How To Crop Panoramas For An Instagram Album

Instagram made the square sized photo popular. The app stuck with this particular photo size for a long time. The size came with its limitations and apps like Layout couldn't remove them. Eventually, Instagram allowed users to post photos in their original, wide, dimensions. The feature is alright and you can use it to post a panorama but the results aren't that great. You end up with a very zoomed out photo. Instawide is a free Android app that can crop panoramas for an Instagram album. iOS users will have to pay $0.99 for Panosel, an app that does the same thing but on an iPhone. Instagram albums or multiple image posts are a new Instagram feature that lets you share ten photos in one post. Instawide crops a panorama so that you can share it as an album. Here's how it works.Read More

How To Use White Balance In Google Photos

Google Photos has a new feature called 'White balance'. This feature isn't new in the sphere of photography or picture editing apps. Countless camera and photo editing apps have had this feature since ages. It is, however, new to Google Photos. The feature adjusts the color in a photo and gives it an even tone. Pictures taken in poor light have areas that are too dark or too bright. White balance fixes that problem. Here's how to use white balance in Google Photos.Read More

How To Disable Your Webcam When Not In Use [Windows]

Webcams come integrated in all laptops available in the market today. A laptop that doesn't have a webcam is unheard of. They're so common that operating systems include a camera app right out of the box. Of course, webcams are also a security risk. Someone can hack your webcam and use it to spy on you. The easiest way to avoid this is to tape the lens over like Mark Zukerberg does. If you don't want to use tape, there are special covers available for laptop webcams. Alternatively, you can just disable your webcam and make your system think you don't have one, period. Webcam On-Off is a free Windows utility that lets you disable your webcam in just one click.Read More

How To Remove Suggested Apps From The Share Menu In Windows 10

Windows 10, like Windows 8, has contextual sharing. If you select files in File Explorer, a share tab appears on the ribbon. It lets you share files via supported apps. The apps that support contextual sharing appear in the share menu. Users can't add or remove apps from the share menu. The apps appear automatically when you install them. Over time, Windows 10 picks up on which app you prefer to share with and puts it at the top of the list.Come April 2017, Microsoft is adding suggested apps to the share menu in the Creator's Update. These apps are apps that you have not installed on your device but Microsoft thinks you probably should. Needless to say, it is unnecessary clutter. Here's how you can remove suggested apps from the share menu in Windows 10.Read More

How To Change The Power Plan From The System Tray In Windows 10

Windows has different power profiles that users can set up. A power profile lets you quickly change your system's settings between low and high power usage. Some of the variables in a power plan include screen brightness, display timeout, system sleep, and more. Users can customize a power plan to suit their needs. There are three power plans in Windows 10; high performance, balanced, and power saver. In order to switch to a different power plan, a user has to open the Control Panel app by right-clicking the battery icon in the system tray. In the Creator's Update, Microsoft is going to add a slider to the battery icon's menu to make this easier. PowerPlanSwitcher is a Windows UWP app that gives you this feature right now. It lets you change the power plan from the system tray to any one of the three default plans. Here's how it works.Read More

How To Hide Apps From Google Search In Android

The dedicated Google Search app in Android has received an upgrade. It can now search your apps as well as the internet. This feature is similar to Spotlight search in iOS. The Google Search app now has a dedicated tab called 'In Apps' and all matching results from apps installed on your phone appear under this tab. One of the many apps Google Search can look through is the People app on your phone. You can use it to look up a contact's details. If you prefer to hide apps from Google Search, you need to revoke access. Here's how.Read More

How To Tell If Windows 10 Is A Fresh Install Or An Upgrade

Windows 10 was free for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users. For one year, Microsoft gave users the option to upgrade their old version of Windows to the newest one. The free offer was rescinded when Microsoft released the Anniversary Update. After that, users running Windows 7/8 had to purchase Windows 10. They got a new product key for the license they bought. Users who upgraded from an older Windows version used their old Windows 7/8 license. If you ever need to check whether a Windows 10 installation is an upgrade or a fresh install, there's no straight forward way to tell. You might have a Windows.old folder in your C Drive if you upgraded but that too disappears one month after the upgrade. Here's how you can tell if Windows 10 is a fresh install or an upgrade.Read More

How To Find Which App Or Process Is Using A USB In Windows

It only takes seconds to safely remove a USB drive or an external hard drive. In Windows, you can eject a USB drive from the system tray or from File Explorer. In File Explorer, select a USB drive and go to the 'Manage' tab. Click the 'Eject' button to safely remove a drive. From the system tray, right-click the USB device icon and select the Eject option for the drive you want to remove. If all goes well, Windows will tell you it's safe to remove a USB drive within seconds. There are exceptions to this of course. At times, Windows tells you it isn't safe to remove a USB drive because it is in use by an app or a process. The message prompt doesn't tell you which app or process is using a USB. Here's how you can see what's preventing Windows from safely ejecting a USB drive.Read More

How To Always Open YouTube Videos In Theater Mode

YouTube introduced theater mode a few years ago. Theater mode pushes the suggested videos below the video player. The video player itself sits on a nice black background. It is without a doubt, the better viewing experience. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't remember which viewing mode you prefer. Regardless if you're signed in or signed out, YouTube will always default to the regular viewing mode. You have to click the theater mode button on the video player every single time. YouTube doesn't have a work around for this but, there are add-ons and extensions that make it so you always open YouTube videos in theater mode.Read More

How To Launch An App From Quick Settings [Android]

The Notifications shade in Android has tiles for toggling quick settings. Android doesn't have a built-in tool to create custom tiles though there are apps available for just this purpose. The toggles usually connect with a system setting like the Bluetooth or WiFi switch on your phone. With third-party apps, you can add tiles for weather or an app or two. Shortcutter is a free Android app that adds a myriad of tiles to Quick Settings. You can add a tile to access the camera, record your screen, or access the SystemUI Tuner. It also lets you add a tile to launch an app from Quick Settings. Here's how to set up an app tile using Shortcutter.Read More

How To Block Non-Windows Store Apps In Windows 10

The Windows Store is still in its infancy stage. There are some good apps available in the Windows Store. Big names like Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix all have UWP apps that you can download from the Windows Store. The Windows Store apps are, if nothing else, safe. Users know for a fact that they are downloading the official app and no one has repackaged it with harmful or malicious code. That really is the whole benefit of a dedicated app store. The Windows 10 Creator's Update due in April this year is going to introduce a new limitation that will let users block non-Windows Store apps. The Windows smart screen already serves to protect users from installing unsigned apps. With this feature, users can block Win32 or desktop apps. Here's how it works.Read More

How To Check If A Job Description Is Discriminatory [Chrome]

Job titles in tech are pretty creative; companies hire wizards, gurus, and the occasional hackers to develop products. The job titles are no doubt meant to excite and encourage potential employees to apply. This appears to have caught on in other industries as well. There isn't anything wrong with it unless the job title becomes too vague. With jobs, it's not just titles that can be vague. At times, job descriptions suffer the same fate. They are either too vague or outright discriminatory. For anyone unfamiliar with what red flags to look for, Joblint is a Chrome extension worth checking out. It lets you check if a job description is discriminatory or not. Here's how it works.Read More

How To Insert Notes From Google Keep In Google Docs

Google has integrated Google Keep in Google Docs. This update is available for the G Suite of apps. For now, regular Google account users will not be able to see it. If you like Google Keep and use it at work, you can now insert notes from Google Keep in Google Docs through a dedicated panel. Your notes and documents all sync to Google Drive and this feature makes it easier to work with both. You no longer have to switch between apps, and you can create notes in Google Keep that are linked to a specific document. Here's how you can insert notes from Google Keep in Google Docs.Read More

How To Disable Click To Load Tabs In Firefox

Web browsers can automatically open the last tabs you were browsing. You have to change your browser's start settings to enable this feature. If you've set your browser to always open a specific website i.e. your home page, or you've set it to always open a blank tab, the browser will not load tabs from your previous session. Both Firefox and Chrome support this session restore feature but Firefox adds something extra. If you've set Firefox to open tabs from your previous session, it will do so. It will, however, not load the tabs until you actually visit them. Firefox does this to prevent slow startup. It's better to load just the one tab you want to use right away and postpone the others until you visit them. This feature is called click to load tabs. Here's how you can disable click to load tabs in Firefox.Read More

How To Delete Website Specific Data From Safari On iOS

Safari on iOS works like all other browsers do. For every domain, and every page you visit, Safari saves data for each site. This may contain cookies, cached images, and more. Like all browsers, Safari lets you delete all cookies that it has stored and clean your cache. If however, you want to delete website specific data from Safari, you need to look elsewhere. The feature is built into the browser but you might not know just where it is and how to use it. Here's how you can delete website specific data from Safari On iOS.Read More

How To Report And Block iMessage Spam On iOS

Messaging apps all eventually succumb to spam. The same is true for all modes of communication. You can get prank calls, emails from people on their death bed trying to leave you all their money, and texts selling you health products. There is no mode of communication that is free from spam and iMessages is no different. One easy way to avoid it is to filter messages from unknown contacts. This will stop the alerts but the messages will continue to arrive. If they contain video, audio, or images, they will take up space on your device. The good news is, you can report and block iMessage spam. Here's how.Read More

How To Search And Share GIFs On Android Without Switching Apps

The internet loves GIFs. They're the best way to react to anything whether it's good news, bad news, or political news. This image type is so popular that Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp have added GIF support as well, complete with a built-in search feature for finding them. Creating a GIF is pretty easy but services like Giphy and Imgur have such a rich library of GIFs, you never really need to create a new one. You can search the extensive library of GIFs available on Giphy and just use one from there. GIF Share Overlay is a free Android app that lets you search and Share GIFs on Android from anywhere. The app is accessed from the Notifications shade. It adds a floating overlay to your screen where you can search and share GIFs from.Read More

How To Create A Quick YouTube Playlist In Chrome

You can create playlists on YouTube but some conditions apply. For one, you have to sign into YouTube. If you don't sign into YouTube, the playlist feature will not be available. When you're creating a playlist, you have to add the videos one by one. For each video you want to add, you have to open it and click the 'Add To' option under the video's description. That is three clicks per video for the playlist you want to create. The good news is, if you use Chrome, you can create a quick YouTube playlist using TubeLister. It's a Chrome extension that will add all open YouTube videos to a new playlist. Here's how it works.Read More

How To Check If A Website Is Affected By CloudBleed

CloudBleed is a new vulnerability that effects CloudFlare. CloudFare is a content delivery network and security provided that is the backbone of some very large, big name websites. This new vulnerability has made it possible for sensitive information; passwords, encrypted keys, and more. A simple Google search will not bring up this leaked information. As with any security breach, the standard protocol is to change your password immediately. The leak has bee patched but it has affected quite a few websites. Cloudbleed Indicator is a Chrome extension that alerts you when you visit a website affected by the vulnerability of the same name. CloudBleed is a Firefox add-on and Chrome Extension that can search your history and your bookmarks for affected websites. Here's how to check if a website is affected by CloudBleed.Read More

How To Tag Someone In An Email In The Mail App In Windows 10

People miss important emails all the time. They either forget to respond to an email or they deem an email not relevant to them. With so many emails sent to our inbox everyday, it's hard to make sure the right person replies. That's why those meetings that should've been an email happen. Windows 10 comes with a stock Mail app. It's basic but enough to meet primary email needs. Clearly, Microsoft doesn't want anything competing with Outlook but wants to give users a mail app in their out-of-the-box PC. The Mail app has just been updated and a tag feature has been added to it. The tag feature is a call-to-attention that lets you tag someone in an email. Here's how it works.Read More