Download Email Attachments Of Any Format From Within Gmail For Android

The official Gmail client for Android is perhaps the most complete one out there, which is why most Android users don't find the need to look for third-party Gmail clients. However, one thing that doesn’t sit well with the app’s users is its incapacity to let them download mail attachments of all formats, which is a big disappointment considering the flexibility that defines the platform. Yes, there is an option to view/save image files, directly install APKs, and perform some basic operations on a handful of other attachment formats, but you can't download, say, DOC or MP3 files. Good news is that you can fix this with Gmail Attachment Download – a free plugin for Android’s official Gmail client that does exactly what its name implies; it lets you download almost any type of email attachment to a desired folder on your device’s local storage. As their are third-party Android apps out there for opening even the rarest of file formats, this feature can prove to be very handy, for instance, when you receive a DOC file in an email and have an app on your device that can view or edit it. Read More

PlayGram: Browse Personal, Popular & Nearby Instagram Photos On Android

With its registration phase already underway, the official Android variant of the popular photo editing and sharing iOS app, Instagram, seems to be inching closer to being released in the Google Play Store. We still have no final word on the release date, however, what we do have in the Google Play Store is PlayGram – a comprehensive Instagram photo explorer for Android. Using the app, you can log in to your personal Instagram account to view your Instagram followers' and your own recent uploads and activities on the network. The app provides separate sections for viewing public photos uploaded to Instagram from near your location (much like the iOS app InstaBAM) and popular public photos from all across the globe, lets you browse photos by tags, like and comment on photos or share them over the web. Read More

Koalcat’s Clear Is A Clear For iPhone Look-Alike To-Do List App For Android

When it comes to finding easy-to-use and aesthetically rich to-do list managers for Android, rest assured that you’d be presented with more than adequate options in the Google Play Store. Previously reviewed to-do task management apps, such as Any.DO, Forget Me Not and Klick Todo, are just a few fine examples that instantly come to mind. While most of these apps are currently exclusively available in the Google Play Store, there are a few potential candidates present in Google’s nemesis, the iTunes App Store, too, that the users would love to get their hands on, like Clear for iPhone – a multi-gesture-based to-do list manager that lets users add, prioritize and mange their routine tasks via a visually appealing ‘heat map’ interface. If you (like me) are an admirer of said app and wish to get a taste of it on your Android device, then Koalcat’s Clear is probably your best bet, especially considering that the we have no word as to whether an official Android client of the Clear (for iPhone) app will ever be rolled. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure that with Koalcat’s Clear, you aren’t going to miss too many features that Clear for iPhone has to offer to iOS users. Read More

BigNote: View All Your Evernote Notes On A Single Virtual Noticeboard [Android]

When it comes to selecting a convenient and feature-packed note-taking app, the popular cross-platform note taking, editing and sharing tool, Evernote, is undoubtedly the number one choice for many users. While the official Android client of Evernote is quite good at helping you with preparing text and multimedia notes, it is restricted to displaying the contents of just one note at a time on your screen (even in the tablet version). What if you wanted to take a look at all your notes from a specific notebook on the same screen? This is where BigNote for Android comes in handy. Fresh to the Google Play Store, BigNote presents all your Evernote notes from within a selected notebook on a single noticeboard of sorts (referred to as Notes board) that you can zoom in and out of - particularly useful on an Android tablet. That’s not all; you can also rearrange your notes on the noticeboard through simple drag-and-drop. The app also supports exporting the entire Notes Board as an image (JPEG) file so that you can share the notes with anyone on the go. Read More

GO Backup: Android Apps, Data, Contacts & SMS Backup/Restore App By GO Dev Team

Yet another rich data backup/restore solution for Android hits the Google Play Store; this time, courtesy of the GO Dev Team – the team behind the increasingly popular GO Launcher EX, GO SMS Pro and many other Android apps. GO Backup vows to become your new default Android data backup/ restore solution. Using the app, you can create multiple local backup instances of all your contacts, text messages, apps and app data. That’s not all; the app supports ‘silent installation’ to restore your apps in the background (that is, without requiring you to manually go through the installation process of every individual` app). The option to log in to the app using a GO account allows you to create multiple profiles, each with its own set of backup content, and as it seems, will soon allow cloud backups as well, much like MIUI's native backup application or Apple's iCloud does. Unlike most other backup and restore apps on the Play Store, GO Backup's interface is, as should be expected, very neatly designed. Read More

Batch File Renamer Provides 5 Different Ways To Rename Files In Bulk On Android

Android file explorers are abound in the Google Play Store, but not all allow you to rename files in batch. Batch File Renamer is a free Android app that supports as many as five different modes for achieving said purpose. Using the app’s native file explorer, all you need to do is select a folder that contains all the files that you wish to rename. For your file renaming needs, the app presents you with the option to add a custom number/text at the beginning or end of the files’ existing titles, replace a string of letters within a file name with another, remove specified number of characters from the start, end or middle of a filename, and/or add the current time and date at the beginning or end of a filename. The app is an ideal solution for all such situations where you are required to quickly rename a large number of files residing within the same folder. You can utilize any or all of the five supported modes to rename your files. Another good thing about the app is that it lets you preview all changes that you make to the selected folder's contents, so that you can make necessary adjustments prior to saving the changes. Read More

Reddit Stream Displays A Slideshow Of The Best Images From Reddit [Android]

Unlike the iOS App Store, Google Play Store is lacking an official client of Reddit. That said, looking at all the various third-party clients that Android users have at their disposal to access the fast-growing Q&A based social network, one doesn't really feel desperately deprived of an official client at all. Adding to the list of unofficial Reddit clients for Android is Reddit Stream - a simple yet fun-filled third-party Reddit app for Android that fetches the best images and comments from the network, and presents them on your screen in the form of a slideshow. Sporting a minimalistic interface, Reddit Stream automatically keeps circling through the best and latest content from Reddit, complete with user comments and image descriptions. The app can be customized to fetch content from preferred subreddits, so that you can enjoy the latest Reddit photo stream from topics that interest you, at an interval and with an image quality of your choice. Then there is also an option to prevent your device’s screen from timing out for as long as the app is running, so that you don't have to worry about keeping the device awake or unlocking the screen constantly; this can prove to be pretty useful if you use a dock. If you love Reddit for the thousands of hilarious images that are shared on the network every day, then you’re certainly going to love this app too. Read More

Flickr my Wallpaper: Android Live Wallpaper That Cycles Between Random Flickr Images [Android]

Flickr is a great online photo sharing platform with thousands of high quality images uploaded by both casual users and professional photographers from all over the world. If you start browsing the extensive photo repository of the service, you’d probably find plenty of images good enough to be used as your computer or mobile device’s wallpaper. Well, if you own an Android device, you can actually automate the process of setting Flickr images as wallpapers with the brand new live wallpaper called Flickr my Wallpaper. The app saves you from the hassle of manually downloading your favorite images one-by-one from Flickr to set them as your device’s wallpaper. It automatically fetches random Flickr images after regular intervals of time and sets them as your home screen background. That’s not all; you can specify a photo tag to have the live wallpaper display relevant Flickr photos. Flickr my Wallpaper is an ideal solution for all those Android users who are greatly impressed by the quality and variety of photos that Flickr has to offer. Read More

Official Hyatt Hotel Android App Now Available On Google Play Store

If you’re planning to make a reservation in a branch of Hyatt hotel for your upcoming vacations, and own an Android device, then you need not resort to any other means to so so, as the official Android client of Hyatt is now available in t the Google Play Store. Packed with details and quality multimedia content, the app is your one-stop shop for finding information relevant to your favorite Hyatt Hotels using your mobile device. The app expedites your task of searching, exploring and booking worldwide Hyatt hotels via your mobile device. You can also make, manage and cancel reservations, check in to and out of hotels, and explore the exclusive hospitality services offered by each individual Hyatt Hotel on the go. In addition, you can keep a tab on the weather forecasts of the chosen hotel's location, get tun-by-turn directions to it, check out local maps and contact details. That’s not all; you can also manage your reservations, and check out all the special offers that the hotel has to offer. Read More

TimePal Helps You Plan Meetings With Contacts In Different Time Zones [Android, iOS]

Do you have your contacts, clients, customers, friends or family members scattered all across the globe? Then you must be well aware of the hassle involved in keeping a tab on the time zones of each individual contact’s location, especially if you wish to plan a meeting with multiple users based in different regions of the world. Wouldn't it be great if you had an app that helped you easily view the time zones of all the locations where your contacts are present, and let you inform your contacts about the meeting time as per the time in each of their regions? TimePal is an Android and iOS app that lets you add all locations of interest to a scrollable table so that you can easily monitor the current time in each location, and plan your meetings accordingly. You can set a specific city/country as your home location, and check the time difference of each added location with respect to your own. The app allows you to specify the time range for the meeting, and mail the meeting time to all your contacts. Moreover, you can create calendar events based on the specified meeting times, and copy the selected time range to clipboard to share it via text message or any alternative means. Read More

AppBrain Ad Detector Lists Individual Android Apps By Privacy Concerns

Swiss Codemonkeys, the team behind the official AppBrain Android client and the previously reviewed Face Effects app, have just rolled out another very useful Android app in the Google Play Store by the name of AppBrain Ad Detector. Aimed at alleviating the privacy and security concerns of Android users regarding all the various apps that they install on their devices, AppBrain Ad Detector helps you find out exactly what different aspects of your device each individual app might be accessing. For instance, you can keep a close tab on all the apps that have the permission to access your phone contacts, online accounts, and/or browsing history, can clutter your homescreen with spam shortcuts, automatically send push notifications, cost you money, and/or share your location. The app also helps you learn as to what ad networks are embedded in various apps, which apps have been designed using a specific social media SDK (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and what developer tools and additional developer libraries have been used to build a particular app. AppBrain Ad Detector also supports a Live Detection Mode to keep you apprised of all the various aforementioned concerns pertaining to each newly installed app. You can sort all installed apps by their respective degree of concern, and explore the concern levels of each individual app along with availing a handful of app management tools right from within AppBrain Ad Detector. Read More

File Manager ES: A Multi-Pane, Root-Level File Explorer For Android

Just yesterday, we covered Web Browser ESP – a free Android browser that lets users explore as many different websites on a single split-screen interface as they like. Released by the same developer, File Manager ES is an extremely simple to use root-level and multi-pane file browser for Android. The app allows opening as many different file browser panels on a single screen as required, and allows moving content from one directory to the other via simple drag and drop gestures. Moreover, the app allows bookmarking important directories to help you easily and instantly navigate to them. If you don’t want to clutter your screen with too many panels, you can resort to the app’s Sliding Panel feature that lets you navigate to various file explorer panels by simply swiping left/right from either edge. All aforementioned features, when combined with a handful of conventional file management features, such as batch select mode, option to rename, delete, move and one-tap select all data, make File Manager ES a worthy candidate for your default Android file explorer. Read More

Swerve And Destroy: A Run & Gun Android Game For Fans Of Classic Shooters

If you're looking for a fun-filled game that can be a serious time-killer, then you've probably come to the right place. Swerve And Destroy is a new Android game that will keep you busy for hours (yes and i literally mean it), and is, in my opinion, one the simplest yet most addictive games I have played on my device so far. Based on tilt control mechanics, the game challenges the player to destroy hordes of red little dots while avoiding them all at the same time. More after the break. Read More

Official Android, iOS Client Of Photo-Sharing Service Epicons Released

Epicons is a relatively newer and simpler photo-sharing social network service that lets multiple users share their memorable photos with each other via personalized event-based albums (referred to as episodes). Apart from sharing your own images, you can also explore high quality photos shared publicly by other Epicons users from all across the globe. The service released its iOS client in the iTunes App Store almost a month ago, whereas the Android variant of Epicons has just recently been rolled out in the Google Play Store. The mobile app’s concept is pretty basic, as it lets you upload newly captured or locally stored images from your device’s local storage to your Epicons account without any fuss. You can create new episodes (albums) with custom privacy and sharing settings, and start filling them with relevant snaps. All images are presented under their respective albums in chronological order, and you can start exploring them in full screen via a simple slideshow. The app allows importing images from Flickr and Picasa, and lets you tag, rate and comment on any photo you like. Read More

Hit iOS 3D Platformer Temple Run Now Available On Android

Get ready to jump and run away from that angry pack of chasing simians. Yep, you guessed it right, I’m talking about Temple Run by Imangi Studios. Our favorite, Indiana Jones look-alike, after enjoying a successful run on the iOS App Store, is back to do the same on the Android platform. Temple Run is about escaping a violent group of demon monkeys running after you. The game doesn't provide much of a background story, but as it appears, our hero must have stolen something of great value to the apes. Be warned that the game is extremely addictive. Once you start playing and competing with your friends for the highest score, you will never want to stop. Read on for an in-depth review of the game. Read More

Web Browser ESP: Simultaneously Browse Multiple Websites On Android

New to the Google Play Store, Web Browser ESP is an innovative Android web browser that lets users simultaneously explore multiple websites; all on the same screen. To achieve said purpose, the app lets you open as many individual panels on its homescreen interface as you prefer. Each panel serves as a separate browser window that you can avail to access and browse your favorite website. Apart from said feature, the app also boasts a few additional options that further enhance your web browsing experience on Android, especially if you own a tablet. For instance, you can keep adding new panels horizontally and/or vertically to explore various webpages as per their respective page dimensions. Then there is the option to expand, shrink and re-position a specific panel on the screen as per requirement. Each panel supports the conventional pinch-to-zoom gesture to allow you to zoom in/out of webpages conveniently. That’s not all; you can also bookmark your favorite webpages on the go. Don’t want to clutter your screen with too many ‘panels’? No worries. Although the app does not support the tabbed browsing feature, it lets you add multiple ‘sliding’ panels alongside the currently opened panel. Each sliding panel can be used to open a desired website. Swiping left/right from the edges of a sliding panel helps you easily switch between various slides (browser windows). Read More

FMX IV Pro: Biking Coupled With Gravity-Defying Stunts [Android Game]

Glu Mobile are known for creating some of the best mobile games out there. Just a few days back, we covered a recent release by the company, Samurai vs Zombies Defense for Android. Now, they have introduced yet another great title, FMX IV Pro, which, as its name suggests, is based on freestyle motocross - the extreme sport that involves bikers running over ramps and performing insane aerial stunts. The game sports amazing graphics, five distinct game modes and various achievements that you can unlock either by performing stunts or making in-game progress. Is it worth your spare time? Find out after the jump. Read More

FaceLock: Unlock Android Screen & Favorite Apps via Facial Recognition

If you wish to secure your favorite Android apps using facial recognition, then the previously reviewed Visidon AppLock is probably an ideal option for you. New to the Google Play Store, FaceLock is yet another handy app based on said concept that lets you unlock protected apps using the facial recognition mechanism. You can opt to include as many apps under the protection umbrella as you like, and unlock the required one via FaceLock. That’s not all; the app also supports the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-style Face Unlock feature that helps you unlock your Android’s screen via facial recognition. To further enhance your device’s security, and to add an additional layer of protection as a backup to facial recognition, you can also specify an alternative unlocking method. FaceLock supports working with front-facing as well as rear camera, and lets you set up the protection mechanism with utmost ease. In addition, the app provides you with several customization features, so that you can modify its looks and functionality as desired. FaceLock requires Android OS v2.3 (Gingerbread) or higher to run. Read More

Install Boot Animations On Android With One Click [How To]

Boot animation was truly revolutionized with the launch of Android based mobile devices. One of the first things you see when you turn the device on, a true Android fanatic will never take the boot animation part lightly. It’s like the build up in progressive trance lifting you up as the beat kicks in, or for that matter the OS boots up. Bootanimation Manager by D4rKn3sSyS over at XDA-Developers is just the app enthusiasts were looking for to manage their boot animations on an Android device, without getting into the whole ADB mess. Well, still using the ADB framework of course, the application executes all those commands through a simple and easy to use GUI. There are always the boot animations one can flash through a custom recovery to get the desired boot animation, but that’s not universal and you have to do it manually at times. We take a look at the ease and convenience Bootanimation Manager offers, after the break! Read More

Move The Box: Solve Match-3 Puzzles In Limited Moves [iOS, Android Game]

Waiting for your next train? Lurking around at an airport? Why not solve some puzzles while you still have some spare time at your disposal? Available for both iOS and Android platform, Move The Box is a match-3 puzzle game that promises to give you mind-bending entertainment, and your brain an intense workout. In this exciting puzzler, the basic goal of the player is to drag, drop and swap a number of different boxes piled up near a dock. Three or more boxes of the same design in a line automatically get disappear. This may sound simple, but it isn't always, as you will need to do all the dragging and dropping in a specified number of moves, and some levels can even take a respectable amount of time to solve. Read past the jump to see if moving those boxes really worth it? Read More