FMX IV Pro: Biking Coupled With Gravity-Defying Stunts [Android Game]

Glu Mobile are known for creating some of the best mobile games out there. Just a few days back, we covered a recent release by the company, Samurai vs Zombies Defense for Android. Now, they have introduced yet another great title, FMX IV Pro, which, as its name suggests, is based on freestyle motocross - the extreme sport that involves bikers running over ramps and performing insane aerial stunts. The game sports amazing graphics, five distinct game modes and various achievements that you can unlock either by performing stunts or making in-game progress. Is it worth your spare time? Find out after the jump. Read More

FaceLock: Unlock Android Screen & Favorite Apps via Facial Recognition

If you wish to secure your favorite Android apps using facial recognition, then the previously reviewed Visidon AppLock is probably an ideal option for you. New to the Google Play Store, FaceLock is yet another handy app based on said concept that lets you unlock protected apps using the facial recognition mechanism. You can opt to include as many apps under the protection umbrella as you like, and unlock the required one via FaceLock. That’s not all; the app also supports the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-style Face Unlock feature that helps you unlock your Android’s screen via facial recognition. To further enhance your device’s security, and to add an additional layer of protection as a backup to facial recognition, you can also specify an alternative unlocking method. FaceLock supports working with front-facing as well as rear camera, and lets you set up the protection mechanism with utmost ease. In addition, the app provides you with several customization features, so that you can modify its looks and functionality as desired. FaceLock requires Android OS v2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher to run. Read More

Install Boot Animations On Android With One Click [How To]

Boot animation was truly revolutionized with the launch of Android based mobile devices. One of the first things you see when you turn the device on, a true Android fanatic will never take the boot animation part lightly. It’s like the build up in progressive trance lifting you up as the beat kicks in, or for that matter the OS boots up. Bootanimation Manager by D4rKn3sSyS over at XDA-Developers is just the app enthusiasts were looking for to manage their boot animations on an Android device, without getting into the whole ADB mess. Well, still using the ADB framework of course, the application executes all those commands through a simple and easy to use GUI. There are always the boot animations one can flash through a custom recovery to get the desired boot animation, but that’s not universal and you have to do it manually at times. We take a look at the ease and convenience Bootanimation Manager offers, after the break! Read More

Move The Box: Solve Match-3 Puzzles In Limited Moves [iOS, Android Game]

Waiting for your next train? Lurking around at an airport? Why not solve some puzzles while you still have some spare time at your disposal? Available for both iOS and Android platform, Move The Box is a match-3 puzzle game that promises to give you mind-bending entertainment, and your brain an intense workout. In this exciting puzzler, the basic goal of the player is to drag, drop and swap a number of different boxes piled up near a dock. Three or more boxes of the same design in a line automatically get disappear. This may sound simple, but it isn't always, as you will need to do all the dragging and dropping in a specified number of moves, and some levels can even take a respectable amount of time to solve. Read past the jump to see if moving those boxes really worth it? Read More

Official Android Client Of Zoho Docs Arrives In The Google Play Store

Headed by Google Docs and followed by the likes of Quickoffice, Documents To Go and OfficeSuite, the online document editing/management app genre of Google Play Store is certainly not short of quality options. Adding to that list is the official Android client of the extremely feature-rich online document management and sharing service, Zoho Docs. While the web client of the service boasts an entire suite of document editing, management, sharing and uploading tools, the just released Android client is currently restricted to letting you only access, search for and share your personal Zoho Documents, and upload images from your device to the Zoho cloud on the go. There is no option to modify existing documents, create documents right from the scratch, or upload anything to your Zoho Docs account other than image files. However, the app offers you with the convenience of accessing your Zoho presentations, spreadsheets, PDF documents, images and other document files from virtually anywhere. For this, all you need to ensure that your device has an active internet connection so that you can connect to the Zoho Docs service to access you personal Zoho content. No need to resort to the Zoho Docs website to achieve said purpose any more! Read More

Clipix: Bookmark Interesting Online Content Under Clipboards [Android]

Stumbling upon numerous items of interest while surfing the web is a normal routine for most of us. Well, if it’s something of utmost importance for you, like a must-buy app, a must-read article or an item that requires immediate sharing, you might take the necessary actions right there and then. However, there are times when taking immediate actions against certain things is not a priority, and mere bookmarking such items of interest might suffice for the time being. For instance, it could be an article of interest that you wish to read upon reaching home, a piece of hardware that you want to purchase for your computer at the start of new month, an interesting smartphone app that you’re looking to share with your mates in spare time, or something that you do not want to get wiped from your memory in a hurry. Fresh to the Google Play Store, Clipix is an Android app that can alleviate your problem of bookmarking all such less important yet noteworthy items. Using the app, you can bookmark and save online items of interest in multiple ways under various user-created clipboards, specify sharing settings for each individual clipboard, and share the best content with your friends and family on the go. To expedite said process, the app lets you snap, save and store photos of virtually anything that you wish to purchase online, scan barcodes of URLs, products, apps, games, bookmark webpages, and supplement the added content with additional information. Read More

GestureControl: Handy Multi-Touch Gesture Controls For Android Tablets

Sporting quite a few handy single as well as multi-touch-enabled gesture controls, GestureControl is an Android app optimized specifically for tablets. Using GestureControl on your Android tablet, you can enjoy all your apps in full-screen by hiding the status bar with a simple gesture. Be it a game, your web browser, gallery, media player or any other app, with GestureControl enabled on your device, all you need to do is avail its multi-touch feature to show/hide the status bar from any screen, and avail that additional screen space which is covered by the status bar. In addition, the app presents you with several other multi-touch gestures, using which you can avail a customizable on-screen LaunchPad to launch your favorite apps from anywhere within the OS, jump directly to your device’s homescreen, and/or go back one step from the currently opened app. To further enhance/expedite your experience with its multi-touch mechanism, the app lets you opt whether you wish to avail the gesture controls only from the extreme edges/borders of the screen or from anywhere on your tablet’s screen. GestureControl currently works only on rooted Android devices, and might not work all that well on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich owing to the fact that it is only in Alpha phase for said version of the OS. To learn about rooting an Android device, go through our comprehensive guide here. Read More

Blow Up Your Enemies With Fragger The Grenadier [iOS & Android Game]

Who doesn’t love exploding their enemies? Especially when they are all tied up? No, we won't advice such atrocity in real life but when you do it in videogames, it all becomes a lot more fun. Meet Fragger, a cute little grenadier who must destroy his foes using nothing but grenades. The game is developed by for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android, and is damn crazy fun. All you need is to blow up your enemies by throwing grenades with perfect precision and timing. The 2D graphics look beautiful, and the gameplay gives you endless hours of entertainment. Read on to find more after the jump. Read More

Flickr Earth: Explore, Save & Share Geo-Tagged Flickr Photos [Android]

The insanely popular and one of the most feverishly accessed photo sharing web services, Flickr by Yahoo!, needs no long introduction. Apart from the official Android client of the service, you are likely to bump into numerous third-party Flickr clients in the Google Play Store, each boasting some additional features of its own, like the previously reviewed Fixplorer. Adding to this list of rather useful but unofficial Flickr clients for Android is XDA member, yunusual’s Flickr Earth – a free app that lets users explore, download and share geo-tagged photos from the Flickr service via their Android devices. Using the app, you can start exploring all the photos shared on Flickr from your current location or from any particular region of the world. In this regard, you can navigate anywhere on map to find interesting photos from Flickr, browse the service’s extensive photo repository by region/continent/country, search for Flickr photos by tags, enjoy high quality photos in full-screen, and explore detailed information pertaining to each shared photo on the go. Read More

Smart Statusbar: Reveal Status Bar Within Full Screen Android Apps

The previously reviewed Bird Bar app presented Android users with an extremely useful feature of accessing the notification bar while playing games or watching movies in full screen. Here’s another useful addition to the list of apps from aforementioned genre, it’s called Smart Statusbar, and it comes from Kiumiu.CA – the same developer behind the previously reviewed apps, Everywhere Clipboard and Smart Taskbar. Although Smart Statusbar’s concept is very much similar to the aforementioned Bird Bar app, it brings a very handy utility of its own that distinguishes it from any of its counterparts. The app lets you specify a certain time period after which the status bar would automatically disappear from the screen. This particular facet of the app is quite handy, especially if you just want to take a sneak peek into whatever notification you’ve received (or the time for that matter), without wanting to launch the entire notification panel only to manually swipe it all the way back. The app, once enabled, lets you swipe from the top edge of your Android’s screen (to bottom) to reveal the status bar while in full screen. Once the status bar is revealed, you can drag it all the way down to launch the full notification panel. Read More

1-Tap Optimize & Clean Up Your Device With Android Speed Booster

Just recently, we reviewed a couple of very handy Android apps, such as, Bitdefender Power Tune-Up and AirCover, that supported advanced system optimization options along with quite a few other useful features. If, however, you’re looking for a simple and standalone Android performance enhancement and system optimization tool, then Android Speed Booster could be an ideal choice for you. Sporting an easy-to-use interface, and four of the most commonly required system optimization features – Performance Enhancer, Memory Optimizer, Privacy Guard and Application Manager – Android Speed Booster vows to provide you with a fast, fluent and uncluttered Android device to work with in a matter of just a couple of seconds (and equal number of taps). The app supports a 1-tap system optimization option to boost your device’s performance. It achieves said purpose by cleaning up all the junk, and freeing up substantial memory that is being consumed by various apps/tasks. Using the app, you can opt to kill a handful of selected tasks, clean up the cache of all the rarely used apps, wipe your browsing history, text messages, market data, call logs et al, and keep a close tab on all the attention-demanding facets of your device. Each aforementioned utility has several customizable options that the users can avail to optimize their device’s performance accordingly. Read More

One Touch Drawing: Draw Unique Shapes Without Raising Your Finger [Android Game]

Google Play Store is filled with too many games and apps, but only a few make it to the top our 'hot favorites' list. And then those that make it to the top, doesn't stay there long enough. But we have discovered a new game that might be an exception. Developed by ECAPYC software, One Touch Drawing is a free puzzler released for Android, while initially only available on iOS as a paid app. In this easy to play but hard to master game, you will need to draw varying patterns in a single try, without letting your finger off the screen or overwriting. In short, you need to sketch a one-touch drawing. The gameplay may remind you of those childhood memories when you’d keep drawing endless patterns without overwriting on a piece of paper. So if you're ready bring back those precious memories, One Touch Drawing might help you out. More details after the jump. Read More

Espier Launcher HD: iOS Home Screen-Style Launcher For Android Tablets

Remember Espier Launcher, a homescreen replacement Android app that gives your Android a taste of iOS Springboard? The launcher became an instant hit among Android users at the time of release, courtesy of all its iOS-style gorgeous looks and features. Well, if you happen to own an Android tablet, then rejoice, for the team behind said launcher are back in the market, this time with a tablet-optimized version of Espier Launcher that has been introduced by the name of Espier Launcher HD in the Google Play Store. Read More

Tablet-Optimized Version Of eBook Reader Aldiko Released [Android]

Aldiko is easily amongst the most popular and downloaded eBook Readers for Android, and the crowd-favorite app just got even better with the latest update that it has received. This holds true especially if you own an Android tablet, because the updated Aldiko Book Reader v2.1.0 now sports a fully table-optimized UI. For those unfamiliar with the eBook reader in question, Aldiko Sync is one of the very few solutions out there that let you sync your eBook data across various devices. In doing so, it uses your Dropbox cloud storage, saves your reading progress from each added resource to said service, and then, lets you access your personalized data and preferences from virtually any device that has the official Aldiko Sync Android client installed on it. Luckily, for tablet owners, you can now get your hands on this magical functionality, courtesy of the recently released tablet-optimized variant of the app. What's even more delightful than the app's arrival on Android tablets is the various customization and tweaks that you can avail to enhance your eReading experience on a tablet. Read More

Our Favorite Pig Smashing Birds Go Galactic With Angry Birds Space

The wait is over – Rovio and NASA have joined together to bring everyone’s favorite birds and their green pig rivals to Android, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Windows & Mac in the latest installment of the franchise: Angry Birds Space. Set in a space-themed environment, this release brings an entirely new level of gameplay to the series not seen in any of the earlier three versions. Read on for more information. Read More

Official Android & iOS App Of Online Investment Service Zecco Released

We have previously reviewed quite a few Android and iOS apps that present the users with the latest and up-to-date financial reports and stock market values/analyses, but hardly anyone comes closer to Zecco Mobile in terms of aesthetics as well as features. Laced with plenty of highly informative and neatly presented financial news, reports, graphs, charts, timeframe-based comparative analyses, real-time streaming quotes, Bulls & Bears information, Calls & Puts values, movers & shakers of the world’s top stock markets, personal trading accounts and live stock market statistics pertaining to user-specific quotes, the official mobile client of one of the world’s renowned online investment and trading services, Zecco, vows to be your hub for all the latest finance-related content. Read More

BeMe: Android IM With Audio Emoticon, Video, Photo & File Sharing

Fresh to the Google Play Store, BeMe is an innovative and fun-filled instant messaging Android app with plenty of exciting features. Using BeMe, you can start chatting with other app users from any part of the world, and share texts, photos, videos, audio clips, conventional emoticons, location, contacts, files, or various audio-based emoticons with them over the internet (Wi-Fi/3G/4G). Whether it’s a freshly grabbed photo, video, voice clip, or an existing one from your device’s local storage, the app lets you share all in an instant right from your Android. BeMe is a welcome addition to list of world-famous instant messengers, like WhatsApp, Viber and plenty of others that allow users to share messages and multimedia content with their mates in real-time over the internet. All you need to start indulging with your friends is a valid mobile number and a nickname that the app will use to create a unique BeMe identity for you. Once an account is created, you can start chatting with your friends, and share virtually anything from your Android on the go. The app maintains a detailed log of all your conversations with your friends, as well as the total amount of data shared with contacts via the BeMe chat interface. Read More

Revamped RSS Feed & News Reader FLUD Released For Android & WP7

The ever-so-popular and highly customizable news and RSS feed reader, Flud News, has just been updated to v2.0 with plenty of handy features that include a totally revamped UI and better integration of your news RSS feed and social network sources. Using the brand new Flud News app, you get to explore the most important and trending news stories on the web with a touch of social media integration. Apart from exploring worldwide news, you can also check the activities of other Flud users and your social media friends to learn about their reading habits, tastes and preferences. The updated Flud News app has also become more intelligent, too, as it learns about your and your friends reading preferences, and suggests news accordingly. While exploring a particular news story, you can see who else is currently reading it, and keep an eye on the total number of users who have Fluded (shared) that story. In addition, the app now presents the readers with better feed management, an expanded pool of news sources, and the option to share the best articles with your mates on the go. Read More

Waveface Brings Together Your Photos & Notes From Multiple Devices

In today’s digital age, we use several devices to capture and save information that we come up with or come across. We use our phone cameras to capture images, and our computers, phones and tablets to jot down notes. There are several web services available that help us keep this information in sync and available across multiple devices. However, most of the time, such services are either a part of a larger service (like Facebook) or too laden with features that many users might simply not require (think Picasa or Flickr). For the minimalists amongst us that need just one stream of all their notes and photos readily available across all their devices in a simple interface, there is Waveface. Read More

Zynga’s Scramble With Friends Is A Fun Way To Test Your Vocabulary [Android Game]

Zynga is one of the most popular developers of web and mobile games, specifically their ‘friends’ game series i.e. Words With Friends and Hanging With Friends. After the triumphant success of the duo, they have introduced a third title in the series, called Scramble With Friends Free for iOS and Android. Like former titles, this new game is extremely enjoyable. It lets you play scramble games online, either against your friends or a random opponent chosen by Zynga servers. If you have ever played a scramble game in your life, then you may already know its rules, but for first timers (like me), here’s how you play the game. The basic principle is to find as many words as possible in a grid of jumbled letters, in a limited amount of time (usually two minutes). The player with the most number of created words wins the game. Let’s take a closer look at the game after the jump. Read More