Quickly Switch To Related Code Or Design File In Visual Studio 2010 [Add-in]

You may know that Visual Studio Solution Explorer not only loads the all the projects in a solution, but also design, code and other related files of the project, allowing you to quickly navigate and open the required file in editor. Opening related files in Visual Studio editor becomes quite tedious, especially when you’re dealing with multiple individual code files and projects. Wouldn’t it be better if you could easily open related files without having to find them from Solution Explorer? Switch is a small add-in for both Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010 that lets you switch between related files of current code/design file opened in Visual Studio editor, with a click. The add-in comes without any settings or configuration console. It supports switching between CPP and H (header) files, WinForms Designer and C# Code, and XAML and its code files. Read past the jump for more.Read More

Create Keyword Based Rules For MS Outlook & Receive Mail Alerts

Important Mail Alert is an MS Outlook 2010 add-in for creating rule-based alerts for defined keyword. It provides a desktop alert when an email matching the specified criteria arrives. Although rules can be easily configure in MS Outlook, however, it is much easier to use keywords to create rules for mail alerts. This add-in completely integrates with the MS Outlook interface, and provides access to all your recent alerts. The keyword based rules can be applied to all message elements, including the sender, subject, body etc, and tied to your configured email address (in the MS Outlook mail client).Read More

Excel Mixer Nano: MS Excel Add-In To Control Cell Values With Sliders

Excel Mixer Nano is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that provides Excel data and chart display by moving a simple slider. All you have to do is to select a range of cells in MS Excel, and use Excel Mixer Nano sliders (or scroll bar) for the selected cells to change values with a display of a value graph. Excel Mixer Nano has the ability to remember configurations, therefore, you do not require regularly configuring sliders. The main purpose of this application is to provide two major functionalities, i.e., to control cell values in Excel files with sliders, and to observe the real-time reaction of formulas with the help of MS Excel charts (displayed along side the sliders). Hence, Excel Mixer Nano brings your Excel data and charts to life with your mouse.Read More

PowerPoint Timeline Control: Control MS PowerPoint Slide Time Duration

MS PowerPoint presentations are often used by students, entrepreneurs, managers and the like for presenting ideas,  forecasts, and statistics to a group of people. Being able to present an interesting presentation is not just important for students but also for manager and entrepreneurs to be able to brief employees, business associates and clients. When creating PowerPoint timelines, it is necessary to keep in mind the various visual aspects of the presentation. This includes displaying a lively presentation with the right blend of charts and stats within a visually appealing style and setting the accurate duration of each slide that is projected. We previously covered a Microsoft PowerPoint add-in known as Office Timeline, which makes it easy to create stunning office timelines within a short period of time. This time we have PowerPoint Timeline Control add-in for controlling the display duration of slides. Using Timeline Control, you can set the precise duration of  the display length of each slide with the option to set slide alignment.Read More

Create Project Timelines In PowerPoint 2010 With Office Timeline

Creating timelines in Microsoft PowerPoint can be a lengthy and laborious task. One has to add several shapes, text boxes, images, etc in order to create a timeline. Office Timeline 2010 is an Microsoft PowerPoint add-in which helps create timelines with an easy-to-use wizard. The wizard guides you through each step, letting  you to create professional looking timelines in a matter of minutes rather than having to use PowerPoint native set of tools and shapes.Read More

Excel Accelerator Improves MS Excel By Adding Useful Option In A New Tab

Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used spreadsheet application which has many built in functions and formulas to manage and analyze anything from basic to scientific data efficiently. Excel Accelerator is an add-in which enhances the functionality of Microsoft Excel. It makes it easy to access built-in options which can be otherwise a bit tedious to find from various sub-menus. For example, it allows custom functions to perform compiles calculations, allows displaying Excel 2003 menu style layout, provides vision control options and much more. Although, the developer has mentioned that Excel Accelerator works on MS Excel 2003 and 2007, we successfully tested the 2007 add-in with MS Excel 2010.Read More

Speed Up Visual Studio 2010 Build Time With VSSpeedster Parallel Mode

Are you working on some massive web or desktop application development project in Visual Studio 2010 and hate waiting forever to compile the app? You must have applied numerous workarounds to reduce the overall build time and to get smooth IDE response. One method is to launch build in MSBuild with parallel mode to make use of all the CPU cores for each project, which is also quite a hectic task. Keeping aside a plethora of parallel build related errors which, sometimes, occur while compiling the project, it’s also laborious to manually revert back to non-parallel build mode. VSSpeedster is a small yet extremely useful open source add-in for Visual Studio which claims to significantly reduce the overall project build time. It changes build related commands to trigger parallel build in order to reduce the time involved in building one huge project.Read More

Mail Mining Adds Advanced Email Related Options In Outlook 2010

The revamped email related options in Outlook 2010 lets user easily manage their configured mailboxes, folders, schedule emails, as well as classify a set of senders into different groups, but many heavy Outlook users need some extra email management features to boost their work efficiency. Most of us find it hard to search the required item from Outlook main elements including Mail, Notes, Tasks, Calendar events etc., and for this reason, we opt in for advance data mining tools to efficiently search the items from PST files. Mail Mining is one such add-in that is created to make users more productive than ever before. It adds a slew of emails related features in Outlook while offering smart web and Outlook elements search to quickly find anything ranging from tasks, emails, appointments, to contacts. This add-in offers Smart Alerts option that lets you control when to receive emails. To stop receiving new messages, you can use the DND (Do Not Disturb) feature that stops the mail sync process for defined amount of time.Read More

Identify Spam Emails And Remove Them With Spam Reader [Outlook Add-In]

Tired of getting plethora of spam messages in your mailbox everyday? Sadly, Outlook intrinsic Spam filtering system is not efficient enough to identify junk mails nor does it offer a convenient way to move spam mails to user-defined special folders. This compels heavy Outlook users to consider third party options to properly identify, filter, and move spam mails to special folder with facilities to manage and delete superfluous mails with a single click.Spam Reader is an add-in for Outlook, offering multi-level spam filtering solution to detect spam mails. Supporting widely used mail protocols – POP, IMAP, Exchange, HTTP, it can filter junk mails from all types of mailboxes that you’ve configured in Outlook. Spam filtering system is based on Bayesian algorithm which looks for particular phrases, words, links, and other characters which are commonly used by spammers and are present in system auto-generated emails. You can further apply a customized spam filter layer by defining a white and black spam list of sender email addresses.Read More

Add 270 Additional Programs To CCleaner With CCEnhancer

CCleaner is a famous tool which is widely used for cleaning junk files. It has recently added support for Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9, as well as many more applications. However, there are still many apps that it currently does not support, which mean that either one has to resort to an alternative tool or wait for a better version of CCleaner. But not if we can help!CCEnhancer is a utility designed to add support for over 270 additional programs to CCleaner. It uses the WinApp2.ini built-in system of CCleaner to add new rules and definitions to the program. These rules are sourced primarily from the Piriform Support Forum, as well as other sources across the internet. CCEnhancer fetches additional definition files and integrates them with CCleaner to provide more enhanced cleaning options.Read More

Enable Or Disable Add-ins For All Microsoft Office 2010 Applications

Office 2010 native Add-In Manager, which is accessible from File menu of all the applications, allows you to enable, disable and remove the installed add-ins of the respective Office application. Since you have to open each Office application to either enable, disable or remove add-ins, it would certainly be a lot easier if you can manage installed add-ins for all MS Office 2010 applications under one place. The previously featured Topalt EnableDisable not only supports Office 2007 but allows managing add-ins for all versions of MS Office, including 2000, 2003, 2007, and the latest Office 2010. If you’ve been looking  for a simple Office 2010 add-in manager, you should give it a try to enable, disable, or manage installed and native add-ins for Excel, OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, and Word.Read More

Insert Collapse / Expand Options In Word Document [More Add-in]

More is an exceptional MS Word add-in for creating collapsibles, i.e, option for collapsing and expanding the content in the document. It supports both Word 2007 and Word 2010, offering a wide range of complementary features and tools to assist users in creating/inserting collapsible into different sections of document. While supporting macros for creating collapse/expand options, you will also be able to apply them over headings, numbered/unnumbered lists, apply styles, and edit its collapsible markers.Read More

Troubleshoot Office Add-ins With AddInSpy

Throughout the SRLC (Software Release Life Cycle) process of MS Office, Microsoft development team & other third parties begin creating small utilities for providing extra features to complement the official product. These add-ins helps get work done in easier way along with providing either missed out or advance functionality, if you are a power user of MS Office you might have came across hundreds of add-ins for different Office applications. Despite the fact that they provide extra utility, they can also contains code-anomalies and compatibility problems, thus eventually causing app crash, halt or lagging.Read More

2 Simple Tools To Manage Microsoft Office 2007 Add-ins

One great thing about Microsoft Office 2007 is that it supports add-ins. Whether it be Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, or PowerPoint, you can install add-ins instantly. The add-ins can be enabled/disabled in each one of these programs, but what if you want to manage all add-ins from one simple tool?

I have collected two tools that will help you in managing the add-ins across all Office apps.


OfficeIns is a free portable tool that allows you to manage all add-ins from one simple window. It is developed by the great folks at Nirsoft, who apps I have previously reviewed here, here, here, and here. All you have to do is run the app and it will automatically list the detected add-ins.

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