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How To Find Quote Retweets Of A Tweet

Twitter users figure out lots of creative ways to expand conversations. One popular method that people use is to send a Tweet and ask other people to quote it with an answer to the question in the Tweet itself. It’s an engaging way to add more people to a conversation, save characters spent quoting the original question, and make sure nothing is taken out of context of the original tweet. This doesn’t seem like the intended use Twitter had in mind for the feature which is why it’s not easy to find quote retweets of a tweet unless it’s your own. We say it’s not easy simply because the way to search and find quote retweets of a tweet isn’t that well known. In reality, it’s a simple search.

You can find quote retweets of a tweet using the link to the original tweet, and Twitter or Google search. Twitter search is definitely much better and you can search for quote retweets on both the web version, as well as the Twitter iOS and Android apps. There’s one extra step that you need to do on the apps but it’s nothing too complicated.

Find Quote Retweets

To explain how you can find quote retweet of a tweet, we’re going to go with one about an IKEA toilet seat that’s gone viral. It’s not asking that users quote it but it is being quoted like mad.


Find the URL for the tweet you want to find quote retweets for. On your desktop, you need only open the tweet in question and copy the URL in the address bar.

Simply paste the URL to the tweet inside Twitter’s search bar, and you will see an auto-updating timeline of every single quoted retweet.

On the Twitter apps, the process is more or less the same. The only tricky part is to get the URL of the original tweet, remove any additional string text added to it, and then paste it in search. You can get a direct link to the tweet from the share menu. It’s the button with the arrow icon. Tap it, and look for additional share options. It will open the share sheet for your respective OS. The share sheet will have an option to simply copy the link.

Next, go to the Search tab, and paste the link in the search bar. Before you hit Go, make sure there isn’t a question mark at the end of the URL followed by numbers. If there is, delete it including the question mark, and then tap go.

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