How To Prevent A Directory From Being Scanned By Android Gallery

The quick and smooth loading of your picture Gallery lasts only while your Android device is new or freshly wiped. After you’ve filled your device with apps, music and picture albums to your heart’s content, it begins to take more than its due share of time to scan your SD card for images, loading everything from pictures taken from the camera to wallpapers, album art and extracted icon packs. Generally, users don’t want album art and icons cluttering the gallery and leeching its loading speed. Some might even wish to hide a particular directory or picture album from the gallery. If either of the aforementioned holds true for you, join us after the jump for the solution.Read More

GO Launcher EX For Android Gets Task Manager & Contacts Widgets

The Go dev team has been extremely active the past few months, releasing one quality freeware after another in Android Market and, as it seems, they don’t plan to go on a break any time soon. The team has now begun to add to their impressive app roster, free widgets for their highly acclaimed home replacement app, GO Launcher EX (which has been updated to accommodate said widgets).“The first two GOWidgets”, namely Task Manager & Contacts, have been released to the Market and judging from the first line of the updated launcher’s changelog, we will probably be seeing more in the coming days. These widgets can be downloaded directly from the Market or from within GO Launcher EX, provided it is updated to the latest version.Read More

Shake To Toggle WiFi, Bluetooth, Rotation And Airplane Mode In Android

Shake Toggle is a small, handy tool for Android that allows you to toggle (enable/disable) Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Orientation or Airplane Mode by giving your device a good shake or flipping it facedown. The freeware is particularly useful as an orientation toggle switch as firstly, you don’t usually need to toggle the rest that often and secondly, it is a great work-around for instances where, for instance, the display gets stuck in landscape orientation even though you’re holding your device upright. If you tend to shake your device angrily whenever your display orientation begins to act all stubborn, you might as well get Shake Toggle.Read More

Full HDMI Mirroring For Unrooted HTC EVO 4G With FullHDMI

The paid version of FullHDMI For EVO 4G has been around on the Android Market for a while now, providing full HDMI mirroring for the rooted HTC EVO 4G without the need of custom kernels (except for mirroring at 720p and audio output switching). A recent update of the app eliminated the need for root access, making it much easier to set up compared to its free alternative, HDMwIn that requires root access as of this writing.And now, a free version of the app is available on the Market. That’s right, HTC EVO 4G users without root access on their devices can now enjoy full HDMI mirroring for free. There is a catch though, and not a small one – the free version does not allow mirroring in landscape view.Read More

Launch From Notification Launches Apps From Android Notification Bar

Do you feel that you're Android's notification bar can be made a bit more productive? How about placing shortcuts to a handful of favorite apps of yours in the notification panel, and then launch them directly from there with just a tap? This can now be made possible with the help of an app called Launch From Notification 2 (app has been renamed) Simple Shortcut Panel, which is a handy tool that lets you add shortcuts to up to three apps of your choice to the notification/status area and, unlike similar apps the likes of Bar Control and Smart Bar, includes the option to display all three shortcuts in a single line within said area, providing you with quicker access to your favorite apps. You may also set the app to display a single shortcut in the notification area, tapping which displays a pop-up housing all app shortcuts. Though, it is the former feature that holds it apart from older, more popular alternatives.How is this any better than having shortcuts on the home screen, you may ask. Well, unlike the home screen, the notification area is accessible from everywhere (except from within full screen apps, of course). So if, for instance, you’re browsing the web on your device and find something that you want to take a screenshot of, Simple Shortcut Panel will aid you in launching your favorite screenshot application without having to return to the homescreen. In short, accessing apps from within the notification panel is as simple as dragging the notification bar down and tapping the icon/ shortcut of the required app. There is no restriction whatsoever on the type or order of apps that can be pinned to the notification panel.Read More

baconreader Is A Great New Reddit App For Android

Announced in mid of March, baconreader reddit app for Android has begun to roll out, starting with yesterday’s Alpha release. We’ve received a copy of the Alpha version and in what follows, will be walking you through each of the app’s features. Feature rich, simple to use and with a sleek UI that may make you want to access reddit from your Android device much more than from the web, baconreader is an app to look forward to, especially for avid redditors. Join us after the jump for more.Read More

Kernel Manager: Download & Flash Custom Kernels On Your Android Device

If you have a rooted Android device running a custom ROM and especially if you have ORD (Obsessive ROM-updating Disorder), you’re probably acquainted with ROM Manager – the power user’s best friend. Where the all-in-one ROM management tool allows you to search for, flash, back up and restore custom ROMs, it does not aid you in looking for the right custom kernel, and you know how much of a hassle that can be, especially the first time around.Well, fortunately for novice and experienced users alike, that void has now been filled by TeamWin, the team that brought you HDMwIn. Introducing the newest addition to must-have apps for customization addicts – Kernel Manager – an easy-to-use tool that lets you discover, rate, download and flash custom kernels, providing you with detailed info for each. Read More

Regina 3D Launcher Is A Free Launcher For Android With 3D Graphics

New to the Android Market, Regina 3D Launcher shows much promise with its opulent 3D interface and an assortment of new, handy features that takes homescreen customization to a new level, and while it might be more than a few laps behind SPB Shell 3D when it comes to 3D slickness, it does not, unlike the latter, come with a hefty price tag. In fact, it has no price tag at all. That’s right. Regina 3D Launcher, along with all its component apps (AOTW), is absolutely free. Join us after the jump for more.Read More

4shared Music For Android Lets You Search & Stream Music From

Its been barely two weeks since the release of the official 4shared app for Android, but it seems the devs at the free file sharing website are in no mood to rest. 4shared Music for Android has just hit the Market and 10 GB of free online storage says that the freeware is a must have for every music-loving Android user out there. All you need is a 4hsared account. If you don’t already have one, you may register for a free account from within the app itself.Read More

SD Maid For Android Keeps Your SD Card & Internal Memory Junk-Free

Just like in any operating system, certain Android apps tend to forget to clean up after themselves when they’re uninstalled. Which is why, after testing and uninstalling apps for a while, many Android users find their SD cards cluttered with app residues. Thankfully, Android users have plenty of junk cleaners at their disposal, which help you get rid of any app leftovers with minimal fuss. While certain solutions are quite comprehensive in their respect, others focus on minimalism. SD Maid is a free, handy system cleaner tool for rooted Android devices that not only helps you get rid of said residues (fittingly termed “corpses” in the app’s UI) but also keeps your internal memory squeaky clean. The freeware allows you to scan for and clean discarded or unwanted files/residues on your SD card as well as temporary files, cache files, logs and more from the system.Read More

SD Increase For Android Boosts Read & Write Speed Of Your SD Card

Why go through the trouble of manually edited system files or flashing a fix to increase the read/write speed of your SD card when there is a free app on the Android Market that does just that? That’s right. New to the Android Market, SD Increase for Android can increase the read and write speeds of your SD card and unlike SD card Speed Booster, it’s free. The app only requires (in addition to root access) a few taps from the user to edit the SD card cache size and can be set to automatically repeat said process on each reboot. Join us after the jump for additional info and test results.Read More

Volume Sync For Android Mutes Media Volume When Ringer Is Muted

Do you know that using your Android's volume rocker keys, you can only adjust your device's ringer volume but not the media volume? Often, when you’re at work, in a library (assuming people still go to libraries) or taking a class, you tend to turn the ringer volume all the way down. That takes care of calls and notifications, but if you were to launch a game, you’d be hard pressed to turn down the Media Volume before breaking the silence and turning into the center of attention. Volume Sync for Android is a free, handy little tool that mutes the Media Volume whenever the Ringer Volume is turned all the way down.Read More

fring For Android & iOS Adds Group Video Calls In Limited Beta

Developers of fring – the much acclaimed video call/VoIP/chat freeware for Android, iOS and Symbian devices – have announced that they are in the process of finalizing a new, exciting addition to the app – free group video calls. Said feature, or rather “fring-feature” allows up to 4 users at a time in a video conference call. The dev team has rolled out a limited beta of the new fring for feedback purposes. So if you want to go hands-on with the first ever free group video calling service before the official release/update, you had better hurry the fring up! Join us after the jump for a video demo of the feature.Read More

Set Any App On Your Android Device As Default Home App

Does the concept of accessing your favorite apps from within your Android's app drawer or via home screen shortcuts sound too monotonous and mainstream to you? Then how about having the required app right before your eyes upon pressing the home key on your Android device? Perhaps the developer of the app that we are going to present to you today has conceived a rather unique idea for a custom Android home screen which does nothing but allow users open a favorite app of theirs upon getting selected as the preferred launcher. That's right; Target Home Launcher for Android is an ad-supported freeware that lets you assign an app of your choice as your default Home application (one that is launched at boot or when the Home button is pressed). The aspect that distinguished Target Home Launcher from the other names in business is that, while regular Home app switchers only allow users to switch between launchers, this freeware gives you the option to set any app as the Home default.Read More

Test Read & Write Speeds Of Your Android Device SD Card

SD Tools for Android is a free (ad-supported) benchmarking app that allows you to test the read and write speeds of the SD card in your Android device, save the test results to your card and view detailed SD card information. The app is particularly handy for power users experimenting with hacks to speed up their SD cards or for those having trouble choosing between two closely matched cards. Read on after the jump for more.Read More

Automatically Disable Android Lockscreen When Connected To Home WiFi Network

Keeping the screen of your Android device locked is a necessary precaution, but waking your device up, swiping across or along the screen to unlock it every time the display times out can prove to be quite a hassle, especially if your lockscreen is password-protected. And when you’re at home, said precaution becomes an unnecessary one.Presenting Unlock With WiFi for Android – developed by a senior member at XDA, this app automatically disables the lockscreen (whether password-protected or not) when your device connects to a user-defined Wi-Fi network. So when, for instance, you’re at home or work with your device connected to the specified WiFi access point, waking the device after a display time-out won’t take you to the lockscreen. The app also allows you to set a lock delay that determines the time the device would take to lock itself after it is disconnected from said network.Read More

teXty For Android Provides A Two-Tap Shortcut To Frequently Sent SMS

teXty for Android is a free app that saves you the hassle of having to type and send the same SMS to the same contacts over and over again. The freeware includes a home screen widget that, when tapped, displays a list of user-defined SMS shortcuts complete with custom headings, numbers and message bodies. The SMS entries/shortcuts are saved in the app itself and are not deleted on removal of the widget from the home screen.Read More

WiFi Automatic For Android Auto-Enables WiFi When Charger Is Connected

If you own an Android device, you’ll agree that connecting your device to a computer and enabling WiFi are mostly a subsequence of one another. That is, whenever you’re close enough to a Wi-Fi network and a computer, you are bound to plug your device in for charging after connecting to said Wi-Fi network or vice versa.There is a free application on the Android Market that handles this task for you. WiFi Automatic auto-enables Wi-Fi when your device is plugged in for charging via USB and disables it whenever it is disconnected. The app has been around for a while now. This review is for those who are still unaware of the tool and are fond of automizing their devices.Read More

Amazon Cloud Player For Web & Android Streams Music From Your Cloud Drive

No matter how larger a capacity your Android's overall storage has, if you are a die-hard music fan, you will probably never be able to contain the entire music collection on just a SD card. Maybe you do not need to spend too heavily on a large capacity SD card, or worry about getting your device's limited space consumed by just a handful of albums anyway, because of all the various online music streaming and storage services that are available these days. Talking of cloud services, Amazon has just recently launched its very own online streaming and storage service for the web and Android devices. The Amazon Cloud Drive service allows you to upload music, videos and documents to your personal Cloud Drive and in conjunction with Amazon Cloud Player, lets you stream your music library on your computer via the web or on your Android device via Amazon MP3. New users receive 5 GB of free cloud storage, which can be upgraded to 20 GB for a year if you purchase an MP3 album from the Store before the 31st of December, 2011 or for an annual payment of $20. As of this writing, the cloud player service is only available for US residents.Read More