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How To Compose And Send A Message Using Google Now Voice Commands

Google Now in a recent update has added the ability to send messages. And by ‘send message’ we don’t mean you can use the feature to open the Hangouts app where you then have to type the message in. Google Now supports voice commands for composing and sending message. When invoked, an on-screen message box appears with the recipient you chose already added. It then listens for the message and if correct, you can order it to send the message. There is zero interaction involved with the screen. Here’s how it works.

Say the magic words; Okay Google. When it starts listening, tell it who you want to send a message to. The command is, ‘Send a message to Mom’. Once the message box opens with the contact already entered, speak your message and wait for Google Now to convert it to text, and add it to the message.

google_now_send_message google_now_message

It continues to listen if you want to add anything else to the message. If you remain quiet for a while, Google Now asks if you are ready to send the message. Saying ‘Send’ or ‘Send this message’ will send the message.

google_now_ready_to_send google_now_send

Should the message fail to send for any reason, options to report a problem, open the Hangouts app, or to try again appear on the screen. These options, however, cannot be used with a voice command. Google should consider adding support for the ‘Try Again’ option. This feature works in Google Now v4.2.16.

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