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MP Task Manager: Android Home Screen Widget That Lets You View & Kill Running Apps

All the various applications and programs, whether on computers or mobile devices, are meant to help users with reaching effective solutions to the daily routine problems with a relative degree of ease and convenience. That said, keeping too many applications actively running in the background can cause even the most robustly built operating systems to bog down quite adversely. This is where all those task management apps come in handy. Even the Google Play Store now features quite a few quality task management solutions for your Android. While most of these apps come in the form of a comprehensive package, filled with a plethora of various other features too, if you’re looking to avail only the task management feature, and that too, right from your homescreen without having to launch any standalone apps, you must try MP Task Manager Widget.

As implied by its name, MP Task Manager is a homescreen widget for your Android that lists all the various apps which are running in the background. In this way, you have all the currently running apps right before your eyes all the time. Killing an unwanted app is as simple as giving a little tap on its icon right from the within widget itself. Not just that; you can also kill all the running apps with a single tap, and instantly see the after-effects of doing so on your device’s memory via a graphical RAM usage meter.

MP-Task-Manager-Widget-HomeThe fact that MP Task Manager Widget also sports its own native Google Search bar makes it a handy alternative to your device’s stock search bar. In this way, the widget becomes an all-in-one-solution for your routine Google searches, real-time task monitoring, and more importantly, effective task management right from the comfort of your Android homescreen.

Once the widget is installed to the homescreen, it begins analyzing all the apps that are running in the background, and lists them all via their respective app icons. To kill an app, just tap its icon. To kill them all at once, tap the recycle bin icon in the right side of the widget. There is also a button present on the widget that helps you manually refresh the app’s list. As mentioned earlier, as you keep launching or killing apps, your device’s memory usage gets affected accordingly. To help you monitor these changes, the widget sports a compact RAM usage meter that keeps replicating any changes made to the system memory usage in real-time via various color-coded bars.

So, with all said features, MP Task Manager Widget happens to be one of the most user-friendly and fairly light-weight task management solutions for Android that we’ve come across thus far.

Download MP Task Manager Widget for Android

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