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Automatically Tag iTunes Compatible Video Files In Mac With iDentify

You must have noticed that after converting media files in iOS supported formats, all the associated tag information, a.k.a meta tags gets deleted. Since iOS devices read tag information not the original filenames, you might want to bring the tag information back. As far audio files are concerned, there are multitude of tools available to quickly tag your music files, but what about iOS supported videos files in MP4 and M4V format? iDentify lets you quickly tag iTunes compatible video file formats. Be it movies, TV serial episode, or plain music video files that you want to tag, it can add information to almost any kind of video by fetching information from online sources, like TheMovieDB, TVDB, and tagChimp. Furthermore, it supports Growl notification system, so you can keep tab on the tagging process and check how many files have been tagged during the process.

The application is designed to be simple with straight-forward usage. All that is required is to drag video files over the main interface.  Once added, it will instantly start to looking up for information from online sources mentioned above.

files 1

Once information is pulled out, check out the status under Lookup, Artwork, and, Chapters columns. To add more information which it missed out on, double-click the file in the list to fill-in the empty fields. After you’ve done adding information, click Done Editing to bring the main screen back. Now simply click Process Files to add meta-tag information with album cover art.


iDentify is highly configurable. You can tweak with file naming conventions, enable/disable online sources, and other lookup options from Preferences window.


It works on Mac 10.4 – 10.6

Download iDentify

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