How To Root Amazon Kindle Fire With One Click And Get ADB Working

We have confirmation that the Amazon Kindle Fire – the device trying to give the iPad 2 a run for its money – has been successfully rooted! This comes in from Androidforums forum member death2all110 who managed to root his device in no time with SuperOneClick 2.2 using the zergRush exploit. The only hindrance in the way being, getting ADB to work with the device so that SuperOneClick can work it’s magic. The only tricky part to rooting the Kindle Fire is the workaround to get ADB support for the device and we’ll show you just how you can do that.

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How To Install ClockworkMod recovery & Permanently Root HTC Raider

If you own an HTC Raider Android phone from Bell or Rogers, you can now easily gain root access on your device in no time. We say Bell or Rogers because according to XDA-Developers forum member erik10002, he tested the rooting method on his device and it actually worked. The method, will work for the Bell/rogers HTC Raider only for now, and we cannot really confirm or comment on whether it will work outside of that or not. So if you own a Raider from Bell or Rogers, here’s how you can root your device!Read More

How To Root AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket With SuperOneClick

The SuperOneClick app that has possibly been an Android user’s favorite rooting solution since over a year now, has finally been released with the popular ZergRush exploit which can be found in almost every other rooting method for the latest Android handsets out there. Personally, I miss those good old ADB days of manually pushing files and more, but that’s me. The best rooting method is undoubtedly the one that gets the job done quickly and without requiring much effort on part of the user or for that matter a novice Android user, minimizing the risk factor. Forum members at XDA have reported SuperOneClick to now be working with the AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket gaining root access on the device in no time.So if you haven’t already rooted your Galaxy S II Skyrocket, SuperOneClick is the advised way to go!Read More

Root & Install Custom Recovery On Motorola Droid Razr With One Click

Earlier we covered a guide on how to root the  Motorola Droid Razr using the exploit meant for the Droid 3 as told by DroidLife. However we still haven’t been able to verify if it actually works for ourselves, but owing to a few comments on that particular post, we have to believe that it isn’t working for most people. Lucky for them and us, XDA-Developers forum member FrAsErTaG has just released a one click root solution that also carries with it a partial custom recovery as well.Read More

How To Root HTC Sensation XL On Gingerbread With One Click

Got yourself an HTC Sensation XL and can't wait to take it to the next level of customization and tweaking? As most of us know already, that requires root access and often users have to wait to get that on the latest Android devices. Well guess what? The wait is over! We have confirmation  that the HTC Sensation XL has finally been rooted and even better, it is a permanent root solution rather than a temporary one. This has been achieved via the same method employed for the HTC EVO 3D, but has known to stick on after a reboot on the Sensation XL. The root uses the famous ZergRush exploit and will easily root your Sensation XL in no time. More information and the complete guide after the break.Read More

How To Temp Root HTC Vivid On Android 2.3.5 With One Click

Looks like developers working on gaining root access on the HTC Vivid are seemingly close to a breakthrough. The device featuring the massive 4.5” S-LCD screen and some dual core goodness can now be temporarily rooted thanks to XDA-Developers forum member bjg222 for releasing the easiet possible root solution for the Vivid. However, further credit also goes to Revolutianry for zergRush, ChainsDD/androidsucom for SuperUser, stericson for busybox, arunp44, Jimmy273, and cyber_pete.Read More

How To Root AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket On Gingerbread With One Click

Earlier we covered a guide on rooting the At&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket via ODIN, but that can prove to be a bit scary for the beginners. This is why, Shabbypenguin and the team at Android Creative Syndicate have brought us the Easy Root for the Skyrocket, which is in fact a one click root solution that will work not just over Windows, but caters to the Linux and Mac operation systems as well. Using this tool is a breeze and is safe, as long as you stick to the instructions.Read More

How To Root HTC Rezound On Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread In One Click

If you were planning on buying the new HTC Rezound Android phone, or were lucky enough to get your hands this soon on this awesome device, you’d be psyched to know that root access has now been achieved on the Rezound. The best part is, the you wont have to go through some manual command input via ADB or any other complicated method. Instead you get to root your device using a one click solution, which is the same that rooted the HTC Amaze 4G. For more on the root and how to get started, read on after the break!Read More

One Click Root For Motorola Droid RAZR On Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread

We have confirmation, that the Droid Razr running Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread has been rooted, prior to its official launch date. This, is bound to make some Motorola fans excited enough to get one of these bad boys for sure. Easily the thinnest and sharpest looking Android phone around right now, the device just got a whole lot attractive. What one click root are we talking about? The very same one that worked on the likes of the Droid 3 and the Droid Bionic. According to our friends over at Droid Life, that very same tool, works on the Droid Razr and they even put up a picture up where the mobile terminal shows us the SU (#) symbol.Read More

How To Root The Galaxy Nexus On Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0

We have confirmation that the Galaxy Nexus, Google’s latest flagship smartphone running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has been rooted! Unveiled just a few weeks back, Android fans have immediately added it to their wish list, and why not? A brilliant 1280x720p Super AMOLED screen says it all. That goes without saying that the punch this device carried in terms of internal hardware is to be reckoned with. As always, Nexus phones are the pinnacle of performance when it comes to Android devices, and rooting these devices is only fair. In case you’re wondering if or why you should root your device, you should see our guide on top 10 reasons to root your Android device.Read More

How To Root Motorola Atrix 2 In A Single Click

Those of you who just bought the latest Atrix 2 from Motorola, are in luck. The device running Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread has been successfully rooted. This has been made possible thanks to MyDroidWorld forum member p3droid. Even better the rooting method involved here gives you the single click option without needing you to manually input commands via ADB. While the guides purpose is to prioritize the use of the single click method to root the Atrix 2, but we’ll mention the manual method as well, just in case the single click method fails to work for you.Read More

Root Samsung Galaxy Note And Install ClockworkMod Recovery

Samsung Galaxy Note is phone-cum-tablet that seems to be Samsung Galaxy S II’s older sibling. The phone is meant for business professional who need to scribble notes, share information and fix meetings on the go. The gigantic 5.3 Inch screen with a Stylus is a definite try to bring Stylus back in fashion. And if you have this phone and were looking to root it, then there is some great news for you. Senior XDA member and Android developer, netchip, has managed to port ClockworkMod Recovery on this phone. Although installing ClockworkMod Recovery itself has nothing to do with rooting Galaxy Note, but you can easily flash SuperUser to gain rooting privileges.Read More

Root Xperia Arc With Xperia Easy Rooting Toolkit [Guide] [ZergRush]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is a high-tier Android phone that comes loaded with 1 GHz scorpion processor and 8 MP primary camera. The phone has managed to gain a massive fan base since its release. The developer community is also consistent in providing support for this phone and we have seen many hacks, tweaks and mods emerging in the past to enhance user experience. The recent production of these handsets, recently made available, have largely remained a difficult challenge for developers to gain valid permanent root access.Read More

How To Root Samsung Admire Android Phone [Guide]

Do you know about Samsung Admire ? Well if you do, then you probably have one. Samsung Admire is a mid-tier Android phone that is meant for social media addicts. The phone launched with Android 2.3 Gingerbread on board and comes packed with all social networking tools without any TouchWiz hindrance. The phone finally stands rooted with DJrBliss’s exploit. It is interesting that a similar exploit, which gained permanent root on Droid 3 and other Droid phones, is responsible for gaining root privileges on Samsung Admire as well.Read More

Rotate Video Playback On Galaxy S II Without Auto Rotation [Guide] [Orientation Lock]

Samsung Galaxy S II is a dual core, high tier Android phone that has managed to gather huge fan base since its launch. The stock Video Player app on Samsung Galaxy S II allows the user to see videos in portrait mode. However, users need to have auto-rotation set to ON in settings for videos to stream/ play in portrait mode. Electrox666, Senior XDA member and Android developer, has managed to integrate a rotation toggle in video player that lets you easily change orientation of the video. The hack basically removes SRS effects toggle and replaces it with a rotation icon. Another advantage of this tweak is that you can easily lock video playback in landscape or portrait mode without having to go in Settings menu.

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Install Bravia Reality Engine Of HTC HD2 [Guide] [Android]

Android is the fastest growing Smartphone OS throughout the world. The main reason behind this Android boom is perhaps its universal adaptability and a structure that is customizable to core. Recently Sony Ericsson, one of the key Android phone manufacturer, introduced Bravia Reality Engine in select devices. This engine is basically a display management functionality that comes integrated with contrast enhancement, re-coloring and other display tweaks. The main motive behind Bravia Engine is to get a closer-to-life [reality] display on your mobile’s screen. Although Bravia Engine comes packaged in newer Xperia line, but the development community has managed to port it to older Xperia devices as well.

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How To Increase 4G Connection Speed On Infuse 4G [Guide]

In case you are an Infuse 4G owner with root and are looking to multiply your 4G connectivity speed, then you are in luck! SSJ_Gomike, Senior XDA Member and developer, has discovered awesome build.prop tweak that lets you optimize 4G connectivity on your device. For those who don’t know, Build.Prop file is basically your device’s build properties file and is utilized for various purposes. The file carries discreet instructions for phone’s operation and you can tinker with certain lines of code to change LCD density, configure Dalvik VM Heap Size, modify camera properties, optimize network performance etc.

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Install Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich On Nexus S [Guide]

Google Nexus S was first in line when Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was announced, and it was indeed confirmed by Samsung and Google both that an update will follow soon. The developer community, however, could not stand the wait, and hence a build from Ice Cream Sandwich SDK now stands ported to the phone. The interesting aspect of this ICS port on Nexus S is that everything, except Bluetooth, NFC and Panorama Mode, work quite well. As always, the awesome developer community at XDA is responsible for bringing this Ice Cream Sandwich awesomeness for your Nexus S. For those who don’t know, Ice Cream Sandwich is the new Android 4.0 OS update that comes jam packed with features. From supporting USB Game Controllers to HDMI out-put and extended widget support, Ice Cream Sandwich has everything covered for Android users.Read More

Install ClockworkMod Recovery On HTC Amaze 4G [Guide]

HTC Amaze 4G got an amazing permanent one click root treatment couple of days back. For those who don’t know, HTC Amaze 4G is a brilliant top-tier Android phone with special focus on its camera. The phone has redesigned and enhanced camera interface that promises to deliver exceptional video and still results. Apart from this, Amaze 4G comes packed with a dual core 1.5 GHz processor and 4,.3 qHD display. Once the phone got root, the developers are now busy in making other modifications and developing ROMs. xboarder56, senior XDA recognized developer, has managed to port ClockworkMod Recovery on Amaze 4G. Previously it was xBoarder’s stable root script that helped gaining permanent root privileges on the phone.Read More

Install ClockWorkMod Recovery On T-Mobile Galaxy S II [Guide]

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II [S2] recently got rooted via custom kernel flash method. The phone has already gathered massive user and developer base which has resulted in loads of tweaks and hacks for the device. Recently Koush, the brain behind awesomeness of ClockworMod recovery has released the official ClockworkMod Recovery for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II [S2]. In case you already have root on your phone, then its pretty easy to download and install this official recovery build on your phone.

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