Install An App APK On Your Android Device From The Desktop [Windows]

One of the things I'm most envious about when it comes to Android is the ability to initiate an app download from the desktop version of the Google Play store and remotely install an app to any Android device associated with my account. I would kill to have something like that on iOS. Pure APK Install is a new Windows app from Pure APK; a service that lets you download app APKs from the Google Play store. The app works independently of its own service and lets you install any APK file on your system to your Android device. You don't need root access and you can choose whether an app is installed to the external storage or the device's internal memory. For anyone who has trouble downloading and installing apps on their device, Pure APK Install is a simple solution.Read More

By-Pass All Restrictions To Download App APKs Directly To Your Device [Android]

Just last week we reviewed Raccoon, a Windows application that let you download Android app APKs from from the Google Play Store to your computer. For apps hosted on the Google Play Store, a desktop application like Raccoon is possibly the easiest way to get the APK. Meet Apk Downloader Extension; unlike Raccoon, it is an Android app that lets you download app APKs to your Android device's storage. All you have to do is open the link to an app in your browser (that's right, no Google Play Service intervention needed) and use the share options to download the APK.Read More

Download Android App APKs From Google Play Store To PC

Downloading Android apps to PC from Google Play Store has never been an easy process. Google has pretty strict policies in place to prevent users from downloading apps to any other device or computer that isn't an Android device. Android does allow you to sideload an app’s APK file and install from there, but these APKs are usually hosted on third party sites. Back in November 2013, I reviewed APK Downloader, a web based service that enables you to download apps from Google Play to your computer via pointing its URL. Raccoon is a similar application that lets you do the same directly from your desktop. The Java based application requires your Google Account credentials, and allows you to download all non-paid apps to your PC without any hassle.Read More

Google Now Launcher Hits The Play Store For Nexus & GPE Devices; Download APK Here

There are only so many times we can introduce Android with some variation of the phrase “is infinitely customizable”. We have discussed launchers like Dodol, Buzz, Smart Launcher and so many others to death already. However, these third party customizations have never been able to help alleviate that feeling of alienation. They might be excellent, but they don't feel right; even the recently reviewed Aviate is no exception - it's brilliant, but alien ground. Until now, that is. Google decided that its stock Android launcher should be available to download and released it to the the Play Store under the label Google Now Launcher.Read More

Easily Download APKs Of Free Android Apps From Play Store With APK Downloader

Google Play Store allows you to install any app to your Android device by clicking the ‘Install’ button located on the app’s web-based Play Store page. But if you want to download it to your PC as an APK file, you’re out of luck because Google does not (and may never) offer such a feature officially. A while ago, we covered a Chrome extension that allowed you to download APKs to your computer from Android Market. However, that extension doesn't work anymore with the Play Store. On the flip side, we now have an even simpler solution in the form of APK Downloader, a new web-based service that enables downloading APK from the Play Store directly to your PC. For anyone who wants to grab APKs of free apps not available in their region or for the devices that they have configured with their Google account, this is a breath of fresh air as it eliminates the frustration of searching the web for those APK files.Read More

Hands-On With CyanogenMod Project Nemesis Camera App ‘Focal’; Now Available For Download

If you have been keeping a tab on CyanogenMod’s Project Nemesis, you'd likely be aware of the team’s latest developments in building many basic apps and components of Android from the ground up. The first component that recently made its public appearance is Focal, a brand new camera app that CM claims will provide you ‘the right pixel, look, path, spark, and feeling at the right time’. The app has been designed to fill that gap between stock Android and OEM devices. We all know that the stock Android camera isn't as feature-laden as those found in many device manufacturers' offerings such as HTC Sense and Samsung TouchWiz ROMs. Focal aims to fill the void by developing a feature-packed camera app that can be used by anyone owning any type of android device. Read after the jump for our full review. Read More

Download Google Maps 7.0 Android App APK With Redesigned UI

This year’s Google I/O Conference was quite full of surprises, including the new Google Edition Galaxy S4, Chromium notebooks, redesigned Google+ and Hangouts, Google Play Music All access and what not. Though the limelight of the show remained the next generation of Google Maps, which the search engine company revealed to a huge ovation from the lucky attendees. Google Maps was shown as a complete overhaul with a staggering new design and impressive features. While the web interface has been live for a several weeks, the Android version has also now found its way to Google Play. Google Maps 7 for Android has been built from the ground up, and now looks fairly close to its iOS counterpart while maintaining a clean, card-based interface. It also comes packaged with a slew of features like dynamic traffic conditions, incident reports, 3D-esque turn-by-turn navigation and more.Read More

Download Android 4.3 Camera App APK With New Interface

Yesterday, Google - in association with Samsung and HTC - released the Google Play editions of the Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Hardware-wise, these phones are exactly the same as their skinned counterparts running Touchwiz/HTC Sense, but it’s the software side where things get really interesting as these devices eschew proprietary skins for stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Technically, this isn't 100% pure stock Android 4.2, as it includes the updated camera app that is supposed to be a part of Android 4.3. Thanks to the Android enthusiasts' community, this new camera app is now available for other Android devices as well. Details after the jump! Read More

Download Gmail For Android v4.5 APK With New Tabbed Inbox, Navigation Drawer & More

Google recently released a new tabbed interface for Gmail, announcing the same changes for its Android app in a soon-to-be-released update. Though said update, labeled v4.5, began rolling out yesterday, it might take some time for it to come to your device. But that doesn't mean you have to wait. An XDA member has been kind enough to share an APK for the new Gmail app on the forum, the link to which you'll find at the end of this post. Coming to the app itself, it's a whole new experience combining the new tabbed Inbox and Google's latest interface design guidelines, as per which, the app now has a slide-out navigation drawer and actions along the top instead of in a bottom bar. Apart from that, the app now supports pull to refresh (about time!) and options to quickly empty your Trash and Spam folders of all mail. Read More

Download Android App APKs From Google Play Store To Your Desktop

Back in February 2012, we reviewed a Google Chrome extension that lets you download APK files of Android apps from Google Play directly to your PC, to be able to manually sideload them to your device. This method helps you grab any app that you are otherwise having problems installing to your device due to regional restrictions. Though that extension required some tinkering after Chrome's latest updates, and stopped working for some altogether. Today, we're bringing you a Windows app called Real APK Leecher that provides a more convenient way to download Android applications to your PC by similarly using your Google account associated with your device.Read More

All-In-One Toolkit For Samsung Galaxy S3 GSM

The Galaxy S III seems to be making some really fast progress in terms of third party support for software development for this device. Earlier, we had covered quite a few ways of rooting the device, including installation of ClockworkMod recovery as well. For those who fear flashing files via ODIN, XDA-Developers forum member mskip has just released a Samsung Galaxy S3 Toolkit, making life for inexperienced rooters who just got their hands on a brand new S3, very easy. If you thought the functionality is limited to just rooting, installing recoveries and kernels, the toolkit offers a plethora of functions ranging from installing APK files to pulling or pushing files onto the device. Read on for more information on this invaluable toolkit and how you can use it for your SGS III.Read More

Download APK Of Google Play Store (The Rebranded Android Market) Now!

Just a couple of hours ago, Google announced Google Play Store – the rebranded version of your beloved (now previously) Android Market. More than anything else, the move can be cited as an attempt to provide Android users with a unified platform to explore all the apps, games, books, movies and music featured by Google under one roof. The new-look interface of the web variant of the new Google app store looks pretty impressive. However, from the mobile client’s perspective, nothing much has changed apart from the icon and, of course, the name of the app: Google Play (that has already created quite a hullabaloo among Android users and critics alike). Although Google has already started rolling out Google Play Store to Android devices (running Froyo and higher) over-the-air, there are quite a few users who might not have received the update yet. If you’re among such users, you don’t have to wait any longer as we bring you the APK of the brand new Android Market aka Google Play Store.Read More

How To Download APKs Of Play Store Apps To Your Computer Using APK Downloader

Certain Android-powered mobile device manufacturers (Amazon and Barnes & Noble, for instance) design their variants of the OS without the Play Store, forcing users to make do with the limited number of apps in their native app stores. You could always install apps of your choice on a Market-sporting Android device, extract their APKs and side-load them onto such devices, but why go through all that trouble when you can use APK Downloader, a Google Chrome extension that lets you download Play Store APKs directly to your desktop. The extension seems to bypass any location or device restrictions, allowing you to easily side-load apps that aren’t yet available for your region, or try out those that are supposedly incompatible with your device. APK Downloader hit the blogosphere a couple of days ago, shortly after which the developer took it down, fearing that it would be used for pirating paid apps. Fortunately, courtesy the persuasion of a few users, the developer has now released a new version of the extension that only allows downloading free apps.Read More

How To Remotely Control Your Windows PC via Android Device [Guide]

And you thought your expensive wireless desktop mouse and keyboard were sweet? Own an Android device? Well then, your mobile device is about to give your wireless desktop components a run for their money thanks to the abundance of apps out there that turn your phone or tablet into a remote control for your PC. From exploring files on the PC to controlling your media players, there is an app for almost every need. Apps like WIN-Remote, gPad, VLC Remote, PCAutoWaker etc are only a few examples, but most of these and others are more or less focused on performing one remote function. For example, VLC Remote may control your VLC player, but it won't control your mouse if you’re at some distance. Of course you could try an app that offers the touchpad function, but it would be awesome to have an app that contains most – if not all – of the features needed to control your PC remotely. It is here that we decided to go with Unified Remote, one of the most popular remote apps for Android, which contains a suite of quite a few remotes and best of all, there’s a free version available that does not disappoint at all. After the break, we’ll be showing you how to control your PC via this app.Read More

Change Carrier Name On Android Phone Easily [How To Guide]

When it comes to modifying Android devices, then users with extended modification / flashing experience tend to customize each and every feature of their Android devices. And perhaps this hackability of Android OS is the main reason for it’s speedy growth. The first task of many jailbreakers on iOS is to change their device’s carrier name and until now, this mod was missing from Android devices. But Holabalola, XDA member and Android app developer, has recently released an app that allows you to change carrier name with a single click and without the need to know any thing about rooting or flashing. The app requires you have to a rooted Android devices because the functionality of this app is directly linked with tinkering System files.

Read More

MyAppSharer – Share Apps Via Bluetooth, SMS, Email & More [Android]

Want to help out your friends finding/downloading Android applications? With MyAppSharer, you can easily achieve this purpose by sharing the HTML link, QR code and/or APK (installable Android Package) of any application that is installed on your Android device. The sharing mechanism is fairly convenient and allows you to share multiple applications with multiple recipients simultaneously. APKs can be sent directly to a recipient's device via Bluetooth whereas HTML link and QR code sharing requires a mobile/data network or internet connection on both ends. The shared HTML and the QR code link leads the recipients to the Android Market from where they can download the particular app to their devices.Read More

Control Android Apps And Services From Your Computer With LazyDroid Web Desktop

There is always a demand for apps that provide comprehensive integration of mobile devices with computers and vice versa. While Motorola took the concept to a whole new level with the Motorola Atrix and its Webtop capability, not all of us can afford such expensive devices. LazyDroid is a free app for Android that allows you to control your device from your computer via a simple web-based interface. The app does so through both WiFi and USB, making it quite a versatile tool. For more on this wonderful application, read on!Read More

Mimic Hardware Keys On Android Devices Using Gestures via zMooth

Hardware keys were part of early Android devices, like the much popular and still widely used, HTC Desire. Then we had the versatile HTC HD2 that ran Windows Mobile but can now run the Android OS. The HD2 has hardware keys as well. While newer devices have shifted over to capcitative hardware keys and we all know it’s such a blessing. So for those of you becoming tired of pressing those hardware keys on your HD2 or Desire, XDA-Developers forum member windroidHD brings to you zMooth, an app that mimics your hardware keys via on screen gestures!Read More

Calibrate Battery On Android Devices With Battery Calibration

Experienced ROM flashers of Android devices will be quite familiar with the concept of clearing the battery stats every time in order to calibrate the battery. This is mostly needed when a new ROM is flashed with the battery at less then 100 percent. Earlier, we covered the manual method on how to fix the battery drain issue on rooted Android devices, but this manual re-calibration can be quite cumbersome depending on your device type as it requires you to boot into recovery mode, and more. Not anymore, thanks largely to the XDA-Developers forum member marosige, who has come up with an app named, Battery Calibration. This free Android app allows you to clear those battery stats rather more conveniently through a simple user interface. Read on for more on this app and to download it.Read More

Enable CRT Animation, SMS And Get Desktop Versions Of Websites On Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom, Google’s flagship Honeycomb tablet has just received a mod courtesy of XDA-Developers forum member, sangreal06 that has suddenly taken the device to a new level of awesomeness. Your Xoom can now let you view the desktop version of websites, without needing to redo the “about:debug” trick over and over again. That’s not it, we have SMS and the Gingerbread CRT lock animation as well. For more on this mod and how to get it on your Xoom, read on!Read More