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Sort Chrome History By Selected Dates With History Calendar

History Calendar is a Chrome extension which provides easy sorting of browser history by a selected date. Access your Chrome History from Settings menu and select a date from the calendar (which will show up automatically once this extension is installed). You can toggle history according to a selected day, date, month and year. Simple but extremely useful.

This can be quite useful to avoid sweeping through endless logs to find a URL which you might have  forgotten to bookmark or to get a view of the visited websites on a specific date which may be buried under weeks of history logs.

History - Google Chrome

You can also limit the history view to a specific tab by heading over to the All tab of the calendar. This will only display the websites from a specific tab for a selected date.

History Calendar Extension for Chrome

Update: This extension has been discontinued. For similar alternatives, check out, Better History and Enhanced History.


  1. Why has this been discontinued? Would have been so useful, what could possible have been bad about this in the first place? Please reinstate it!

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