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How To Disable My Galaxy Widget Notifications On A Samsung Phone

Samsung does not kid around with bloatware. The average low to mid-range Samsung device comes with a Samsung app to match almost every single Google app that Android ships with. It’s fine if you want to use them but the manufacturer assumes you do and likes to push them on to users. One such app generates constant notifications asking you enable the widget for it. The My Galaxy Widget shows all kinds of information, information you normally wouldn’t want Samsung to aggregate for you.

Disabling My Galaxy Widget notifications on a Samsung phone isn’t the simple process it should be. The app generating this notification is called My Galaxy and you can find it in your app drawer. You can disable notifications for this app under Settings>Apps (setting location my differ based on device and Android version), but that won’t turn the My Galaxy Widget notifications off. What you need to do instead is delete the app.

Disable My Galaxy Widget

Go to your app drawer and look for an app called My Galaxy. Tap and hold it, and when the option appears, delete the app. If you do not see a delete option when you tap and hold on the app, you may need to delete it from the Settings app.

Open the Settings app and go to the Apps group of settings. Here look for a list of all installed apps. Tap the My Galaxy app  and you will see an option to uninstall it.

This app, while bloatware from Samsung, can be deleted unlike other apps like the S Secure or Samsung Pay mini which require a rooted device in order to be removed. If you ever miss this app, you can always download it again from the Google Play Store.

Removing the My Galaxy app will not have any side effects. Your phone will function like normal. This app is useless and there’s a reason no one installs Samsung’s apps outside the phones they manufacture themselves. Remember that you’re using an Android phone first and foremost and there’s no major functionality that Samsung can override with its own, terrible, battery hungry apps. Your phone might be missing a few stock apps that Android users with say a Pixel phone might have by default but you can download them from the Google Play Store.

Worst comes to worst, if you find the Samsung bloatware is a bit too much, or that removing it results in loss of features but you still don’t want to use the apps, consider rooting your device.

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