Wordbase Is A Word Game That Combins Scrabble & Letterpress [Android]

Word games have been around for ages and they still live on as strong as ever in today’s smartphone era. Being an Android user, you don’t have to worry about finding one because the Play Store houses countless games that fit this genre. Wordbase is one such new kid on the block that couldn’t escape our radar. Essentially, it is a word game that requires you to strategically reach your opponents base, not with weapons or climbing humongous mountains, but rather with a strong vocabulary, one word at a time. Read More

Movienr: Find Movies By Genre, Theme, Place, Period, & More

It's the weekend and the perfect time to watch a movie. The only question is what movie should you watch? It's the one question that will decide between a night well spent or a night utterly wasted. Movienr is a web service that might help; it lets you search for movies by genre, theme, place, period etc. So, why is this impressive when every other movie search service has a genre filter? It's the other filters that make it special. The Theme filter has everything from alien, animal, disaster to the ever popular vampire. Then there's the place filter which finds movies based on what place they are about like maybe an island, a jungle, or a dessert. The point is, this isn't your typical genre based movie search. It's far more interest based. Read More

10 Add-ons For Firefox Android That You Should Try Out Over The Weekend

Firefox users have long enjoyed amazing features on the desktop thanks to the very rich add-on repository that it has. We've covered a lot of these add-ons and often had readers asking if a similar extension was available for Chrome. It's a tribute to these add-ons that add both features and functionality. Firefox isn't just a desktop browser, it has an amazing Android version which happens to support add-ons as well. Like the repository for add-ons for the desktop version, there is a repository for the Android version as well and we combed it for some useful ones that every Firefox user should install. Here are our top ten picks. Read More

Newsbeat Reads Your Favorite News Stories To You Out Loud On Your Phone

Keeping up with news of any kind is pretty simple these days thanks to the swathe of smartphone apps and the abundance of online content. When it comes to newsreaders on Android and iOS, there’s really not any shortage of such apps on both these platforms. But Newsbeat –by Tribune Digital Ventures – is a free, well-designed news app that brings something unique to the table. Instead of letting you read long-winded news stories, it narrates them for you using text-to-speech technology. The clear dialogue in turn makes it fairly similar to how you hear the news on radio or podcasts. The really interesting bit is that instead of a select few stories, you can listen to literally any news you want and curate news playlists of your topics that interest you, as well as select custom news sources and sections. Read More

Agora’s Lets You Compare Products When You Buy Items Online [Chrome]

Do you needlessly spend money buying stuff on Amazon only to find your wallet empty when you need it the most? No matter how little or how much money you have, spending it wisely is very important. But sadly most of us don’t bother doing comparison shopping when buying items online. If you want to get the most bang for your buck then the new comparison shopping service labeled Agora for Chrome aims to provide a handy solution. It gives you your personal workspace where you can add products to your dashboard, organize them and make comparisons in order to make the best purchase decision. Although still in early beta, the service works absolutely like a charm. Read More

Faces.im Brings Facebook Chat Heads Notifications To Google Chrome

The Messenger app is one of the center pieces of Facebook’s mobile empire. If you’ve ever used it on your smartphone or tablet, you may have fancied its Chat Heads notification system that put your friends’ heads in bubbles that pop up over any app when you receive a Facebook message. This way you don't need to navigate to a separate screen or use an app to exchange messages. Chat Heads are available on both Android and iOS, but despite their appeal, they have never made an appearance on desktop. Fortunately, we can take help from third party apps when something’s not officially offered to us. And this is exactly what Faces.im, a Google Chrome extension, is all about. This handy little tool brings Chat Heads UI to desktop, allowing you to keep track of your Facebook messages in the simplest manner. Read More

KeyCuts: Erase Words, Letters, Add Full Stops & More With Swipe Gestures [Jailbreak]

iOS 8 will allow third party keyboards to be installed on your device which is great news and something people with jailbroken devices know the importance of. KeyCuts is yet another Cydia tweak that aims to make typing on iOS better but instead of changing what the keyboard does, it adds gestures that make typing easier. The tweak is available in the BigBoss repository and costs $0.99. By default, it lets you erase one letter by swiping up, jump to a new line by swiping down, delete the last word you just wrote by swiping left, and add a space and period by swiping right. In effect, it renders the backspace, enter, and space bar useless. It supports other functions that can be assigned to these four gestures. Read More

Tab Groups Helper Makes Tab Management In Firefox More Accessible

The Tab Groups feature of Firefox is a pretty smart way of managing multiple tabs. But the major shortcoming that it suffers with is that the tab groups can only be displayed in a separate interface as small thumbnails. Moreover, Mozilla’s open source web browser is not very flexible when its comes to customizing these groups. You can quickly access Tab Groups via Ctrl + Shift + E hotkey shortcut. Or via an on screen button which only appears when you have so many tabs opened. If you work with a lot of tabs, love Firefox’s tab grouping but want to bring it directly to the forefront of any webpage, try Tab Groups Helper, which, instead of relying on two interfaces, presents tab groups in an overlaid window. Read More

View Folder Size In Bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes, And Gigabytes [Windows]

One of the things that bother me about Windows is its inability to display folder sizes. Although you can get that information if you open the folder’s Properties sheet in Windows Explorer, it is not suited for comparing folder sizes or analyzing which folders are taking the most disk space, because it can be time wasting to open the properties of every folder one after the other. If you don’t mind using third party tools, Folder Size Explorer is a free application that aims to help you. It automatically calculates the size of all the folders on your computer and lets you view it in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes. Read More

NOTEify Take Notes During Phone Calls & Manage Contacts

Talking on the smartphone is something we take for granted these days. And while it’s no longer unusual to be seen taking a phone call, what’s rather useful about a smartphone is the things you can do while you’re in the middle of a call. NOTEify (or Noteify for that matter) is a small Android application that can help you jot down notes when you're in acall. It pops up as a floating window carrying a built in text editor where you can freely add things you may want to remember about a particular contact, or even if you need to casually note down something quickly without jumping to Evernote. Read More

SndLatr Compose Gmail Messages Now And Send Them Later [Chrome]

Email has become fairly essential these days. Almost anyone who owns a computer or smartphone has an email account. And when it comes to email services, Gmail is our favorite one here at Addictivetips, but truth be told, there are a few things we wish we could add. For instance, if you’re anything like me, you’ll receive a huge number of emails each day. But sometimes I have to reply to certain emails only at a particular time. If you have ever wanted to write a message in Gmail now but send it a later date and time then SndLatr will come as immensely useful. This amazing Google Chrome extension has been designed to take control out of the hands of Gmail and place it back under your command by letting you schedule emails however you please. What’s more, it allows you to create custom text snippets and use them on the fly. Read More

6 New Photo Editing Features Added In Instagram v6.0 Update

Instagram is the camera app that gets filters right and it's just released a new version that brings 6 new editing features that take it beyond filters. The new features include adjustments for shadow and highlight, vignette, the intensity of the filters applied, adjustments for brightness, contrast, and saturation, sharpness, and light intensity. The update has been rolled out for both iOS and Android and changes to the camera viewer and photo editing screens have been made to accommodate the new features. Read More

New Features In OS X Yosemite

Every year at WWDC, Apple showcases their latest products for the benefit of developers. Due to the hype it commands, it went from being a simple developer's showcase to a global event. Steve Jobs' presentations are still held at a very high pedestal, especially his now revered Columbo-esque "oh, and one more thing" revelations. Last year, we discussed the release of the OS X Mavericks, 10.9 and later covered it in depth. OS X 10.10, originally codenamed "Syrah", has been subject to speculation since Mavericks was set to release. The 11th version of OS X was finally unveiled at WWDC 2014, it is named Mac OS Yosemite, continuing the naming convention based on places in California. Read More

Whistle Phone Finder Lets You Whistle To Locate Your Phone [Android]

No one ever wants to lose their smartphone, because when it does happen panic quickly sets in. Yesterday we covered a paid iOS application called Marco Polo that helps you find your iPhone by shouting “Marco”, and it will respond back “Polo” allowing you to locate your device via hearing the sound. If you’re looking for a similar solution on Android then Whistle Phone Finder is a free app that can help you find your misplaced smartphone by simply whistling at it, giving you clues to its location. When using the app, users can find their device by whistling loudly and it will respond via audio notification so they know where to look. Read More

Automatically Find Unanswered Emails And Add A Label To Them In Gmail

awaiting response
Email is, and probably will be for the foreseeable future, a major time hog in our lives, both personal and work. If sending emails or replying to old ones isn't time consuming enough, you also have to keep track of which emails you sent have gone unanswered so you can send reminders and follow up on them. A week ago Google shared a script on its developer blog to tackle this very problem. The script checks your Sent folder for emails that you sent up to 7 days ago. All emails that you sent out but have not received a reply to are labeled 'Awaiting Response' so that it is easier for you to find them. Read More

Marco Polo: Find Your Phone by Shouting Marco & It Will Answer Polo [Paid]

mic access
People leave their phones somewhere and forget where. If you've forgotten your phone at a coffee shop or a book store then Find My iPhone is what's going to help you get it back. But what if you unwisely left it in your bed and it's now rolled up in your covers, out of sight and untraceable? How long are you going to search and how deep will you have to dissect your house before you find it again? Marco Polo is an iOS app worth $0.99 in the App Store that helps you find your iPhone by shouting Marco out loud. It responds with Polo and you follow the sound to your phone. The app does not need an internet or network connection to work. Read More

How To Get Android 4.4.3 On Nexus Devices [OTA + Manual Update]

It was a busy night all around with Apple announcing the latest OS X and iOS instalments, and Android 4.4.3 finally rolling out to Nexus devices OTA. Android 4.4.3 is not huge in terms of features and mostly has bug fixes but that's no reason to not want to update to it. For those that are receiving the update OTA, getting it is super simple but those who keep checking to see if an update is available only to find it isn't, getting the update now is only slightly complicated. Here's a how-to for both manual and OTA updates. Read More

Set Timers For Any Length Of Time On Any Future Date With DownCount [Android]

The default clock app of Android is useful enough for quickly timing things like boiling an egg, waiting for you friend, or steeping tea. But when you need to keep track of longer periods of time, or use multiple timers simultaneously, the clock app can’t help you. Downcount, a new Android app available for free at the Google Play was developed to fill this gap, allowing users to instantly create timers for any length past the usual hours limit. Is it worth your time? Let’s go check it out! Read More

Hover Reader Gives Instant Preview Of Links In A Floating Window [Chrome]

Sometimes we don’t want to waste our time clicking every link we find on the web. If you want to take a quick peek at a link within a news article on a blog or any website, lets say, but don't want to actually click on the link itself then Hover Reader is a simple Chrome extension that provides an intuitive solution. When you hover over a link, the extension instantly shows a reader friendly preview of the page linked, stripping out any images, advertisements, and other fluff on the page. The extension is also a bit customizable so you can keep it from being annoying on specified domains. Details to be followed after the jump. Read More

WifiChannelMonitor: Get Detailed Info About Access Points & Connected Devices

If you’ve ever accessed your Wi-Fi router’s settings page, you’ve probably seen the word ‘Channel’ there. Most of the time, we just connect the router and it automatically has the right channel selected for us. In some cases, the Wi-Fi connection is quite fast, but the selected channel makes it super slower due to a number of reasons. And while there are multiple ways to increase internet speed, one of the easiest one is to switch the default Wi-Fi channel to one that is less congested. But how do you find which channel would have the least amount of traffic? This is where NirSoft’s new tool WifiChannelMonitor comes to the rescue. This no-frills utility uses Microsoft Network Monitor capture driver in monitor mode, and displays real time information about the access points and the Wi-Fi devices connected to them. Read More