22 Awesome ADW Launcher Themes [Android]

Bring one of the oldest and most popular home screen replacement apps on the Android Market, ADW.Launcher has been adopted as the base for many other home screen replacement apps and as the stock launcher for the popular series of custom ROMs called CyanogenMod. The opensource launcher probably has the most active lot of theme developers out there. No surprise there. ADW.Launcher has a humongous fan-base – at least 63000+ strong as of this writing – all of whom are constantly looking to spice up their home screens with new themes, dock backgrounds and/or icon packs. If you’re one of the aforementioned lot, join us after the break our compilation of 22 of the best (free) ADW themes on the Android Market.

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Applying An ADW Theme [How To]

Browse through the following themes and if you see one you like, simply click on the link below it to download it from the Android Market.

Once downloaded and installed on your device, return to the ADW home screen and,

  • Hit Menu and navigate to ADWSettings > Theme Preferences. If you’re using CM7’s built-in ADW.Launcher, simply select Settings > ADWLauncher > Theme Preferences.
  • Select your theme and tap Apply theme!

BBT Themes

Dev: Bujoban

BBTBlackADWLauncherTheme 22 Awesome ADW Launcher Themes [Android]View in galleryBBT-Black-FolderView in gallery

BBT-Blue-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in galleryBBT-Green-ADW-Launcher-Theme-View in galleryBBT-Red-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in gallery

Download BBT Black | Green | Blue | Red | Purple

Update: The above theme theme and all its variants seem to have been removed from the Google Play Store.


Dev: Fractal Systems

Buuf-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in galleryBuuf-FolderView in gallery

Download Buuf

Update: The theme is no longer available on the Play Store.


Dev: klinster

Elegant-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in galleryElegant-FolderView in gallery

Download Elegant


Dev: kovdev

Plus-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in galleryPlus-ADW-Launcher-Theme-2View in gallery

Download Plus


Dev: david1171

Minimalist-Theme-for-ADW-LauncherView in galleryMinimalist-FolderView in galleryMinimalist-Black-Theme-for-ADW-LauncherView in gallery

Download Minimalist

Download Minimalist Black

Matte Curve

Dev: Dave Tanquary

Matte-Curve-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in galleryMatte-Curve-FolderView in gallery

Download Matte Curve


Dev: Dave Tanquary

Matte-ADW-Launcher-Theme-2View in galleryMatte-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in gallery

Download Matte

Honeycomb Theme

Dev: GFX Android

Honeycomb-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in galleryHoneycomb-FolderView in gallery

Download Honeycomb Theme

Update: This theme is no longer available in the Play Store either.

AndroidPhone7 (Windows Phone 7 Theme)

Dev: kovdev

AndroidPhone7-Metro-WP7-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in galleryAndroidPhone7-(Android-Phone-7)-FolderView in gallery

Note: This theme comes with its own icon pack but does not automatically apply it to all apps. You can, however, manually change the icons for shortcuts placed on the home screen. Hold down on a shortcut and select Edit from the context menu that appears to change its icon.


Download AndroidPhone7

Symbian Theme

Dev: p@sco

Symbian-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in gallerySymbian-FolderView in gallery

Download Symbian Theme (Free | Donate)

Ubuntu Theme

Dev: Ryan Olson

Ubuntu-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in galleryUbuntu-FolderView in gallery

Download Ubuntu Theme

Mac OS Theme

Dev: AkgloDev

Mac-OS-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in galleryMac-OS-FolderView in gallery

Download Mac OS Theme (Free | Donate)

Metal & Metal Press

Dev: kovdev

Metal-ADW-Launcher-Theme-2View in galleryMetal-Press-ADW-Launcher-theme-2View in gallery

Download Metal

Download Metal Press


Dev: kovdev

Krom-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in galleryKrom-FolderView in gallery

Download Krom

Iron Man

Dev: JsinLegacy

Iron-Man-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in galleryIron-Man-FolderView in gallery

Download Iron Man


Dev: Wysie_Soh

Rustik-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in galleryRustik-FolderView in gallery

Download Rustik

Sense Glass & Black Glass

Dev: Dave Tanquary

Sense-Glass-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in galleryBlack-Glass-FolderView in gallery

Download Sense Glass

Download Black Glass


Dev: kovdev

Shag-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in galleryShag-ADW-Launcher-Theme-2View in gallery

Download Shag


Dev: kovdev

Post-it-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in galleryPost-it-FolderView in gallery

Download Post-it


Dev: GinLemon

Faenza-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in galleryFaenza-FolderView in gallery

Download Faenza (Free | Donate)

Suave HD

Dev: pvyParts

Suave-HD-ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in gallerySuave-HD-FolderView in gallery

Download Suave

Pearly White TW

Dev: Dan Josiah

Pearly-Whte-Blur--ADW-Launcher-ThemeView in galleryPearly-White-Blur-FolderView in gallery

Download Pearly White TW (Free | Donate)

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