Disable Notifications For An App From The Notification Area [Android]

Just about any app you install will send you notifications. It doesn't matter if an app needs to send them to you or not, most will want to do so anyway. Some app developers consider it an opportunity to push a new promotion. That said, you can always selectively turn notifications off but if you're putting it off or don't want to go digging through an app's settings, you can jump to the right screen for turning off notifications for an app from the Notification Area in Android. Here's how. Read More

Sort All Reddit Posts Into Links, Pictures, And Videos

FRONT - Uforio
Reddit is increasingly becoming more and more popular and developers create skins and mobile apps to help people browse the site more comfortably. Each app, whether it's developed for the web or for a smartphone, offers a unique way to go through the posts. Uforio is a web app that sorts Reddit posts by the content type. The posts are classified into three types; links, pictures, and videos. You can sort the posts on the front page, or you can go to any subreddit of your choice and have the posts submitted to it, sorted into these three types. The sorting effectively leaves out text based posts so you won't be seeing much from subreddits like Writing Prompts, or Ask Reddit. Read More

Set An Out Of Office Reply For Your Twitter Account

Twitter accounts of large brands are maintained by a team of people. It allows them to maintain an always active presence on social media. If you, as an individual, use Twitter to engage with potential customers, clients, or industry peers, you know that it too requires you to remain active on Twitter for extended periods of time. On Twitter, prompt replies are what get conversations going. It's also normal to close Twitter and not stay active on the site since it means getting little to no work done otherwise. OOOTwitter is a simple web app that lets you set an out of office message for Twitter. You can set it up to activate after a certain number of hours and to remain active for as long as you need. When someone  tweets at you, it replies with an auto message that you have set in advance. Read More

How To Disable Notifications For Recommended Videos From YouTube [Android]

YouTube for Android has received an update and of all the features that might have been implemented in the new version of the app, notifications for recommended videos is one of them. The update has brought some great features with it like an in-app editing tool but this new type of notification is going to get your attention before anything else. The new notifications do not appear when you open the YouTube. They appear like any other notification would in the Android Notification area. It's just another way the app will distract you with videos that are trending and match your previous viewing preferences. Fortunately, the YouTube app has a way of shutting them off. Here's how. Read More

Always Brew The Perfect Cup Of Tea With A Timer To Get It Right

Mighty Timer
Brewing tea is pretty simple if you look at the directions on a box, or watch one or two YouTube videos. That said, tea has as many types and flavors as pizza (if not more) and each type is made differently. If you're looking to learn how to make the right cup of tea, Mighty Timer is a free iOS app that's worth checking out. The app is basically a timer and a recipe book rolled into one with the the condition that all recipes in are for tea. It comes with tea brewing recipes, complete with timer, temperature, and quantity needed to brew the tea. Read More

Backup Your Android Notifications & Review Them After They’ve Been Dismissed

Notifications, once you dismiss them are gone with no way to recall them unless the app they are from has its own notification tab. If you've ever accidentally dismissed every notification on your device and later needed to look at one again, you might have wished there were a way to undo it. NotiBox is a free Android app that periodically backs up notifications and lets you review them any time. It also has a do not disturb mode that will stop all notifications but will still record and back them up. Read More

Record A Portion Of A Twitch Stream While It’s Still Live

Twitch remains the popular platform for streaming gameplay despite YouTube introducing its own dedicated version for game lovers. People continue to visit the network that's built to cater to every need a broadcaster or a viewer might have to enjoy a good stream. With the popularity of Twitch, several apps and services have cropped to take advantage of it or build a product on top of it. If you often watch streams on Twitch TV then Oddshot is a Firefox add-on and Chrome plugin that lets you record a portion of stream much like taking a screenshot. You can save it in MP4 format. Read More

Check How Many Authentic Reviews An App Has On The App Store

The App Store has an exceptionally large number of apps available for iOS users. So large is the number that Apple boasts about it at least once a year when it announces the next iPhone. It may surprise you, or perhaps not, that the App Store has thousands of apps that have never been downloaded even once. Additionally, many app developers fall victim to app cloning where apps similar to theirs are copied and distributed under slightly different names. The point is, it's hard to get visibility and downloads in the crowded App Store. One way to improve your chances is of course through app reviews. Unfortunately, these too can be fake. Companies that can afford to do so will employ people to leave positive reviews on their apps. Developers will often unlock certain features in their apps if people leave them a review or rating on the App Store. AppRecs is a little free web app that aims to counter all this. It lets you look up an app and judges how many of its reviews appear to be authentic. Read More

How Do VR Headsets Work Without An Action Button?

Google Cardboard was one of the first ridiculously cheap ways for people to experience virtual reality. It's cardboard material might raise questions as to its durability and long term use but there is no denying that the device made VR apps more accessible for everyone. Since then, many other VR headsets made by smaller manufacturers to big names like Samsung have entered the market. With some of these other headsets, you might notice a small design and feature difference i.e., some headsets do not have an action button. This might raise the question as to how you will 'navigate' a VR app if your headset doesn't have an action button which, frankly, quite a few don't. You might even wonder if what you're getting is a substandard device. Here's how a VR headset without an action button works and the implications of buying one. Read More

How To Redeem A Promo Code On The Google Play Store

Google introduced promo codes for apps in the Google Play Store earlier this year. It's an incredibly awesome feature that allows developers to give away copies of their apps  for free via a text based code. The feature has been available on iOS for quite some time. We've used it to share free copies of apps that developers have generously given away. Now that promo codes for Android apps are available, you might be wondering how a code works and how to redeem it. Here's a quick run down on how to redeem a code from both the desktop and the Google Play Store app on Android. Read More

Read New WhatsApp Messages From A Floating Widget [Android]

Chat Helper for WhatsApp-widget
WhatsApp is easily one of the most popular messaging apps that people use, second perhaps to Facebook Messenger. In the past year, WhatsApp has received many updates some good, some not so good like the 'Seen' reports it now delivers. It makes using the app a bit tricky but you can turn the 'Seen' report off. If you'd prefer to keep the 'Seen' report on but still work around it, give Chat Helper for WhatsApp a try. It's a free Android widget that adds an elegant floating button to your screen. The button carries a badge to indicate the number of new/unread messages and when tapped, it expands to let you read the message. Your recipient doesn't know that you've read the message and it remains 'unread'. Read More

How To Play The Hidden Chess Game In Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has a hidden Chess game that you can play with anyone from either the web interface or from the iOS or Android apps. The game is not meant to be played in a group. With an active game, the two people in a conversation can continue to talk. The trick to playing the game is to know the right syntax to use to start it, and to move the pieces. Here's a quick run down. Read More

How To Add Multiple Accounts To The Instagram App

Instagram is possibly the only social network of note that is totally driven by images. Where it's a great place for users to share amatuer photography, it's also an excellent marketing ground for brands that want to promote a lifestyle through their products. The app has recently received an update and the highlight of this update is the ability to add and manage multiple Instagram accounts from a single device. The update has been rolled out to both Android and iOS. Here's how to add multiple accounts to the Instagram app. Read More

How To Do A Quick Google Search For Selected Text In Chrome For Android

Desktop browsers have long supported a search option inside the right-click context menu. The option allows you to select text on a page, right-click it, and search for the word/phrase on your default search engine. It saves you the trouble of selecting the text, copying it to your clipboard, opening a new tab, pasting the text, and then hitting enter. The same feature hasn't quite made its way to all browsers available for mobile platforms with the exception of Chrome and Firefox for Android. These browsers do indeed have a built-in function for sending selected text to Google. Here's how to use it. Read More

How To Enable Fast Startup In Windows 10

Windows 10 is supposed to be faster than its predecessors and it's also supposed to run better on older hardware. The OS is meant to be less demanding in terms of hardware requirements but if you've upgraded to Windows 10, you know that it is all it promised to be in terms of speed. Perhaps this has to do with the many bugs that still need fixing but if Windows 10 is exceptionally slow to start, there is a little setting that will allow you to speed up the boot process. Read More

How To Extend Your Windows Desktop With The Chromecast [Guide]

The Chromecast is considered a device meant for entertainment purposes. Most apps that are developed for it tend to be geared for entertainment but it has actual productive uses, for example, you can use it to give presentations from your phone. Another great use you can put your TV and Chromecast to is as an extended display for your system. You can do this with Windows 7, 8, and 10. Here's how. Read More

How To Factory Reset The Second Generation Chromecast

Chromecast App
The second generation Chromecast differs from the first generation in many ways and one of the major differences lies in its designs. The second generation Chromecast has a more solid streamlined look but if you're upgrading from the first generation to the second one, the one thing you will notice right away is that a certain button is missing on the new device. The button, present on first generation devices, allowed users to manually reset their device to factory settings. You can just imagine how important it was. With it no longer part of the second generation device, you might be wondering how you can reboot or factory reset the second generation Chromecast. Here's how. Read More

Get Large Icons On App Tiles On The Start Menu In Windows 10

The Windows 10 Start Menu supports different tile sizes for the apps you pin to it. Resizing a tile is really simple and the size variation lets you highlight the more important and frequently accessed apps while fitting the less often used ones in a smaller area. For apps that haven't been optimized for Windows 10, you might notice that resizing an app tile on the Start Menu will leave you with a large square or rectangle that still has a small app icon sitting in the middle. For some apps like Chrome, the entire tile will show the Chrome icon but for many popular ones, that just isn't the case. To fix the problem, there's a free open source app called TileIconifier. Read More

Automatically Turn Off The Monitor/Display When You Lock Windows

Windows lets you set a time limit on how long your display should stay 'On' even if you've been inactive. This setting can be accessed from the power plan options under 'Turn off display'. The display, along with other power conserving options like dimming the display or putting Windows into Sleep mode are bound by a time trigger and dependant on the user being inactive. MpowerSaver is a little Windows utility that will turn off your display or external monitor immediately if you lock your screen. It also lets you set a schedule for when you system should shut down, restart, go to standby, or hibernate. Read More

The Play Button Under GIF & Video Posts On Reddit Actually Plays Them

Reddit is possibly one of the best, most informative ways of wasting time. You learn a lot of things by browsing it daily even though you might not get much work done. There's a whole host of add-ons, extensions, skins, and mobile apps available to make your Redditing experience better but Reddit itself also aims to help you procrastinate more easily. You might have noticed that some Reddit posts have a play button under them. It's usually posts that are videos or GIFs. The button looks more like it's just indicating the type of content shared in the post but it's an actual button that does something. Clicking it will open the media right there on the page. Read More