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Official Android App Of HP’s Photo Sharing Service Snapfish Released

From a giant of the electronics industry, Hewlett-Packard (HP), comes Snapfish – a simple but innovative online photo sharing and printing service that lets you upload, manage and share your most memorable photos and albums from both your computer and mobile device. The official iOS client of the service has been available in the iTunes App Store  for quite some time now, whereas its Android variant has just recently seen the light of day. Using the official mobile client of Snapfish, you can instantly and remotely access your personal as well as shared Snapfish photos and albums, upload newly captured and locally stored images from your device to your Snapfish cloud storage, and share all the content with your mail and social media contacts on the go. As compared to the web interface of the service, the mobile client seems rather subdued in terms of the number of features. For instance, while the web client lets you order real prints of your favorite photos, allows creating photo-based projects and supports playing slideshows of your albums, the mobile client is just restricted to letting you explore, capture, upload and share images from your Android device.


With the amount of features that it supports, one can expect the mobile app of Snapfish to be fairly minimalistic in its design, and that’s exactly the case. All you have on the app’s main interface is a total of four buttons that let you Share your images with your mail clients and social/Snapfish friends, Upload locally stored images to your Snapfish account, explore your Snapfish photos, and snap fresh images from your device’s Camera to instantly share them on Snapfish. However, in order to access all these features, you must first log in to the app using a valid Snapfish account. First time app users can sign up from within the app for free.


The app’s interface, overall usability, option to batch select photos for sharing/uploading, full-screen browsing of photos, and the option to add captions to photos prior to sharing them are some of the highlighting points of Snapfish. However, despite having been powered by the likes of HP, one has to admit that the Android client of Snapfish doesn’t live up to expectations at all. Not only is the app short of some of the basic features that the web variant of the service has to offer, it is also found to be lagging adversely at times whilst syncing content. If anything, we would like to see the future updates of the app bring improved sync speed, especially while opening individual photos and photo albums. Also, a significant boost while uploading fresh content will also do Snapfish a world of good.


Download Snapfish for Android

Download Snapfish for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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