Octo – Auto Settings Creates Location Based Sound Profiles [Android]

Do you ever forget to turn the ringer down on your phone when you arrive at work or forget to turn it up when you leave? Octo - Auto Settings is a very smart Android app that lets you create location based profiles for sound settings on your Android device. The app is free and will let you set any level for the device's ringer mode (silent, ring, or vibrate), the ringer volume, the in-call volume, media volume, and notification alert volume. It also supports other actions that you can add to a profile such as WiFi and Bluetooth settings, display settings, and SMS settings but each one requires a $0.99 purchase to unlock it. Read More

How To Record Skype Voice, Video, And Screenshare Calls In Windows

It’s not unusual to have a Skype account these days. Whether you’re sitting on your PC or trying to communicate with others on the go on your mobile, the billion dollar VoIP service has become the de facto standard for making audio and video calls. But while it’s fairly handy at what it offers, the application never has touted any options for recording calls you make through it. There are so many good reasons you may want to record a call with Skype, but there aren’t many free apps that let you do this, especially when it comes to recording video calls. Last week, Fatima covered a brilliant guide about recording Skype calls on a non-rooted Android device. Today, we’re going to show you how to record Skype calls in Windows. Read More

Snap Attack: Real Time Word Building Game For Windows 8

Whether you’re on public transport or just trying to kill time during a rest break at work, a challenging word puzzle is often the right tonic for a quick mental exercise. You might have played cross-platform games like Scrabble or Words with Friends and there are literally thousands of other word games that you may not have tried yet. Windows Store is now slowly catching up with iOS and Android for the number of word building games available for it, and Snap Attack is just the latest entry in this genre. Published by Microsoft Studios, Snap Attack is a free real time word builder where the player races against time and competes with thousands of online players trying to complete word puzzles using the exact same word board as they are. Read More

MSGAutoSave: Automatically Save Photos & Videos Received In iMessage [Jailbreak]

Sending videos and photos is one of those little things that iMessages does that I take for granted sometimes but in retrospect, I get a lot of use out of. Specifically; I can sketch out a design, snap a picture of someone's visiting card, and just about any information that I would otherwise have to spend time writing down, and share it with others. Likewise, I receive a lot of information in similar fashion. It's great except for when I forget to save an photo to my camera roll and have to scroll through long conversations just to find it. It's time consuming. MSGAutoSave is a Cydia tweak available in the insanelyi repository that automates this function; any and all photos or videos you receive are automatically saved to your camera roll. The tweak can enable a confirmation message if you don't want all photos and videos being saved. It can also resize photos and videos before saving them. Read More

Click Modifiers: Change Modifier Key Behavior When Clicking Links [Firefox]

The Alt, Ctrl, and Shift keys have a dedicated function when used in your browser. In fact, their behavior is pretty standard throughout browsers but if you need to change how these keys work, more specifically, how they work when you click on a link while holding one of them down, give Click Modifiers a try. It's a Firefox add-on the lets you change the behavior of the three modifier keys when used with the left-click button on your mouse/trackpad. Changing the behavior is made simple by letting the user pick from a drop-down list the behavior they want to set for a particular key. Before you head into the details, you should know that the add-on will only change the behavior for actions like Ctrl+Left-Click and not for any action that doesn't involve the mouse, for example, Ctrl+F will still open the find bar. Read More

Hide/Unhide Spotlight Search From The Menubar In OS X

hide spotlight

We have thoroughly discussed the power and potential of Spotlight search, since it has been a mainstay of OS X since OS X Tiger (10.4) released in April of 2005. It gives you the power to smart-search through archives, files, folders, even the web from one convenient location; you can even run calculations, look up translations and just about everything under the sun and then some. However, if you have found an alternative to spotlight search or just plain don't like it, you can disable it through a bit of Terminal trickery. Though we must strongly advise against disabling it before fully appreciating what it can truly do; it might just become your best friend. However, if you have made up your mind, here is how you can remove Spotlight search from OS X.

Read More

Put Selective Apps In Silent Mode With AppSilence [Jailbreak]

Having your phone ring in the middle of a meeting is never a pleasant experience, especially if the meeting is a high-level one with critical business importance. Unfortunately, as much as we depend on our smartphones these days to manage through one clock cycle, this has become a rather unavoidable experience. Granted, you can always put your phone in silent mode, but that means silencing everything, and many a times when we forget to put the device back on ringer after the meeting is over, we end up missing important notifications and even phone calls from time to time. Personally, that’s one dilemma that I’ve gone through time and time again, without much luck at finding a solution. Well, if you face a similar concern and have a jailbroken iPhone, AppSilence is one free jailbreak tweak that can save the day for you. Read More

Driving Curve Measures Your Driving Behavior & Style [iOS]

A short while ago we reviewed Flo, an Android app that scores how well you drive. We've found something similar for iOS; meet Driving Curve. It's a free iOS app available in the App Store that judges your driving behavior and tells you what your driving style is. Driving Curve, in essence, does what Flo does butin addition to giving you a score, it also tells you what you accomplish with the driving behavior you exhibit. To use the app, launch it on your phone and set it on your dashboard. To score well, drive well. Avoid breaking hard, accelerating too abruptly, and take smooth corners. Read More

Record Screencasts, Google Hangouts, And Skype Calls On Android – No Root

Recording video calls and screencasts on an Android is really really easy... as long as you've rooted your device. No root and it seems as if it isn't possible. You might find some solutions that let you record a screencast on an unrooted Android but require the device be connected to a desktop system which might not suit your needs. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how you can record your screen but it comes with the following caveats; the video will have a watermark at the bottom, you will be able to record sound as well as video, you will need to connect your phone to a desktop once to set the app up, this method is 100% free. Read More

Get The Popular iOS Control Center On Mac OS X [Paid]

Control Center - Screen
It is rare that third-party apps replicate the functionality of Mac OS X, since there is so much it can do on its own. There are solutions like GeekTools that adds new elements to your Mac. However, Control Center is an app worth $10 that takes what Mac OS X can do and improves on it so much that you wonder how you could have lived without it all this time. It's an app that brings Control Center from iOS to OS X, and beautifully so. You can take the app out for a test drive since it comes with a 7-day free trial but after that, you need to buy the app to continue using it.  Read More

Helium Adds Weather, Bookmarks and Reddit Feed To New Tab Page [Chrome]

I am not a fan of Google’s default  ‘New Tab’ page in Chrome. The search bar is fairly useful and all, Google’s flat logo looks nice and the small Speedial-esque thumbnails are handy to quickly launch websites I frequently need to visit, but everything else about it has always been quite inutile. Previously, we’ve covered a truckload of extensions for Chrome that improve on the new tab by replacing the default new tab with a custom design usually carrying features that aim to improve upon stock functionality. Helium is a similar way of packing the new tab of Chrome with information that can relate to your daily internet usage. Not only does it show you time, date and current weather info, but painless access to bookmarks and Reddit feed can also prove really useful. Read More

Patch Unencrypted Email Attachment In Mail For iOS 7 Bug [Jailbreak]

Apple breaks it and jailbreakers fix it. It's an exaggerated statement to say the least but Apple has let quite a few security bugs get by them, most notorious of which was the lock screen bug. The latest security flaw discovered in iOS 7 is that file attachments sent in emails using the default Mail app are not encrypted. The flaw has been acknowledged by Apple and a fix is on its way, blah blah blah. For users who have jailbroken their device though, the fix is here. AttachmentEncryptor is a tweak that encrypts those attachments. It has no interface, no buttons or switches to flip, nothing. It works silently in the background and fixes everything. Read More

Smallx264 Uses HandBrake GUI To Transcode Videos In Batch

HandBrake needs no introduction when it comes to video transcoders  It is a versatile open source application that lets you transcode (or convert) videos among various different formats. The only shortcoming with HandBrake, however, is its inability to convert videos in batch, which means if you’ve got a ton of files that you need to process, you’re pretty much out of luck. Previously, we covered HB Batch Encoder Mk2, a Windows tool that uses HandBrake at its backend and lets you transcode videos in bulk. SmallX264 is a similar application built for the very same purpose and sports a decent interface. It can convert multiple videos in no time, and carries a ton of settings for advanced users. Read More

Join Apple’s Beta Program & Get Your Hands On Mavericks Builds For Free

There has always been a certain enigma behind Apple releases. It may be why there is tremendous interest and social media activity prior to any Apple launch. This phenomena has brought a lot of attention to the Beta Seed program, which allows people to test pre-release software. Previously, in order to get access to a beta program, you were required to sign up for a developer account at $99/year; this account allowed you to beta test apps, as well as create and release your own apps. However, Apple has been releasing once premium software for free and staying true to this move to free apps, Apple has made the beta seed program free for any Apple account holder. This is limited to OS X though, iOS beta program will still cost $99/year and OS X developers still need a separate account to deploy their apps. Here is how you can join Apple's OS X Beta Seed Program for free and start running the latest Mavericks builds. Read More

Reddit In Pictures Lets You Browse Images On Reddit, Filters Out Everything Else

Unless you like living in a cave, you have probably heard of Reddit - a social networking and news service that runs entirely through user generated content. It lets people post discussions, share links of webpages, upload lots of animal pictures (those cat and dog memes, anyone?), and comprises of groups called sub-reddits where people having similar interests can share all kinds of stuff and earn points from users who like what they've shared. I also surf Reddit a lot during my spare time usually on my smartphone, so it was natural for me to find an Android app to easily browse it on the go. There are many Reddit clients that offer straightforward Reddit access, but Reddit In Pictures is a Google Play app that takes a visual approach to the Reddit experience. Read More

Manually Install Drivers And Fix ‘Driver Not Found’ Error On Windows

Plug & play a new device into your Windows PC and it will find and install the right driver for it. This happens most of the time but then there are always exceptions when Windows fails to find the right driver for devices made by even the most popular manufacturers. The reasons behind this can be numerous but in the end only one thing matters; how do you fix it? How do you install drivers that Windows failed to install? The solution, you will find, is very simple and requires no apps. Read More

How To Enable Stacked Tab Feature In Chrome For Better Tab Management

I’ve used Firefox as my primary web browser for years. It’s fairly fast and functional, but for some reason during its last few updates, things didn’t turn out quite well, leaving me no other choice than to make a permanent switch to Google Chrome. And I'm glad I did. Chrome is even quicker than Firefox and simply has more extensions and better developers support. However, if there’s one thing that I wish Chrome could borrow from Firefox is tab stacking. Generally when you open many tabs in Chrome, for instance, the browser shrinks tab sizes to a point that the title of the pages is no longer visible over tabs. Firefox, on the other hand, shrinks the tab size to a predefined state only, and any new tab from that point is stacked to the right side, along with a small arrow that let you easily navigate between open tabs. Today, we’re going to share a small tutorial that will bring similar ‘stacked tabs’ functionality to Chrome. Read More

Jumptuit: Access And Manage Multiple Social Network And Cloud Accounts

With so many cloud storage services and social networks out there, it can get fairly hard to manage them all. Many of us try to be everywhere at once, while others need a unified place where they can easily keep an eye on their virtual presence. If you’re looking for an easy solution to consolidate your life on the cloud, Jumptuit is a new cross-platform service that aims to help you organize, move and copy files between multiple cloud storage and social media services without much hassle. It boasts a decent interface, offers a ton of great features, and supports multiple mobile and desktop platforms. Read More

HabitBull Helps You Break A Bad Habit Or Develop A Good One [Android]

Habits, good ones, are hard to build. Bad ones are easy to fall into and difficult to quit. You can blame your genetic make-up for this, or your parents who didn't curb your sugar intake as a child but the fact is that breaking a bad habit or getting into following a new one is not easy. HabitBull is an Android app that takes a swing at helping people accomplish this. It's not one of those apps that starts nagging you to do something, or incessantly reminds you not to do something. It's an alarm app for your habits and is possibly more suited for developing a good habit than it is for beating out a bad one. Read More

Clean Up Google Music Removes All Suggestion Cards From Google Music [Firefox]

google music
Google Music, without a doubt, is one of the more popular services introduced by Google. The music manager alone is excellent though some users may not like the web interface as much. Google Music for web has a nice card like interface that's become a popular design theme across many of its apps and services but the cards that appear aren't just for albums and songs in your personal library. They include suggested playlists, suggested music cards, and the I'm Feeling Lucky Mix button. Clean Up Google Music is a Firefox add-on that can clean up most of the suggested content you see in Google Music and lets you select what cards you see and what you don't. Read More