Cool Converter: A Holo-Themed Advanced Unit Converter For Android

There is no shortage of quality unit converters for Android in the Google Play Store, but if you are looking for an alternative that provides plenty of advanced conversion options, take a look at Cool Converter. Sporting a UI that borrows its elements from the Android Ice Cream Sandwich’s Holo Theme, Cool Converter offers you dozens of daily-use basic, as well as extended, conversion options. The app's conversion support goes beyond the routine physical units (time, length, temperature, area et al), and lets you perform necessary calculations on various scientific and computing units, including bits & bytes, numeral systems, force, torque, pressure, energy, electric current, magnetic field strength, power and metric prefixes etc. That’s not all; the app also lists values of all the useful universal scientific constants that you might be required to use in, perhaps, your homework. Read More

Metal Sniffer: Metal Detector That Exports Readings In CSV [Android]

I remember the time the HTC G1 came out, and with it, a metal detector app. To be honest, I initially thought it was a gimmick and more of en entertainment app rather than an actually utility, but as it is, the thing actually worked! Since then, the Android Market, now renamed to Google Play, has been flooded with tons of metal detector apps that offer quite a lot of different functions, but if you talk about free ones, most out there are ad-supported, which can be a nuisance at times (although for free, one shouldn’t complain). Metal Sniffer is just another metal detector app, there, I said it. However, the app brings in what most don’t, and that is a Holo themed interface that blends in nicely with the ICS UI – for those of you running Ice Cream Sandwich on your Android device – and best of all, the app is entirely ad-free. More on the app and how well it actually fares in what it does, after the break. Read More

PipeUp! Voice Alarm For Android Can Read Aloud Almost Anything via TTS

The smartphones (and tablets) of today have even smarter alarm & clock apps that provide way more functionality than presenting you with just the usual dismiss-and-snooze buttons. With the previously reviewed iHome Sleep, we’ve already seen an Android & iOS alarm app that wakes you up to your overnight social media feeds. Fresh to the Google Play Store, PipeUp! Voice Alarm is another immensely comprehensive, fully customizable Android alarm app that takes the aforementioned concept even further, and lets you specify various alarms that can be set to play aloud almost any content that you add to their respective playlists. Using the high quality Android Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine, the app can play your overnight social feeds in a typical radio broadcast style, business/stock news, custom text, unattended emails and text messages, quote of the day, daily language lessons, RSS feeds and podcasts, technology news, sports updates, custom audio/sound files, entertainment news, detailed weather forecast, wakeup messages from friends, Merriam Webster word of the day, trivia of the day, local traffic details, calendar event alerts, and lots more. The app supports playing all the content in multiple global languages, and lets you pick either a male or female voice to play the selected content in an accent of choice. Read More

Dashboard: Add Up To 9 Bookmark Slots To Your Android’s Homescreen

If you’re an avid web surfer and frequently need to visit specific websites on your Android, but find it tiresome to navigate all the way to your browser app to open each individual website separately, then you must consider using Dashboard. This immensely convenient and customizable app lets you specify bookmark shortcuts to a maximum of nine (9) different most frequently used URLs on its main interface, so that you’re always just a single tap away from navigating to your favorite websites. What’s even better with Dashboard, is that it also supports a nifty skinnable homescreen widget, complete with the shortcuts to all nine bookmarks, so that you can head over to the required URL direct from your Android's homescreen. From the customization perspective, you can also apply various elegant skins/themes to your Dashboard widget to make it look even prettier, and in compliance with your default launcher. Details to follow. Read More

Shoptimus Is An Intelligent Virtual Assistant For All Kinds Of Shopping [Android]

Sporting a polished and intelligently-crafted user interface, Shoptimus International is a free Android app that brings you the latest shopping deals from some of the leading online merchants, including Kmart,, Target, Abt Electronics and Sears. Be it the latest electronic gadgets, home appliances, products for men, women and kids, or any daily-use commodities, using Shoptimus International, you can explore a wide array of consumer products from across all supported online stores. The app offers you various filters that you can utilize to narrow down your search criteria, listing only those products that meet your liking and budget. While browsing various online stores, you can also add the required items to your wishlist on the go, or head over to the retailer’s website to instantly place the purchase order. That’s not all; the app also supports voice-enabled search, as well as real-time search suggestions, to help you instantly search for items of interest from required outlets. Read More

Seedair +3 Lets You Explore & Share Geotagged Photos & URLs [Android]

Seedair +3 is a relatively fresh location-based social media-sharing and networking startup that specifically targets mobile users. Through its highly interactive and visually appealing Android app, Seedair +3 lets you instantly share geo-tagged photos, URLs and short messages that can be seen by other app users within your vicinity. You can opt to keep the shared content visible to all, none (apart from you), or only your Seedair +3 friends. There are multiple ways of exploring all the Airsigns (content shared via Seedair +3), and while you explore, the app provides you with a chance to add new friends to your social circle. In addition, it presents you with a host of customary socializing tool, using which you may like, comment on, or share an Airsign with your online buddies. Read More

JumiAmp Allows Remote Control Of iTunes & WinAMP From Android Or iPhone

Back in January, we covered an Android app called TuneSync HomeStream, that allows users to wirelessly stream their iTunes music library from their PC or Mac to their Android devices. What if you wanted to remotely control music playback on your iTunes desktop application right from your Android device? Developed by Jumitech, JumiAMP is a stylish iOS and Android app that allows you to control music playback on iTunes and WinAMP desktop applications over WiFi or mobile data (3G, EDGE). While JumiAMP has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time now, its Android variant has just made its way into the Google Play Store. Read More

Android SkyDrive Explorer: Holo-Themed SkyDrive Browser With Support For Music Streaming

The problem with being an Android user and having a Windows Live SkyDrive account is that, currently, there is no official SkyDrive app for Android. Though, the lack of an official client is what inspires many third-party developers to come up with their own solutions. Using previously reviewed SkyDrive Browser, SkyAMP and Picox, Android users can explore their cloud content via a dual-pane file explorer, stream SkyDrive music straight from the cloud, and manage SkyDrive Photos, respectively. Adding to the list of unofficial SkyDrive apps for Android, is the neatly-designed, ICS-themed Android SkyDrive Explorer, which not only lets you remotely access your SkyDrive content, but also allows you to directly view photos and stream music files without having to download them to your device. Read More

AirDroid Receives Mega Update, Adds Screen Mirroring, File/APK Drag & Drop, Video Streaming & More [Android]

When we reviewed the debut version of AirDroid last November, it was already one of the best, most comprehensive Android managers out there, offering wireless control and management of almost every single facet of Android devices. If you thought that the app already had enough on offer and couldn’t get any better, think again! AirDroid has just recently received a massive update (to v1.0.5) that has helped the app step up several notches from the rest of the competition. Read More

91 Locker: 4-Way Android Lock Screen App With System Toggles

The extent of customization that Android offers to its users is nearly unmatched by any other existing mobile OS. When it comes to tweaking and personalizing your device’s lock screen, the gulf between Google’s mobile OS and other contemporary platforms expands manifold. In an attempt to provide you with the most elegant and feature-packed custom Android lockscreen replacement apps, we’ve featured quite a large number of alternatives. Adding plenty of eye-candy and ample functionality to your Android’s lockscreen is 91 Locker – yet another very handy custom Android lockscreen replacement app that brings the core and some of the most sought-after Android features right at your fingertips, even with your device locked. Read More

iLockit For Android: Lock Screen App With Unique Image-Based Methods Of Pattern Unlock

Just a couple of weeks ago, we covered an Android app called Photo Lock Screen that allowed users to define their own custom tap sequence/patterns on an image of choice to unlock their screens. Sporting somewhat the same concept, but far more features, iLockit Lock Screen is another security-oriented Android app that has been around for quite some time now (way before Photo Lock Screen, it seems). iLockit offers as many as four different screen locking methods that you can use in a combination of your choice. For instance, you may set any image as the lockscreen's background and select a single point within it, tapping which will unlock the screen, or pick multiple points on the image that you must touch in some order to do the same. Then, there is a method that involves pressing and holding a specific point on the image for a desired time duration. You can also add an invisible line within the image and swipe across it to unlock. Read More

Remote4Play: Remotely Control Google Music Playback From Android & iPhone

Remote4Play is a fairly lightweight yet effective Android and iOS app that connects you to your Google Play Music account via its Chrome Extension, so that you can remotely control music playback from your mobile device. Both the extension, as well as the mobile clients of Remote4Play, require minimal configuration. A remote connection is established between your web browser and mobile device as soon as you scan the QR code displayed by the extension. Once connected to your Google Play Music account, the mobile app presents you with its own Play Music interface, using which you can view the currently played track, along with album art. Using various controls on the player, you can control music playback and enable/disable the shuffle and repeat options. All the changes made through the mobile client are instantly implemented and replicated on the web interface. Read More

Folder Downloader For Android Lets You Download Entire Dropbox Folders At Once

Popular cloud storage service, Dropbox, has been consistently improving on its service, the web interface, as well as the official desktop and mobile clients. However, one feature that is currently missing in the official mobile client of Dropbox, is the option to download entire folders at once. There are a few third-party apps that let you establish a partial or complete two-way sync between your Anroid device's storage and Dropbox cloud (like Dropsync & Dropspace), but these won't be all that appealing to users who only find the need to download data in bulk from Dropbox. Folder Downloader for Android is a simple but handy solution for such users. This extremely lightweight tool works perfectly in combination with the official Android client of Dropbox, allowing you to download an entire Dropbox folder, along with all its subdirectories and underlying files to a directory on your Android device's local storage. The app supports running in the background, and keeps you informed of download progress within the notification area. Read More

Official Cloudfogger Android App Released For On-The-Go Access To Encrypted Cloud Data

Cloud data encryption tools, such as BoxCryptor and Cloudfogger help you secure your computer, mobile and cloud content by providing with you an additional layer of security. By encrypting data through such tools, users are assured that their precious local and cloud content remains safe from any sort of unauthorized access, whatsoever. The aforementioned application, Cloudfogger for Windows, was reviewed in March 2012. At the time of review, the application supported integration with cloud storage giants, such as Dropbox, Box and SkyDrive etc., and provided you with a separate virtual drive on your PC in which you can simply drag and drop your cloud/computer data to get it automatically encrypted and shared with the associated cloud storage account. Now here’s some good news for all you Google Drive account owners and Android users. Cloudfogger has expanded its pool of supported cloud services by including the recently launched Google Drive to the club. In addition, the service has also launched a beta of its official Android client that lets you easily decrypt your Cloudfogger-encrypted data right on your mobile device. Read More

MIUI 4 Launcher Now Available For All Android ICS Devices

To those Android ICS users who’ve been missing the MIUI look and functionality, but don't want to flash the whole ROM and stray to far away from stock ICS, here’s some good news. XDA member, ZACQ8, has managed to successfully port the fully-functional MIUI v4 launcher and lockscreen to any Android device rocking Ice Cream Sandwich. Apart from the usual MIUI goodness, which includes an iOS Springboard-inspired homescreen (with multiple transition effects), the conventional homescreen widgets, countless downloadable themes, ringtones and lockscreens, the port also includes a customizable app drawer that can be set to house user-specified apps and is launched by swiping in and down from either edge of the status bar. The best part about the entire deal is that you won’t have to flash any ZIP files or go through extensive configurations to get your hands on the ported launcher, since side-loading a couple of APKs will suffice. Read More

ICS Based CM9 ROM Out For The HTC One X

The HTC One X gets CyanogenMod 9 ROM! One of the best Android phones out there right now, the device just got one of the best ROMs a Android phone could ask for. The Quad Core powered One X, is ready to take on the AOSP world of ICS ROMs thanks to the efforts of the TripNDroid Mobile Engineering Team over at Modaco. As in the case of almost every other CM9 ROM available for various Android handsets out there, this release for the One X is an experimental build as well. However, the ROM is pretty much good to go as a daily driver given the stuff that is already working fine. For further details about what’s working and what is not, and for instructions on how to install this ROM on your One X, read on after the break! Read More

PhotoCircle Allows Real-Time Photo Sharing Within Private Groups [Android]

PhotoCircle is an innovative, cross-platform, real-time photo-sharing app for Android and iOS-powered devices. Initially available only in the iTunes App Store, the app has just made its way onto the Android platform. The purpose of PhotoCircle is simple yet fascinating; it lets you create a circle (virtual network) in which you can add as many friends (other PhotoCircle users) as you like, with whom you wish to privately share your photos in real-time (over WiFi/3G/4G). In the same manner, you may join an existing circle to view all photos therein and share your own. The best thing about PhotoCircle is that there is no restriction on the number of different circles that can be created, or the number of friends that can be added to an individual circle. Content sharing across the devices of all the participants is ultra-quick, and you don’t even need to manually refresh the photo albums to look for updated content, as it all happens automatically and instantaneously. Privacy is a non issue, since each circle is accessible by authorized members only. Read More

Official CNNGo App For Android Lands In The Google Play Store

If you’re fond of touring and travelling, you’re going to fall in love with this app, and the the depth of the informative content that it presents via multimedia-rich articles. Initially available only to Nokia and iOS users, the official mobile app of CNN’s popular travel-based show, CNNGo, has finally arrived in the Google Play Store. Packed with plenty of worldwide tour guides, travel info, destination exploration, photo galleries, up-to-date tourism details, CNN iReports (reports submitted by users across the globe), and plenty of instant sharing options, the official Android client of CNNGo vows to be your one-stop shop for local and international travelling-related articles. Through a neatly designed and intuitive UI, the app provides you access to all the latest region-based and featured content for which CNNGo is revered by traveling enthusiasts, plus some exclusive content. Read More

Solid Explorer: Holo-esque, Dual-Pane Android File Manager With Root Access

Google Play Store is filled with plenty of quality file explorers and file management apps for Android. As we saw in our compilation of the ten best Android file explorers, you have apps ranging from multi-pane file explorers to those that let you explore and edit root directories. Arguably the best and most feature-rich ICS-themed file explorer to hit the Google Play Store yet, Solid Explorer (currently in beta) seems to pack enough features to topple most (if not all) of its competitors. To begin with, this root-level file explorer expedites your file management needs by providing you with a user-friendly dual-pane interface, complete with all the usual features that you’d find in a contemporary file browser. The interface may not follow all Holo UI conventions, but it looks great nevertheless and is a treat to use. Maneuvering files between various directories can be done through simple drag-and-drop gestures, whereas batch selection of content is enabled by default. The app also supports universal index search, which means that you can search for content from within device search. Read More

MegaCloud For Android Allows On-The-Go Media Streaming From 5 GB Of Free Cloud Storage

Cloud storage services seem to be arriving left, right and center these days. In just the past few weeks, we’ve seen Google Drive transform into a reality; Maxthon released Skyfile, whereas earlier this morning, LG jumped in with LG Cloud for Android. Another cloud storage service called MegaCloud has been around for quite some time now, catering to the online data storing, syncing and sharing needs of Windows, Mac and iOS users. The service has just released its official Android client too, which means that you can now remotely access, manage and share your MegaCloud content anywhere on the go. MegaCloud has been throwing an initial offer of 5GB of free cloud storage space to anyone who registers for a new account, and once you install its official mobile client, you are rewarded with an additional 1GB of storage space. Using the mobile client of MegaCloud, you can upload almost any file type to the cloud, and stream photos, videos and music files natively (video and music streaming does not seem to be working currently), without having to download the content beforehand. Read More