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Our Favorite Free Driver Updater Tools

Our Favorite Free Driver Updater Tools

Missing drivers or even just outdated ones can cause problems on your computer. Before updating drivers for your system, however, you need to know that not all driver updaters can be trusted. Many a free tool will end up infecting you with malware or bloating your system with needless downloads. Others simply don’t work well and aren’t worth the effort. We’ve selected the best free driver update software that will get the job done, safely. In the meantime, here’s a great source to learn about the evolution of antivirus software. We all definitely need it.

What Is A Driver Updater?


All parts of your computer, like printers, keyboards, graphics cards and so on, need a way to communicate with your operating system. Software drivers allow your OS and hardware to understand each other, enabling it to register commands into executable actions. No drivers? Your hardware will be useless. There are drivers for all sorts of systems, such as pc drivers, network drivers, system drivers for various peripheral devices, etc. Needless to say, there are a lot of updates to keep on top of.

Why you need driver updater software

So, do you actually need driver updates? Most device drivers work great right out of the box. Should you really mess with something that already works? Here’s the thing. With corrupted or outdated drivers, you’re not getting the most out of your devices. You may even find that you’re missing drivers and your devices won’t work without them.

The latest drivers help you get increased function or customization for your peripherals, system, and hardware. This keeps your computer stable and running optimally. What’s more, staying updated can help keep you safe from hackers and cyber-attacks. Out of date drivers may have exploitable weaknesses that compromise your security. Because cybersecurity is vital, these days, here are some cybersecurity quizzes from the FTC. It’s always a good idea to figure out what you don’t know.

Top 8 Free Driver Updater Software Options Of 2023

Open laptop

We’ve picked the top free driver updaters for you so you don’t have to waste your time trying to find the most trustworthy options. Instead, here’s a handy list with all the pros and cons of driver update sites so you don’t have to waste time researching.

DriverMax: Great for backing up old drivers

Driver max logo

One of our favorite features of DriverMax is the ability to set up a restoration point and backup from old drivers, just in case you find yourself unhappy with your updates or run into bugs or problems. It can actually back up every driver you have, which is beyond handy when you need a system restore point.

What we like: Lots of free features, like identifying unknown devices, system and driver restore points, rollback drivers, and updated drivers for multiple versions of software for windows, making it useful for several systems.

What we don’t like: The free version is very limited in regard to how many driver updates you can download per day and month. It also doesn’t allow multiple downloads at once, needs an internet connection to function properly, and has little in the way of user support. Paid versions have impressive features, but with the free version you don’t get many of these fundamentals.

DriverIdentifier: Easiest to use

Driver Identifier logo

DriverIdentifier is one of the best free driver tools out there. It’s particularly notable for its intuitive user interface, allowing you to update or find new drivers easily. It’s can also be used without an internet connection, installing to your offline device via usb drivers that have been saved to your flash drive.

What we like: Has a huge driver database for most hardware manufacturers, ensuring you have all the drivers you need for your devices. Besides downloading new drivers, it can also update previously installed ones to their most recent versions.

What we don’t like: Before starting, you do need to make a user account before downloading this free driver updater. You also have to visit the download page to actually update device drivers. Sometimes, the software will recommend a driver that you already have installed, wasting time and downloads unnecessarily.

Drivers Cloud: Best for extra features

Drivers cloud logo

Not only is Drivers Cloud a great driver updater tool, it’s also useful for system analytics such as component and software detection, analysis of system crashes (also known as the blue screen of death), hardware monitoring, and scanning for drivers and updates, of course.

What we like: The sheer versatility of the software. You can also look up system drivers by manufacturers, review the most recently published drivers, or even find them by brand name, such as Intel. Plus, you can utilize the software offline.

What we don’t like: You must download and install some drivers and updates manually, which is extra work. The website is not intuitive and it’s not as easy to use or understand as other driver updaters.

DriverHub: Great for updating drivers in bulk

Driver hub logo

Though a little more obscure than your typical driver update tool, Hub has its fair share of fans. One of the top reasons for this is the ability to process bulk driver downloads. This means you’re not stuck at the computer all day, making updates. Always a win.

What we like: Comprehensive driver downloads, sorted by things like operating system and other categories that make finding the official drivers you need easy. It’s also absolutely free with lots of simple install options. Hub is particularly well suited to those who need Windows drivers.

What we don’t like: It will recommend unrelated software, ads, and other such unnecessary programs, bloating your device unnecessarily. User reviews claim that it gives you the chance to opt out of these, but if you don’t you may find your PC running problematically…Luckily you can save your previous system drivers versions as a backup so if you need to you can always go back to your restore point and start again.

Iobit’s Driver Booster: Best software for windows

Driver booster logo

Particularly well suited to Windows devices, Driver Booster downloads drivers in an easy “one-click” interface. There is a lot of information about each driver so you know which ones need to be updated along with their size, version, and the compatible hardware. It also has a vast quantity of certified drivers from major brands.

What we like: This driver updater tool is eighteen years old, giving it extra respectability and experience compared to some of the others out there. It also has the ability to be a display driver uninstaller, which is vital for things like wonky graphics card drivers that are outdated and causing trouble.

What we don’t like: Free features for Driver Booster are limited. The site also frequently advertises for other Iobit offerings, making it distracting. May try to install unnecessary programs when you’re trying to download drivers or updates, so watch out for that. Driver Booster is not alone in that regard, as this can be common in driver update software.

Snappy Driver Installer: Most well rounded driver updater

Snappy driver installer logo

There’s a lot to love about Snappy Driver Installer. It has many of the same features we appreciate in the rest of this list, such as offline usage, the ability to restore drivers from previous driver backups, capabilities for bulk driver installs and downloads, and numerous other such perks.

What we like: Like other updaters, it supports Windows versions, from 11 all the way down to Windows XP. Twenty seven different languages are supported, premium features are free so there’s no need to pay for the features you want, and it has open source code so that you can review current drivers updates. All this without adware.

What we don’t like: It can be a bit advanced for the average user so the learning curb is steep. Otherwise, it is generally considered to be one of the best driver update software choices available.

Microsoft: Safest for Windows users

Microsoft logo

Here’s the thing. If your device uses software for Windows, ideally that’s where you should be getting your driver updates from. Why? Well, for starters, Windows does an excellent job of keeping your computer updated on its own. Yes, there will be times when you have to manually install updates yourself, but it is easily done from your own system. If you are on the latest software for Windows, it usually already comes with updated drivers for most of your devices, though you can use Windows Update to look for any driver updates that might have fallen through the cracks.

The typical user will not have many driver update needs beyond what already comes on their Windows system. This means it’s easy, safe, reliable, and you don’t have to worry so much about the safety of these update sources. Need more Windows update tips? Here’s how to update your graphics card drivers on Windows 11.

Besides updating drivers through system updates, you can also update device drivers on your windows pc through “Device Manager.” You select a device category and right click to select “update driver.” At that point, Device Manager will automatically search for the latest drivers.

What we like: It’s simple, intuitive, and most of the time you have to do absolutely nothing, so long as you keep your system updated. Usually, it is able to update existing drivers along with system updates, streamlining the process. Lastly, it’s a great deal more trustworthy than most driver updaters.

What we don’t like: There could be times when they won’t have all the drivers you need for your hardware, especially for more obscure products.

Apple Updates: Safest driver updater for Apple products

Apple logo

For Mac users, we recommend driver updates through Apple. The reasons are the same as our recommendations for Microsoft users. It’s safer, easier, and less risky than using third party options. The easiest way to do these driver updates is to simply make sure that your software on your device is on the latest version. You can do this through settings or even via the App store instead. Most drivers will update along with the system this way, making it easy and secure.

What we like: The simplicity, security, and speed to update outdated drivers.

What we don’t like: Much like Microsoft, there may be some drivers that don’t automatically update with your software, making it trickier to find and install these from trustworthy sites.

The risks of using free driver updater software

Laptop with red pirate screen

When it comes to free driver updaters, often what you pay for is what you get. Many of these sites are supported by ads, that’s how they’re able to give you a free version of their service. What this boils down to is that many third party free driver companies will try to download adware, spyware, or even malware on your device, along with your driver updates. Yikes.

Often, this is on purpose. The world is practically run by advertisements, marketing, and the desperate grab for user data. Installing data gatherers on your computer is a way they do this. Not only does this put your security at risk, it also can make your system buggy, sluggish, or even stop working. For companies that don’t try to do this outright, you still can’t always be sure of where they’re getting their drivers from. The driver sources themselves could be corrupt without the site realizing it, and your computer is the one to pay the price.

How to be safe when addressing outdated drivers

Can you install drivers safely? Here are 9 safety tips:

  1. Only install drivers that you need. Pay attention to what you’re downloading.
  2. Look out for the gotchas and extras that free driver updaters will try to slip between the lines. Usually there will be a box or popup asking for permission to install something. If you aren’t purposefully after that install, don’t allow it. What you think might be new drivers or updates could actually turn out to be adware or spyware.
  3. Do your homework. Just because a driver uploader makes this list doesn’t mean something didn’t suddenly change. Maybe they get a new driver source a few months down the road that is corrupted and full of malware. Maybe their privacy agreements change. So look up reviews that are up to date. User forums, like Reddit, are one of the best places to see if something is amiss.
  4. Make sure your antivirus protections are up to date. Usually the good ones can detect malware but there will be ones that fall through the gaps. So keep yourself as safe as you can with updated protection. Here’s a handy article all about Windows 11’s security features.
  5. Understand your driver update needs. Most of the time, you won’t need to update every little thing all the time. Don’t fall for driver software that tries to get you to download every little thing. Even if the downloads aren’t full of malware, sometimes the drivers themselves can be buggy. If you have tons of buggy drivers on your system, that puts you at greater risk for problems.
  6. Use trusted, reliable updaters that require safe, certified driver sources. Where you get these driver updates from matters. A lot. So look for transparency in their sourcing.
  7. When in doubt, go straight to the source of the component you’re trying to update. If you got a new speaker for your computer and it needs a driver update your OS doesn’t have? Go to the site of the company that made the speaker. Usually they will have official driver download links you can obtain directly from them. It’s one of the best ways to be safe about managing your drivers.
  8. Be aware that sometimes the updates can be faulty. You may end up with incompatible hardware drivers that cause problems. This is just another reason that being able to restore drivers to past versions is important.
  9. Updating device drivers can often be done through their manufacturer. That said, if the company that made the device is no longer in business and doesn’t have new driver versions available anymore, you may have a valid need for using one of the above free driver updaters. You know now, the risks that come with these tools, so take extra care when you choose where to update your outdated device drivers. When in doubt, find a forum and see what others in the same boat did. After all, when it comes to these types of problems, you’re rarely alone.


By now you realize how important it is to have the proper drivers installed on your device. You may be tempted to just download any free driver updater tool, but it’s vital to select driver updater software that is safe, effective, and trustworthy. After all, the best driver updater software is the one that will keep your system safe.

Need more tips on how to update drivers? Here’s how to download bootcamp drivers.

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