Flagship Android, iOS & Windows Phone Smartphones: Specs Comparison

With each passing year, the number of smartphones that hit the market keeps rising, even as the brutal tech market forces certain manufacturers to throw in the towel. While the head honchos of the market dish it out, constantly trying to one-up each other in the hardware specifications race, the consumers find themselves spoiled for choice. Low-end and mid-range devices might satisfy the regular user, but a technology enthusiast will seldom settle for anything but the best an OEM or developer has to offer. The list of choices for the latter is only relatively short, the key word here being 'relatively'. One would still have to skim through a lot of specs sheets and device reviews to make an informed decision. To make the first part easier for you, we're going to be compiling and comparing the specifications of current flagship Android, iOS and Windows Phone smartphones from major manufacturers and developers right here.  Read More

Kingo Android ROOT Offers One-Click Rooting For Several Devices

Universal one-click rooting solutions such as Z4Root, Universal Androot and SuperOneClick were quite popular for rooting all sorts of Android devices in the old days of Éclair, Froyo and Gingerbread. The late Gingerbread era saw a change in this pattern due to increased security by Google as well as device manufacturers, and the situation only got worse for such tools, as pretty much all of them used exploits that were patched in these versions of Android, and newer universal exploits were becoming increasingly harder to find. Recently, Framaroot changed this by offering an on-device one-click universal rooting method for several devices, just the way Z4Root used to offer in the old days. We now have another universal one-click rooting tool in Kingo Android ROOT that follows in the footsteps of SuperOneClick by working on Windows, and can be used to easily root several devices by manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola and Google. Furthermore, the tool can also unroot already rooted devices.Read More

How To Get Samsung S View Feature On Any Android Phone

Samsung's S View reminded me of the good old days when flip phones were all the rage with their much-needed preview screens, and hanging up on someone was so satisfying. If you're not sure what the S View is, it’s simply a smart flip cover for the Galaxy S4, but with a small window cut out, letting the device display important information in that part of the screen. However, the S View is available just for the Samsung's latest flagship devices, and those of you wondering if you can get the same functionality on another device with or without the actual S View cover, the answer is a loud yes! S View works magnetically, but thanks to S View - HatRoid, that same functionality can now been achieved using the proximity sensor. This means a cheap, regular flip cover for your Android device with windows cut out in it can now be made to mimic Samsung S View’s features. More on the app and its usage right after the break.Read More

See All Nokia & Samsung-Exclusive Apps & Updates In One Place On WP8

Windows Phone comes with a really convenient way of arranging all the apps installed on your device, but if there’s one thing the WP8 App List lacks, it is the ability to differentiate between system and third-party apps. If you want to check if an app came preinstalled on your device, there is no way other than trying to delete it (if it can't be uninstalled, it's a system app). Similarly, users can’t see OEM-specific apps in one place either. Admittedly, there are separate sections for each OEM in the WP Store, but they don't list all the available apps. In addition to that, you can't be sure if the versions of the OEM-exclusive apps you have are the latest or not. To help users overcome this problem, a Windows Phone developer recently came up with an app named SysApp Pusher, which checks the WP Store for new OEM apps and updates. That app hasn't been around in the Store for long, and is already facing competition from a couple of new releases named Nokia App Updates and Samsung App Updates.Read More

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 With Odin

Merely hours after the official release of what is probably Samsung’s greatest Android device so far, the Galaxy Note 10.1 has already been rooted! While this news is great for all future prospect owners of this beauty of a tablet, it should double your delight if you have already ordered yours. In what follows, we will guide you through the detailed method of rooting yours just as soon as you get your hands on it.Read More

Family Story: Official Client For Samsung’s Social Network Comes To Windows Phone

After Nokia, Samsung is the most active app publisher for Windows Phone 7 among all OEMs. Of course, Samsung Zone does not offer as many exclusive WP7 apps as the Lumia series does, but nonetheless, there are a few really handy apps available for Samsung fans using Mango phones. The latest Samsung-exclusive app to make its way to the WP7 Marketplace is Family Story. The app is the official client for Samsung’s own social network that is focused on providing users with a private environment for interacting with their loved ones. You can define or join groups in Family Story, and then share anything with complete ease. Using Family Story, you can share events, photos and notes with your close family. Even if none of your family members have got a Samsung Windows Phone, they can still use the service on a Samsung Android device, or simply by going to the web version of Family Story.Read More

Samsung’s ChatON Messenger Now Available For Windows Phone 7

ChatON – Samsung’s multi-platform mobile instant messaging app – has finally made it’s way to devices running Windows Phone 7 and 7.5 Mango, adding Microsoft’s smartphone operating system to its list of platforms including Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS and Windows Mobile. With several players like iMessage, Whatsapp, Kik, GroupMe, Viber and Tango already in the game on WP7 amongst others, does Sammy’s offering come up to par against the competition? Let’s find out after the break.Read More

How To Flash MAGLDR & Custom ROMs To Samsung Omnia 7 And Samsung Focus

The concept for Windows Phone 7 custom ROMs is nothing new, the Dark Force Team has developed ROMs for first-gen HTC phones using Mango (as discussed here), but now it appears that they are taking things a step further, and Samsung users can enjoy their work as well! Just yesterday, DFT released Sammy Rainbow, which is the MAGLDR for Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus (first-gen Samsung WP7 devices). If you are wondering what MAGLDR is, read our detailed guide on the subject. This release has paved the way for custom ROM development for Samsung WP7 devices, and even presently you can flash the Freedom custom ROM, which is pretty awesome to say the least. Read on to learn how to install MAGLDR on your Samsung WP7, and then flash a custom ROM through MAGLDR.Read More

Flash Recovery & Kernel Images On Android While Booted

A few select HTC and Samsung Android phones have just received an app that lets you flash kernel and recovery images straight from within the Android OS (while booted). The app, called Flash Image GUI, comes to us from XDA-Developers forum member joeykrim, and is basically a GUI interface for the Linux binary. The app can flash kernels, logos, and recoveries on the Samsung Moment, Intercept and Acclaim. Devices like the Samsung Epic however can only flash the kernels (zImage). The HTC Amaze 4G, EVO 3D CDMA & GSM, EVO, EVO Shift, Nexus S / Nexus S 4G and the LG Optimus get to flash kernels (anykernel & boot.img) and recoveries (zip or image files).Read More

ChatOn Is Samsung’s Official Cross-Platform Messenger App For iPhone

iMessage hopes to oust all other iOS messengers, but like most other fields, Samsung is not going to give up that easy. This is evident from the latest release by Samsung, called ChatOn. Samsung's "response" to iMessage on Android has made its way to iOS platform as well, despite the legal battles that both tech giants fight against each other. This app, like any good iPhone messenger, comes with a lot of options, and using it, you can stay in touch with your friends even on iOS' arch-nemesis, Android, with utmost ease.Read More

Unofficial CM9 / ICS ROM For Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi [Download & Install]

Ice Cream Sandwich hits the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi model. This comes in from XDA-Developers forum member DaAwesome1 and ericj83'a for releasing what is a KANG for CM9. Please bear in mind that this is not the official CM9 ROM. The ROM is based on Android 4.0 and said to have a broken Camera as the only non functional feature right now. However, there might be glitches and bugs in the ROM that you can encounter if you give this ROM a go on your device.Read More

Overclock Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE To 1.9Ghz [How To]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE gets a 1.9Ghz overclock! This comes in straight after the device was rooted by XDA-Developers forum member Da_G who is also responsible for this OC kernel as well. 1.9Ghz is huge, but before you get excited, you need to be aware that this is meant for the 8.9 LTE SGH-i957 model and not the 73XX Tegra 2 powered 8.9 models.

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Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE [How To]

The LTE Version of the Galaxy Tab 8.9 has finally been rooted. This breakthrough comes in from XDA-Developers forum member Da_G who has made rooting the device as easy as flashing a kernel a via ODIN. Once the kernel is flashed, you will have complete root access on the LTE enabled tablet.Read More

How To Get Other Manufacturer’s Marketplace On Your Windows Phone 7

Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 devices have been termed as the last hope for the Mango platform. This is for the reason that Nokia has been granted the permission by Microsoft to tinker with the operating system, and there are some exclusive Nokia apps available in the Nokia Store section of the Marketplace (like Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps and the CNN app). Some of these apps have been in great demand by users, and it’s a shame seeing them unavailable for other devices. However, if your device is developer unlocked (a piece of cake now for Samsung devices, due to the latest WindowsBreak tool), you can exchange your OEM app store with any other OEM Marketplace of your choice. Read on to learn all about the homebrew which will let you do that.Read More

Jailbreak & Unlock WP7 Samsung Phones, Enjoy Homebrews And Root Access

If you own a Samsung Windows Phone 7 device, Christmas just arrived a day earlier for you. Thanks to the amazing work of Jaxbot over at Windows Phone Hacker, an interop unlock has been released for WP7 devices. However, it has to be admitted that Jaxbot’s WindowsBreak is not the first option available for unlocking Mango devices. To get root level access on your phone, you can either pay $99 and register with Microsoft via the developers hub, or there is the option to go for the newly-released Chevron, which costs $9. WP7 users who don’t have a Samsung will still have to resort to those methods, but the lucky Samsung users can get interop unlock for free, which grants a higher level of registry access than Chevron’s $9 developer unlock.Read More

Root Samsung Galaxy Prevail On Android 2.2 Froyo With One Click

Do you still have a Galaxy Prevail lying about, completely stock? You can do more with it than just have it lying around, or just using it as stock, as you aren't utilizing its full potential that way, you know. We understand, rooting devices has never been the most comfortable of tasks for many phones in the past, but lately it has actually gotten a lot less tedious. Older phones, such as the Prevail itself, will quickly lose out in todays world (well, lost already, but still) if kept totally stock. If you’re keen on rooting your device in just one click to open up an entirely new world of custom hacks, mods and apps that require root access, we have a simple one click root tool for you that works on Windows, Mac & Linux and allows you to root your Prevail in a snap. Read on for more details and the complete guide.Read More

Root Samsung Transform M920 On Froyo Without PC [How To]

Released in late October 2010, the Samsung Transform found itself running Android 2.1 Éclair and was later upgraded to Android 2.2 Froyo. What happened to Gingerbread? That never really happened, so users are left with Froyo. If you still own the Transform and is completely stock, you should root it and give the device a fighting chance by letting it run custom ROMs and root dependent apps. Why cover this root now? Users request. While we cover mainstream Android devices, we tend to neglect the more budget oriented or less popular devices.

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Root Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 3G P6200 [How To]

Samsung is trying to battle Apple head on with it’s variety of Android tablets. With the jailbreak for the iPad 2 still not out, Samsung has released quite a few versions of its new Galaxy Tab Plus, one of which, is the P6200 3G model. There’s never stopping an Android device from being rooted is there? So if you own one of these fantastic tablets, and want to root it, you can thank XDA-Developers forum member bdigitalstudio for figuring this method out.Read More

Root Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 & 5.0 With One Click [How To]

Got yourself one of the new Samsung Galaxy Player 4.0 or 5.0 personal media devices? Since these media players are running Andriod, you can easily root them like most other Samsung Galaxy series devices, and unleash their full potential to install root-only apps and hacks, access and modify their internal system files, and a lot more. Want to root yours? We've got the complete instructions for you, so just continue reading after the jump!Read More

Extra Settings Brings Auto Brightness To First Gen Samsung WP7 Phones

HTC might have raced ahead in the Windows Phone 7 device market with Titan and Radar, but on the apps front, Samsung remains the most active developer for WP7. As we said in our reviews of FunShot and Wireless Manager, Samsung Zone is getting updates and new apps pretty regularly these days. People had started to accuse Samsung of ignoring their first generation WP7 devices, and to counter those allegations, the developers over at Samsung have come up with Extra Settings. This is an app that, once downloaded, will disappear from your app list and make additions to the Settings menu. So what are the new settings brought by this app? Read on to find out. Read More