AppBox Is A New Platform For iOS 7 Lock Screen App Shortcuts & Widgets

AppBox iOS
Lock screen launchers for iOS have become quite common among the jailbreak community in the past year or so. Tweaks like BuddyLock and AnyLock are just two of the many examples of releases that allow iOS users to make the most of their lock screen. While lock screen launchers have a certain usefulness of their own, some might argue that if a launcher is too feature-rich, it ends up killing the whole purpose of the lock screen. AppBox is an upcoming Cydia tweak that might have finally struck just the right balance between being simple and useful. It allows you to place a handful of app shortcuts on the iPhone lock screen, but that’s not where it stops. The tweak is a platform for third-party lock screen app-specific widgets, which can be used to perform a lot of actions without unlocking your device. With AppBox, it becomes possible to compose texts, post to Facebook, create notes, and do much more. The possibilities are virtually limitless, since other developers can come up with AppBox plugins for different apps. Read More

Udemy Brings Its Huge Library Of Video Courses To Android

Internet is a powerful resource that can help you learn new skills. All you have to do is look in the right places. There are various popular online destinations, like Wiki-how, eHow or, that cover a variety of popular subjects that help us enhance our skills on our own. Udemy is one such renowned name among the bunch that aims to unlock your learning potential via hundreds of video courses taught by the experts, covering nearly 10,000 courses for a wide array of categories including Technology, Photography, Yoga etc. Udemy has been a critical and commercial success since it’s been around, and just last year, the company released an iOS app for letting you learn on the go on tablet and mobile platforms. This month marks the launch of Udemy on the Android platform bringing all of Udemy’s fantastic offerings to your Android phone or tablet. Read More

Hands-On With CyanogenMod’s New GalleryNext App For All Devices

CyanogenMod GalleryNext Beta for Android Featured
CyanogenMod needs no introduction when it comes to the custom ROM scene of Android. Over the past couple of years, the team behind the ROM has augmented it with several apps, and we have covered a few of them already, including CyanogenMod Messaging, CyanogenMod File Manager, Chronus (cLock) widget and CyanogenMod Screencast. For the next version of the ROM, its developers are working on a new gallery app aplty named GalleryNext, and to give users a preview as well as get their feedback to help with its development, the team has decided to release the app as a public beta on Play Store, that you can install and take on a spin right now. Let’s take a closer look at the app and its features. Read More

Create & Manage Timetables Online With Timetable Web

A timetable is a pivotal element for any school and college to set class schedules for both students and teachers. Although it’s immensely useful, a timetable is usually created in a simple word processor or spreadsheet package, and then made available on the web as a static page, or printed out and pinned to the notice board. However, that's not how it has to be in this world where we are increasingly relying on web apps for anything that can be accomplished with them. Timetable Web is a feature-rich, Java-based web app that allows you to create a timetable in the simplest way. There is no installation, as everything works off the web, with your timetables getting stored on the cloud. Read More

EvolveSMS Is An Andriod SMS App With A Customizable Hangouts-Like Interface

With the release of Android 4.4 KitKat on the Nexus 5, Google introduced an update to the Hangouts app with support for SMS, and later pushed out the update to Play Store for everyone. What I personally like best about the interface of Hangouts is the ability to quickly switch between the conversation list and the currently open conversation itself using a simple gesture. If you don’t want to switch to Hangouts for your SMS and MMS needs, but would like to have a similar interface in your messaging app, try EvolveSMS. In addition to a Hangouts-like interface, the free app also boasts some customization options, along with a theming support and a bunch of more powerful features unlockable via in-app purchases. Join us as we take a closer look at this new messaging app for Android. Read More

Studio Design For iPhone & Android Is Like Instagram For Designers

Instagram's success didn't just happen in a day, but it's no secret that the photography app has captured a lot of attention since its inception. Many apps and services have tried to mimic Instagram's success through similar features for photography fans, though not a lot of them have succeeded. Studio Design, however, aims to bring an interesting proposition to the table, offering something that would appeal to designers who would like to create ravishing designs out of their favorite stills, remix designs shared by others by adding their own touch, and share the results with others. In other words, it’s the Instagram equivalent for designers. Available for iOS and Android, the app is fun, beautiful and just works! Read More

50 Best Firefox Addons Of 2013

Firefox might not be the most popular web browser out there right now, but the number of add-ons it has, and the ones it keeps welcoming every other day into its arsenal never cease to amaze me. The browser that became the favorite of the tech savvy crowd before there was Chrome, and still remains a favorite of countless loyal users has been known for its extensive add-on support to extend its functionality beyond the stock offerings. As we take a look back at 2013 to present our readers with the best stuff we've covered the whole year, it’s now time we show you our hand-picked collection of 50 Best Firefox extensions from 2013. Read More

Sing-N-Share Is A Karaoke Assistant For iPhone & Android With A Library Of 12,000+ Songs

Love to sing, but end up getting embarrassed because of not being able to remember the full lyrics of your favorite song? What you need is a karaoke app! For those unfamiliar with karaoke apps, they provide you with backing vocals and instrumental tracks or record performances of your favorite songs, letting you hear and sing songs from the artists you adore. We are going to take a look at one such new app for iOS and Android called Sing-N-Share, which is a brilliantly executed karaoke assistant sporting an awesome and highly intuitive user-interface, along with access to a collection of over 12,000 fully-licensed popular karaoke songs from various genres. Read More

Tweetbits Organizes Your Favorite Tweets Into Categories In An Awesome UI

Nothing beats Twitter when it comes to micro-blogging. The service has proven to everyone that much can be said in 140 characters, and the ability to gain a strong following online is very much plausible for anyone who puts the effort into it (you might have heard of them Twittelebrities). Twitter fame aside, letting you organize your favorite Tweets isn't exactly a strong point of Twitter when it comes to its native features. And if you’re one of those people who love favoriting one tweet after another, you would know how tedious it can becomes to find a particular previously favorited tweet from the list at a future point. Enter Tweetbits – a third-party web app for Twitter that lets you organize your favorite tweets by grouping them in custom categories. Read More

ClassicSwitcher Adds A Customizable iOS 6-Like App Switcher To iOS 7

ClassicSwitcher iOS
iOS 7 completely reimagined the App Switcher, replacing the list of running apps' icons at the bottom with an attractive card-like view. A vast majority of users didn't take too long to get used to the new App Switcher, and maybe that's why a plethora of Cydia tweaks have been released to augment and alter this area of iOS, such as Purge and SwitchSpring that we reviewed recently. As nice as the new App Switcher is, there are still some nostalgic users who miss the iOS 6 version of this feature. For this purpose, you can always turn to tweaks like ControlTask that attempt to give you the best of both worlds. ClassicSwitcher is a new tweak, however, that gets rid of the card UI of the App Switcher altogether, and brings the old multitasking tray back. And the best part is that you can thoroughly customize this tray to suit your needs. Read More

How To Use Chrome’s ‘Supervised User’ Parental Control Feature

Google Chrome 32 is out, and with this latest update, the web giant has brought some really handy new features to the table such as Tab indicators to identify noisy tabs, automatic blocking of malware and lots more. But one feature that I found utterly fascinating is the new Supervised Users option that gives you full control over Chrome's user management, allowing you to add browsing restrictions for your supervised users, as well as monitor their web activity. In what follows, we’ll take a closer look at how this new feature works. Read More

ScanWritr Is A Robust Document Scanner For Android With Annotation Features

Do you often find the need to scan your documents and send the digital copies to others, but don’t want to spend your money buying an actual scanner? Fret not! ScanWritr for Android is here to help by letting you scan any document you wish via your Android device’s built-in camera and providing professional results that would leave you amazed. The app also carries additional features such as the ability to convert documents to PDFs, a powerful edge enhancement feature that enhances scan quality, annotation tools that let you write on and add signatures to documents, and more. Details just after the jump! Read More

mxHero Toolbox Supercharges Gmail With Self-Destructing Emails, Reminders & More

If you’re a Snapchat user, you would already know how fun it is to send self-destructing images. mxHero Toolbox is a Chrome extension that aims to bring the same functionality (and more) to your Gmail account. The extension, which is available for free at the Chrome Web Store, lets you supercharge your Gmail by adding a handful of features that aren't offered by Google, including the ability to send emails that self-destruct after 5 minutes, get notified when the recipient has read your email or clicked on links and images from it, schedule emails to be sent later, get a reminder email if the recipient doesn't reply to your mail within a time frame of your choice, and more. Read More

Benchmark & Calibrate Your Android Device’s Battery With Battery Kit

Most smartphones are notorious for their rather inadequate battery life. Although manufacturers are trying to overcome this nuisance by making bigger and long lasting batteries, heavy mobile users who stream media, browse the web and use social media services on their smartphones a lot have a hard time going through the whole day on a single charge. This is where battery saving apps come handy and let users get the most out of their phone's batteries by analyzing their performance and turning off unused mobile features. Battery Kit is one such Android app that carries many advanced features such as the ability to detect wake locks, calibrate the battery, view various useful stats, perform benchmark testing and more. Read More

100 Best Google Chrome Extensions Of 2013

2013 is now gone, but before we jump to 2014 with new hopes and resolutions, it's time to take a look at some of the best bits from last year. We've already shown you the best Android, iOSWindows Phone and Windows apps from last year, and now it's time to look at browser extensions. So, let's start with the most brilliant Google Chrome apps and extensions we covered in 2013. Some were simply updates that brought additional functionality to the table, some replaced Google’s boring New Tab page into something wonderful, while others simply made Chrome even better in other ways. Read More

Get More Animated (Dynamic) Wallpapers In iOS 7 With iDynamic

iDynamic iOS
You can rave all you want about the Control Center or the new flat UI, but dynamic wallpapers will always hold their own in any discussion of iOS 7 features. Even prior to the release of iOS 7, the Cydia store allowed users to enjoy live wallpapers on their iPhone, thanks to apps like LiveWallpaper and Go Desk. Although these animated screen backgrounds are no longer limited to just the Cydia store, there isn't too much to choose from when it comes to the default iOS 7 dynamic wallpaper collection. As you would expect, a lot of people started looking for ways to augment the firmware’s somewhat meager dynamic wallpaper collection immediately after updating to iOS 7. If you are among those users, your search is finally over. iDynamic is a Cydia app that offers a comprehensive repository of dynamic wallpapers. You can choose any animated set you want, and replace the default wallpaper collection with it quite easily. Read More

DriveSync Brings Two-Way Google Drive Sync To Android

Google Drive is Google's widely used cloud storage and synchronization service that's available on all major mobile and desktop platforms. When it comes to the mobile apps, however, one feature that's missing is two-way synchronization for your folders to keep their content in sync across your computers, smartphones and tablets. However, a new third-party app named DriveSync aims to rectify this by bring the missing two-way synchronization feature to the table. And to keep things simple, the app focuses just on synchronization rather than aiming to be a full third-party replacement for the official Drive app. Let's learn more about this handy Google Drive syncing solution after the jump. Read More

Shush Automatically Silences Your Android Phone While You’re Using It

Have you ever wanted to put your phone in silent mode when you’re using it, and revert back to your normal sound settings when you put it away? Just think of how convenient it would be if that process could be easily automated. If your mobile platform is Android, we've got a very handy solution for you in the form of an app aptly dubbed Shush. This simple, free to use app mutes your phone’s volume whenever you unlock its screen, thus silencing any upcoming text and call notifications. But the story doesn't just end here; it also restores your previous volume settings when you put it back in your pocket or when it is no longer in use. The app is also very lightweight and not resource hungry at all, so you don’t have to worry about quirky battery drains either. Read past the jump for more details. Read More

How To Opt Out Of Gmail’s New Email Via Google+ Option

The big G recently made a controversial change to Gmail, making it possible for users to send email messages to anyone from their Google+ profiles. The integration means that if you use both Gmail and Google+ services, anyone on Google+ can now email you without knowing your email address. The change has become a lightning rod for controversy, particularly among privacy advocates who do not want their Gmail account being shared among their Google+ circles. What even struck more is the fact that the new feature is opt-out rather than opt-in, meaning it's enabled by default, and those who don’t want it must disable it manually. Fortunately, it’s fairly easily to disable this feature and in what follows, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of doing that. Read More

CM (Cleanmaster) Security Is A Combined Anti-Malware, Junk Files Cleaner & Call Blocker For Android

To what extent is Android susceptible to viruses, malware and other malicious threats from the internet has always been a topic of debate. And although the world’s most popular mobile operating system comes with some built-in security measures in place, there's no shortage of third-party anti-malware apps on Google Play Store either to enhance security, with some offering really advanced features that usually come at a cost. Similarly, there are apps out there that help you clean up your device's storage to get rid of some useless files that are just taking up space. CM (Cleanmaster) Security however, aims to provide you with a simple-to-use solution for both malware and junk file cleanup at a price tag of free. In addition, it also throws in a handy call blocking feature. Read More