How To Set A Temporary Profile Picture On Facebook

For a while now, Facebook has been marking major world events with special, temporary filters for profile pictures. These filters allow the global Facebook community to collectively show support and solidarity for a cause. Facebook has now rolled out a new feature that lets you upload temporary profile pictures. It's meant to mark important life events. For now, the temporary profile picture can only be uploaded from a mobile app and not from the web. Temporary profile pictures can be set to expire after an hour, a day, a week, or a custom period of time. Here's how to set one up. Read More

How To Turn Off Search Suggestions In Firefox

Options - ff 43
Firefox 43 introduced Search Suggestions. It's a new feature that allows search engines to provide suggested searches in the Awesome bar and for now it is opt-in. Search suggestions or 'live search' as we would perhaps call them if we were to use Google's terms, provide relevant search terms so that you're more likely to find the right information. In theory, it should be helpful but if you tried the feature out and didn't like it, you might be wondering where/how you can turn it Off. Since Firefox had the foresight to not impose the new feature on its users, it's also had the foresight to give you an easy way to disable it. Here's how. Read More

How To Change The Time On Your Chromecast Device

Google normally makes it mandatory for users to link their Google accounts with any of its devices or services that they want to use. With Chromecast, there is no such restriction/compulsion and you can install it without ever having to sign in using any sort of online ID. That said, when you don't connect devices to online services, you miss out on certain customization features. When you install Chromecast, it will automatically pick up the default time (based on timezone) set for the device. Here's how you can change the time for your Chromecast device. Read More

How To Install Unsigned Add-Ons In Firefox 43

install unsigned add-on
Firefox 43 came out just a few days ago and with it a new security feature that Firefox had already introduced to its beta channels made its way to the stable release. As of version 43, unsigned add-ons can no longer be installed. The move is meant to prevent unsuspecting users of accidentally installing malicious add-ons from somewhere outside the Firefox market place. Mozilla's intentions are no doubt noble but most users aren't happy with the change. Install Unsigned Add-ons is a Firefox add-on that will let you install unsigned add-ons. It doesn't block Firefox's initial attempt to warn you against potentially installing an untrustworthy add-on, however, once you explicitly click the 'allow' button, you are able to install the add-on. Read More

New Features In Firefox 43 For Desktop And Android

Firefox 43 is out and the big news with this release is that the 64 bit version for Windows is finally available. This next release also answers a pressing question i.e. will Firefox for iOS be updated along with its Android and Desktop versions. The resounding answer to that is No. The iOS version hasn't received an update and the official Mozilla page is showing the latest version to have been released in November. This new desktop version now stops unsigned add-ons from being installed even when you specifically allow them to be. Users can now choose to enable search suggestions in the Awesome bar, and in addition to the many features for developers, the Developer toolbar in Firefox has added the ability to set a resolution for your screenshots. Firefox for Android has added an indicator on tabs to show which tab is playing audio and users can now mark items in the Reading list as read or unread. Read More

How To Cast Your Desktop To Your TV Using Chromecast

Chromecast is an amazing device and for what it costs, you can't exactly go wrong. There are limitless possibilities when it comes to using the device but there are also a few very basic tasks such as casting your desktop to your TV (or a monitor) that you might want to use it for. Support for the device has been growing but apps like VLC still do not support it and Windows 10 native support for the app is a lot like Windows 10; buggy. It might seem like casting your desktop to your TV is something that you'll be able to do in the future but Google actually has you covered there so you can do it now. The official Chromecast extension for the Chrome browser has an experimental feature for sharing your entire screen and you will be surprised just how great it works. Here's how to use it to cast your desktop to a TV using Chromecast. Read More

How To Disable Automatic Updates In Windows 10

Win Updates Disabler
Windows 10 comes with a lot of fantastic new features and Microsoft has been diligent in listening to its users feedback when building it. Almost everything you hated in Windows 8/8.1 has either been removed of fixed in Windows 10 but that doesn't mean the OS doesn't come with its own set of problems. Windows 10, when released in July, was soon labelled a work in progress. It was so rife with bugs that users were surprised it was marketed as a stable OS. In addition to the bugs, Windows 10 has made it so that you can no longer stop the OS from automatically installing updates and these updates are more problems in progress. The November update has caused new problems as well and most people were helpless to stop it. Win Updates Disabler  is a free Windows app that will stop Windows 10 from downloading any and all updates. Read More

Quickly Switch Power Plans In Windows 10 With Command Line Shortcuts

power plan GUID
Windows power plans allow users to create different profiles that can consume as much or as little battery/power as is suitable at a given time. When on battery, users opt for lower display brightness and a shorter time out period for the system to go to sleep. Likewise you can configure a power plan to up the brightness on your display and keep your system awake longer if you're connected to a power outlet. These two power plans trigger automatically when they detect a change in the power source but to switch to a different power plan, one that isn't triggered by you plugging your laptop in/out, you have to go through the whole 'Power options' window. You can instead create command line shortcuts which when executed will switch to the power plan they were created for. Here's how. Read More

Add A Star Wars Lightsaber To Your Facebook Profile Picture

star wars fb profile pic
Google showed its excitement for the upcoming Star Wars movie by allowing users to pick a side and theme all Google apps accordingly. In light of the hype and anticipation building up to the movie's release, Facebook has introduced a similar feature that lets users super-impose a lightsaber on to their profile picture. Users can pick a side, light or dark, and have a lightsaber for the corresponding side added to their current profile picture. Users also have the option to set an expiry date when the lightsaber will be removed automatically. Here's how to get it. Read More

Disable All Annotations On A YouTube Video [Firefox]

Have you ever opened a YouTube video and switched to fullscreen mode to watch it more comfortably only to have most of your screen taken up by an annoying, and often irrelevant, annotation? Annotations can be dismissed but some channels add so many of them to a single video they become more annoying than ads. If you're watching a YouTube video in fullscreen mode, often the 'close' button for an annotation is hidden behind the video's title bar and you have to exit fullscreen mode just so you can close the annotation. Youtube's Annotations No More is a Firefox add-on that automatically removes any and all annotations on a YouTube video without you having to lift a finger, or so much as flick your trackpad. Read More

How To Fix The ‘Scratch Disk Is Full’ Error In Photoshop

Adobe-Photoshop memory
Photoshop is an awesome, albeit complex, application to learn. The tools themselves take time to learn and after that you need practice. Where learning to use all the tools is time consuming enough, dealing with any errors that Photoshop throws at you is an altogether different task. When anyone installs Photoshop on their system it's assumed that the system is capable of handling the app in terms of RAM and processor abilities. That said, even if your system should be able to handle Photoshop, you might repeatedly receive the 'Scratch disk is full' error which prevents you from continuing to work on a file. Here's how to get rid of it and what causes it to appear in the first place. Read More

Block All Pages With Star Wars – The Force Awakens Spoilers [Chrome]

Force Block
The Star Wars - The Force Awakens release is just days away. In preparation for it fans of the franchise, some of whom were not born when episodes IV-VI came out, are already picking out the outfit they will wear when they go see the movie, and branding just about anything they can with a Star Wars logo to show their love. That said, after all this waiting and anticipation, it would be a shame if the movie were spoiled for anyone by the internet. Seeing as how this movie is one of the most anticipated releases of the year, the internet will be reviewing and dissecting it like crazy and that means spoilers will be nearly impossible to avoid unless you can stop using the internet altogether. Force Block: the Star Wars spoiler blocker is a Chrome extension that will block Star Wars spoilers for you. The extension warns you when you're about to visit a page that may potentially contain spoilers of the movie. Once you've been warned, you can choose to visit the page anyway, or close it. Read More

How To Turn On/ Off Google Now On Tap [Android]

Android 6.0 Marshmallow came with a new feature called 'Google Now On Tap'. It's basically just Google Now but more powerful and more easily accessible and context aware. You very likely enabled it when you upgraded to the new Android version. If you decided to defer the decision to turn the feature On, you might be wondering how to get it now. Or, you might have turned it On and decided it isn't all that great to use since it's tied to your home button and want to turn it Off. Here's how to do both. Read More

How To Search For Files By Type & Date Modified In Google Drive

search - Google Drive
Google products have an exceptionally smart search feature and few other services come close to matching it. If you use Gmail, you know just how powerful the search is and that it can help you find an email if you remember only  small snippet of it. Where the search is powerful, so are the parameters and as of a recent update, Google has drastically improved the search feature in Google Drive. You can now narrow your search down by file type and date modified. The update includes several other parameters for refining your search and actually making the search useful. Read More

Invert Colors In A PDF File For Better Night-Time Reading

PDF is a file format that was designed with one purpose; to ensure a document never lost its formatting when it was read on a different system than the one it originated from and when it was printed. Editing a PDF is almost impossible unless you have the Adobe Acrobat DC, or some such similar app. Most of us have the free Adobe Reader which is very basic in what it lets you do to a PDF file and editing text is definitely not in the feature list. The reader is still equipped with enough features to make for a decent PDF reader so if you're ever reading at night, or you received a document with a color scheme that makes text hard to read, you can change how the text appears from Adobe Reader's preferences. Here's how. Read More

Turn Off Audio Alerts For A Group Conversation In Skype

Skype is by far one of the most popular apps used for remote meetings, interviews, and talking to family that lives far far away. Although Skype has mobile apps for both the Android and iOS platform, it's not used the same way as apps like Viber, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger are used. Skype users use it more from their desktops and far less on their mobile phones. Skype not only lets you have one-on-one conversations but also lets you create groups so you can have virtual meetings. That said, if you find you're part of a Skype group conversation that isn't relevant for you, but leaving isn't an option, you can try muting it so that the constant new message alerts don't bother you. Here's how. Read More

How To Charge Your Phone In Sleep Mode With The Laptop Lid Closed

A power outlet is a precious thing and when there aren't enough in a room to meet your needs, you have to pick your favorite (possibly the most productive) device and give it a lifeline. Even when power outlets are available in abundance, we tend to charge our phones by connecting them to our computers. This allows us to work with charging cables that are absurdly short in length, and to keep our phones on the same desk we're working on. The phone charges while you work but if you were to close the lid and let your computer enter Sleep mode, your phone would cease to charge. Here's how you can continue charging your phone even with the laptop lid closed and your system in Sleep mode. This works in Windows 7 and above. Read More

Create A Shared Album In Google Photos That Others Can Add Photos To

create shared album -google photos
Google has long been adding collaboration features to its app. We don't have shared playlists on YouTube just yet but Google Docs is an excellent way to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Google Photos is the latest app to get a collaboration feature in the form of Shared albums. A shared album is an album that you can invite others people to add photos to. You could always share your photo albums before but now other people can add their own photos to it. Here's how to create a shared photo album and allow others to contribute to it. Read More

How To Fix Contacts In iOS 9 Not Showing Any Results

Smaller iOS updates that follow a new version are aimed at addressing bugs that users experience after the major update. On occasion, the updates do end up creating new bugs while still solving the ones they were meant to solve. This is what happened with the release of iOS 9.1. Lots of little new little bugs began to plague users but perhaps the more irritating one was the bug that affected the Contacts app. If you were to look up a contact in the Contacts app it would show you zero results. The contacts still existed on your phone, and were duly listed in the app itself. Contacts were correctly recognized in the Messages app but the update broke the search feature in the Contacts and the Phone app. If you're experiencing the bug, the fix is finally here in the form of iOS 9.2. Read More

Sync Windows 10 Reminders To Your iPhone & Android Phone With Cortana

If you're a Windows user and have either upgraded to Windows 10 or at the very least heard of the new features in it, you know that Cortana is part of the product offering. Cortana is Microsoft's virtual assistant and as of Windows 10, it is integrated into the Windows search feature. The general consensus about Cortana in Windows 10 is that it is far from perfect, quite far. Up until yesterday, Cortana was useful for anyone with a Windows Phone but Microsoft has released Cortana as a stand alone app for both iOS and Android. The apps are far from impressive. 'Work in progress' is perhaps a better way to describe the apps. It's actually still in testing for Android. There is only one reason for anyone to use it; Reminders. If you use Windows 10 and have created Reminders in Cortana, you can sync them to your iPhone and Android device by installing the Cortana app. Read More