MouseWrangler: Launch Applications & Replace Lengthy Hotkeys With Mouse Gestures

Ever wanted to use a simple mouse gesture application that doesn’t force you to draw complex shapes to perform the tasks? MouseWrangler lets you associate the combination of 4 simple mouse movements, including right, left, up, and down with defined hotkey (single or multiple keystrokes) to perform any application-specific action, as well as with application executable to launch it by drawing the mouse gesture. You can use the application to quickly open an associated file or application, and run an exhaustive hotkey combination for any application. All you need is to map the mouse directions with hotkey or application executable file to use the gesture for performing the required tasks. Moreover, the application saves all the mouse gesture related information in INI file, allowing you to share your mouse gesture list with others. Unlike other mouse gesture applications, it allows setting minimum length required to draw a gesture, drawing speed, and distance required to detect a mouse gesture. Read More

TyperText: Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Launch Apps & Perform Text Expansion

Looking for a text expansion utility that can save you from hours of typing and lessen the effort involved in performing routine tasks, such as launching application, running scripts, visiting websites etc? TyperTask is an application that comes packed with an overly simply, yet powerful text expander and application launcher. All you need is to specify the keywords that are to be replaced with specified text string and hotkeys to launch the application, open files and visit websites etc, in its Settings file. The settings file uses a simple syntax to associate hotkey combinations with application’s executable file and website URL etc, and performs text expansion functions. Read More

SliderDock Now Allows Customizing Rotation & Animation Quality

Back in 2009, we reviewed SliderDock, which is a stylish application launcher for accessing applications and websites by selecting them from a rotating ring (via the mouse wheel). What caught our eye back then was its unique UI, which provides a number of customization options for creating application/website shortcuts. Since our review, SliderDock has been updated with a host of new features and improvements. In this post, we will explore the new features of SliderDock. Read More

Gnome Pie Is A Hotkey Based Application Launcher For Ubuntu

Gnome Pie is a unique application launcher for Ubuntu Linux that uses keyboard hotkeys for displaying application launching menus. It has been inspired from the Opie Radial add-on for World of Warcraft game, and provides a number of skins for displaying shortcuts. The numerous hotkeys display different kind of shortcuts; control media playback, access favorite folders, launch applications and log out, shutdown or restart the computer. Read More

AeroJump Is Jump List Style Tabbed Application Launcher

AeroJump is a Jump List style application launcher to manage and launch application, file and folder shortcuts. You can add an item to AeroJump with simple drag & drop and create multiple tabs with upto 20 shortcuts each (within AeroJump). You create and name tabs which may help you easily locate and launch items. As an example, you can create a tab named Application Shortcuts and add up to twenty frequently used shortcuts to help speed up your workflow. AeroJump requires no installation as it is a portable application. A tabbed application launcher is quite an interesting concept as it enables housing several shortcuts in easy to sort categories and also provides the luxury of not having to allocate additional desktop space for viewing the extra shortcuts within the app launchers interface. Read More

Get Mac OS X Lion Launchpad In Windows 7 With iPad Launcher

If you are an iPad or Mac OS X Lion user and want a Launchpad on Windows 7, have a look at iPad Launcher For Win7. Even though this app launcher doesn't give you Mac Lion's Launchpad looks and functions, like swiping applications across the screen, etc. You can pretty much tinker around with its looks by adjusting the application icons in required way. Unlike Mac Lions Launchpad which runs in full-screen mode, it simply blurs out the desktop to make the launchpad items more prominent. It also comes with an elegant lock screen feature to lock your screen with a password. Read More

Launcher Speeds Up The Way You Work On Mac [App Launcher]

Most application launchers are developed to quickly initiate system search, launch applications, open files, documents, images, play media files, etc., but Launcher, apart from providing quick system search, lets you speed up the way of performing different tasks. Launcher offers a handy query panel which works on the idea of giving quick access to not only frequently used applications and files but also to terminal commands, web links, arithmetic operations, etc. Read More

Slingshot Brings Mac OS X Style LaunchPad To Ubuntu Linux

In the wake of the new Mac launcher, imitation apps are showing up for other operating systems to replicate the functionality of the Mac OS X Launchpad. One recent example for is JumpPad, which is mean to provide the Launchpad functionality in Windows. But if you would like to get this functionality in Ubuntu, then you can give Slingshot a try. It is a Launchpad style application launcher which can be be used with the Unity Launcher to quickly locate and run applications. Read More

InsightSearch Is Multi-Purpose Windows 7 Search Tool And App Launcher

Want to search an item within Windows search results but hate to scroll through all the search pages for the required item? It becomes quite a annoyance when Windows 7 search shows a great number of files against one search keyword, leaving user to manually find an item from the result list. Even though Windows 7 search has addressed many of those core file search issues which users were facing in previous versions of Windows, it still lacks in some areas, such as, condition based search, sub-search filters, and search within the search results. For all such file search issues, you can use InsightSearch. It’s an application developed to swiftly search the files by applying many file specific conditions and filters which are not supported by Windows 7 search or require special knowledge to apply them. Read More

MadAppLauncher Adds Up To 300 Applications, Scripts, Folders, etc To Access Them Quickly

The utility of application launchers can’t be underestimated, as they provide users with quickest method to perform several Windows functions, run scripts, and to launch applications. A variety of application launchers are available with relative set of features and ways to launch apps. From all the application launchers we have seen in the past, MadAppLauncher takes a fresh approach to help users increase their productivity by offering simple yet intuitive way of launching applications. It offers a host of keyboard mapped boxes to let you fill them with most frequently used applications and links. There are 10 tabs in total, each containing 30 keyboard mapped boxes. You have to associate the application with the box, so you can access them later quickly. Moreover, it allows exporting the configured boxes with all user-preferences in a single file in order to use it on other PC without having to configure the settings and associating programs. Read More

Cairo Dock Is A Mac Style Dock For Ubuntu Linux

Unity has no doubt added eye-candy to the Ubuntu desktop, however, it has also made it slightly more recourse intensive. Moreover, there have been functionality issues associated with Unity. A better alternative can be to use Cairo Dock (also known as GLX Dock). It is a Mac style dock for Ubuntu, which has now been upgraded to version 2.3 with new applets. It is fully compatible with the latest Ubuntu 11.04 and I personally found it much quicker than the Unity launcher. You can use it with the classic Ubuntu style or Unity 2D. However, once you have installed Cairo Dock, obviously you wont be needing Unity launcher. Another good feature of Cairo Dock is that it also works as a task manager like Avant Window Navigator. However, it is more feature rich than the former, with a MintMenu, Drop to Share and Messaging Menu applets, keyboard indicator, Ubuntu Me Menu, Network Monitor, weblets, Application Menu, notification area, Power Manager, Terminal,  System Monitor, Shortcuts Administrator and much more. Read More

Search, Create Macros And Automate Actions With KeyBreeze App Launcher

Application launchers are used to quickly perform lengthy and monotonous computer tasks quickly without having to manually launch applications, open folders, run commands and so on. If you’re looking for an application launcher which can quickly index most frequently visited locations, applications data, recently used commands, whilst offering a facility to index user-defined locations, KeyBreeze is one such tool which not only lets you index frequently used applications, commands, locations, but allows performing other computer tasks as well. KeyBreeze offers a long list of computer tasks and commands to help users enhance their overall work productivity. Being an efficient app launcher, it takes nothing more then a few minutes to index Windows special folders along with defined locations to compile file, folders, shortcuts, and app data list. The Commands section contains a slew of commands for opening Windows Explorer, performing web search , including Google, YouTube, Dictionary, Google Images, eBay search, and to launch installed applications. Read More

Typhoeus Hotkeys – Launch Any File Or Application By Pressing A Single Key

Typhoeus Hotkeys is a tiny application for hotkey lovers who want to open and control active applications by using nothing but only keyboard. It lets you create hotkey combinations for any program, document, and file which you use most frequently on your system. Unlike other application launchers which supports hotkey combinations, it can register a single letter or number as hotkey rather than lengthy Ctrl + Alt + Shift keys combination. Once hotkeys are all set up, the application will be minimized to system tray, letting you access associated apps by using the assigned shortcut keys. You can also export registered hotkeys in order to use them on any other system without having to configure them from scratch. Read More

Promptu – Powerful GTD (Get Things Done) Windows Functions Launcher

We have covered a list of application launchers, some of which include, Executor, Blaze, Zum, and Launchy. Even though Windows 7 taskbar is revamped and eliminates the need of having a third-party application launcher, there are situations when you need to start web search or run some Windows functions regardless of where you’re in any application/folder, you can consider giving Promptu a try. It is more than just an application launcher which aims to enhance user productivity by offering full control over the system. It is built on GTD (Getting Things Done) principle, so it encourages user to focus on task which is to be performed. Read More

Speed Up Daily Windows Tasks With Portable Quick Cliq [Productivity]

Quick Cliq is written to speed up your daily activities; ranging from opening applications, web links, documents, shortcuts, to watching videos, listening to music, etc. This portable application launcher has a menu-based UI which contains all the specified links of files/folders/shortcuts, etc. According to the developer, users will not find such an application anywhere else, as it provides a list of features which increases user’s productivity effortlessly. It comes with a clipboard manager to manipulate the Windows clipboard content, you can let clipboard save only raw plain text (which removes text formatting). Read More

Zum Is Minimalist Eye Candy Application Launcher To Keep Your Desktop Fresh

Since the launch of Windows 7, many users (including me) haven’t found good enough reasons to use 3rd party application launchers. Most of them help in launching the programs quicker but what is the point of using such 3rd party tools when taskbar can do the exact same thing. There is however a new tool in town that wants change the way we think about application launchers. Read More

TimeComX Is Updated With Usage/Activity Mode

Back in 2009, we covered an efficient automation tool named TimeComX. The developer has now improved the utility with lot of intuitive features and options in the latest version (1.2.3). It is an ingeniously simple system scheduler and automation tool, which is now augmented with enhanced UI and multitude of usage modes. Among multiple modes, the most significant is Usage/Activity mode. Read More

Quick Launch Installed Programs Using Hotkeys [Windows]

One of the best ways to increase your efficiency is to minimize the time consumed between switching programs. This can also hold true when you have to locate a file buried deep down somewhere in your file structure. Not only these steps can slow you down, they may also cause frustration where you have to remember everything manually. Read More