PhotoUp: Facebook Camera-Like App For Android With Instant Upload

Back in May, the social networking giant, Facebook, announced a very fine photo capturing, editing and bulk-uploading tool for iOS users in the form of Facebook Camera. The app also brought with it several slick features, including Instagram-esque filters and effects, updated photo feed of your Facebook Friends, option to add custom tags and captions to photos, and plenty more. However, as far as Android is concerned, users of Google’s mobile OS are still awaiting the official Facebook Camera app to head their way. That being said, with the app of the quality and price ($0) of PhotoUp at their disposal, Android users can safely argue that they have a way better solution to play around with. Fresh from the oven, this Android-exclusive app has been designed to help users with managing their Facebook photos. Apart from supporting Facebook Camera-style batch image uploading, capturing, tagging, captioning, geo-tagging, and editing (via dozens of filters), PhotoUp brings Dropbox and Google+ style instant photo uploading to the table, and in doing so, it puts you in control over the Album to which you wish to upload these photos, their preferred image quality, and that one favorite filter of yours that will be automatically applied to all the photos pre-upload.Read More

beeZee For Android Allows Schedule Based Auto Replies To Calls & Texts

Staying in touch with your friends, colleagues, clients and loved ones is, no doubt, of ample significance, but there ought to be situations when you’re busy enough to respond to their calls and texts in a timely manner. Surely, in all such cases, nobody fancies keeping their contacts worried about your whereabouts simply because you can aren’t able to get back to them in time, and this is where smartphone messaging apps with integrated automatic responding/replying feature comes into play. We’ve previously reviewed one such simple yet effective app called Can’t Text… that can automatically reply to all the missed calls and text messages on your behalf via context-specific custom SMS messages. New to the market, beeZee is yet another remarkable addition to the list of Android apps belonging to the aforementioned genre that takes said concept even further by letting users post the same automated custom text as their Facebook status updates. Not just that; the app also allows you to activate its scheduled auto-respondent feature in a couple of ways: by specifying an estimated timer or by setting an expiration time for the profile. Moreover, it can automatically enable silent mode on your device as soon as a beeZee profile is enabled, so that you may work, sleep or study uninterrupted while beeZee handles and replies to your contacts’ queries.Read More

Batch Download & Set National Geographic Featured Photos As Wallpaper

Staring at the same desktop background day after day makes it pretty boring for the user. Having a new wallpaper after every couple of days keeps, both the desktop, and the mood of the user fresh. Manually changing the wallpaper everyday is a tedious task and something not everyone would be willing to do on their own. Earlier, we have covered applications that change the desktop wallpaper daily or after a user-specified time interval, such as Picturethrill an open source application that automatically downloads new wallpapers from five different sources and applies a new desktop background on your computer screen daily, and Bing Desktop a tool that automatically downloads and applies the Bing homepage image to your desktop background and provides you with access to the Bing search engine right from your desktop. Today, we stumbled across another open source application that lets you download the National Geographic Photo of the Day from the desktop, and set it as your desktop wallpaper. National Geographic Photo of the Day Wallpaper Changer has automatic as well as, manual wallpaper switching modes available. Details to follow after the jump.Read More

PowerSave Lite: Schedule Shutdown/ Reboot Sessions For PC & Programs

Power management options in new computer machines and operating systems, like Windows 7, are a great way for saving on hefty electricity bills. Most of the time, we leave our computers running 24/7. However, what if you want to schedule the computer to turn off at a particular time, for say when you're at work or out with your friends? There are various software available that let you set a shutdown timer for your PC, along with restart or log off options, for instance, Chameleon Shutdown and TaskmgrPro Shutdown Scheduler. PowerSave Lite is another new and portable application, which offers more than simply restarting, shutting down or logging off your PC. Read on past the jump for details.Read More

Wallpaper Master Switches Between Wallpapers By User-Defined Rating

In the past, we have covered some great Windows 7 Themes, and applications like Mourao Wallpaper ChangerSyncWall and Kuvva that automatically change desktop wallpaper after a specified time. Wallpaper Master is another powerful and highly customizable desktop wallpaper manager that allows you to cycle through specified desktop wallpapers. Apart from changing wallpapers after defined time interval, you can set various wallpaper-related settings in order to customize the wallpaper changing process. For instance, you can set the default position of wallpaper, change wallpaper order in the list, set wallpaper ratings and more. Keep reading to find out more about Wallpaper Master.Read More

Auto Lock: Automatically Lock Screen And Mute Speakers Before Leaving Your System

In various software houses, software developers usually love listening to online music such as Grooveshark or YouTube - as it pumps in more energy and boost the adrenaline within them to keep in focus with their work. But when in a hurry, if they get the urge to leave their chair for a certain reason, chances are they often leave their system unlocked or even if they lock the screen using Win + L hotkey combination, the music keeps playing in the background, which can be downright disturbing for people around. Then, in some work places, especially banks, password protecting the system login is an utmost rule that should be followed. The reason is that anyone can access the system & comprise security by stealing private information in situations where the system is left unattended without any type of login security. Although we all know the importance of system security, sometimes we forget locking the system before leaving it. Previously, we have covered some screen lock programs, such as Screen Locker for Windows, Clear Lock and Blue Lock, which automatically lock the system when the specified criteria is met. If you somehow didn't like the previous applications or they simply didn't meet your requirements, then give Auto Lock a shot. It is another portable application that lets you do a lot more than just locking the computer after the set amount of time. Albiet, very small in size, this application has a lot to offer up its sleeves. Read on to find out more about Auto Lock.Read More

Picturethrill: Apply Daily New Wallpapers From Bing, NASA, NatGeo & More

The desktop wallpaper has a lot of importance for someone who spends most of his day in front of the computer screen. The right desktop background can have a very pleasant and positive effect on you, which is directly proportional to your productivity and efficiency in your work. If your job revolves spending most of your time spending with animals, wallpapers containing animals might boost more energy in you and you end up doing your job more efficiently. Moreover no one likes to look at the same old boring screen everyday so its worth changing your wallpaper on daily basis. Realizing the fact that how important applications of new and fresh wallpapers are, we have been covering a lot of automatic wallpaper changing utilities lately, such as Color Desker, My Daily Space Wallpaper, Mourao Wallpaper Changer and Kuvva. Today, we have another open source wallpaper application called Picturethrill, This gorgeous looking application will automatically downloads new wallpapers from five websites and applies a new desktop background on your computer screen each day. Keep reading and see if its worth a try.Read More

ShiftN Automatically Adjusts Vertical Line Distortion In Landscape/Building Photographs

If you have a lot of images and photographs of buildings and landscapes, some of them might be tilted a little to the side, or may have some disorientation that is ruining the whole picture. Converging lines in architectural images of tall buildings are a common fault that occurs due to the different perspective of the photographer and the camera lens while taking the picture. This makes the shots look unnatural when the vertical lines get distorted, even when using professional SLR cameras. This problem can be solved using special lenses designed for the job, but they are too expensive  for everyone to afford. If you want your pictures to look professional and don't have the resources to spend too much on photography equipment, try ShiftN instead. It is a very light-weight and easy to use application for Windows that automatically fixes the line distortion effect without forcing you to make any effort. More on ShiftN after the break.Read More

Get New Background On Each System Start With My Daily Space Wallpaper

We have covered various wallpaper applications for almost every platform. No matter if its your Android, iOS, Windows, Mac or whatever other device, you probably be spending a few minutes a day playing with the background. Along with fun and recreation, desktop customization is rather important for one to work productively and efficiently. While working, a good wallpaper can have very pleasant and positive effect on you. Your desktop background adds color and expression to your workspace, and generally, your character and mood effect the choice of wallpaper for your desktop background. From a wide array of wallpaper applications we have reviewed for Windows, DisplayFusion, Mourao Wallpaper Changer and Kuvva, are easily among some of the best. These applications let you manage and automatically change desktop background after a certain time. Most of these applications either let you choose wallpapers from a local directory or randomly download and apply new wallpaper on your desktop. However, if you are a fan of wallpapers based on the space theme, try My Daily Space Wallpaper. It has a straightforward usage and simple UI design.Read More

Automate Redundant File, Application & Website Opening Tasks With WOSB

Automating processes to run when your computer comes out of stand by can come in very handy if you are required to perform the same set of tasks with the same set of applications or webpages each day. WOSB (Wake Up From Stand-by Mode & Hibernation) is a portable application for Windows that lets you specify when to wake up your PC and assign a set of tasks to perform when it does. The application provides you with very detailed options related to computer wake up, running an application or opening a file or a webpage and what to do next. You can set the schedules for the defined set of tasks depending on your requirement. More on WOSB after the break.Read More

Color Desker Lets You Automatically Switch Between 300+ HD Wallpapers

It is recommended that you change the wallpaper of your desktop after some time, as one can get bored by looking at the same picture each and every day. However, changing the wallpaper requires you to first find a good wallpaper. High quality wallpapers can be downloaded from the internet, but you have to manually change it every day from the Personalization options. Last week, we covered an application named Kuvva, an application for Windows that automatically changes the wallpaper of your desktop and Twitter account, based on your preferences. Today, we have another application called Color Desker, which automatically downloads and updates your local desktop wallpaper from an online library of more than 300 HD wallpapers. It is a Windows application that periodically changes your desktop background after a specified time interval. The application provides you with beautiful, high quality wallpapers for your desktop. You can set the application to either change the wallpaper automatically, or take over the control yourself for manually changing it. More on Color Desker after the break.Read More

Automatically Change Desktop And Twitter Backgrounds Daily With Kuvva

Desktop customization is rather important for so many good reasons, such as for one to work productively and efficiently. While working, a good wallpaper can have very pleasant and positive effect on you, which leads to an even greater productivity. Other than that, the wallpaper you choose showcases your personality, and a new wallpaper gives you computer screen freshness. Windows 7 has integrated auto wallpaper change option, which keeps cycling through the selected directory. However, the wallpapers can be selected only from your local directory, which means you may get bored of viewing same wallpapers again and again. If you are fond of changing wallpapers of your computer screen each day, and want some refreshing background that you have never come across before, then check out Kuvva. It is an application that automates the process of searching for wallpapers and changing them each day. It is connected to the Kuvva website, and automatically downloads and sets a new wallpaper each day from the website’s database. You can configure Kuvva to daily change the desktop background, as well as the background of your Twitter account. Details to follow after the jump.Read More

Knas Restarter: Audit & Automatically Restart Important Processes

There are a lot of useful applications available for local and remote monitoring of Windows Services, such as Windows Service Monitor, a tool used to monitor, start and stop user-specified services and ServiceCommander, which lets you Start, Stop, Pause, Resume or Restart selected services on any computer in your network. They serve you in blocking all the Windows Services that are not needed, and restart the important ones, which crash or get stopped because of some other process. However, a situation may arise where you need to keep an application process running at all times, but you know that you will not be around to restart the application in case it stops working. You can, either ask someone else to turn it on for you, or use the following software. Knas Restarter is a portable application for Windows that automatically starts an application if it stops working due to one reason or another. It is a process monitoring tool that lets you monitor a single running process, and define actions to be performed when the process stops. More on Knas Restart after the jump.Read More

A Form Filler: Automate Application Tasks & Dismiss Annoying Prompts

A Form Filler is an application for configuring multiple automated actions tied to the title of a specific window. It has been designed to automatically execute a selected command each time a pre-defined window appears on your screen. The command options include sending text, special keys and key combinations to an active window. For example, the program can fill passwords (for numerous applications, with the exception of browsers), close annoying windows, and perform other kinds of configurations. A Form Filler uses its own set of commands to execute user defined actions, for example, if you are tired of continuous prompts by an application, then select the prompt name from A Form Filler, type {ENTER} command, and turn on monitoring for the prompt window. This will automatically execute the Enter command to move over a prompt which may require clicking OK, each time the application is launched.Read More

Automatically Change Desktop Wallpaper With Mourao Wallpaper Changer

Your desktop background adds color and expression to your workspace, and generally, your character, personality and mood effect the choice of wallpaper for your desktop background. It can be anything from your favorite car to your favorite model, a famous quote from some popular public figure to a picture of your family. Some people like to keep one image permanently as their wallpaper (yeah, my brother is a perfect example), but others, like me, prefer to change their wallpaper from time to time, to keep the look fresh. If you have hundreds of wallpapers stored on your PC, keeping the same wallpaper all over the month doesn't make any sense. Mourao Wallpaper Changer is an application that automates the process of changing you wallpaper after a certain time. You might ask that we already have Windows 7's default personalization option for that. Well, the default Windows 7 wallpaper changer only lets you choose from a list of pre-set time intervals for changing wallpapers with one day as the maximum time allowed, whereas, Mourao Wallpaper Changer allows you to set a custom time interval as much as a week for automatically changing the desktop wallpaper. More details on Mourao Wallpaper Changer after the jump.Read More

CoView Allows Easy Navigation Through Comics Using Hotkeys

Comic reading is a relaxing activity for people who are in the habit of following manga series. There are lots of famous manga, such as One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Death Note etc, that have a huge fan following. Some of these comics get so famous that animated series and even movies and made based on their stories. However, some hardcore fans like to enjoy them in their original form, i-e comics. To enjoy a comic you need to have a proper comic reader that allows you to access several formats of files, easily switch between the pages, and provides you with other options to read the comic. CoView is a comic reader for Windows that supports numerous hotkeys to navigate through the comics, zoom in/out, open comics file, flip the pages and much more. It supports a number of comics formats, including CBR, CBZ, RAR, ZIP, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, ICO, DIB and WMF. If you don’t want to flip the pages yourself, you can set the application to automatic mode which will automatically flip pages after a defined time interval. You can choose between a conventional page-flip view or a scroll-down style continuous view. When you close CoView, it remembers your last opened comic and the page you were on, so you can quickly resume reading.Read More

Chameleon Shutdown Lets You Automate Shutdown With Multiple Conditions

Chameleon Shutdown allows users to Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, Hibernate, Lock and Log off their PC either at once, or according to some parameters. You can define the action, edit conditions and when those conditions are met, the application will automatically perform the pre-defined action. You can even set multiple conditions and use And/Or logical conditions for execution to shutdown your computer. If your PC gets hanged due to some issue, the application can also initiate force shutdown.Read More

Record, Save & Automatically Execute Recurring Tasks With WinParrot

We all requires performing repetitive computer tasks on a periodic basis. This includes anything from the browser to access our favorite website to initiating a synchronization or system backup process. While many individual applications allow automating some of these tasks, it may not be possible to always let the scheduled tasks to be performed at the designated time. For example, if you have scheduled system backup for 8pm Monday, you might require completing some important work at that time because of which the backup process may have to be cancelled to conserve system resources for other applications. In such a case one might require going back and re-configuring the entire backup process. This hassle can be avoided if one can simply launch certain applications or tasks at a convenient time from a pre-recorded set of commands.Read More

Trigger Actions On Your Android Device Automatically

Who wouldn’t want to have an Android device that could do everything on its own at the right time. The right time being the triggers that tell the device to carry out a certain action all by itself. From turning of your data connection when WiFi is enabled, to setting up a tone to sound when you turn the screen on, and even location based triggers! AutomateIt provides just that with tons of other features. Here’s something else; it’s totally free! Read More