Create & Add A Watermark In Visio 2010 Diagram

Unfortunately, Visio 2010 does not support watermarking diagram directly, however before publishing or distribution, you can still create a watermark. In this post we will elaborate how to create watermark text and then weave it with main diagram.

First we will be adding a simple background in the diagram, for this navigate to Design tab and from Backgrounds menu, select a background image.

backgound Create & Add A Watermark In Visio 2010 DiagramView in gallery

It will insert a new drawing page by the name of VBackground-1 at the bottom of the window, as shown in the screenshot below.

vbackView in gallery

In VBackground-1 page, we will be adding text as watermark. Navigate to Home tab and from Tools group, click Text.

home tabView in gallery

Start adding text in the the page.

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To make it look as watermark, change the font size, apply lighter font color, and rotate the text.

watermarkView in gallery

Move to main diagram tab, and change the styles and design of the diagram to make watermark look more weaved with it.

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On changing diagram designs and styles, it will automatically change the watermark text color and design.

watermark 1View in gallery

We will be publishing this diagram in PDF format to view the watermark appearance. For this, on file menu click Save Ass. From Save as type list, select PDF and click Options.

save asView in gallery

Here make sure that Include background option is enabled. Click OK to continue.

op[tionsView in gallery

Now click Save to publish diagram in PDF format. Finally open the PDF file to check watermark quality and appearance.

pdfView in gallery

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  • Gary D. Conley

    why is it taking Microsoft over 20 years to make any of their products compatible with one another? It is ludicrous that in 2011, the ‘new’ Visio can’t place a simple watermark in a document drawing.