

Check If Tap Water Is Safe To Drink In A Country

Is the water safe to drink
Travelling broadens the mind but it can also upset the stomach. Travelling means getting to experience other cultures and part of that is trying food that is foreign to you. You can keep yourself in good health by eating well and eating light but there is one more thing you should be weary of; water. We're talking about drinking water and tap water, and whether or not the two can be synonymous in the country you're visiting. For some countries, particularly third-world ones, it might be a given to not drink water that hasn't been treated but if you're ever wondering whether or not tap water in a particular place is safe or not, Is the water safe to drink is a web app that will tell you. Read More

How To Enable Or Disable The New Material Design Downloads Page In Chrome

Google is giving many of its products a material design makeover. Chrome for the desktop is about to receive one such update where the Downloads page has been revamped with a Material Design look. The new layout might become the default design when Chrome 49 makes it to the stable channel but if you'd like to get it early or would like to know how to disable it the second it becomes the default for the stable channel, we've got you covered. Read More

Trigger Actions Across Multiple Apps To Automate Your Workflow With Zapier

Productivity is not a one-app job. Over the course of a normal workday, we use different apps to get things done and often our tasks are redundant. The only way to deal with redundant work is to automate it and Zapier is an app that helps you connect productivity apps like Slack, Salesforce, Trello, and more. The app lets you define events that, when they occur in one app, will in turn trigger actions in one or more apps. What sets these event triggers and their actions apart is that it isn't limited to being a simple trigger and action between two apps, instead, one trigger can cause an action across multiple apps. Read More

Find Nutritional Information For Food Measured In Teaspoons, Cups, & Single Pieces

The quantity of a food item is important when you're trying to determine how many calories there are in what you're eating, or the ingredients you're using to cook. Looking up nutritional information is easy enough since there are so many websites with extensive databases on food and nutrition available. The only problem with the information is that it's always given for a set quantity and you have to then estimate, divide and multiply, to get an approximate nutritional value. Spelt is a web app that will give you detailed information for food measured in teaspoons, cups, or even single pieces. Read More

Permanently Hide The Facebook Page Posts That Your Friends Share

Facebook pages can be very informative and they can be very annoying too. You have to weed out the bad ones and a good Facebook page can quickly, and very easily, turn into a bad one. On a personal level, you can simply unfollow a page and you no longer have to look at the rage inducing or mind numbing content it shares but what do you do if your friends share it? You can unfollow a friend but then all their activity, the stuff you might want to keep up with, will stop appearing in your feed. The answer is to block the annoying pages they share content from and you'll never have to look at it again. Here's how. Read More

20 Popular Web Apps & Tips From 2015

A good web app can replace a desktop app and often, it's just better to have a go-to web app for something quick instead of installing a specialized one on your desktop. In 2015, one of the most popular web apps that debuted was the Imgur GIF maker but there were also the smaller, less famous ones that let you check if you needed to visit an optometrist, and help you find a new anime to watch based on the ones you like. Here's our list of the top twenty web apps and tips reviewed in 2015. Read More

How To Natively Loop Videos On YouTube To Play Repeatedly

If I ever have a song stuck in my head, my go-to solution for getting rid of it is to listen to it on repeat a million times. I normally use YouTube to listen to the song because I know it's going to be there and it's just super easy to find. What has been slightly less easy in the past is setting a video on YouTube to loop. It has an auto-play feature that will automatically start playing the next suggested video unless you disable it but up until yesterday, there was no option to loop the same video to play over and over. YouTube has just integrated the option in the right-click context menu that appears when you click inside the media player. Read More

Watch YouTube Videos With Friends In Perfect Playback Sync

Last year, a friend and I decided to watch a movie together. We decided we'd do this not by being physically present in the same room but by watching at our homes at the same time so we could make fun of it and cringe as needed since it was a bad movie. Surprisingly, we couldn't find a service that would let you sync movie playback and we didn't have much fun. The point is syncing video playback across two systems that aren't on the same network isn't easy, except in the case of YouTube videos because ShareTube exists. It's a little web app that lets you create a 'viewing' room and invite friends to it. You can search for and queue videos from YouTube to watch and it ensures that playback is synced for everyone in the room. Read More

How To Debug A Web Page Remotely With Chrome Dev Tools

DevTools Remote
Chrome's Dev tools support remote debugging but not how we would like them to. The 'remote' means on a device that you have right next to you and that you can connect to your development machine. It doesn't mean you can debug a Chrome tab that your friend who is currently sitting in a different coffee shop has open. So, what to do if the two of you are working on something together and you need to perhaps access, maybe even debug, the other's tab. DevTools Remote is a Chrome extension that lets you share a remote session for a selected tab with anyone via a link. The link opens inside the Chrome Dev Tools and gives the recipient control over the tab. They see your dev console and can make changes to it among other things. Read More

Add Password Protection To Any File From Your Browser

Apps like Microsoft's Office Suite have built-in password protection for files. Adobe's Acrobat app has one too in case you want to password protect a PDF file. There are few other apps out there that allow you to add a password to a file and the go-to solution for adding password protection to any file is to simply zip it, and add a password during the compression process. If you ever find yourself working on a system that doesn't have an app for zipping files, you can give ZipIt a try. It's a web browser based encryption app that lets you lock any file with a password. It works entirely in your browser with no installation of any kind required. Read More

Hide Your ‘Seen’ Status On Whatsapp For Web [Firefox]

Whatsapp introduced a web version of its popular messaging platform at the start of 2015. It's been a whole year since Whatsapp for web was introduced but in addition to the service remaining tied to your smartphone, the web version hasn't been updated with any notable features. All it does is allow you to send and receive messages, customize new message alerts, and mute a conversation. In stark contrast, the smartphone apps for Whatsapp offer more features one of which allows you to disable 'read' receipts. The web version isn't as lucky but ShutApp is a Firefox add-on that can help. Once enabled, it lets you read messages on Whatsapp for web but doesn't send a 'seen' report nor does it mark the message as read. Read More

Find Out Which Countries A Movie Or TV Show Is Available In Netflix

Netflix has just expanded its service to 190 countries and no doubt it's seeing an influx of new users. The availability of so many shows and movies, legal access to them, and that too in HD, is bound to reel us in but what might come as a shock to some is that not all titles available in the US have been made available to all the countries the service has expanded to. For some countries, the list is actually very limited and disappointing. Naturally, people will be resorting to using proxies and VPNs to get access to these shows. The only question is, which country is a particular show available in? Flixed is a web service that tells you exactly which countries a particular Netflix show or movie is available in. Read More

How To Browse Hidden Categories In Netflix [Chrome]

Netflix Super Browse
Netflix has more content than immediately meets the eye. If you open the 'Browse' drop-down you see a rather limited choice and some truly odd genres listed under it. For anyone new to Netflix, and given its recent expansion there's probably a lot of us, Netflix has what are called 'hidden categories'. These categories aren't directly accessible from the 'Browse' drop-down but they offer a genre classified look at Netflix's lineup. Netflix Super Browse is a Chrome extension and Firefox add-on that lets you access the hidden categories as easily as you can the default ones. Read More

Force Netflix To Stream In HD By Selecting A Higher Video Bitrate

The basic Netflix plan doesn't support HD streaming but the HD and Ultra HD plans, as their names signify do. Streaming in HD doesn't just require you're subscribed to the right plan but also that you have the bandwidth to receive an HD video stream. Assuming you have both the right plan and bandwidth to support it, you might still end up with a low resolution video. Netflix might start streaming in SD and then switch to HD but if it is stuck in SD despite the conditions for it to stream in better quality, here's how you can force it to steam in higher quality. Read More

How To Cast Google Hangouts Video Call To Your TV Using Chromecast

Skype has always been the go-to app for video calls. The free version alone is great for conference calls with support for sharing your desktop. The unfortunate thing at the moment is that Skype doesn't support Chromecast just yet so despite the device's availability, the only way you can share your Skype call to a TV or large monitor is through an HDMI cable connected to your laptop/PC. If you aren't too vested in Skype, a simpler solution exists in the form of Google Hangouts. Here's how to cast a Google Hangouts call, and share your desktop using Chromecast. Read More

Share Song Links And Give Users The Choice To Listen In YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, Or Deezer

songlink - search
We share songs with friends in lots of different ways. We can post them on social media and share them over the many messaging apps we use to keep in touch with friends and family. SongLink is a URL generating app that is built for just such a purpose. The app generates links to songs and when they're opened, the recipient is asked which of five supported apps, iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube, or Deezer, they want to open the song in. A recipient need only set the preference once and from that point forward, all song links that you generate from SongLink will open in that app for that particular user. Read More

Check If A Hotel Review Is Genuine Or Fake

Review Skeptic
The South Park episode 'Sponsored Content' touched on how it's nearly impossible to judge an ad from actual authentic content. It was exaggerated to some point but what isn't on South Park? What you can take away from the episode, if nothing else, is that people are getting smarter with advertisements. When you buy something online, whether it's a phone case, or a laptop, you look at the reviews a product has. When you rent a room at a hotel, it's the same and hotel reviews can be fake. Review Skeptic is a web app that judges if a hotel review is real or fake. It bases its judgment on factors identified in a research done at Cornell University. Read More