Control Your Desktop From iPhone or iPad With Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome is by far the most popular web browser in the world. Where it's really fast, it's also pretty simple to use and because it has such a huge market share any features it offers automatically have a large user base off the bat. A good long while back, Chrome came out with remote desktop support that would allow users to access and control other connected desktops, remotely. The connection was established through the Chrome browser. In April of last year, a Chrome Remote Desktop Android app was released so that you could connect to a computer from your tablet or phone. The same Chrome Remote Desktop has now been released for iOS and it couldn't come at a better time than when we have larger iPhones. It does not require a jailbroken device, and it's absolutely free with complete mouse and keyboard control. Here's our review. Read More

Add Animated GIF Patterns To Your Photos & Videos

GIFs, more than enough has been written on this wonderful format and the images created in it but here we are writing a bit more. Meet Gifx, a free iOS app that lets you add GIF patterns to your photos to make them look cool. The app offers a free pack of GIFs to get you started, and a few more patterns in exchange for leaving a review on the App Store, and following it on Instagram. It's basically fusing a GIF with any photo you might take. With the free version of the app though you can only save the final output in MP4 format and it comes with a watermark . To save it as a GIF, you have to buy any sort of upgrade the app has to offer. It also restricts the quality of the video you can save to just low quality. You can mask a GIF and add multiple GIFs in layers. Read More

10 Best Mac Apps For The Year 2014

2014 was a slow year for us as far as Mac apps were concerned. We found some really great ones though, and with the year over, we went back to see which were the best of them all. The list is short, but it's got some great apps, some to boost your productivity, and some to make your Mac look a little better. Check out our round-up for last year. Read More

Enable And Disable ‘Seen’ Report In Google Hangouts

I'm not entirely sure when this happened but jumping on to the bandwagon that prevents us from ignoring the people who IM us, Google has added the dreaded 'Seen' status report to Google Hangouts. When you read a message from a contact, they will know you've read it. The Chrome app, extension, Gmail Hangouts interface, and the Android app have been effected received the update. To be fair, you get proper warning of the new feature being enabled and unlike Whatsapp, Google Hangouts lets you disable it. Here's how to do that in your browser, and on your Android device. Read More

58 Top Tips & Tutorials Of The Year 2014

This past Monday we gave you a list of the best Windows apps reviewed in 2014. To start the weekend off, and maybe give you something you might want to try over the weekend, here are the best tips and tutorials covered in 2014. Ranging from simple little tricks for your smartphone, to far more complicated tutorials or running Windows on a Mac, this list features how-tos for the Android, iOS, Windows, and the OS X platform. Read More

How To Open A Website As A Stand Alone App In Chrome

Back in October, Google released Hangouts as a stand alone application that could run in your browser. It was made well enough and could effectively substitute the Hangouts extension we all normally use. Some online apps, and there are very few of them, can launch themselves as separate stand alone apps in Chrome. Basically, it's a web page open in a Chrome window sans any tabs. A common example is when you receive a desktop alert from Chrome for a new email, and reply to it from notification itself. Because Chrome can run a web page as s stand alone app, it begs the question, can you force it to do so for a particular app? The answer is yes, and all you need is simple switch. Read More

Fixing The ‘iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone’ Error

Backing up, and syncing data to your iOS device from a PC or Mac is really easy and taking a regular back-up is a great idea. That said, it's not always an error free experience and the 'iTunes Could Not Connect To This iPhone' error is one of the more common ones to occur when you connect your iOS device to your system. What's more is that once you start getting this error, it appears repeatedly. It prevents your phone from charging and from syncing which means no backups can be taken and no music can be synced to your device. It's not the most pleasant of errors but here are a few ways for you to try and fix it. Read More

Check If You Need Glasses With This Online Vision Chart

Vision eyechart
Sitting in front of a screen all day strains our eyes. Often it will lead to minor problems like red rimmed eyelids, irritated eyes, itching, or just bags large enough to hold all the groceries you bought for the week. It's a sign that you need to step away from the screen for a change or revise you work set-up to ensure its ergonomically correct. That said, since we sit quite close to our screen, the question of whether our eye-sight has grown weak or not is hard to answer, after all, everything looks pretty sharp from where we're sitting. Vision is a simple little online app that lets you do a self-check and see if your vision has grown weaker. The app checks exclusively for nearsightedness (myopia) using a standard vision chart that you would find at the ophthalmologist's office. It does not check for farsightedness (hyperopia). The app requires an internet connection and a standard web browser. If you're conducting the test by yourself, you will need a smartphone with a QR scanning app installed on it to remotely enter your answers and move to the next one. If you aren't testing by yourself and have a friend to help you out, you don't need a smartphone at all. Read More

Download Files & View Progress Without A Browser With File Downloader

file downloader
I avoid download managers on principle; I have to install them n my system and any download I launch is automatically routed to the application. Not only do I find this annoying, but when said download manager tries to get me to install toolbars or modify my search engine, or when the interface features ads, I grow more apprehensive of it. That said, there are times when I wish downloading apps and flies wasn't something that I did exclusively through my internet browser. Meet File Downloader, a Windows app with possibly the most generic name you could ever want to aptly describe what the app does. It downloads apps; you paste the download link, set the download directory and file name, and begin downloading. The app is very basic which means pause and resume features for the download are only available if the server hosting the file supports it. The app can also be run from the command line to initiate a download. The best part is that File Downloader is a portable app so no installation required. Read More

How To Hide The Notification Badge For A Stock App In iOS

I have a super secret email account that I share with no one; no services that I randomly sign up to, and even some of the ones that I use regularly don't know that this email ID of mine exists. It's very special and only services that are extremely important to me know about it as my recovery email. I have never before even configured the account on my phone, opting instead to sign in, and out on my desktop every time I needed to access it in an attempt to keep my self safe should I lose my device. That changed recently and I added this account to the Mail app on my iPhone and it came with a huge (read 25000+ unread emails) badge on the folder in which the Mail app resides. That badge obviously needed to go. iOS lets you choose which apps you want to enable badges for so I went straight to Settings>Mail and was very surprised I couldn't find the option to remove the badge since that's where I would look to remove a notification badge for any other app. It took a few minutes of searching but I was able to find the option for removing the notification badge for the Mail app. Read More

Create Profiles With Triggers To Open & Close Apps, Folders, And URLs

splat profile
User accounts allow different people to use the same system very conveniently. You're never bothered about making a change that might later annoy another user on the same system because your account, your section, is kept separate from all others. The solution is pretty simple and very effective but if you are a single user wanting to make very minor changes such as which apps are running and which are not on a regular basis, you might not want to create a different account on your own system. Splat is a free Windows apps that lets you create profiles which have triggers for launching or quitting apps and folders. The triggers are as simple as a profile being activated, or can be set so that they are dependant on CPU usage or are time delayed. Read More

35 Best Windows Software Of Year 2014

We've successfully finished another trip around the sun. It's been a pretty exciting year for technology whether you think of hardware or software. 2014 gave us our first look at Windows 10 and heralded the return of the start menu that we all sorely missed in Windows 8. And like every other year, we at AddictiveTips continued to look for the best apps for this platform. Here are our top picks for the best Windows apps reviewed in 2014. Read More

Get A Five Second Window To Take Back An Embarrassing Facebook Post

Facebook Undo
We've all done it at some point in our lives; whether it was in a fit of rage, the throws of passionate heartbreak, or just being plain intoxication, we've all at some point in our lives posted something on Facebook only to regret it later. It's the same with emails, tweets, and text messages and there are very few services that offer us a way to take it back, or re-think our decision. Gmail is great in that it has a delayed sending feature you can enable which waits a minute before sending the email even after you've hit the Send button. Facebook, the nucleus of our social life could do with something similar and Facebook Undo does exactly that. It's a Chrome extension that works in the background and gives you a five second countdown to reconsider posting an update after you've hit the Post button. Read More

Delete Browsing History Related To A Specific Query [Chrome]

We all know how to delete our browsing history, and that if we're going to look up something that is likely to upset someone should they see it, there is always Incognito mode. Of course, there's still some searches that are completely harmless like when you're shopping for gifts and you don't use Incognito mode or when you accidentally watch lots of YouTube videos at work in the normal browsing mode. Now you have two choices; delete every incriminating link one by one, or delete your entire browsing history for the day. Neither are really great because one is time consuming while the other is very final in its effects. Here's how you can delete your browsing history in Chrome for a particular website, or search in under thirty seconds without needing any extensions or third-part history purging apps. Read More

Manually Adjust White Balance, Shutter Speed, ISO, & More With Reuk [Paid]

Just a few days ago we showed you how you could adjust the focus and exposure in the Camera app in iOS 8. We talked about how before iOS 8 allowed users to adjust the exposure separately, people relied on third-party apps to do it. It wasn't so much a hardware limitation as it was a software one. With iOS 8, Apple gave developers more control over the camera; specifically it allowed developers to control exposure, white balance and focus. Reuk is an iOS app worth $0.99 in the App Store that takes advantage of this. It gives you full control over the ISO sensitivity, shutter speed, and white balance. You can also manually set the focus point, and a built-in level adjuster shows you if you're holding the camera at the correct level or not. The app comes with a great flash feature, and timer. Read More

Create A To-Do List And View Day, Month, & Year Time Progression [Chrome]

It's a new year, and no doubt everyone is starting out on a positive note. New Year's resolutions should still be fresh and the usual suspects are going to be on the list; be a better person, eat healthy, exercise more, finally catch up on my email. Where many personal goals are being considered for new year resolutions, people are going to be hunting for big and small ways to make accomplishing goals easier. One simple way is of course a to-do list and if you use Chrome, Prioritab is an extension that might be just right for the occasion. It lets you add tasks and create a to-do list. Obviously there is nothing remarkable about that but the extension takes over your New Tab page. Each time you open a new tab, you will see how much of the day, the month, and the year as already passed and that is meant to serve as a kick in the pants to get to work Below this ticking time clock your tasks are listed so you know what needs to be done. Read More

Play Music From Any Folder Or Your Music Library In Firefox

A good while back we did a post on how you can play local music in Google Chrome. Music files are just one of the many file types that can be opened, in this case played, in your browser without needing any plug-ins. Browsers aren't the most feature rich media players though so queuing files or creating playlists isn't possible. That's where add-ons come in. Local Music Player is a Firefox add-on that can read all music files in any folder or library, and queue the files to play. You can play a single track, or have the add-on play them all. The player itself is very basic and lacking loop and shuffle features. Read More

Generate Strike-Through, Upside Down, Small, & Wide Spaced Text

shrink text
Text editors, whether they're desktop apps like Word or Notepad or online apps like Google Docs are for writing simple text. MS Word supports writing subscripts and superscripts and text that's been struck out but that is as far as it goes. Strictly speaking from a productivity and effective communication point of view, all you really need is to write simple text, at the most you will need to underline it. If what you're writing isn't meant to serve a productivity related function, and you're just looking for fun ways to write text then your regular text editor won't do the trick. Here's a list of websites that you can use to quickly generate strike-through, upside-down, small subscript, and very wide spaced text. Read More

How To Use Your Android Phone More Comfortably If You’re Left-Handed

Being left-handed is a stigma in some societies. Often social construct, religious beliefs, or even out-dated scientific research will tell you that it's not good to be left-handed. Everyday items of use like ringed notebooks and scissors are built to be used by the 90% of the population who are right-handed. You would think that as more and more advances were made in technology, things would get easier for those with different needs but even smartphones are meant to be used by the vast majority of right-handed people with little regard to those who are left-handed and would enjoy texting with one hand just like the rest of us. For Android users, there is actually hope because a built-in developer function allows users to enable a Right-to-left mode which will flip everything such as which side of the screen switches and buttons appear, as well as which way your home screen pages and notifications are swiped. Read More

Import Your MS Office Dictionary To A Different PC Or Fresh Install

Switching to a new PC is a daunting task that means installing lots of of apps again, and setting things up the way you had them on your old system. Setting up a new PC to work like your old one isn't an easy task but what's more time consuming is when your apps have to learn from scratch what your preferences are, or rather when you have to teach them that. This isn't that hard for apps that have an online service working at their backend but when we're talking about an app that functions entirely on our desktop with no way to export and import settings and user preferences, we run into a problem. MS Office now has an online version but it doesn't do much by way of importing or exporting settings and this can be a problem when you have something like the dictionary you created on your old system over the years. Here is how you can port your MS Office dictionary, complete with every change you've ever made to it, from your old PC to a new one. Read More