Fav Adds An App Of Your Choice In iOS 7 Where Spotlight Used To Be

Fav iOS
If you miss the old Spotlight search area from iOS 6, you are certainly in the minority, as iOS 7 offers a much more elegant way of sifting through apps, data, and content on the web. Having said that, there can be no denying the fact that old habits die hard and owing to that, many users frequently find themselves swiping to the right from the edge of their iPhone’s home screen, even though there isn't anything there now. Fav is a new Cydia tweak that puts this phenomenon to good use by letting users assign the defunct Spotlight gesture to launch their favorite app. The tweak isn't too complicated, as all it does is allow users to choose any app installed on their iDevice, and launch it any time they want by swiping from left to right when on the first page of the SpringBoard. Read More

Use Swipes To Launch Apps From The iOS 7 Lock Screen With Swipey

The iOS 7 lock screen has already inspired Android launchers and tweaks for older iDevices, but now some Cydia releases have started making changes to the lock screen itself. After installing Swipey, you won’t see any visible change to the lock screen, but a very useful new functionality is added there nonetheless. Swipey is an app launcher of sorts, and although it doesn’t add a list of app shortcuts anywhere, you can still use it to quickly launch frequently used apps right from the lock screen. The tweak allows its users to add up to 6 apps to the lock screen in the form of stowed away cards. Just swipe multiple times across the lock screen until you get to your favorite app and as soon as you let the card go, the said app will launch straight away. This way, the launcher does not take up any space at all but can still come in handy on short notice. Read More

Change Bubbles’ Color & Add Contact Pictures In iOS 7 Messages App

Messages Customiser iOS
The interactive notifications offered by biteSMS might be great, but a lot of people use it for its visual aspects, too. The stock Messages app in iOS 7, on the other hand, has been flattened, along with the rest of the UI, but the basic color scheme of the app hasn't changed a lot. If you are getting a bit bored of seeing your texts wear the same, old look every day, then Messages Customiser might be a tweak that can help in this regard. This Cydia release doesn't supercharge the Messages app with a boatload of features, but the changes it does allow users to make are quite significant nonetheless. With this tweak, you get to change the color of the chat bubbles to any shade of your choice, and alter the overall tint of the Messages app as well. It is also possible to tinker with the shape and style of these bubbles, while the tweak’s ability to associate photos with SMS threads makes Messages Customiser a must-have for anyone who has recently gained access to the iOS 7 jailbreak. Read More

172 Best Android Apps Of 2013

2013 was yet another great year for Android and its app ecosystem, with developers really making best use of the power offered by the world’s most popular mobile operating system, resulting in many apps that left us spellbound. My personal favorites from this year include Aviate launcher, Cover lock screen, Fleksy keyboard, Switchr, PushBullet, Themer, Smart Launcher, Disa, Lightning Browser, DashClock, Tonido, Condi, Timely, Simplenote, Readmill, NicePlayer, Focal, Spotflux, Duolingo and 9GAG, and these are just the ones that I have been actively using since first trying them. Needless to say, these aren’t the only great apps from the year. So, join us as we take a look at the best Android apps from 2013 (including the ones mentioned above) that we’ve covered for you here at AddictiveTips. Read More

Get Basic Lockscreen Customization Options In iOS 7 With CustomLS

customLS Lockscreen Tweak for iOS 7 3
When it comes to deep system components customization, what Android gets by default, iOS users get after jailbreaking. Changing the keyboard, replacing the multitasking app switcher, setting a different default web browser and even replacing the main home screen launcher is all possible on Android from the get-go. Consider the system lockscreen; you can get all sorts of third-party lock-screens from the Play Store to replace the stock one with but on iOS, you are stuck with the extremely basic Apple-designed lock-screen. Although I feel satisfied with the lockscreen on my iOS 7-toting iPhone 4S, some customization would certainly have been nice. That's where the CustomLS Cydia tweak for iOS 7 comes in. Read More

Twitter Releases Vine For Web With A Full Screen TV Mode & More

At long last, it has finally arrived! Twitter launched Vine on iOS and Android quite a while back and starting today, your favorite video-looping and sharing service has landed to the web as well. Vine For Web lets you access your Vine home feed, browse other users' profiles and like, comment and share videos straight from the web. Speaking of sharing, you can even share your profile URL with others, which, in turn, will let them browse and view all your vines. Furthermore, there’s a new TV mode exclusive to the web interface that enables users to watch entire sequences of Vines from a profile or home feed, in full screen mode. Read More

Yunio Is A Cross-Platform Cloud Storage & Sync Service With Up To 1TB Of Free Space

When it comes to selecting a cloud storage service, what’s the most pivotal feature that you look for? More storage space? Better security? Or the best sharing capabilities? As with all cutting-edge technologies, cloud storage solutions are also gradually becoming more robust. While Dropbox may still be the most popular solution around, there are unsung heroes like Yunio that aim to provide consumers the best-in-class features they never thought they needed. Besides being available on all major desktop and mobile platforms, Yunio’s feature-set is simply spellbinding, hard to count on fingers I’d say. To begin, it’s the 1TB free cloud space alone should be enough to catch the attention of most users. Read More

Review & Manage Web Services Permissions For Your Major Accounts With MyPermissions Cleaner

Every time we get on the internet, we put our privacy at stake, owing to the fact that the very services we heavily rely on are leaking our private info to third parties. That the data is mostly mined by marketing companies for advertisement purposes, or lately by intelligence agencies like NSA for mass surveillance of internet users. Though recently, a new breed of personal data collection has emerged in the form of app permissions. If you've ever used cloud services like Dropbox or SkyDrive and social network such as Facebook and Twitter, and have linked one of your accounts to a new web app, you might already be aware what app permissions are. MyPermissions Cleaner is a web service with a Chrome extension and apps for iOS and Android that lets you quickly clean up any previous app permissions of web apps that you may have granted during sign up process. Read More

Build Your Own iGoogle-Like Custom Browser Start Page With STARTME

Lately, Google has pulled the plug on several of its services, with Google Reader's demise getting most of the attention. iGoogle was another casualty of Google's operation cleanup, leaving many long-time users without their personalized home page. If you are looking for an alternative to iGoogle that allows you to create a browser start page with your favorite bookmarks, RSS feeds and widgets of popular web services all in one place and laid out according to your choice,  STARTME is a free service that's definitely worth giving a try. Details after the jump. Read More

Easily Extract Multiple Icons From Any File In Windows

Previously, we've featured a wide array of tools and applications for creating, customizing or downloading icons for files, folders and apps in Windows as well as other platforms. For instance, Folderico is a fantastic tool for quickly modifying folder icons in a few mouse clicks. Likewise, Iconmancer is another great application for designing your icon files from scratch. Today’s icon recipe is about how to extract icons from files like EXE, DLL, TXT etc. and save them as image files. Meet Icons From File a freeware desktop application that does just that. And the best part is that the tool is dead simple to use and can extract icons from any files in a snap. Read More

150 Best Windows Software Of Year 2013

Every year, we review a truckload of desktop and mobile apps as well as tips and tutorials for our loyal AddictiveTips readers. And as we look back on another year gone, it’s time we present our behemoth compilation of the biggest and most spectacular releases on Windows platform in 2013. The operating system that has made it way to tablets from notebooks and desktop PCs was in full-swing this year, receiving an all new 8.1 update, loads of Windows Store apps including the likes of Flipboard, Facebook and Twitter, as well as some amazing conventional desktop app releases. So without any further ado, lets take a look at the best apps for Windows from 2013! Read More

Enable Apple Maps’ Turn-By-Turn Navigation In Unsupported Countries


While Google Maps is still far superior to Apple Maps in pretty much every way, there are still plenty of users out there who will prefer Apple's solution to Google's because of the former's tighter integration with iOS. Apple Maps as an app is faster and arguably prettier than Google Maps, and is opened automatically when you tap navigation links in other apps including Siri, Messages and Mail, among others. If you are one of those users, and you live in a country where Apple Maps does not offer navigation, check out MapsAllCountries - a new tweak available now on Cydia that enables turn-by-turn directions in the officially unsupported countries. Read More

Customize iOS Control Center & Get Themes For Its Toggles With CCControls

CCControls iOS
FlipControlCenter and CCToggles have recently demonstrated that there is room for improvement in the iOS 7 Control Center. The feature itself doesn’t lack too much, but if you are a true jailbreaker at heart, chances are that you aren’t easily satisfied by what your iPhone has on offer. To tinker with the toggles and app shortcuts available in the Control Center, users must rely on Cydia tweaks. However, people rarely prefer installing multiple tweaks aimed at a single part of iOS. This is why CCControls might prove to be the one Control Center tweak to rule them all. Of course, it doesn’t add the App Switcher to CC the way ControlTask does, but just about everything else that can be altered in Control Center can be done using CCControls. The tweak offers themes for CC toggles, has options to change the order of these toggles, lets you disable shortcuts, and can change the way Control Center behaves on the lock screen. Read More

Group Multiple Applications By Task Under One Window With TaskSpace

Many of us who own large screen monitors, or dual or triple displays setup take Taskbar space for granted, but it’s considered fairly a premium property by Windows users working on small laptop screens. It’s not unusual to run out of Taskbar area when you have a ton of application windows opened simultaneously – and it becomes quite tedious to incessantly hit Alt + Tab to switch windows. There’s where TaskSpace comes in –  a small, portable application that lets you group currently running apps under different TaskSpace windows making your programs easier to manage according to the task you want to perform. Read More

Easily Manage & Trade Your Dogecoins On Android With Dogecoin Wallet

The battle between cryptocurrencies is now blazing hot with Bitcoin taking the upper hand. It’s not an unknown fact that the value of Bitcoin recently soared over a staggering $1000 per unit, a massive surge for a currency that isn’t even regulated by any official financial body. But Bitcoin isn’t the only kid on the block, various alternatives – or should I say ‘alt-coins’- have now popped up out of nowhere looking to try for similar success. That said, if you’re aware of Bitcoin, then you might have also heard of Dogecoin, an open-source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency like the former. Dogecoin, however, doesn’t have an official mobile app, which means trading your hard earned digital currency on the go is not plausible, or plain tedious. Fret not! Enter Dogecoin Wallet, an Android app that lets you manage your Dogecoin savings and transactions from your phone or tablet. Read More

Popular Minimal Weather App Solar Now Available For Android

Besides using our smartphones and tablets for the essentials - texting and calling, accessing the internet, reading emails and capturing photos - we find use for them in viewing daily weather forecasts. Almost over a year after it rolled out on the iPhone and iPad, the popular Solar : Weather app by Hollr, Inc. has made its way to the Android platform. And while its iOS counterpart was launched as a paid app on the App Store, the Play Store version is available for free and boasts the same gorgeous design that made it one of the best looking weather apps on iOS. Details and screenshots after the jump. Read More

Add Any App Shortcut To iOS 7 Control Center & Customize Switches With CCToggles

It's the most exciting time of the year for the iOS jailbreak community. Apple launches a new version of iOS that solves some problems and creates others, a public jailbreak tool is released, and then jailbreak developers come up with different alternative solutions to the new set of problems. iOS 7 is a great overhaul of Apple's mobile operating system, but it has its fair share of shortcomings - especially when it comes to even basic customizability - that jailbreak tweaks and apps so eagerly solve. We have already discussed how to jailbreak iOS 7, and have covered tweaks like ControlTask for adding apps to Control Center quick launch menu, and FlipControlCenter for changing the toggles in iOS 7 Control Center. Now we've got another tweak called CCToggles that is similar in execution to the aforementioned tweaks, but comes with some useful extra features that we have discussed after the break. Read More

Cydia Substrate Updated With Support For iOS 7, iPhone 5s & Other A7 Devices

The MobileSubstrate update that jailbreak users has been waiting for is finally here. Cydia developer, saurik (Jay Freeman), announced the update in a tweet just a few moments ago. Although we've been able to install and use certain old tweaks and quite a few new ones in the first week after the evasi0n 7 jailbreak tool was released, a majority of what the Cydia store had to offer remained partially or completely incompatible with both new and old devices. As mentioned in our iOS 7 jailbreak guide, updates from both the evad3rs and saurik were needed to patch up certain fundamental incompatibilities. The evad3rs rolled out an update shortly after the initial release of their jailbreak tool, and now, Substrate too has been updated to 0.9.5000 with full support for iOS 7 and A7-based ARM64 devices like the iPhone 5s. For any tweaks to work on A7 devices, though, they would have to be recompiled for compatibility with the ARM64 architecture. Read More

Get iOS 7 On iPhone 2G, 3G & iPod touch 1G, 2G With Whited00r 7

Whited00r is among the few iOS-related tools that just refuse to die out. Don’t be surprised if its developers keep updating Whited00r with support for iOS 8 and beyond. In the past, we have covered Whited00r 5 and Whited00r 6. The latest version of the tool lets owners of older, unsupported iDevices have a taste of iOS 7. With Whited00r 7, users get the flat UI, Control Center, the new multitasking view, and many other features associated with the latest update of Apple’s mobile platform. The installation procedure and the trademark performance optimization haven’t changed with this update of Whited00r, and any adventurous iDevice owners should give this awesome tool a shot. Read More

What Is ART & How Is It Different From Dalvik Virtual Machine On Android?

In the world of technology, new terminologies and abbreviations are nothing new, and at times, with every new release of even existing software, you might see a new term coining up that everyone seems to use and understand. The problem for beginners and even a lot of casual users, however, is that they neither fully understand what the new connotation means, nor can they easily find out about it on their own from official sources, primarily owing to the fact that developers aren't too keen on explaining many such terminologies and their technical details. At best, you’ll get pointed to an official link that does provide an explanation, but in such technical terms that it’s pretty much useless to a non-techie. We at AddictiveTips have always taken pride in dumbing down technical concepts and providing answers in terms that are agreeable to the casual user and the tech beginner. Hence, when Google decided to introduce ART with Android 4.4 KitKat, we saw this as an opportunity to introduce our readers to the new runtime environment and help everyone understand what all of this is about, and how is it different from the Dalvik virtual machine that ART is being built to replace. Read More