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FanBus: Live Chat With Football Fans Across The World On Android

Ask true sports fanatics (like myself), and they’ll tell you that the true essence of enjoying your favorite sport lies in following it as closely and as keenly as possible. When it comes to Soccer, things are no different at all. There are numerous apps available in the Google Play Store that let soccer-maniacs keep an eye on almost each and every facet of their favorite sport, however, when it comes to finding an app that connects you to soccer fans from all across the globe, quality options are few and far between, though the small genre now has another member, one that might very well lead the pack. Meant for soccer purists and ‘pundits’, FanBus is an Android app that serves as a medium to connect fans of virtually any national or club soccer team with each other, allowing them to share their thoughts through live chat. Whether you wish to pass on good wishes to your favorite club, discuss team strategies, or indulge in banters with the fans of a rival team, FanBus is the way to go.


The app’s interface has been designed to let you join the chat room of just a single soccer team at any given instance. From the app’s homescreen, you can pick almost any team of the world to enter its fan club. On the messaging interface, you have your selected team’s emblem displayed at the top followed by a text field for your chat messages, and the entire thread of messages that keep flowing in from other users.

FanBus-Android-Chat FanBus-Android-Chat2


Just compose your message and tap Shout! to convey your thoughts to the rest of the chat room. Not only can you share your messages on Facebook and Twitter, but also invite your friends to join in the fun. To share your messages as a registered FanBus user, tap your avatar, enter your name, country and city, and choose whether you wish to sign up for a new account using your Facebook or Twitter account.

Apart from viewing messages shared by other users, you can also reply to them individually. Simply tap the team’s logo to switch to another club. From the screen that follows, select the country that the required club belongs to.

Download FanBus for Android

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