How To Search For Music By Genre Or Label On Spotify

Spotify lets you search for a track of your choice, or it lets you search tracks by album, artist, or perhaps a radio station. What it doesn't let you do is search for songs by genre. It isn't that Spotify hasn't sorted its library into genres. That's unimaginable for a music service and Spotify is no different. The genre's are definitely there and you can even search a particular genre of your choice if you know how to do it. Read More

How To Lock Notes With A Password And Touch ID [iOS]

iOS 9.3 now lets you password protect notes. The notes are locked with a password but can be unlocked either using Touch ID or by entering the password that you set for it. The app update now makes it possible for you to use the Notes app for storing more sensitive information instead of just random things you need to remember. One password, once set, is used to lock and unlock all other notes. Here's how the feature works. Read More

How To Enable, Customize Tint Intensity, And Schedule Night Shift [iOS]

iOS 9.3 has been released and with it comes the much awaited Night Shift feature which is a complete rip off of the Flux app banned by Apple. The feature tints your screen a warmer color, think a sepia filter, when it's evening or night so that every time you look at your phone, you aren't accidentally forcing your brain to wake up. The bright screen tends to do that and since most of us habitually read one more email or check one more social media app before going to bed, the bright white keeps our brain up. The tint counters that and lets us read whatever it is we want to read but the dimmed color doesn't force our brain to stay awake. The feature is neat and here is how you can enable and schedule it. Read More

Price & Specs For The New iPhone SE & 9.7 Inch iPad Pro

iphone SE
Apple's March 2016 event has just concluded and just about everything from Apple TV to the iPhone will see either an update or a new device added to the existing lineup. To get right to the point, iOS 9.3 will be released today and it features the much awaited Night Shift feature as well as the ability to have password protected notes in the Notes app. Apple TV will also receive an update that brings Siri integration among other things. The major product highlights though are the new 4 inch iPhone SE, the 9.7 inch iPad Pro and the serious price reduction of the Apple Watch that is now available starting $299. Here's the complete price range and specifications of the iPhone SE and 9.7 inch iPad Pro. Preorders start March 24, 2016 and begin shipping March 31, 2016 Read More

How To Get Chrome To Play Audio In Surround Sound [Fix]

Speakers, whether they come built into laptops or are purchased separately, commonly offer surround sound. They may differ in quality but stereo sound speakers have become uncommon with more and more people using laptops and desktops for entertainment and gaming. What you might have noticed is that despite games and media apps playing sound perfectly through your speakers, Chrome is usually a bit off. Chrome isn't really used to play media because a desktop app like VLC is always going to be the better option but you do watch YouTube videos in Chrome and sound doesn't always come out right. It comes off as stereo i.e. there is only sound coming from one speaker. If that's the case on your desktop, here's the fix for it. Read More

Test Your Flight Safety Knowledge & Learn To Survive An Air Disaster

Prepare for Impact-nav
Flight safety training is crucial for everyone on a plane but many of us barely listen to the safety instructions given at the start of each flight. Passively listening to the instructions means we retain very little of them and if disaster were to strike, chaos would more likely break out than order given how many people are usually on a plane. Prepare for Impact is an excellent iOS and Android app that quizzes you on the very basics of air safety and lets you go through air disaster simulations to test if you know what to do in them. It tests literally everything that you are told by air crew before you take off. The quiz is optional and you can opt to play the many disaster simulations instead. In the simulations, you must respond to the emergency at hand and evacuate the plane without dying. Read More

How To Retain The Formatting Of A Document When Publishing From Google Docs

google docs - publish
Google Docs is a tool used mostly for collaboration and/ore creating documents when a desktop word processor isn't available. They work exceptionally well and meet every single requirement and then some that you would have when using a word processor but the web app is also a publishing tool. You can use it to publish documents to the web. The only problem is when you use the 'Publish to web' feature, the document you come away with is less than appealing. The formatting is all but destroyed. Meet Google Doc Publisher, an amazing little app that will make sure any Google Doc file you publish retains its formatting and looks good to whoever opens it. Read More

Find Out How Many People Were Upset By A Facebook Post

Facebook has changed the Like button so that it can be used to express a wider range of emotions. The new emotions that we can express towards a post are love, amazement, sadness, laughter, and of course anger. To the ordinary user this is just a better way to express how they feel about sad news but if you're sitting on the other side i.e., pushing content to Facebook it's a pretty good tool to see how the content you push is being received. Some content might just spread because it's anger inducing while the other might be exceptionally popular because it's a picture of a kitten. Facebook has always let you see how many likes a post has received and with this new addition, it lets you see how many people had one of the six supported reactions. Read More

How To Use A Cortana Voice Command To Shut Down Windows 10

cortana windows shut down
Cortana can do some awesome things; it can give you traffic updates, save reminders, find a restaurant nearby, and more. What it can't do is run simple system operations like shutting down or restarting your computer. It can't even close an app but it can open them which is something you can use to get Cortana to do so much more. If you're looking to turn Windows 10 off with a simple voice command to Cortana, you'd be surprised at how easy it is. All you need to do is create the right shortcut in the right folder. Read More

This Chrome Flag Redirects Cortana Search To Your Default Search Engine In Windows 10

chrome-Windows desktop search redirection preference
Cortana is one of the highlight features in Windows 10 and Microsoft uses the personal assistant to push Bing on to users. It doesn't look like Cortana will ever have the option to allow users to select which search engine Cortana should use but developers are one step ahead of Microsoft with extensions like bing2google that can redirect the search in your browser. The extension is slow and you can see the redirection happen in the URL bar. Additionally the extension will redirect to Google and if that isn't your preferred search engine, you will have to search for other options. The other solution lies Chrome v50. It has a flag which when enabled will redirect searches from the Windows 10 desktop to your default search engine. Read More

How To Switch User Profiles In Chrome Via Keyboard Shortcuts

Chrome lets you add an unlimited number of user profiles. The profiles allow you to have multiple browsing sessions active at once and if you share a system with someone, the profiles allow you to configure Chrome separately for each user. Additionally, a profile lets you keep your own bookmarks and auto-fill data from mixing with that of the other user. If you utilize Chrome profiles to keep separate sessions going, you might want to know if there's a way to switch user profiles via keyboard shortcuts. Here's a complete list of the shortcuts you need to do just that. Read More

How To Find What Generation Your Intel Processor Is In Windows

intel processor generation
If you have a laptop or desktop system running Windows 7 or above, you can check what processor is installed on your system. Simply right-click My Computer and select Properties and you will be given a summary view of the hardware and operating system that is currently set up. The information includes among other things which processor it is you're running but the processor is mentioned by the name it was sold/marketed by. The names indicate the series it was a part of but the only identifiable information is likely going to be the name of the processor. What is going to be harder to figure out is which generation the processor is and the information is important for when you're looking to upgrade a PC or just trying to make sure the one you got has the right hardware. Intel makes it exceptionally easy to figure this out. Here's how. Read More

Add A Virtual Desktop Number Indicator To The System Tray In Windows 10

When you switch between virtual desktops on Windows 10, there is nothing to indicate which desktop you are on if you have added several of them. Perhaps you can tell by the apps you have open on a particular desktop but you are nevertheless relying on your memory to identify a desktop. Virtual Desktops in Windows 10 are a feature that brings the operating system up to par with OS X but the feature itself isn't extraordinary in any way. Like virtual desktops on OS X, it leaves much to be desired for. VirtualDesktopManager is a small Windows app that adds an icon to the system tray to indicate which desktop you are on. The desktops are identified by their number. The app is meant purely for Windows 10 users and supports up to nine desktops. Read More

How To Get A Direct Link To A File In OneDrive On Windows 10

OneDrive is installed as a default app in Windows 10 and it pops up repeatedly asking you to sign in and start using it. Getting the app to stop nagging you is a task in itself but OneDrive isn't inherently useless. It is perhaps the fact that it is forced on to users that takes away from its appeal but it is otherwise as useful as Dropbox. If you have never dug deep into what OneDrive can do and choose simply to dismiss it because it isn't Dropbox or Google Drive, or your preferred cloud storage app you are missing out. OneDrive, in addition to being able to sync your files across multiple Windows desktops allows you to share them easily from a desktop. There are no hoops for you to jump through and any time you want to share a file from your drive, you can get a direct link for it from the right-click context menu. Here's how. Read More

How To Jump To A Virtual Desktop In Windows 10 Using Keyboard Shortcuts

win 10 desktop
Virtual desktops are one of the more awesome features added in Windows 10 but while the addition of the feature is great, it isn't extraordinary in itself. If you compare it to virtual desktops on other operating systems i.e. Linux and OS X, it is more or less at par. The virtual desktops are numbered and cannot be renamed and because the feature is still in its infancy, it leaves much to be desired in terms of app and window management. The virtual desktops can be navigated i.e. created, closed, and switched to, with keyboard shortcuts. You can cycle through them or use swipe gestures to switch to the next or previous one. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to jump directly a desktop i.e. skip cycling through desktops 2 and 3, and jump straight to desktop 4 from desktop 1 provided you don't mind jumping to the multitask view. Read More

How To Sign Out Of The Messaging App In Windows 10

If you connect your Microsoft account to Windows 10, it will automatically assume you want to enable every single app and feature that requires an account be connected. There are a whole host of things you cannot do unless you connect the account but it's the features that self-activate that are the bigger problem. In Windows 10, like in Windows 8, there is an app called 'Messaging' which automatically signs in if you use your Microsoft account on the system. This app is practically barren with little to no settings and no way to turn it Off and yet, it populates with your Skype conversations. The lack of settings for the app include a 'Sign Out' option making it seem as though the only way to be rid of this app is to disconnect your Microsoft account from Windows 10 but fortunately, that isn't the case. You can sign out of the Messaging app and here's how. Read More

Test Windows 10 Compatibility On A System With A Bootable Version

Most Windows users know about the Get Windows 10 app that installs on both Windows 7 and 8.1 as an update. Initially, it was meant to help you reserve a copy of Windows 10 and then later it would help you upgrade. The app did one other thing; it allowed you to check your system for compatibility with Windows 10. The apps on your system and the hardware were all checked to see if they would run smoothly on Windows 10. Systems that were given the all-clear by the app still experienced trouble once they were upgraded to Windows 10. If you're still on the fence about the upgrade, use a portable version of Windows 10 to see how well the system handles it. Here's how. Read More

Add A Trending Videos Channel To The Chromecast [Android]

Trending Videos Cast-play
You can subscribe to channels like HBO Go or broadcast your favorite shows from Netflix to Chromecast. Oddly enough, the YouTube app that has excellent support for Chromecast has no feature that would allow you to view all trending videos and all recently uploaded videos by channels you've subscribed to on your TV. You pretty much have to manually create playlist of the videos you want to watch and there appears to be no concept of a personal channel. Trending Videos Cast is a free Android app that will automatically find trending videos, and videos from r/videos, and broadcast them to your TV. Read More

Add A Flux Like Tint To Your Browser

A while back an app named Flux was released for iOS. The tinted your screen a sepia shade in the evening and at night in an attempt to stop the glare of a bright screen from keeping you awake. Apple soon banned the app and the next stable version of iOS will have a feature that mimics this exact thing. The point being that it's a wonderful little feature that can make browsing easier. You might have to stay up late and work but by tinting the screen, your brain isn't kept awake longer than it needs to be. FireLux is a Firefox add-on that lets you add a sepia, black, grey, white, and pink tint to a browser tab so that it strains your eyes less and G.lux is its Chrome counterpart. If you want a different colored tint, both extensions have a custom color selection option that you can use to select a different one. Read More

How To Play A Picture Slideshow On The Chromecast

The Chromecast is by and large used to stream media and a majority of apps are built with that specific purpose in mind. The Chromecast is a tool you can use to turn an ordinary TV into something more than just a screen say perhaps a bulletin board that has high visibility and that can be updated by pushing a new image to it. Slideshow is the operative word here and you can play on to broadcast important information or just something as simple as a restaurant menu cycle through to a large screen. Here's how you can do just that using either a phone and desktop, or without using anything other than the Chromecast itself. Read More