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Twitter Followers Widget Shows Followers Count On Android Homescreen

Want to keep track of all your followers on Twitter without having to open the Twitter app itself? How about being able to do so right from your Android home screen? Twitter followers Widget for Android is a free, handy homescreen widget that displays the current following and followers count of a user-specified Twitter account. The widget, which was released to the Android Market as a private beta four days ago, has just been updated and is now available as a free public beta.


This app may come quite handy for those of us concerned about building a social media presence for ourselves and our brands. At times you may want to keep track of your follower count in order to be able to greet the latest followers, or bid farewell to the followers you’ve lost (perhaps in a way that would convince them to follow you again). In such a case, having to open the twitter app each time just to check if your follower count has changed can be overkill. That’s where Twitter Followers Widget comes handy.

As you can tell by the concept, there isn’t much to it apart from showing your follower count on your Android home screen. Once you add the widget to the homescreen, it asks for your Twitter username, to be able to get your follower count. Just enter your username, tap Connect and if your device has an active internet connection, you should see your current Following/Followers count displayed within the widget. You needn’t even provide your password for it, as your follower/following count on twitter is public.

The widget also serves as a shortcut to your profile on twitter, though not through the Android twitter app but rather the web app itself. Tapping the blue arrow in the top right corner of the widget will launch the browser and take you to your profile. Tapping anywhere else refreshes the Following/Followers count manually, although it does refresh automatically at periodic intervals as well.

While it does what it does and does it well, the design seems to be lacking and there aren’t any alternative themes available. Perhaps adding skinning support might be a good idea so that one could make it look more like a part of the overall home screen interface, rather than a sticker placed on top.

Twitter followers Widget might not be eye-candy, but it’s free and quite handy nevertheless. Also, it is still in bet and when a full version is ready, it may have more features and a better UI to offer. You can grab the public beta version of the widget for free from the Android Market Google Play Store using the link below.

Download Twitter followers Widget Beta

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