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Add A Date And Time Stamp To Photos On Your Android Phone

Camera apps focus on helping us create visually stunning photos. Some come packed with filters while others give us freedom to manually adjust exposure and focal length etc. Where these apps focus on giving us more and more powerful editing options, they seem to miss out on some essential functions that we liked on our old film cameras like the ability to stamp a date and time. Sure, with smartphones and digital cameras you can embed date and even location data in the image file but this data can be removed or edited with the right app. Here’s a list of apps for Android that, among many other things, will let you stamp the date and time a photo was taken on to the photo itself.


Camera360 is a very popular photography app. It offers over 200 filters for free and lots of other great features to boot. It also lets you enable time and date stamping on photos taken with the app. The app is free and the date and time is added in white colored text. the text has a shadow so even if you’re photographing something in bright light or something that is just a lighter color, the date and time can still be read. The app doesn’t offer a lot of options for customizing the date and time stamp.

camera360_settings camera360_date

Install Camera360 From The Google Play Store

Vignette (Free)

Vignette is an equally popular app that has both a free and a paid version. It’s popularl for the custom filters and effects it allows users to create. The free version supports a date and time stamp feature and has lots of options for customizing the stamp. You can choose the color of the stamp and its size. You can also add either the time or the date. Additionally, you can also choose the quality of the photo. Since this is the free version of the app, there will be ads.

Vignette_effect Vignette_stamp

Install Vignette From The Google Play Store

APD TimeStamp

APD TimeStamp doesn’t have the greatest interface, nor does it have a lot of customization options for adding the date and time stamp. In fact, this app that exists for the sole purpose of adding the stamp doesn’t have a photo capture function. It lets you add a date and time stamp to photos you’ve already taken. You can use the EXIF data saved with the photo to add a time stamp or you can enter a custom date and time to suit your needs.

APD TimeStamp_ APD TimeStamp

Install APD TimeStamp From The Google Play Store


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