Move An Installed App To A Different Drive In Windows 10

The Windows Store, by default installs apps to your C drive on Windows 10. If you have a small drive, or you would like to keep as much space free in your C drive as possible, you might not want apps installed there. If the app in question is a Metro app installed from the Windows Store, you can easily move it to a different drive without having to go through the whole uninstall and reinstall process with a built-in Windows feature. Here's how. Read More

Record A Screencast On Your iPhone Without A Mac Or Jailbreak

Recording screencasts on your iPhone  isn't very easy to do unless you've got a Mac running Yosemite or you're willing to shell out $40  (or more) on an app that lets you record screencasts with your Windows PC. There are ways to do it if you've got a jailbroken device but for those of us who run their iPhones on vanilla iOS, a Mac is almost always needed. It's times like this that you should thank the gaming community. Watching people game is an oddly popular thing, so much so that it's inspired the launch of several services (like Twitch) that lets people earn money by streaming their game play. This very same community has inspired lots of great apps for recording your screen of which Shou.Tv is free and doesn't require a jailbroken device. You must have iOS 8.3 or above running on your device. Read More

Export Your Firefox Profile From A Non-Rooted Device To Your Desktop [Android]

Android users are divided into two categories; those that root their devices, and those that do not. The debate to root or not to root centers on points like warranty, unlocking the real power of your device, removing bloatware, risking a bricked device, and overclocking it to its death. Regardless of which side you root for (pun intended), the fact is that Android users with a rooted device can do more than those with a non-rooted device. One such limitation is accessing protected files such as your Firefox profile. Fortunately, there is a very simple way of exporting and saving it to your desktop without needing to root your device. Here's how. Read More

Add A Timestamp In Notepad Whenever You Open A File In It [Windows]

notepad log
Notepad is the default TXT file editor in Windows and where the app is very basic it is used to open a huge variety of file types. You can open an HTML file, a script, a data file (.dat) and much more with it. Lots of apps that create logs are in fact opened in Notepad. The app itself is exceptionally basic but it still has one or two tricks up its sleeve. Notepad has a built-in feature that automatically adds a timestamp each time you open a file. Here's how to use it. Read More

Send Input From Your Mic To Your Speakers [Windows]

win7 recording devices
If you've ever wanted to send sound from your mic to your speakers, whether you were doing it to mix audio, or wanted to record voiceover with other audio in the background, you might have wondered what was the simplest way to go about doing it. There are plenty of apps available that let you do this but Windows has a built-in mechanism that lets you send audio from your mic to your speakers without needing any extra apps. Here's how. Read More

Create An HTML Index File For Photos To Find Them Easily [Windows]

Back when photos weren't files on our computers but printed card sheets that were put in albums. Often, the place where you had these photos developed would develop a small index card with small thumbnails of the photos, each numbered so you could use it to keep your album organized. ThumbIndex is a portable Windows utility that does something similar for our photos that are now digital files. It lets you pick a folder (of photos) and creates an HTML file with thumbnails of each photo. The thumbnails are linked to the respective file and when clicked (in your browser) will automatically open the photo. Read More

What Are iOS 8 Extensions And How To Enable Them

ios 8 extension enable
Extensions in iOS 8 make it easier for apps to talk to each other. More precisely, they allow you to send information and data from one app to the other or use an app from within another app. Extensions are essentially apps themselves that need to be enabled from within share menus for them to work. They work with as both share/action buttons and as stand alone apps. Here's a quick overview of iOS extensions and how to enable them. Read More

Access All Firefox Menus From A Single Button On The Toolbar

All Menus Button
Firefox looked very different a few years ago; it wasn't all neat, clean, and minimal like it is today. Before, the browser looked like any other app with menus in the menu bar. When Chrome began to gain popularity with its very minimal design, people began to realize there was a better way to access application settings. Firefox began an overhaul of its UI and has since changed considerably. It now lets you add your most frequently used features as buttons on the toolbar while hiding the menus that used to appear on its menu bar. To access them, you have to hit the Alt key and they will appear momentarily. The thing is, while these menus may have been hidden for the sake of a 'cleaner' browser, they house important features and are very much needed. If you don't like hitting the Alt key to access them, give All Menus Button a try. It adds a button to the tool bar that encompasses every single menu on Firefox's menu bar for you to access. Read More

How To Tell If A Facebook Page Responds To Its Inbox Messages

fb messages page
Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter may be used for a lot of things; keeping up with friends, getting news, finding events in your area, but as time has shown Facebook pages and Twitter profiles are also a way for people to engage with their favorite brands. Simple posts about grievances are often left unanswered if a page isn't active and until a few days ago, there was no way to tell if a Facebook page even checked its inbox. There is now and here's how it works. Read More

Get Caps Lock, Num Lock, And Scroll Lock Indicators In The System Tray

When buying a laptop, we're more concerned with how well it performs. The specifications of a new laptop center around the processor, the RAM, graphics card, etc and not on the far less trivial things like how many LED indicators it has. Sadly, as trivial as these things are, they are missed when absent and if you have a laptop that doesn't indicate whether the number pad is on or if Caps lock is on, you might have lingering regret towards your otherwise satisfactory purchase. Keyboard Indicator is a lightweight Windows utility that adds indicators for caps lock, num lock, and scroll lock, to your system tray so that you can tell at a glance whether they are On or Off. Read More

How To Remove ‘Get Windows 10′ App From Your System

i don't want windows 10
Windows 10 is set for release on July 29, 2015 and we all know that Microsoft is taking this new version and pushing it aggressively to Windows users with the Get Windows 10 app. While a lot of users have reserved a copy of the new OS, there are some who aren't on-board with the idea and the little Windows icon in their system tray is nothing more than annoying bloatware. If you're one of the many people looking to get rid of this app or put it out of sight, here's how you can do just that. Read More

Schedule Text Messages For Any Date And Time On Your Android Phone

Scheduled text messages is a feature that popular mobile platforms seem to ignore year after year. Granted there is no one popular app out there that would convince them that scheduling a text message is a much needed feature and that is probably why no one pays much attention to it. That said, it can be useful and SMStagger is a free material design app for Android phones that does the job beautifully. You can search for and select a recipient from your contacts, select the date and time when a message should be sent, and compose your message in advance. When the message is due, the app will send it. Read More

Alternatives For The Features Being Removed In Windows 10

Windows 10 is set for release on July 29, 2015 and in preparation, Microsoft has bundled an app with its recent updates so that Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 users can reserve a copy of the new OS, and also scan their systems for device and app compatibility. Microsoft has also released a brief list of features that it will cut from Windows 10 and these range from minor changes to major ones. Here's a list of apps to help you fill the void left by the features Windows 10 will no longer support. Read More

Download Files Directly On Your iPhone & View Them In A Library [Paid]

Quik downloader_settings
Long before there were smartphones, there existed feature phones and Nokia ruled that market. Feature phones came with memory cards and with most you could plug them into your system and copy files to directly them. Then came smartphones and everyone had a different way of how the file system should work when connected to a computer. Android phones still let you treat the phone as a mass storage device but iOS is more restrictive. You can save movies and photos to your camera roll from your mobile browser but that's about it. Saving files from your Gmail, or downloading a zipped file to your device without apps like Dropbox is not possible. Meet Quik downloader, an iOS app worth $1.99 in the App Store that lets you directly download files from Safari and Chrome. The app is exceptionally smart; it works as an extension and scans an entire page for download links. You can choose which files to download and then view them in the app's own library. You must be running iOS 8 or above for the app to work. Read More

Look Up What Song Was Playing During A Scene In A Movie Or TV Show

Music plays a very important part in both movies and TV shows. It is so important that it has its very own category at the Oscars. Often, the music score or the tracks included are the only redeemable quality for some movies and TV productions, and at other times, many tracks rise from obscurity to mainstream music solely because they were part of a popular motion production. TuneFind is a crowd sourced service that lists songs that were played during a movie or an episode of a TV show. The songs are listed with a brief description of what scene they were played during, and users can authenticate or question a listing, as well as submit a new one. Read More

Set Timer For System Restart, Hibernate, Sleep, Shutdown & Sign Out [Windows]

Some apps, those that handle long processes such as torrent downloaders, have a built-in feature that will shut down your system once a process completes. Unfortunately, where this feature is exceptionally useful, it is also rare to come by in most apps. PowerKit is a free Windows app, compatible with Windows 7 and 8/8.1, that lets you schedule system shutdown, restart, hibernate, and sign out. You can set the schedule for a specific time or after a fixed duration. The process, once initiated, can be aborted at any time. Read More

What To Do If You Don’t See The Upgrade To Windows 10 App

GWX process windows 10 update
If you're anxiously waiting for Windows 10 (release date set for July 29, 2015) then it's likely you try to keep up with the latest news about the new OS. Today, the internet is buzzing with news of a new app called Upgrade to Windows 10 that has 'magically' appeared to help them reserve a copy of the new OS when it becomes available. That said, some of you might not be seeing this new app. If that's the case, here are a few things you can try. This post has been updated with a new solution that lets you bypass the Get Windows 10 app and reservation system altogether. Read More

How To Check Device & App Compatibility Before Reserving A Windows 10 Copy

get windows 10
Windows 10 is coming July 29, 2015. Rejoice. Microsoft has taken just everything you hated about Windows 8/8.1 and made it all better. Microsoft is also being considerably more aggressive about getting people to upgrade to the next version and I for one am very impressed with the effort they've put in. A recent Windows update will have added a new app for reserving a copy of Windows 10, which is free for everyone on Windows 7 and 8/8.1. The app includes a very useful feature that will check if your PC is compatible with Windows 10. Most PCs will be compatible but the app is still really useful because it tells you if a certain device or app that you've currently installed on your system will work once you've upgraded. Here's how to run the check. Read More

Group Emails By Type And Send Quick Replies [iOS]

Mailstrom is an old, and exceptionally useful tool that helps you clean up your inbox. It's one of those innovative services that to date does not have anything that remotely compares to it. Spark is somewhere in the same category. It's an iOS app for managing email. It's safe to say that email management, while not a saturated niche, has quite a few existing apps and services that aim to make it easier and Spark is just another entry. What sets it apart is its smart inbox which will separate emails by date and type. Once you've connected your email account(s) and Spark has synced your email, it sorts it into categories; New, Newsletters, Notifications, and Pinned emails. You can then sort through the type of email you need to read first. It takes some hint from Gmail's Inbox and has a snooze feature that you can use to set a reminder for answering an email or following up on it. It has three quick response buttons that you need only tap to send a reply to an email and a pin feature that lets you pin emails to a separate inbox, much like 'starring' or 'favoriting' an email. Last, but certainly not least, the app has an amazing number of customization features. Read More

Annotate, Blur Or Add Shapes To Screenshots On Your iPhone

Whenever I need to share a screenshot taken on my phone, I often have to stop to remove personal information from it. This process has me going through several different apps just to highlight the area that I want to bring attention to or add text to an image while scribbling over the information I want to hide. This is probably because most photo editing apps for phones are meant to enhance photos, frame them, or make them more visually appealing for Instagram. Apps that target screenshots are rare and often carry a price tag just to try out. Pinpoint is a free iOS app that lets you add text, a pixelated blur box, and arrows, to screenshots directly from your iPhone. The app has one color, red with bold white outline for the text and shapes however, you can get more colors with an in-app purchase. Read More