Launch iOS Camera App With An Activator Gesture Using InstantCamera

Barely a fortnight ago, we covered QuickShoot - a Cydia tweak that lets you snap photos simply by double-tapping the stock Camera app’s icon. While that tweak is great for shooting photos without letting the whole world know what you’re up to, if you don’t have any particularly evil intentions and just want a quick way of getting the camera interface, there is now a much better option available. InstantCamera is not just about letting you shoot photos in the shortest time possible; this tweak lets you launch the actual Camera app without making your way to the SpringBoard or even lock screen. With InstantCamera, you just have to choose any Activator gesture for the purpose, and then perform it any time you want to bring up your iPhone’s stock camera app. The best part is that once you're done using the camera and press the Home button, the tweak automatically brings you back to the place where you performed the gesture. Read More

Blux Lens Gives iDevices Remote Control Of Each Other’s Cameras

WiFi Camera and ReconBot are two very useful, but different iPhone apps. One of them lets you use iDevices as remote cameras, while the other turns your iPhone into a secret recording device. Won’t it be just great if an app combined these two functionalities, and threw in a lot of extra photo editing options for good measure? That’s exactly what Blux Lens does. We previously covered Blux Camera, and this new app acts as a remote lens for that awesome app. Using Blux Lens, you can connect any two iDevices to capture images remotely. You will still be able to use all the features of Blux Camera of course, but the scene you capture will be from the place where your other device is. This means it is possible to turn your iPhone into a spy camera or baby monitor, or use it just to capture a different angle of the scene. Read More

Enable iPhone Camera Flash In Panorama Mode With Flashorama

iOS 6’s panorama mode might be the most underrated feature to come with the platform’s latest update. A lot of apps allow users to capture panoramas pretty impressively, but having this feature in your iPhone’s stock camera really kills the competition. Despite all its awesomeness, the panorama has a glaring omission: you cannot use it unless the ambient lighting is perfect. Wen shooting ordinary photos or even videos, it is possible to turn on your camera’s flash any time you want, but the option is strangely missing in panorama mode. So, yet again, Cydia has to come to the rescue! Flashorama is a new tweak that adds the flash toggle to the panorama view in iPhone. You can control the flash before beginning to shoot, or even while moving the device around to capture the panorama. Read More

QuickShoot Is The Fastest, Most Discreet Way To Take Photos On iPhone

Most iPhone owners use their device’s camera quite frequently, but there are times when even the lock screen shortcut is not quick enough to let you capture that right moment. You can pin the Camera app to your dock, or use one of the many available Cydia tweaks that offer camera shortcut options for Notification Center. QuickShoot is a tweak that serves a dual purpose. For one thing, you get to snap photos secretly, since there won’t be any viewfinder on the screen. Secondly, it saves you the hassle of launching the camera app and waiting for it to load completely before shooting a photo. All it takes is going to the SpringBoard of your iPhone and double-tapping the camera icon. Sounds convenient, right? Read More

Add Image Effects To The Stock iPhone Photos App With PhotoFilters

We have covered a lot of photo editors for iOS. Some are a bit limited, providing just one or two very good features, whereas others offer a complete package, though at the cost of simplicity. As good as some of those apps are, most iPhone owners end up using the stock Camera and Photos app, owing to their easy accessibility and deep integration with the OS. Apple offers some basic editing options for photos in the camera roll of iDevices, but just the crop, read-eye removal and auto-enhancement buttons don’t make the Photos app an full image editor. There is a tweak, however, that does just that. PhotoFilters has been released in the Cydia store today, and offers some really good image effects right in your camera roll. There is also a ‘Blur’ button that can apply a sort of motion blur effect to photos. Read More

Go Back In Time To Capture The Perfect Photo With timelyy For iPhone

During the past week, RIM was renamed to Blackberry, which might be indicative of the fact that Blackberry 10 is the company’s only shot at survival now. The OS could have been better, but it does get a lot of things right. It might be a long time before Blackberry gives major platforms any competition, but the platform's constant decline might just change for now. One of the good features in BlackBerry 10 is the ‘Time Shift’ option in the camera. The idea is to capture multiple photos temporarily, and then save the best shot from them. The concept is great, but it is not necessarily new. Windows Phone has had it since last year when Nokia introduced Smart Shot in June, while iOS has a very simple and effective app named timelyy that does the same thing. The app was released a couple of months back, and it silently captures a string of images as soon as you launch it, allowing you to save any number of photos from that batch. Read More

Directr Is A Movie Maker App For iPhone That Handles Video Editing By Itself

Today's age is all about automation. For now, we have a boatload of smartphone apps that offer a ton of options for accomplishing rather simple tasks like shooting and sharing photos, but everyone is sure to love an app that has the ability of making all the decisions for you and can come up with an acceptable end product. Directr is a step in that very direction. This iPhone app creates professional-looking movies and asks users to do nothing more than point their device’s camera at the subject of their choice. Everything from background music to transition effects between scenes is handled by the app automatically. To top it all off, Directr is full of ideas for new movies, so if you can’t figure out exactly what you should shoot, just launch the app and you are sure to find plenty of inspiration. Read More

How To Disable Camera Shutter Sound On Any Android 4.0+ AOSP ROM

In certain countries like Japan and Korea, you and the manufacturers making your phone are required by law to keep your camera’s shutter sound enabled at all times. This is in place to protect perverts from snapping what are called 'creepshots' – creepy, privacy-invading photos that are taken without permission of the photo’s main subject. But not all people disable shutter sound to take creepshots. They may be required in situations where you don’t want to disturb your photograph’s subject; this could be your pet or, perhaps your sleeping baby. If you have a device running AOSP-based Android 4.0 or later and have a custom recovery installed, doing this is a piece of cake. Let's find out how. Read More

How To Increase Video Recording Quality On Nexus 4

Camera quality has never really been the punch line for Google's Nexus series of Android flagships, and the new Nexus 4 does not fall far from the tree either. As the first Nexus phone to hold an 8MP camera, it has caused quite a few users to notice and complain about unwanted level of noise present in videos recorded at HD resolutions. However, a Nexus is the epitome of relentless Android customizations and XDA Recognized Developer enyceckk has just come up with a way to improve the Video quality by increasing the video bitrate from 12Mb/s to 20Mb/s. Based on the developer's claims and user feedback, the mod does improve video recording quality on the device. Read More

Blux Camera Brings Its Smart Photo Effects To The iPad

Last month, we covered Blux Camera, a camera replacement app that analyses the scene and automatically picks the best effects and filters for it. Such apps are usually more popular on the iPhone, thanks to the superior camera hardware that comes with the newer iterations. However, times have changed and the last couple of versions of Apple's iPad come packed with pretty decent cameras. This means that there is now a need for tablet-optimized photo editors as well, which is why the team behind Blux Camera has come up with an iPad client of the app. Blux Camera for iPad offers all the options available in the app’s iPhone version, but after using it on our iPad, we can’t help but wonder how such an impressive array of options fitted onto the iPhone’s small screen. There are a number of photo effects, capture modes and other camera-related features on offer. Other than that, Blux Camera retains its trademark intelligence on the iPad as well, making sure you get all the help you want to decide on the most appropriate settings for a particular scene. Read More

Camera+ For iOS Updated With Front Flash, Horizon Level, Live Exposure & More

I don’t know about the rest of the AddictiveTips team, but Camera+ is my favorite photography app on the iOS. It offers a bunch of awesome features like separate focus and exposure, stabilizer mode for taking the clearest photographs, and powerful post-processing options including various filters, cropping, borders, “scenes”, etc. that improve photos taken on iPhone. Now, in the v3.6 update of the iPhone/iPad app, they’ve added in useful new features like a front-facing flash, “Horizon Level” to ensure your photos are horizontally level, Live exposure for reading exposure parameters in real-time and much more. We’ve discussed them in more detail after the jump. Read More

HelloCamera For iPhone Intelligently Suggests Live Photo Effects That Suit The Scene

Camera360 has been a favorite among both Android and iOS users for quite some time now, and many people use it as a default photo editor for their phone. Since the app is so successful, there has never been any real need to change it in a big way, but that doesn’t mean the team behind the app has stopped being creative. HelloCamera is the Camera360 dev team's newest addition to the photography genre of the App Store. While some areas of HelloCamera are reminiscent of its predecessor, the app has a sleeker, futuristic interface and comes with the ability to intelligently apply the most suitable photo effects to your photos (much like previously reviewed Blux Camera). You can manually choose filters as well, both while shooting photos and editing them. A decent native photo gallery and a comprehensive sharing menu add icing to the app's impressive feature list. Read More

Get Galaxy Note 2 Photo Editing App Paper Artist On Android Jelly Bean

Besides being an awesome pastime, the Paper Artist app that comes bundled with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is as stylish a camera replacement and photo editing app as you will ever see. The problem, however, is that not everyone owns or can afford the Note 2. Thanks to XDA member tmantanner4, Paper Artist can now be enjoyed on any device rocking Andorid 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher. Having played around with the app for a good part of an hour or so on my Galaxy Nexus, I can assure you that it’s one of those apps that you simply cannot miss out on trying, especially if you’re a photography aficionado. Paper Artist sports Paper Camera and Cartoon Camera-like effects that make images look as if they were sketched. Using various editing tools on offer, you may enclose your photos in snazzy frames, paint over and annotate them in an entirely new way. Once done with the editing, you can save your work of art to your device, or share it with your friends. Read More

Install Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Camera App With Photo Sphere On ICS to 4.1.x

The latest iteration of Google’s mobile operating system, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, was announced on Tuesday, along with a couple of fresh devices in the Nexus series. While the firmware has been bettered with several great features, one particular aspect that is likely to tickle the fancy of many a user is Photo Sphere – a brand new photo capturing mode that allows you to snap Google Street View-style 360-degree panoramic photos and share them via Google Maps and Google+. Effectively, Photo Sphere is a part of the totally revamped stock Android 4.2 Camera & Gallery app that is going to be shipped with the latest Nexus devices, starting from next week onward.  Good news is that you don’t have to wait that long to get your hands on the new camera app, since the folks over at Android Central and XDA have managed to successfully port it to any device running Android 4.0 or higher. However, to be able to use the app to its full potential, you should have a rooted Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.1 or higher. Read More

Create Photo Cutouts & Use Them As Augmented Reality Effects With PhotoWithMe For iPhone

Photo stitching and merging two images together might be an easy task for the Photoshop savvy, but most common folk spend hours trying to get the combination right. How many times have you wished that you could change the background of your photo, or add someone to a group shot? While there are many comprehensive photo editors available for iOS, PhotoWithMe offers a completely new take on adding details and objects to your photos. The app makes use of augmented reality to overlay any cutout (labeled seed) on the scene in front of you. You can create your own augmented reality effects, or employ any of the ones shared by other users. Read More

Mirrorgram Is An iPhone Camera App That Focuses On Mirror Effects

At first glance, Mirrorgram For iPhone might appear to be an app that you would rarely use on your iPhone, but use it once, and you are sure to realize how fun it really is. There are so many types of photo editors available in the App Store, that nothing related to that genre should surprise most people anymore. However, Mirrorgram’s effects and their implementation is rather unique. Sure, the app has all the usual filters (vintage, sepia, etc.), but the real fun begins when you delve into its mirror features. While within the viewfinder you can mirror any half of the scene in real-time, simply by swiping across the screen. Not only that, the developer has even added a tilt-shift effect to the mix. Read More

Blux Camera For iPhone: Intelligent Photography Assistant With Real-Time Capture Modes & Filters

Applying filters to photos after capturing them is good and all, but having real-time, pre-shoot image effects is certainly a lot more fun. There are many iOS apps that let you apply photo filters before you shoot, but we haven’t seen one that does it quite as well as Blux Camera. Apart from sporting a unique interface, the app comes with a lengthy feature list and a little twist in the concept that drives most regular camera replacement apps. There are tons of photo effects available, which can be combined with any of the app’s numerous capture modes to snap gorgeous pictures. You may choose a filter or mode of your choice, or let the app analyze the scene and automatically choose a combination for you using what the team behind the app, Blux Touch, calls P.E.A.R. (Photographic Environment Analysis and Recommendation) technology. Other features include filter and capture mode randomization, tilt-shift effect, burst capture, voice activation, multiple grid overlays; you name it, Blux has it! Read More

Add Time-Lapse, Independent Focus & Exposure, Aspect Ratio & More To Native iPhone Camera App

The stock Camera app in iOS is devoid of almost any extra features, and while there are plenty of third-party replacements available in the App Store, no app can beat the convenience of using the stock one, with its lock screen shortcut, smooth results and seamless integration with the camera roll. If you've always stuck with the stock Camera app, but still feel a bit envious of all the extraordinary features on offer in third-party apps, you don’t have to be torn between these choices any longer. What are some of the major features that you get with third-party camera replacement apps? These might include a countdown timer, independent exposure and focus selection, multiple kinds of grid overlays and the choice of selection a custom resolution for video recording. CameraTweak is a new Cydia release that adds all these features to the  iPhone and iPod touch Camera app. In addition to these options, the tweak offers a time-lapse feature, and lets you choose a frame rate for videos. Read More

Control The Camera Of One Android Or iOS Device Using Another With Remote Shot

Just recently, one of my AddictiveTips colleagues covered WiFi Camera, an iOS app that, by pairing a couple of iDevices together over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, allows one to snap photos with the camera of the other. As is often the case, whenever an interesting app arrives on one platform, users across the other platform tend to become curious about the availability of similar apps for their devices. While it is unknown whether or not WiFi Camera will be made available to Android users, we do have a very fine alternative for our readers. Remote Shot is a free Android and iOS app that works in almost the same way as WiFi Camera, meaning that you can remotely view and capture whatever the camera of the other device is looking at. However, connection can only be established over Bluetooth. Once paired, you have complete control over the camera of the target device, including toggling between front and rear camera view, capturing images or videos, selection of flashlight mode, and triggering the self-timer or burst mode. Read More