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10 Awesome Go Launcher EX Themes [Android]

The launchers, also referred to as home screen replacement apps, have played a vital part in helping Android succeed as a crowd-favorite mobile operating system. Laced with plenty of colorful and feature-rich alternatives, the Android Market is home to some of the most beautiful home screen replacement apps, and no wonder, there are certain names that have managed to earn great repute in a short span of time, courtesy their relentless hard work and variety of offerings. The GO dev team’s iOS-inpired home replacement app, GO Launcher EX took the Android Market by storm when it was released and continues to have an upper hand in the launcher race; so much so, that you’ll not need strive too hard to find out which launcher a large contingent of Android users prefer over all others to embellish their Android home screens. In addition to being feature rich, flexible and extensively customizable, the launcher boasts a sizeable assortment of free downloadable themes. The number of GO Launcher EX themes on the Market has begun to grow at quite a rate, the theme development charge being led by the GO Dev team itself. It seems it won’t be long before the abundance of the launcher’s themes eclipses that of the current launcher theme head honcho, ADW Launcher. Below, we have compiled a list of ten best GO Launcher EX themes on the Market.


Download links are provided below each theme. If you find a theme you like, download it to your device and while on the GO Launcher EX homescreen, hit Menu > Preferences > Theme Preferences, tap your newly downloaded theme and select Apply from the options badge that appears over it.

Ink Theme


Download Ink Theme

Box Robot Theme

Download sf Box Robot Theme (No longer available)

Wood Theme



Download Wood Theme

Angry Birds Theme



Download Angry Birds Theme (No longer available)

Blux AS



Download Blux AS (No longer available)

Cartoon Park


Download Cartoon Park

Sketch Theme


Download Sketch Theme

Festival Theme


Download Festival Theme

Backyard Theme


Download Backyard Theme

Honeycomb Theme



Download Honeycomb Theme

Obviously, the list just just end here; there are plenty of new additions made at frequent intervals, but as of this writing, the above 10 themes are arguably the best ones that we could find for our readers. Did we miss any? Which one is your favorite? If you liked this list, you might also want to check out our compilation of top 10 MIUI Themes.

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  • TyaGo

    great post, some are real cool and go launcher is great! also recommend the new go calendar widget 🙂

    • frankyfiggz27

      check out honeycomp red. SICKEST theme. better than these..if u like red and black themes or if u have a rom with a red and black theme it goes PERFECT

  • Will

    cool themes, thanks

  • yahrlan

    I’m so sad! I had Blue AS but my phone died and now I can’t even get it from the QR code. could you add developers to your list please?

  • leon

    I want my theme back ASAP put it back (bluxas)

    • No can do, leon. It’s one of my favorites. 🙂

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  • Ortmann

    The best themes are worth paying for…i have. Ultimate Honycomb!!

  • Salah

    Picnic Theme is nice too , and barca 😀

  • AliciaMeyer

    Absolutely gonna try these themes! So awesome!! Thanks!!
    U shud try tis website too! http://gallery.mobile9.com/c/samsung-i9100-galaxy-s-ii-themes_3430/1/

  • pani

    check out Black glass ! its free

  • Eric

    Can I know how u make your battery bar at the top right there show the percentage of battery?

  • nik

    Nice themes,Browse through site I found some other nice go launcher themes
    check it out http://my-source-codes.blogspot.com/2011/10/best-go-launcher-themes-2011.html


    anyone got a fix for the GRE 2.0 theme…wallpaper wont load and thats my favorite one.


  • hey guys, would you say i’m just being paranoid to hesitate in using this launcher, because i have to give permissions to it?

    • chris

      i’d be more paranoid because it’s developed by a company based in china, but that’s me.

    • Boof2016

      No. Its the best free app I’ve ever seen. I am normally very indecisive about things(I switch web browsers ALL the time) and I’ve never even gotten close to leaving this. One awesome thing is that the home screens have 1 extra row and you can pick your own transition and EVERYTHING is customizable. You should definitely get it. You won’t regret it!

  • Anonymous

    wow 😀

  • Kaveh198440

    I from iran thanks you

  • Matteus

    these are all crap. why do they all need to look like paper/wood? My phone is from the future, godammit!

    • Me

      and breathe 

  • Sunaka808

    Does anyone know of a music player worth downloading?

    • Svfd

      Double twist! !!!

  • Nice..
    All are Super Creative 🙂

  • Ryan Conlon

    Go Launcher is awesome!! I have used it since it first came out. I also like the Wood is Good, Clee, and gray theme.

  • Prox2k12

    i want the same icons on the preview of the backyard theme… how can i have it?? please..

  • Me

    Fantastic page, thank you for adding the QR codes, so easy to download after I just discovered the wonderful world of GO Launcher, who needs to wait for ICS on the S2… 

  • Love them all!!

  • Great theme list. I would only suggest on of my favorite go launcher themes Aero 8.

  • tavo

    como descargo pz diganme ctm mrd.

  • Bevanna

    Just. Changed from a bbs curve. Loving. The android. So much more. Choice. And ace quality. Thanks.

  • can u make the ” backyard theme” and ” Ink Theme” base icons as default icons and use same theme style to that default icons . thanks in advance. please do this

  • georgeg
  • lilysound1111

    how do you un-install and return to the regular default screen you had previously?

  • Chen Jiang