• fellowweb

    Usman, thanks for your article on iDentify!

    I’d suggest that you take a look at iFlicks, too: http://www.iflicksapp.com

    It’s roughly 20 EUR for a single license, or roughly 50 EUR for a family license. But it’s worth every cent of it: You can not only add wonderful meta data to your videos, you can also convert them within iFlicks (if their original file format is not supported by iTunes) and directly import them into iTunes. If you own Elgato’s Turbo.264 HD, iFlicks recognizes it to convert videos much faster.

    Using ready-to-go AppleScripts and Folder Actions (or Hazel) you can even automate the whole process for every video file which is added e.g. to your Downloads folder.

    But the best feature of the most recent beta version is that iFlicks can make most video files (e.g. MKVs or DivX avis) iTunes compatible *without* a time and resource intensive conversion. To me this is magic – I haven’t seen this anywhere else. The whole process then only takes about the time you would need for copying the file – usually below 2 minutes per video (instead of 15 minutes or far more). It’s impressive!

  • qwerty12345

    Don’t spend money on iFlicks.
    Convert using Handbrake and then Tag with iDentify. %100 FREE and works perfectly.

  • Nancy

    Is there a program like Identify for Windows 7?