Keep A Cheat Sheet For In Season Fruits & Vegetables On Your iPhone

Grocery shopping seems like a simple enough routine task to do until you finally get down to doing it. Buying cereals and coffee might be easy but buying fresh produce i.e., fruits and vegetables is somewhat complicated because a large number of them are seasonal. You might find watermelons in winter but that doesn't necessarily mean they're going to taste right. Fruits and vegetables are best consumed if they're in season ones but unless you're a farmer, you won't know off the top of your head which ones are in season at any point in the year. Veggies in Season is a free iOS app that tells you just that. The name leans towards vegetables but the app lists both fruits and vegetables that are currently in season. You can tap a fruit or vegetable to see which months of the year it is in season. Read More

Perform A Case Sensitive Search On A Web Page In Your Browser

Case Sensitive Find-result
Web browsers have a search feature that allows you to search the text on the current web page. It's very useful when you want to search for a particular term that led you to the page in question but don't want to read or even skim through it yourself. It's the fastest way to get to the point of things, so to speak. The search or find bar as it is called in some browsers is basic text search that simply matches characters and disregards the case of the characters you typed. If you're looking to do a case sensitive search on a web page in your browser, you need Case Sensitive Find. It's a free bookmarklet that does a case sensitive search in whichever browser you use it in. Read More

How To Disable The Notifications Panel In Windows 10

Notifications have long been a part of Windows but in Windows 10, Microsoft introduced the Notification panel, i.e. the Action Center where all the notifications sent to you by the system or an app would appear. You can review notifications that you dismissed and interact with them to open a file, event, or email, etc. The panel also includes some quick access toggles for opening the Settings app, turning on Quiet hours, turning the WiFi On/Off, and more. The point is, it's not a useless UI element put there for the sake of making the OS appear more intelligent. It has actual use but if you're trying to get Windows 10 to look, and/or behave, more like Windows 7 then you might be interested in turning the Notification Center panel Off. Here's how. Read More

Open Your Optical Disk Drive With A Keyboard Shortcut [Windows]

door control
Optical disk drives are still an integral part of almost all Windows machines. Even though devices like the Surface tablet prove you don't need the drive to have a perfectly usable system, they are no where near going extinct. The optical drive isn't going to go the way of the floppy drive for another few years. If you ever compare an ordinary Windows machine from a major manufacturer like hp or Dell, to a MacBook, you will notice that among the many design variations, the drive on a MacBook doesn't need to be opened or closed. The same can't be said for optical drives on both laptops and desktop tower setups. You either have to open it from My Computer or you have to press the physical button on the drive itself. If you're looking for a much easier way to do this, give Door Control a try. It's a free Windows app that will open/eject the optical drive with just a keyboard shortcut. It also claims to be able to close the drive but that will depend on the actual hardware on your system. Read More

What Does The Lightning Icon On A Facebook Post Mean?

Many of us routinely read on our phones and Facebook is one of the more popular places where people get their daily dose of news and opinion pieces. The platform is so popular that it isn't possible for an online publication to exist and not have a Facebook page. If you read on your phone, and frequently find articles to read in your Facebook feed, you might have noticed that some articles have a small lightning icon on them. The first thing that comes to mind here is that perhaps the post is tending but that isn't what the icon means. The icon represents posts that are Instant Articles. Read More

How To Get A Dark Start Menu & Taskbar With Colored Title Bars In Windows 10

Windows 10 takes it upon itself to ensure you have a nice color scheme on your system. You can choose the color of the title bars, taskbar, and Start Menu but Windows will tweak it to make it look better. The Taskbar and the Start Menu are always a slightly different shade of the color of the title bars. You can disable the color on the Taskbar and the Start Menu altogether but that will also disable the color on the title bar for all windows. It's an all or nothing deal but if you're willing to tweak something in the Windows registry, you can keep the color on the title bars but turn the color for the Start Menu, Taskbar, and Action Center off. Here's how. Read More

How To Set A Different Wallpaper For Multiple Monitors In Windows 10

win 1- desktop bg monitors
Windows 10 has greatly restricted how much users can personalize the appearance of the OS. Themes aren't what they used to be and it was only after users complained did Microsoft bring back the colored title bars. Many customization options that were accessible from the Control Panel have been hidden and setting a desktop background is now something you can only do from the new Settings app. This has a major drawback; the Settings app doesn't let you set a different wallpaper for multiple monitors and there is no visible way to do it from the Control Panel. Fortunately, there's a very easy work around to it. Read More

How To Select & Delete All Emails Sorted To A Label In Gmail In One Go

gmail select all label
Gmail's web interface allows you to sort emails into 'Labels'. These labels are the equivalent of folders for the messages  you receive and once created, you can have Gmail automatically send emails to a label by creating a rule for sorting them. It's a pretty great way to automatically have spammy emails moved out of your inbox to a label so you don't have to be bothered by them ever. The emails in a label do build up that way and marking them 'read', archiving them, or deleting them can take time if you do it one page, fifty messages, at a time. To make it exponentially easier, Gmail has a built-in method to select all messages inside an email label. Here's how. Read More

How To Cast & Queue Reddit Posts To Chromecast From Your Android Phone

Cast for Reddit-video
Reddit has become so big that people are no longer ashamed to admit they visit the site or that they get a majority of their daily news dose from it. People still do not disclose their usernames that easily but there is no shame in using the site. If you use Reddit and are particularly fond of the images and videos shared to it, Cast for Reddit is a free Android app that you might like if you have a Chromecast. The app lets you send any image or video from Reddit to your TV. You can use the app to browse the top content on Reddit and tap anything to send it to the Chromecast. Read More

How To Cast A Safari Tab To Chromecast From Your iPhone

App extensions in iOS have made it easier for apps to talk to each other. Sharing links, opening files from one app in another, or just using an app within an app are some of the things that iOS extensions allow you to do. MomoCast is a free iOS app that works as an extension and lets you cast a Safari tab to Chromecast. The free version of the app has ads which you can remove with an in-app purchase of $1.99. The extension is meant to work with Safari but will also work with certain other apps that support it, for example, you can cast a Tweet from inside the official Twitter app to Chromecast with MomoCast but you cannot cast a Chrome for iOS tab. You must have iOS 8 or above running on your iPhone for the app to work. Read More

How To Block All Political Content In Safari [iOS]

Politics Filter-before
Politics can make you angry and there are no rules as to what constitutes a reasonable political opinion so there are many things on the internet that get the 'political opinion' label. The more rage inducing an opinion is, the more frequently you will see it on the internet, often accompanied by an equally rage inducing counter opinion. If you're tired of seeing so much political vitriol on almost every website you visit, give Politics Filter a try. It's a free iOS app that will block political content from appearing in Safari. The app requires iOS 9 or above because it needs to use the content blocking feature that was introduced in Safari in iOS 9. Read More

How To Turn Off The Apple Music Splash Screen In The Music App [iOS]

Apple Music is a subscription based music service that, because it's from Apple, is forced on to you when you open the Music app on your iOS device. When the service first debuted, users were offered a three month trial even if the service wasn't available in their region. You could of course dismiss it and proceed to your music library. The screen continues to appear each time you launch the app and many times, it's gotten stuck on my device. I've had to turn my WiFi off, quit and relaunch the Music app just to get to my music until I found the Off switch. If the splash screen is a source of annoyance for you, here's how you can disable it. Read More

Retroactively Resize Two Windows Snapped Side By Side In Windows 10

The window snapping feature in Windows 10 has greatly been improved upon since Windows 7. Even back then, it was pretty awesome but with Windows 10 and the lessons Microsoft learned from Windows 8, the feature has been made all the better. Among the many other things that you can do when snapping windows, resizing two at the same time is a very useful new addition made in Windows 10. Here's how it works. Read More

Use iTunes Home Sharing To Stream Music From The Desktop To Your iPhone

If you own an iPhone model with low storage, it's likely you cut corners to manage your space better. You likely have to keep space free for the apps you need and thus have to keep fewer photos and music files on the device. One way to conserve space on a device is to use apps like Spotify to fuel your music needs but if you're mostly working next to or near a desktop, you can use Home Sharing to get music from your PC on your iPhone without needing any extra apps. Here's how. Read More

How To Turn Off Snap Suggestions In Windows 10

Snapping is an awesome Windows feature and thankfully, it has stood the test of time and Microsoft's attempts at innovating and reinventing their OS. In Windows 10, the snapping feature comes with several new improvements one of which is that it now suggests what other windows to snap when you snap the current window. The suggestions will show you the last three windows you used of all the ones that are open. It does confuse you at first since you don't immediately know how to return to the desktop but if it continues to bother you, you can turn the suggestions feature Off. Here's how. Read More

How To Edit And Format A Google Doc With Voice Commands

google docs commands
Google Docs has just added a new tool for editing and formatting documents with voice commands. It's long had the feature to dictate text which made it easier to type but the update now lets you edit your document. There is an entire list of commands that you can use to format and navigate inside a document. You can jump to a new paragraph, apply text styles (bold, italics, etc), edit tables, and more. The commands are simple to execute and you will not need to switch to the keyboard to activate the feature if you're already using voice to text to write the document. Here's how to execute a voice command in Google Docs. For now, this only works in Chrome for the desktop. Read More

Stream Videos For Songs In Your iTunes Library To Chromecast

Music TV
A while back we shared an app called Jukebox that allowed you to listen to music stored in your Dropbox account. The app connected with your account, scanned it for music, and allowed you to play it from its music player. With Jukebox, you can create playlists, and play songs on loop or repeat. If you're looking for a way to cast your music to a Chromecast, then Music TV is the answer. It's a free iOS app that will let you select songs from your iTunes library and play them over the Chromecast. It searches YouTube for a video to go with it and casts it when the song is played. Read More

Compose A Text Note Anywhere And Email It To Yourself

Anyone who takes notes frequently likely has a go-to note taking app to do the job. Evernote is often the popular option but if you need one and don't have a favorite to turn to, or you're working on a device that isn't your own, I don't have a damn pen is a web app that you can use. It's quite simply a note taking app that you can use from your browser, mobile or desktop, with support for basic font styles. The app lets you tpe your note in the browser and once you're done, you can email it to yourself. Read More

How To Search For And Add GIFs In The Twitter Mobile App

Twitter has long supported the ability to play GIFs. You can tweet a GIF image and it will play in the timeline on both the desktop and the mobile apps. Likewise, you can link to a GIF and it will play. Unlike Facebook, Twitter has been very accommodating of this particular image format and it's been likewise used on it excessively. As of a recent update to Twitter, you can now search for and tweet GIFs from inside the mobile apps. Here's how. Read More

Get An iPad Like App Launcher On Windows

Microsoft experimented with a full screen app launcher back in Windows 8 that it called the Start Screen. The launcher didn't fare well with users and Microsoft eventually had to get rid of it. If the idea of a full screen app launcher appealed to you, PaperPlane is a free app launcher for Windows that mimics the launcher on the iPad. The great thing about the app is how easy it is to launch it. It doesn't interfere with any normal desktop functions and you can add files, folders, apps, and web links to it. Read More