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Change Default Email Font Settings & Theme In Outlook 2010

Changing font settings and adding image background in Outlook 2010 is a piece of cake, as you can change it from the font setting present in mail compose window. But wouldn’t it be more convenient if you can change default font styles; font family,size color, etc? So that you don’t need to change font settings all the time while sending email. Apart from changing font settings, you can also apply default theme from the list of Outlook intrinsic themes.

To begin with, launch Outlook 2010 and on File menu, click Options.


It will bring up Outlook Options dialog, from left sidebar select Mail and from main dialog window, click Stationary and Fonts.

options 1

It will open up Signatures and Stationary dialog, switch to Personal Stationary tab to change default font settings for; New mail messages, Replying or forwarding messages, and Composing and reading plain text message. Here you can also change the generic Theme.

Change Default font styles & settings

For changing default font size, color and family, under New mail message section, click Font.

signatures and stationary

You will reach Font main dialog, start changing basic font settings; from Font select the font family, under Font style, choose desired style and from Size change the size of font.

Apart from the basic settings, you can also set some extra font settings such as; Font color, Underline Style and Color. From Effects, enable different font effects options. You can see all the changes in Preview pane. Once done, click OK to continue.

font dialog 1

Repeat the same procedure for changing font settings for forwarding messages, by clicking Font button, under Replying or forwarding messages section.

Now on opening Mail Compose window, you will see changed default settings, i.e, font family, size, and color.


Applying default theme

For changing theme, move to Signatures and Stationary dialog. Click Theme to open up Theme or Stationary dialog, under Choose a Theme list, select the theme for email message. You can also enable/disable different theme styles; Vivid Colors, Active Graphics and Background Image. Click OK and close Outlook Options dialog.


The theme will be added in the mail compose window.

themes outlook

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