How To Disable Shake To Undo Typing In iOS 9

Shake to undo typing was a feature (gesture?) that I discovered purely by accident and that too after owning an iOS device for a whole year. I've never intentionally used it though it has popped on my screen unwanted by accident. Of all the gestures that iOS supports, not only is the shake to undo one the least I've ever used, it's also the silliest to execute. As of iOS 9 you can finally disable it from the Settings app. Here's how. Read More

Park Images In A Temporary Holder To Copy Them Easily [Windows]

Copying files is something we do regularly and it's incredibly easy. You can use keyboard shortcuts to select files, or you can use the mouse to select and drag & drop them to a new destination. That said copying files while incredibly easy can become tedious if  the files you want to copy to a single location all reside in different folders. For images, it's all the more annoying because they will have generic system generated names instead of user specified ones. You will have to spend more time identifying the correct image before you can copy them. ImgPark is a free Windows utility that provides you a virtual holder for images that you copy to your clipboard. Once you've copied them all, you can paste them to a single folder with just a few clicks. The utility works with JPG and Bitmap images. For some reason, PNG files are not supported. Read More

Check Your Tone And Write Emails That Are More Polite

Labs  FoxType
Manners maketh man and if you've seen Kingsman you already know that. Manners go beyond just giving the elderly your seat in a packed train or holding the door open for someone. They extend to how you communicate and when you're working, how you say something matters even more. Fox Type is a web app that analyzes how polite or how rude a message is. You can use it to analyze just about any text and it will show you, through a tone scale, how politely or rudely you are talking to people. The app not only provides an indicator but it also explains why some words might be deemed rude, and provides alternatives that are either more polite, or more neutral in tone. Read More

How To Sync Your Menstruation Cycle Data With The iOS 9 Health App

Apple did not include a health app in its mobile operating system until fitness bands and other activity tracking devices became popular. It is, however, fact that long before the Health app debuted in iOS 8, there were plenty of health tracking apps available in the App Store. People used them to keep track of their blood pressure, their diabetes, their medication, and their reproductive health. The introduction of the Health app meant users could add and maintain their health data in one place. Unfortunately, the Health app in iOS 8 did not include a way to track your reproductive health, and more importantly, your menstruation cycle. This was rectified in iOS 9 and here's how you can now keep track of, and sync this data with the Health app. Read More

How To Switch Gmail Accounts From The URL Bar

Gmail is possibly the most popular email service today and its success has nothing to do with Google forcing it down people's throat. Gmail itself is an excellent service that can filter spam better than Yahoo Mail (or Ymail?) and Hotmail. It's conversation threads make it exceptionally easy to follow long discussions over email, and with the passage of time Google has integrated Google Docs and Google Drive to make Gmail even more powerful. Just a few years back though you'd be surprised that Gmail lacked a very essential feature; you couldn't switch between accounts easily. You had to sign in and out of accounts to make the switch. This was a problem to say the least since most people have two Gmail accounts (work and personal). Fortunately, the feature was added inside the Gmail web interface but if you've ever wanted to directly open the right Gmail account without waiting for Gmail to load, here's how you can from the URL bar of your browser. Read More

Free eBook: Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux

The internet as we know it today would not have existed if it weren't for the development and use of security measures that keep us and our information safe. Think about it; we would be less inclined to perform banking transactions, save our medical and legal information, and upload our personal photos anywhere if the services we used couldn't keep the information out of the wrong hhands. As end users we actively look for ways to keep our information but anyone developing a service is equally concerned with security and a lot goes into making sure a server is secure. For anyone who's interested in learning to test servers for security, Kali Linux is the go-to tool to use to test the security and vulnerability of web sites, web applications, and web protocols. Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux is a comprehensive ebook that covers the basic concepts of web penetration testing, how to gather information on test targets, identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in both server and host side attacks, authentication processes and how they can be compromised, and much more. The book is priced at $29.99 but AddictiveTips readers can get it for free. Here's how to get your copy and a brief look at what it covers. Read More

Disable Spelling & Grammar Checks In A Specific MS Word Document

Word Options_proofing
MS Word is one of the most sophisticated word processors available in the market today. I'd say Pages is just as good but I'd be lying. You can use MS Word to write reports, make your CV, write up a great paper with citations and captioned images, insert a smart table of contents and even a table of figures, and much more. With it having so many great tools it makes it perfect for just about any sort of writing. Now imagine Tolkien writing one his epic books in MS Word and you know it would have more red than the flag of Turkey. Sometimes the grammar and spell check in MS Word saves our lives but at other times, it can be simply annoying. If you find you're writing something where the tool is a hindrance, here's how you can disable it for just that one document. Read More

How To Run Windows Task Manager As The Admin Or Any Another User

It isn't uncommon for computers, particularly those managed in an office network to be managed by a user with admin privileges while the other users log in as normal users with some limitations imposed. Some users themselves prefer to keep their routine account separate from the admin account so that they have something to fall back on in case something goes wrong with the first one. One of the many things you can do from an admin account, or if you have admin rights on a system is quit troublesome processes which refuse to quit from an account with low-level privileges via the Task Manager. If you've ever needed to run Task Manager as an admin user on your current account, here's a simple way of doing just that. Read More

How To Get The iCloud Drive App On Your iPhone In iOS 9

iCloud is a fairly old service that Apple introduced on both its desktop and mobile platforms  a while back. For the most part, iCloud remains in the background on iOS. You may have turned the service on and everything, and apps may be saving documents and photos to it but iCloud itself exists as a preference to be managed in the Settings app. As of iOS 9, it's finally been given app status though it isn't apparent because you have to enable it. Here's how you can get the iCloud app on your iPhone or iPad. You need to be running iOS 9 (or above). Read More

Read Trending News From Around The World With Moments By Twitter

News is what compelled me to join Twitter; it's a place where news breaks fast and you don't have to go searching for it too much. People you follow talk about trending news, the hashtags find related conversations, and every breakthrough or update finds you itself. Ideally, this is pretty great but it relies on two very unpredictable factors; the people you follow and the hashtags that are being used. It's perfectly normal to open Twitter, see a whole bunch of trending hashtags and have no clue what they're related to. Finding the right tweet, one that explains what the tag signifies takes time and the people you follow may actually make it worse if they misinterpret it. Basically you've got Twitter which is a great place for news but then you've got hashtags and trends that can create a lot of confusion. Moments is Twitter's attempt at fixing all this; it's a new feature introduced by the service on both its web version, and mobile apps that shows you trending stories from four different categories. Read More

How To Control Text Selection By Character, Word, And Paragraph [Windows]

triple click select
Selecting text is easy. We do it everyday not just on our computers but also on our phones. There is no skill involved, and no training required to learn this skill. You click, hold, and drag until you've highlighted the text you need to copy and then use the right shortcut to copy (or cut) it. You might have noticed that sometimes when you're copying text, it runs ahead of the character you want to limit it to and sometimes, it just snails by when you want it to select text faster. Turns out, there is a small trick to selecting text making it so you can select it one character, one word, or one paragraph at a time. Here's how it works. Read More

Get Impersonal Search Results From Google

Google serves us search results that are personalized; it takes into account several things, most of which involve your browsing behavior and some personal information like your current location, to give you more relevant results. This is what makes Google a great search engine but it can and does backfire. Sometimes, your personal information and what Google knows about you can give you irrelevant results. Impersonal.Me is a web app built on top of Google that strips away any and all personal preferences that Google takes into account when you search for something to give you unadulterated results. Read More

How To Nest Folders Inside Folders In iOS 9

iOS comes with some apps that no one uses, ever. When Apple finally allowed users to move them all to a folder and put them out of sight, everyone cheered. As of iOS 7, Apple has sort of allowed users to nest folders inside folders. We say 'sort of' because it wasn't easy to do back then and often required lightning reflexes. With iOS 9 it's gotten much easier though there is still a small trick to how you nest folders inside folders. Here's a step-by-step guide to nesting folders inside other folders iOS 9. Read More

How To Disable The Dropbox Collaboration Badge In Documents

Dropbox became popular as the service that could guarantee your files would always be with you. It negated the need to transfer files using thumb drives, or resorting to email just to get them from one system to another. As the service has evolved, it has became more than just a file syncing solution and has turned into a very effective collaboration tool that allows you to share files, invite users to collaborate on files in a shared folder, and even leave comments on them. A recent update to the Dropbox desktop app has made its collaboration feature even easier to access. The feature is called the Dropbox badge and when you open a document that's synced to your Dropbox account, the badge pops up with options to leave a comment, share the document, or view file history. It pops up indiscriminately but if you would like to disable it, or control when it appears, here's how. Read More

Get Larger Or Smaller Text In Chrome Without Zooming In Or Out

If you ever have trouble reading text on a website, you can use the zoom function in your browser to magnify it. All leading web browsers for both desktop and mobile have a zoom function making it easy to read small text. The zoom function is definitely useful but it has its limits. With a lot of websites, zooming in results in elements of the website overflowing on to other elements. The readability of websites is often compromised when you zoom in on a page. Most will hold up well on a  120% zoomed in view but if that doesn't do the trick for you, and you zoom in further, not everything will look good. If you find that the text on most websites just isn't large enough for you to read comfortably, Chrome users can have the browser render text larger by default, instead of zooming it in. Here's how. Read More

Get A Dark Theme For Facebook Messenger In Chrome

Messenger - dark-theme
A while back, Facebook introduced an independant web interface for its messaging service. For anyone who uses Facebook as a messaging platform but is often distracted by the news feed that's constantly updating, the Messenger interface was very welcome. It allows you to exclusively send and receive messages, get a desktop notification for a new message, and mute alerts from a contact if you want. You can also start and follow group conversations. Facebook Messenger - Dark Theme is a Chrome extension that adds a dark theme to Facebook Messenger to help ease conversations that you might have at night, or in low light. You can easily toggle between the dark theme and the default white theme with a button embedded in Messenger's interface. Read More

Send Apps From Chrome To Install On Your iPhone

The App Store has thousands and thousands of apps. Installing them is easy enough from an iOS device and a bit clumsy if you do it using iTunes. Where the App Store is amazing for its collection of apps it does fall short of being truly convenient when it comes to installing an app. If you're wondering what convenience looks like, take a look at how the Google Play Store lets you install apps on Android. You can send an install command from your browser and initiate an app download without ever having to touch your device. Apple doesn't have anything like that but LookMark is a free iOS app that works with a Chrome extension to give you a similar experience. Read More

How To Add A Folder To The All Apps List In Windows 10

Windows 10 got rid of the Start Screen that Windows 8 imposed on users. No one really liked it and the confusion between desktop and Modern UI was frustrating. Even veteran Windows users struggled to make sense of it. The Start Screen is gone but Microsoft didn't abandon the idea of having a large, all screen consuming list of installed apps appear on your screen. It just changed how they executed the concept. For all intents and purposes, the All Apps list is what the Start Screen and its list of all apps has been reduced to and you're free to resize it however you like. That said, the All Apps list comes with two limitations; you can only have 500 items in it, and there is no simple way to add folders to it. If you want to add a folder to the list, it's possible and here's how. Read More

How To Minimize A Video In The Facebook App

The Facebook app is updated regularly with bug and security fixes and little else to mention in its changelog. Every so often though, one of the updates is a big one that adds new features, or makes yet another change to the UI of the app. The most recent update to the app brought its design closer to iOS 9 (though it's still crashing like a drunk) and it introduced a new way to watch videos in the app. You can now minimize a video that's currently playing in the app so that it takes up just a small area at the bottom right of the app while you continue to scroll through the rest of your feed. Here's how. Read More

How To Do A Reverse Google Image Search On Your Phone

Reverse image search is an excellent search tool from Google. Not only does it help us win many an internet argument, it also helps us find the true origins of an image so we can safely and accurately credit it where needed. There is sadly one limitation to it though; it isn't available to mobile users. Google Reverse Image Search for Phones and Tablets is web app crafted by Amit Agarwal and it lets you reverse look-up an image on a mobile device. Read More