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How to Star an Email to Mark Important Emails

How to star an email is a common query among email users. Though we receive numerous emails every day, not all of them are important. By starring emails, you can categorize the crucial ones separately and access them quickly.

Read on to know how to star an email. In this blog, we’ll focus on top email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and Thunderbird.

How to Star an Email to Mark Important Emails

Why Should You Star an Email in Different Email Clients?

Every day, you receive a number of emails. The number only increases if you use one email for all professional and personal correspondence. Due to the piled-up emails, sometimes it becomes difficult to find the important emails.

You may also end up deleting any crucial email while deleting other unnecessary newsletters and marketing emails.

How to Star an Email in Gmail

If you’re a Gmail user, you can easily star mark an email and access all your starred emails directly from the left panel. There are two ways to star mark emails on Gmail.

Open any folder such as Inbox, Sent Items, or Drafts and beside the check box, you’ll find a star outline. Click on it, and it’ll become a yellow star, which means the corresponding email has become starred.

You can also star mark a Gmail email when the email is open. Look at the top right corner, and there is a star icon beside the date and time. Click on it to put a star in that email.

How to Star an Email in Yahoo

If you still use Yahoo Mail, you can enjoy the starred email feature easily. While reading an email on Yahoo, you can star mark it by clicking the icon beside the email location or email sent date and time.

Or when scrolling through your Inbox or other folders, click on the star icon on the left side of the email subject.

How to Star an Email in Thunderbird

If you want to star an email on Thunderbird, go to your inbox and click on the star icon beside the sender’s name.

The icon’s color will become yellow as the email got starred. You can also star mark the message while reading an email message. For that, click on the star icon above the message’s To and From fields.

How to Star an Email in Outlook

If you’re looking for the method to star mark an email in Outlook, there isn’t any star option on Outlook. But you may try to Flag an email to follow up later. Even if you don’t need to follow up, the Flag will work as the star and help you distinguish an email from the rest.

However, to keep some threads on top of your Inbox, you can also use the Pin option in Outlook. You can Flag or Pin an email by opening it and clicking on the corresponding icon in the right corner.

Wrapping Up

By starring an email, you can make it stand out from your remaining emails. You can also find starred email emails quickly and avoid deleting them accidentally. Follow this guide on how to star an email to mark your important emails.

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