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Install An App APK On Your Android Device From The Desktop [Windows]

One of the things I’m most envious about when it comes to Android is the ability to initiate an app download from the desktop version of the Google Play store and remotely install an app to any Android device associated with my account. I would kill to have something like that on iOS. Pure APK Install is a new Windows app from Pure APK; a service that lets you download app APKs from the Google Play store. The app works independently of its own service and lets you install any APK file on your system to your Android device. You don’t need root access and you can choose whether an app is installed to the external storage or the device’s internal memory. For anyone who has trouble downloading and installing apps on their device, Pure APK Install is a simple solution.

Download the app and install it. It doesn’t try to sneak in anything extra so you can just click Next and Install when you see it. Once installed, click the Open APK file button and choose the APK file that you want to install.

select APK

Next, connect your device to your PC via the data cable and make sure you have USB debugging enabled. Additionally, make sure the device is not locked. If the device is locked or the screen is asleep, you will not be able to install an app to it.

Once Pure APK Install finds and loads the file, select where on your device you want to install it to and then click ‘Install’. The app will be installed within minutes and will appear in the All Apps drawer on your device.

pure apk install location

Pure APK Install comes with an auto-scan feature that will check an APK file for malware before installing it. You can turn it off from the drop-down button at the top.

Download Pure APK Install For Windows


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