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Official AutoCAD App For Android Lets You View, Edit & Share Your DWG Files

Android-using architects and engineers rejoice! The official mobile variant of Autodesk Inc.’s acclaimed CAD application just hit the Android Market. AutoCAD WS for Android lets you view and edit DWG files stored locally (on your SD card) or uploaded to your online AutoCAD WS account and share them via email with the help of just a few taps. The app comes equipped with essential Draw, Edit and Markup tools. You will also find the option to upload locally saved DWG files to your online AutoCAD WS account and view DWG files received as Email attachments.

HomescreenDraw toolsMarkup-Tools

AutoCAD WS is not meant for extensive and detailed editing. It is a concise tool that aids you in making small changes, adding quick notes to your CAD drawings on the go. Its primary use lies in viewing and sharing your CAD projects with fellow students, coworkers or clients via a quick, flexible and efficient medium.


CAD drawings emailed via AutoCAD WS can be viewed and edited online and then saved in a variety of CAD and image formats from within the AutoCAD WS web editor. You may also download the attached .dwg file in the same format directly from the received mail.

DWG files downloaded or copied to the SD card can be opened in AutoCAD WS using any free file explorer (such as Astro or eFile). Simply navigate to the directory where the file is stored, select it and from the Complete action using dialog that appears, select AutoCAD WS. The app will prompt you to enter a name for the drawing and will then begin to upload the file to your online account.


The mobile app syncs with your online account at each launch, so any changes you make to your drawings using the web editor will be reflected in the mobile app and vice versa. You may also sync with your online account manually be tapping the Sync button on the app’s homescreen.

You can downloaded AutoCAD WS for free from the Android Market from the provided link or QR code.

Download AutoCAD WS For Android

Visit AutoCAD WS

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