How To Identify Clickbait On Facebook [Chrome]

You'll never believe what this Chrome extension does. It can identify clickbait on Facebook and save you from reading through a long, ad-laced list of outdated and/old/incorrect information. The extension is called This is Clickbait and it's available in the Chrome Web Store. It does two things; identify links shared on Facebook as clickbait or not clickbait, and for the slightly ambiguous links, it offers a clickbait score. Here's how it works. Read More

25 Best iOS Apps And Tips Of 2016

iOS 10 was released in 2016. The new iOS update introduced dedicated apps for the Messages app. Since then, the App Store has been flooded with neat little stickers that can be sent over iMessages. The new update also made a lot of tiny annoying changes to iOS and not everyone was happy. It sent users on a scavenger hunt to find ways to turn off a new feature or work around it. Between the bugs, the missing/new features, and new apps, it was a busy year for iOS. Here are the best iOS apps and tips of 2016. Read More

How To Sort Answers On Quora By Votes

Quora is a pretty great place to get advice on just about anything. It's like a reasonable Reddit where conversations don't devolve into puns and you can't be shadow banned. There are quite a few subject matter experts that contribute to discussions and offer their insight. The answers are sorted based on an algorithm which might not suit everyone. Quora Upvotes is a Firefox add-on and Chrome extension that lets you sort answers on Quora by votes. Read More

How To Set Up Two Factor Authentication From Your iPhone

Apple introduced two factor authentication back in 2013. It was a new layer of security that users could enable but Apple never pushed the feature. Come iOS 10.3, iOS will persistently ask you to set up two factor authentication. In fact, iOS 10.3 comes with a revamped Settings app that lets you set up two factor authentication from your iPhone (or iPad). You are no longer restricted to setting it up from your desktop. Here's how you can set up two factor authentication from your iPhone. Read More

How To Remove Trusted Devices From Your iPhone

You can use your Apple ID on multiple devices. Apple introduced two-factor authentication for Apple IDs back in 2013.  With two-factor authentication enabled, you can identify trusted devices for your Apple ID. These trusted devices do not require a verification code if you have two-factor authentication set up.  You can view all trusted devices by signing into your Apple ID on the desktop. Come iOS 10.3 you will have a new, revamped, Settings app that lets you set up two-factor authentication and remove trusted devices from your iPhone. Here's how. Read More

How To Password Protect Your Chrome Profile

Chrome collects a lot of information about our browsing sessions. We have the option to wipe everything Chrome has saved but that means a lesser browsing experience. On occasion, we can use Incognito browsing to keep some things private but our history and auto-fill data make browsing much easier. Of course, if this information were to fall into the wrong hands, it would mean trouble. Google Chrome has a neat little profile locking feature that lets you password protect your Chrome profile. They've hidden this feature pretty well but here's how you can set it up. Read More

How To Read ePub Files In Microsoft Edge In Windows 10

The Windows 10 Creators Update will add an eBook reader to Microsoft Edge. You will be able to buy and read eBooks in Edge. In addition to supporting eBooks, Edge will also be able to read ePub files. The files must not be protected in order for you to open them in Edge. Microsoft Edge has a reasonably good eBook reading interface and ePub files make use of it. Here's how you can read ePub files in Microsoft Edge. Read More

How To Go Live On Instagram

Instagram introduced a live broadcast feature some time ago. The company has been rolling it out to users all over the world in stages. Some users got the feature earlier than others and the roll out is still in progress. The feature is a clone of Periscope but unlike Periscope, your broadcast can be viewed so long as you're live on Instagram. Once it ends, the broadcast cannot be replayed or viewed again. Here's how it works. Read More

How To Free Up Disk Space With Storage Sense In Windows 10

Internal hard disks are large enough that the average user won't ever run out of space. Movies and the like are usually stored on external drives so that you only have documents or apps taking up space. That said, junk files can still accumulate on your drive over time and end up consuming significant storage space. Windows 10 has a new feature coming in the Creators Update called Storage Sense that proactively deletes junk files. Storage Sense in Windows 10 deletes temporary files saved by apps and it removes all items from the Recycle Bin that have been there for more than 30 days. Here's how it works. Read More

Delete All Text, Images, Videos, Or Voice Messages From A Single Thread In Whatsapp

Whatsapp lets you send text, images, videos, GIFs, and voice messages. These messages, whether you're sending them or receiving them take up space on your phone. You can free up space by deleting the images or messages you do not need. Alternatively, you can  delete an entire conversation thread. Deleting items from a chat thread has been done on a per-item basis. A new update to Whatsapp now lets you delete all images, text messages, GIFs, videos, and voice messages from a single thread. Here's how. Read More

Disable Fast Startup In Windows 10 For A Proper Shut Down

Windows 10 enables something called 'Fast start' by default. By the sound of it, Fast startup seems like a good thing. It's meant to make your PC boot faster after you shut it down. Given the hardware capabilities of PCs today, people do not shut down their PCs often. Of course, many users still believe you should turn your PC off. The benefits of this are a separate debate but if you prefer to shut your PC down and you're running Windows 10 with Fast startup enabled, you aren't really shutting your PC down. The Shut down button puts your system in a state that is a combination of hibernation and a full shut down. To get it to truly shut down, you have to disable Fast startup in Windows 10. Here's how. Read More

How To Select Fill Color For A Centered Wallpaper In Windows 10

Windows has quite a few customization options for the wallpaper. They've been a part of Windows since Windows 98 though they grew somewhat restricted in Windows 10. One feature to go missing from the wallpaper customization options was the ability to select the fill color for centered wallpaper images. This feature is making a comeback in the Creators Update for Windows 10. The Windows Insider Build 15014 already has the feature up and working. You can now use either Hex or RGB codes to select the fill color for a centered wallpaper in Windows 10. Here's how. Read More

How To Buy And Read eBooks In Windows 10

The Windows Store will soon house ebooks that you can buy and read on a Windows 10 PC. The feature has already surfaced on the Windows 10 Insider Build 15014. The Windows Store has a very modest collection of eBooks already available for purchase though it might only be visible to users on the Insider program. The eBooks are bought in the Windows Store but will be read in Microsoft Edge. There isn't, at present, a dedicated eBook app and Edge is filling in for it. Here's how you can buy and read eBooks in Windows 10. Read More

10 Best macOS Apps & Tips Of 2016

Apple released macOS Sierra in 2016 and the major feature in this version was the inclusion of Siri on the desktop. Plenty of other smaller features were also part of the update but Siri on the desktop was something people had been anticipating for quite some time. Another major update from Apple came in the form of the new Macbooks which have a new hardware component called the Touch Bar. It has mixed reviews but developers have been hard a work adding support for the Touch Bar. Here are the 10 best macOS apps and tips of 2016. Read More

How To Create Notes From The Action Center In Windows 10

The Action Center has buttons for quick settings one of which is for 'Notes'. If you click this button, OneNote opens and you can jot down a quick note. Even though OneNote is a Microsoft product, it doesn't integrate that well in Windows 10. Action Note on the other hand integrates exceptionally well. It is a free note taking app available in the Windows Store that lets you create notes from the Action center and pin as many of them to the Start menu as you want. Read More

How To Create Custom Gradient Wallpapers For Your iPhone

Wallpapers, whether they're for the desktop or for your phone, are a pretty awesome way to customize your device. Wallpapers can be simple vector art or complex designs, and anything in between. Of course finding these wallpapers, ones that look good and do not inhibit you from using your device requires time. GradientDaze is a free iOS app that lets you create custom gradient wallpapers for your iPhone or iPad. The app lets you play with gradients and generates a wallpaper for you on the fly. You select colors and the app shows you gradients generated from them. If you like what you see, you can save it and set it as your lock screen and home screen background. Read More

How To Find And Delete Duplicate Photos On Your iPhone

There once was a time when taking photos was expensive. This was back in the day when photos had to developed and printed, and what not. Smartphones have made it possible for anyone with even a reasonably good phone to take up photography as a hobby. The iPhone and its camera are exceptionally popular with amateur photographers. If you take lots of photos and never really get around to cleaning your camera roll Duplicate Finder is an iOS app that you need. It's worth $0.99 in the App Store and it can find both duplicate and similar photos in your camera roll. Read More

How To Auto-Refresh Filtered Data In Excel When It Is Updated

Microsoft Excel lets you filter data. It's a useful feature that can help you make sense of large amounts of data. If you lack the technical know-how needed to create a database, this feature is a life saver. The filters are fairly basic and allow you to include or exclude data from a column. The filter extends to and applies to data values in the corresponding rows as well. What the filter doesn't do is auto-update itself. If a value in a filtered column changes, either because you manually updated it or a formula is in use, you have to apply the filters again. A simple code snippet allows you to update filtered columns on the fly. Read More

How To Add Apps For Websites In Windows 10

Smartphones rely on dedicated apps to deliver a superior user experience on a smaller device. You could never use Facebook on your Android phone or iPhone if you were forced to do so via your mobile browser. Dedicated apps for services like Netflix and social networks like Facebook are becoming a thing on desktops as well. An official desktop app for both Facebook and Twitter has been released for Windows 10. The Creators Update for Windows 10 comes with a new feature to make using these apps all the more convenient. It's called 'Apps for websites' and it lets you open specific websites in the apps you have installed. For example, you can have all Facebook links you open in your browser automatically open in the Facebook app. Here's how to add apps for websites in Windows 10. Read More

How To Set Tabs Aside In Microsoft Edge In Windows 10

The Creators Update for Windows 10 is going to bring a lot of new features to the desktop. One rather exciting feature that's coming to Windows 10 is the 'Set tabs aside' feature in Microsoft Edge. The feature essentially lets you unload and set aside tabs. You can recall them later any time you want. It's akin, in part, to bookmarking a link, but is meant to help you save and continue browsing sessions. It's pretty awesome; you are rarely going to have to worry about opening too many tabs ever again. If you're researching something, you can keep adding the good links to the tabs you set aside and visit them later. Tabs that have been set aside persist even after you exit Edge. Here's how you can set tabs aside in Microsoft Edge. Read More