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Download Gallery, Favorites, And Scrapbook Of Any deviantArt User

If you’re a regular deviantArt user and have marked hundreds of graphics, icons, wallpapers, login screens, etc, as Favorites, deviantArt Favorites Downloader can download all of them with a single click. The open source application is not only designed to fetch your Favorite images, but can also download Gallery, Scrapbook, and Favorites of your fellow deviants by providing their usernames. This enables you to instantly download most celebrated deviantArt user’s image collection and within no time. The downloader is built to be very simple so that it can provide a snappy downloading experience. All that is required is to enter the deviantArt username followed by option to download Favorites, Gallery or Scrapbook to download the data on your local drive.

Once the application is downloaded, run the JAR file, enter a valid username and specify download type. By default, it saves all the images in User Profile folder, however from Preferences window, you can change the output location and file naming format.

deviantart preferences 1

Once preferences are saved, click Download on main screen to begin the downloading process.

favorites 1

deviantArt Favorites Downloader is a Java based application, thus requires latest JRE (Java Runtime Environment) to work.

Download deviantArt Favorites Downloader

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