Find Out How Many People Were Upset By A Facebook Post

Facebook has changed the Like button so that it can be used to express a wider range of emotions. The new emotions that we can express towards a post are love, amazement, sadness, laughter, and of course anger. To the ordinary user this is just a better way to express how they feel about sad news but if you're sitting on the other side i.e., pushing content to Facebook it's a pretty good tool to see how the content you push is being received. Some content might just spread because it's anger inducing while the other might be exceptionally popular because it's a picture of a kitten. Facebook has always let you see how many likes a post has received and with this new addition, it lets you see how many people had one of the six supported reactions. Read More

How To Use A Cortana Voice Command To Shut Down Windows 10

cortana windows shut down
Cortana can do some awesome things; it can give you traffic updates, save reminders, find a restaurant nearby, and more. What it can't do is run simple system operations like shutting down or restarting your computer. It can't even close an app but it can open them which is something you can use to get Cortana to do so much more. If you're looking to turn Windows 10 off with a simple voice command to Cortana, you'd be surprised at how easy it is. All you need to do is create the right shortcut in the right folder. Read More

This Chrome Flag Redirects Cortana Search To Your Default Search Engine In Windows 10

chrome-Windows desktop search redirection preference
Cortana is one of the highlight features in Windows 10 and Microsoft uses the personal assistant to push Bing on to users. It doesn't look like Cortana will ever have the option to allow users to select which search engine Cortana should use but developers are one step ahead of Microsoft with extensions like bing2google that can redirect the search in your browser. The extension is slow and you can see the redirection happen in the URL bar. Additionally the extension will redirect to Google and if that isn't your preferred search engine, you will have to search for other options. The other solution lies Chrome v50. It has a flag which when enabled will redirect searches from the Windows 10 desktop to your default search engine. Read More

How To Switch User Profiles In Chrome Via Keyboard Shortcuts

Chrome lets you add an unlimited number of user profiles. The profiles allow you to have multiple browsing sessions active at once and if you share a system with someone, the profiles allow you to configure Chrome separately for each user. Additionally, a profile lets you keep your own bookmarks and auto-fill data from mixing with that of the other user. If you utilize Chrome profiles to keep separate sessions going, you might want to know if there's a way to switch user profiles via keyboard shortcuts. Here's a complete list of the shortcuts you need to do just that. Read More

How To Find What Generation Your Intel Processor Is In Windows

intel processor generation
If you have a laptop or desktop system running Windows 7 or above, you can check what processor is installed on your system. Simply right-click My Computer and select Properties and you will be given a summary view of the hardware and operating system that is currently set up. The information includes among other things which processor it is you're running but the processor is mentioned by the name it was sold/marketed by. The names indicate the series it was a part of but the only identifiable information is likely going to be the name of the processor. What is going to be harder to figure out is which generation the processor is and the information is important for when you're looking to upgrade a PC or just trying to make sure the one you got has the right hardware. Intel makes it exceptionally easy to figure this out. Here's how. Read More

Add A Virtual Desktop Number Indicator To The System Tray In Windows 10

When you switch between virtual desktops on Windows 10, there is nothing to indicate which desktop you are on if you have added several of them. Perhaps you can tell by the apps you have open on a particular desktop but you are nevertheless relying on your memory to identify a desktop. Virtual Desktops in Windows 10 are a feature that brings the operating system up to par with OS X but the feature itself isn't extraordinary in any way. Like virtual desktops on OS X, it leaves much to be desired for. VirtualDesktopManager is a small Windows app that adds an icon to the system tray to indicate which desktop you are on. The desktops are identified by their number. The app is meant purely for Windows 10 users and supports up to nine desktops. Read More

How To Get A Direct Link To A File In OneDrive On Windows 10

OneDrive is installed as a default app in Windows 10 and it pops up repeatedly asking you to sign in and start using it. Getting the app to stop nagging you is a task in itself but OneDrive isn't inherently useless. It is perhaps the fact that it is forced on to users that takes away from its appeal but it is otherwise as useful as Dropbox. If you have never dug deep into what OneDrive can do and choose simply to dismiss it because it isn't Dropbox or Google Drive, or your preferred cloud storage app you are missing out. OneDrive, in addition to being able to sync your files across multiple Windows desktops allows you to share them easily from a desktop. There are no hoops for you to jump through and any time you want to share a file from your drive, you can get a direct link for it from the right-click context menu. Here's how. Read More

How To Jump To A Virtual Desktop In Windows 10 Using Keyboard Shortcuts

win 10 desktop
Virtual desktops are one of the more awesome features added in Windows 10 but while the addition of the feature is great, it isn't extraordinary in itself. If you compare it to virtual desktops on other operating systems i.e. Linux and OS X, it is more or less at par. The virtual desktops are numbered and cannot be renamed and because the feature is still in its infancy, it leaves much to be desired in terms of app and window management. The virtual desktops can be navigated i.e. created, closed, and switched to, with keyboard shortcuts. You can cycle through them or use swipe gestures to switch to the next or previous one. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to jump directly a desktop i.e. skip cycling through desktops 2 and 3, and jump straight to desktop 4 from desktop 1 provided you don't mind jumping to the multitask view. Read More

How To Sign Out Of The Messaging App In Windows 10

If you connect your Microsoft account to Windows 10, it will automatically assume you want to enable every single app and feature that requires an account be connected. There are a whole host of things you cannot do unless you connect the account but it's the features that self-activate that are the bigger problem. In Windows 10, like in Windows 8, there is an app called 'Messaging' which automatically signs in if you use your Microsoft account on the system. This app is practically barren with little to no settings and no way to turn it Off and yet, it populates with your Skype conversations. The lack of settings for the app include a 'Sign Out' option making it seem as though the only way to be rid of this app is to disconnect your Microsoft account from Windows 10 but fortunately, that isn't the case. You can sign out of the Messaging app and here's how. Read More

Test Windows 10 Compatibility On A System With A Bootable Version

Most Windows users know about the Get Windows 10 app that installs on both Windows 7 and 8.1 as an update. Initially, it was meant to help you reserve a copy of Windows 10 and then later it would help you upgrade. The app did one other thing; it allowed you to check your system for compatibility with Windows 10. The apps on your system and the hardware were all checked to see if they would run smoothly on Windows 10. Systems that were given the all-clear by the app still experienced trouble once they were upgraded to Windows 10. If you're still on the fence about the upgrade, use a portable version of Windows 10 to see how well the system handles it. Here's how. Read More

Add A Trending Videos Channel To The Chromecast [Android]

Trending Videos Cast-play
You can subscribe to channels like HBO Go or broadcast your favorite shows from Netflix to Chromecast. Oddly enough, the YouTube app that has excellent support for Chromecast has no feature that would allow you to view all trending videos and all recently uploaded videos by channels you've subscribed to on your TV. You pretty much have to manually create playlist of the videos you want to watch and there appears to be no concept of a personal channel. Trending Videos Cast is a free Android app that will automatically find trending videos, and videos from r/videos, and broadcast them to your TV. Read More

Add A Flux Like Tint To Your Browser

A while back an app named Flux was released for iOS. The tinted your screen a sepia shade in the evening and at night in an attempt to stop the glare of a bright screen from keeping you awake. Apple soon banned the app and the next stable version of iOS will have a feature that mimics this exact thing. The point being that it's a wonderful little feature that can make browsing easier. You might have to stay up late and work but by tinting the screen, your brain isn't kept awake longer than it needs to be. FireLux is a Firefox add-on that lets you add a sepia, black, grey, white, and pink tint to a browser tab so that it strains your eyes less and G.lux is its Chrome counterpart. If you want a different colored tint, both extensions have a custom color selection option that you can use to select a different one. Read More

How To Play A Picture Slideshow On The Chromecast

The Chromecast is by and large used to stream media and a majority of apps are built with that specific purpose in mind. The Chromecast is a tool you can use to turn an ordinary TV into something more than just a screen say perhaps a bulletin board that has high visibility and that can be updated by pushing a new image to it. Slideshow is the operative word here and you can play on to broadcast important information or just something as simple as a restaurant menu cycle through to a large screen. Here's how you can do just that using either a phone and desktop, or without using anything other than the Chromecast itself. Read More

A Complete List Of All Updates You Should Uninstall To Block Windows 10

Windows 10 has had an impressive adoption rate. The OS had a lot of promise when it was still in the preview stage and even though it started out infested with bugs, it has since improved a lot and Microsoft really wants you to check it out. It's been aggressively pushing the new operating system through various updates and users who are weary of its attempts to get them to upgrade repeatedly have to block updates that try to download Windows 10 to their systems. Some updates don't install or download files to install Windows 10 and instead install components to make the upgrade smoother. If you're looking to block every single Windows 10 update completely, here is an exhaustive list of the updates you need to block on Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Read More

Add Files To A Zip Archive & Share Them Via Email Or iMessage [iOS]

A zipped file is one of the most efficient ways to send files. A zipped file not only provides a single container for multiple files, they also reduce the size as much as optimally possible. Unfortunately, zipping files on a mobile device isn't easy and if you use an iPhone, it's almost unheard of. Bundler is a free iOS app that seeks to solve that problem. It allows you to add files from your device to a zipped archive and share them via email or iMessages. The app isn't without its limitations e.g., you can't add a file from the Google Drive or Dropbox apps to Bundler but you can add them from your camera roll or any app that lets you save files on your device as opposed to cloud storage. The app bundles the files into a file with a BNDL extension which must be changed to ZIP before your recipient can extract and view them on the desktop. Read More

Stop MS Word From Opening Documents From The Internet In Protected View

When you download an MS Word document either from a cloud drive or from an email it opens in the 'Protected' view. In the Protected view, just about all editing options are disabled and the most you can do is copy text from the document. The document of course isn't locked to the Protected view and should you wish to edit the document, you can quickly switch over to the editing mode. It's only a few extra clicks but if you would rather get right down to editing a document and this security measure is an annoyance, here's how you can turn it Off. Read More

New Features In Firefox 45 For Desktop And Android

Firefox 45 is has been released to the stable channel with functional and UI changes for end users. The Hello  feature which has yet to graduate from its Beta version now lets you share a tab to initiate a conversation. The Android version of Firefox has also received an update. Firefox for Android now has a 'tap to load' option for loading images at the user's discretion. The option makes loading a page easier on a data plan. A more important feature has been added for tablets that allows a user to restrict access to the mic and camera in a restricted Android profile. Lastly, when users select and share text from a web page, the URL is no longer included. Firefox for iOS also received an update three days ago. The new version comes with support for third-party keyboards. Read More

Find Which Slide In Your PowerPoint Presentation Is The Largest In Size

PowerPoint lets you add different types of media files to a presentation. Anything from images, videos, and audio files can be added to a slide. The support for so many different types of media no doubt make it exceptionally easier to create engaging presentations but at the same time, with each image, graph, document, video, and audio file that you add, the presentation itself becomes bigger and bigger in size. If the size of a presentation file ever becomes a problem, either when emailing it, or when sharing it via a cloud file sharing service, you will either have to find an alternative method to send the file or you will have to cut it down to size. Here's how you can check which slide in a presentation is the largest in size and cut back where it really matters. Read More

Browse Media Files On Your Network From Your Android Phone & Cast Them To Chromecast

If you have a Chromecast, you very likely have Plex, or a similar app installed on both your desktop and your Android phone. Plex is hands down the best app for streaming media to the Chromecast. It's mobile apps act as excellent remotes for playing media but if you're looking for a super simple, zero set-up solution for browsing media files on any device on your network and playing them over Chromecast, Plex isn't what you're looking for. The solution lies with VLC player and the Beta version of its Android app. Here's what you need to do. Read More

How To Download A File With A PowerShell Command In Windows 10

powershell download file
Windows PowerShell comes bundled with Windows 10. You can even replace the Command prompt on the Power User menu with PowerShell. Like Command Prompt, PowerShell lets you perform a myriad of configuration actions on your desktop such as uninstalling default apps. You can also use to for something far more basic such as downloading a file. With a simple command, you can not only download a publicly available file but you can also download one that requires authentication before it can be downloaded such e.g. a file in your Dropbox folder. We've detailed the process here. Read More