Stream Videos For Songs In Your iTunes Library To Chromecast

Music TV
A while back we shared an app called Jukebox that allowed you to listen to music stored in your Dropbox account. The app connected with your account, scanned it for music, and allowed you to play it from its music player. With Jukebox, you can create playlists, and play songs on loop or repeat. If you're looking for a way to cast your music to a Chromecast, then Music TV is the answer. It's a free iOS app that will let you select songs from your iTunes library and play them over the Chromecast. It searches YouTube for a video to go with it and casts it when the song is played. Read More

Compose A Text Note Anywhere And Email It To Yourself

Anyone who takes notes frequently likely has a go-to note taking app to do the job. Evernote is often the popular option but if you need one and don't have a favorite to turn to, or you're working on a device that isn't your own, I don't have a damn pen is a web app that you can use. It's quite simply a note taking app that you can use from your browser, mobile or desktop, with support for basic font styles. The app lets you tpe your note in the browser and once you're done, you can email it to yourself. Read More

How To Search For And Add GIFs In The Twitter Mobile App

Twitter has long supported the ability to play GIFs. You can tweet a GIF image and it will play in the timeline on both the desktop and the mobile apps. Likewise, you can link to a GIF and it will play. Unlike Facebook, Twitter has been very accommodating of this particular image format and it's been likewise used on it excessively. As of a recent update to Twitter, you can now search for and tweet GIFs from inside the mobile apps. Here's how. Read More

Get An iPad Like App Launcher On Windows

Microsoft experimented with a full screen app launcher back in Windows 8 that it called the Start Screen. The launcher didn't fare well with users and Microsoft eventually had to get rid of it. If the idea of a full screen app launcher appealed to you, PaperPlane is a free app launcher for Windows that mimics the launcher on the iPad. The great thing about the app is how easy it is to launch it. It doesn't interfere with any normal desktop functions and you can add files, folders, apps, and web links to it. Read More

How To Get More Detailed Graphs In The iOS Health App

The Health app in iOS continuously tracks data about our physical health. Some data is tracked automatically such as how much we've walked, while other data such as our BMI or reproductive cycle, we enter manually or via other apps. The Health is app still very basic and it wasn't until a few updates ago that Apple included an option to track menstrual health to the app. More than anything, the app is built to be a dashboard where you can view your complete health stats but it might vex you at times when it doesn't let you view activity for individual data points on the dashboard graphs. The app does in fact allow you to do so provided you use it in the landscape orientation. Read More

Add Google’s ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ As A Search Engine In Your Browser

im feeling lucky
Google has long reigned supreme as the best search engine to find just about anything and everything. We might at times switch to other search engines for a particular search but Google remains the default search engine for the vast majority of web users. If you've ever wanted to use Google's I'm Feeling Lucky feature from your browser's search bar but didn't want to install an add-on or extension to do the trick, you can add it as a search engine. Here's how. Read More

How To Export An Installed Extension [Chrome]

Extensions in the Chrome Web Store seldom ever disappear but they are often updated and there have been instances when a developer simply removed them. If you're trying to stick to a certain version of a Chrome extension or would just like to back them up in case an important one is no longer available, you can do so from Chrome without needing any third party tools or extensions. Here's how. Read More

Route Audio From Your PC To An Android Phone

Macs, iPhones, and iPads are consistently built to communicate well with each other. The OS updates tie more and more of the features together but for anyone trying to get a Windows PC and an Android phone to play nice with each other, you will need third party apps. If you're trying to send audio from your PC to an Android, SoundWire is an Android and Windows app that will let you do just that. The Android version of the app comes with ads though they aren't intrusive and shouldn't make much of a difference once you have the audio set up to transmit from your desktop to your phone or tablet. The paid version of the app is free of ads and has additional features. Read More

Search For And Insert Emoji From Your Browser [Chrome]

Emojis have long been part of the keyboards on our smartphones but as far as the desktop goes they are yet to be made a part of it. It isn't just keyboards on the desktop that don't support emoji, it's also browsers that don't support it. If you were to come across a Tweet sent by someone from a smartphone app and containing an emoji, the browser will not display it. Emoji Keyboard is  Chrome extension that lets you insert emoji characters. It comes with a search feature that you won't find even on smartphones and the extension also lets you see emoji that have been typed from a smartphone. Read More

How To Set The Default USB Connection Type In Android 6.0

If you have an Android device that you've updated to Android 6.0 you have no doubt realized that every time you connect your device via data cable to your PC, it defaults to charging mode. If you're looking to transfer photos from the device to your computer, you have to pull down the Notification panel, tap the USB connection icon, and choose the MTP protocol or PTP protocol in order to access files on your device. In older versions of Android, there was an option to set the default USB connection type so that you wouldn't have select it each time you connected your device. In Android 6.0, the options seems to have disappeared. It has in fact moved and you can only access it if you've enabled developer options. Read More

Play Video Through Chromecast And Route Audio Through Your PC Or Mac

The Chromecast doesn't let you separate the audio and video streams of any media that you want to play. When you cast anything from your PC, you have no choice but to cast both the audio and the video which is fine if you're casting to a TV which will come with built-in speakers. If however you have a large monitor that you hook your Chromecast up to and it doesn't have speakers or low quality quality speakers you might prefer routing the audio of whatever you're watching through your PC. The only problem is that you can't. Not only does Chromecast not support this functionality, there are no apps available as yet that do. This means the only way to do it is with a tricky little work around and we have just that for you. Read More

Temporarily Disable Caching For A Specific Website [Chrome]

Browsers cache content to help websites load faster. The cache will save elements of a web page such as images and the CSS to local storage so that when you next visit it, the page will load faster. The browser does this for content that doesn't update frequently. At times the cache can also prevent you from seeing changes that have been made to a website because your browser continues to load the page from the content saved to it. The simple solution here is to press Shift+F5 on the website and the browser will ignore the cache and reload the page. It will also refresh the cache. If however you'd like to stop the browser from saving and loading a webpage or domain from the cache for an extended session you can use the browser's developer tools. Read More

Switch To The Simplified Version Of Wikipedia If Your English Isn’t Strong

Wikipedia has versions for several different languages but there is no denying the fact that a majority of its content isn't available in all the languages it supports. The English version has the largest volume of content and often an article that is available in multiple languages will have a better version in English. You can use Google Translate to read an article if English isn't your first language  but the translation isn't always the best. If, however, you can read and understand simple English you might try switching to the simplified English version of an article to make it easier to under. Wikipedia, the English version has a simplified version that you can access with a simple change in the URL. Read More

Turn On ‘Find My Device’ To Track Your Windows 10 Laptop

Location tracking apps are a popular feature in mobile operating systems and both Android and iOS have one. The feature is meant to help if you've forgotten your phone some place or if it's been stolen but phones aren't the only devices that are portable. Tablets and laptops are used commonly by anyone who works on the go and they too can be forgotten or stolen. Windows 10 is meant for both laptops and tablets and as of build 1511, it comes with a location tracking feature for keeping track of your tablet or laptop. Here's how to turn it on. Read More

Share A Screenshot Of Your Android Screen Using Google Now On Tap

Android has long had the ability to take screenshots. The feature was added in Android 4.0 though there were many apps in the Google Play Store that allowed you to do so. Most of the apps required root access so the feature being made part of the OS made things much easier. To take a screenshot on Android, hold down the power and volume down button. If that combination doesn't work, hold down the power and home button. If you intend to share the screenshot with someone and your device is running Android Marshmallow, you can instead use the new Google Now on Tap feature to share what's on your screen. Here's how. Read More

Disable Notifications For An App From The Notification Area [Android]

Just about any app you install will send you notifications. It doesn't matter if an app needs to send them to you or not, most will want to do so anyway. Some app developers consider it an opportunity to push a new promotion. That said, you can always selectively turn notifications off but if you're putting it off or don't want to go digging through an app's settings, you can jump to the right screen for turning off notifications for an app from the Notification Area in Android. Here's how. Read More

Sort All Reddit Posts Into Links, Pictures, And Videos

FRONT - Uforio
Reddit is increasingly becoming more and more popular and developers create skins and mobile apps to help people browse the site more comfortably. Each app, whether it's developed for the web or for a smartphone, offers a unique way to go through the posts. Uforio is a web app that sorts Reddit posts by the content type. The posts are classified into three types; links, pictures, and videos. You can sort the posts on the front page, or you can go to any subreddit of your choice and have the posts submitted to it, sorted into these three types. The sorting effectively leaves out text based posts so you won't be seeing much from subreddits like Writing Prompts, or Ask Reddit. Read More

Set An Out Of Office Reply For Your Twitter Account

Twitter accounts of large brands are maintained by a team of people. It allows them to maintain an always active presence on social media. If you, as an individual, use Twitter to engage with potential customers, clients, or industry peers, you know that it too requires you to remain active on Twitter for extended periods of time. On Twitter, prompt replies are what get conversations going. It's also normal to close Twitter and not stay active on the site since it means getting little to no work done otherwise. OOOTwitter is a simple web app that lets you set an out of office message for Twitter. You can set it up to activate after a certain number of hours and to remain active for as long as you need. When someone  tweets at you, it replies with an auto message that you have set in advance. Read More

How To Disable Notifications For Recommended Videos From YouTube [Android]

YouTube for Android has received an update and of all the features that might have been implemented in the new version of the app, notifications for recommended videos is one of them. The update has brought some great features with it like an in-app editing tool but this new type of notification is going to get your attention before anything else. The new notifications do not appear when you open the YouTube. They appear like any other notification would in the Android Notification area. It's just another way the app will distract you with videos that are trending and match your previous viewing preferences. Fortunately, the YouTube app has a way of shutting them off. Here's how. Read More

Always Brew The Perfect Cup Of Tea With A Timer To Get It Right

Mighty Timer
Brewing tea is pretty simple if you look at the directions on a box, or watch one or two YouTube videos. That said, tea has as many types and flavors as pizza (if not more) and each type is made differently. If you're looking to learn how to make the right cup of tea, Mighty Timer is a free iOS app that's worth checking out. The app is basically a timer and a recipe book rolled into one with the the condition that all recipes in are for tea. It comes with tea brewing recipes, complete with timer, temperature, and quantity needed to brew the tea. Read More