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Insert Collapse / Expand Options In Word Document [More Add-in]

More is an exceptional MS Word add-in for creating collapsibles, i.e, option for collapsing and expanding the content in the document. It supports both Word 2007 and Word 2010, offering a wide range of complementary features and tools to assist users in creating/inserting collapsible into different sections of document. While supporting macros for creating collapse/expand options, you will also be able to apply them over headings, numbered/unnumbered lists, apply styles, and edit its collapsible markers.

All the aforementioned features and tools can be accessed from its tab called More. Under this tab, you will see different sections in which they’re lumped according to their respective categories. The main functionally is however inserting collapsible which is present at the extreme left side of the ribbon.

To begin, just select the content (text, rich text) which is to be bundled, and click Standard More button. This will immediately insert a marker, signifying that content is now flexible and can be collapsed/expanded.


From Headings, you can insert collapsibles with all headings or with level 1/2 headings. This comes very useful, when you need to summarize the document by showing only headings. Another usability is that it lets you print only the headings in the document.

All headings

A click on the More imaged marker will expand the heading or content which is collapsed. Similarly, you can collapse numbered/unnumbered lists. Alongside, you have options for opening or closing all the collapsibles.  Under No Mores section, you can remove all the collapsible, remove ones with only headings, and with only Lists.

heading only1

Another noteworthy features is that you are provided with different More imaged marker styles to define each collapsible differently. For instance, you may want to insert a different collapsible marker with table(s). For this, in More Marker section, you can insert the most appropriate style which meets your requirement. Moreover, it is possible to create/edit the More markers, you can also change the text or characters of all existing More markers.

More- table

As said before, the application comes with Macro support, to enable macros, you can follow the steps defined by the author, click Sharing Guide, and follow the steps to let it make use of document’s Visual Basic.

It has proved to be one brilliant add-in which will abet users in summarizing the document. All the complementary features and tools can also assist you in navigating through enormous and complex document whilst allowing you to show/hide only specific part of the document.

It runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Testing was carried out with Word 2010 running on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download More Add-in


  1. the More add in works in the word 2007 in my office computer, BUT doesn’t work in the word 2007 in my home computer! How to fix it please?

  2. I don’t understand how to get this Add in – the downloads on this page appear to be related to PDF usage, not Word. I’m looking for add in to create expand/collapse function in Word 2010.

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